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Meet +Patrick Jackson. He’s an Explorer, developer and firefighter from Rocky Mount, North Carolina. Patrick is building Glassware that he hopes could one day help firefighters everywhere by providing hands-free access to the information they need, when they need it. Join him as he tests his Glassware in the field. 
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I would love to add this ability to nurses and EMTs I have been working on the nurses and EMT before I got the glasses
I believe I said it once before, this is THE single best use for Glass ever. I wish you every success, Patrick, and will be watching eagerly to see if we can maybe leverage an Australian version off your work.
I'm firefighter, what a great tool!
It would be a pleasure to meet you one day. I stay in Nashville, NC
Nice job +Patrick Jackson I wish I had been able to make similar dreams of mine in the fire service a reality with my Glass
This is amazing and will help save lives in the future. The possibilities for +Google Glass are growing exponentially by the day.
How will glass fit inside the O² mask?
What a great idea for Glass. Good thinking +Patrick Jackson! Stay safe and Thank you. 
Its so nice to see Explorers starting to make apps finaly and this is really something inspiring. Great job Patrick 
+Patrick Jackson what a great and intuitive was of implementing the use of +Google Glass.

This is an excellent example of how this technology can be so beneficial, and in this case not just the user themselves but also the wider general public
+James Watt the masks we wear are actually supplied with normal atmospheric air, just from our own supply (the bottle). It would be easy enough to adapt a mask to allow for Glass to be used, but it would probably need to be integrated into the facepiece. 
Yeah, +Brent Gaskey, we would need to make sure there's no gaps in the seal. Pretty sure if NFPA says no beards, they aren't going to like Google Glass there either. It's just a matter of time though... And money. Lots of money. lol
+Dan Kendall agreed Dan. Many of the new BA's coming to market in the next few years already have HUD's built in... Glass would be a huge improvement over a few blinky lights. 
No doubt. Glass can definitely help if you are a hazmat tech in the hot zone, on a remote rescue or confined space rescue aside from the situations shown.
Thanks everyone! Been a useful tool so far and continue to test and explorer Glass in fire service. More developments to come!
He's going to get a ticket for  wearing them and driving at the same time.. ;)    Seriously though, great work; very exciting technology. 
Very cool!  This is why +Google Glass rocks!  Can't wait until they release a consumer priced unit.
Can voice commands really be correctly transcribed next to a roaring siren? Besides that concern, great work!
Not to downplay this, a Go Pro can probably do the same thing.
FF/EMT from Rochester, NY, and Glass enthusiast. This is great work, Patrick. Leveraging wearable technology in places where seconds can make all the difference! Just thinking how dangerous it is driving to the scene with your box book, looking for hydrant and pre-plan info - not even considering the hazards once you get on-scene - make this is an essential app. I hope this gets all the attention that it richly deserves!
+Brian Shea WE knew this would happen and we look forward to this in all first responder agencies.
+Kevin Shea Not everyone is looking forward to this. Remember the incident with head cameras for the first responders in the Asian Airline crash. They banned the use of head cameras after recording footage of the 15 year old fatality.
+John Lee There is no video needed. In the youtube video, +Google Glass is used to obtain information, not to record. That's what's new, not the possibility of recording videos, but the possibility to get information right there, right now.
+John Lee +Kevin Shea As a professional who has fought that same battle at my agency, I know that there are pros/cons to wearing a camera or really any form of technology.  We in the fire service are under constant scrutiny by the public (as we should be) and are held to the highest standards.  If we are properly trained, and doing the job to the best of our ability, we shouldn't have a fear of the public. Where issues come in are when we are improperly equipped, trained, or are burdened with unrealistic expectations for what we can accomplish.

On another note, I can see this being an invaluable tool while in a Level A suit for looking up specifics on chemicals we didn't know were present when we entered a hot zone, or just to display readouts for air monitoring and breakthrough times for suits... I'm looking forward to the future.
ah mi reino por unos google glass
+Arián Jiménez I get that the app's primary purpose is a heads up display to present content based on voice commands and geolocation. My fear is that the possibility of recording will make fire fighters less likely to adopt it.

Also, in the scenario with extracting the victim in the car, I don't think voice is the most optimal identifier. Given the level of chaos and vocal communications involved in the rescue, I believe it would be easier to find the vehicle specs by taking a picture of the license plate. Audio is inherently prone to false transcriptions and external interference compared to images. 
+John Lee I agree, voice would be a pain on scene, not to mention the times a car is unrecognizable. I had a submittal to the DHS Technology group make it all the way to industry concerning the same thing.  The idea was to have an RFID chip in each new vehicle that would activate after an accident, and the responding units would have a reader that would pull up pertinent data on an MDT upon arrival and reception of the signal.  It was shot down by US automakers because if the cost of an RFID chip.
I don't have a Glass yet but I've actually been working on a similar concept for EMS/Paramedics. Hoping to get a glass soon so I can flesh this out.
+Google Glass a lot of US people see Google Glass as a privacy issue and igniting rage about that. I know it's probably a campaign against you so please educate the US population more through some smart TV ads serie :)
+Patrick Jackson this is going to be a huge a change for the fire service. I really hope to see this succeed and take off, this is huge. Nice work. 

One question I have: are you exploring any EMS functions as well? I could definitely see some big benefits there in mixed services like ours. There is a definitely a big security / HIPAA concern to content with of course but I could see some big advantages there as well. 
+Jeremy Morgan My first app idea for Glass was a FR Proxy (first responder proxy) which would essentially allow a Glass user to call an ambulance operator through a live hangout stream and get advice on how to proceed until the ambulance arrived. The hope was that the natural first person view would grant first responders a pre-emptive understanding of the incident. Biggest issues in implementation were network stability, liability, and low light situations.

Considering how Glass could potentially be a stand alone phone, I'm cautiously expecting a native 911 feature which would essentially make all EMS call-ins into a teleconference instead of an audio call. Instead of relying on the location and briefing from a dispatcher, you could have a 720p video containing landmarks and faces of people involved before arriving.
Soooo amazing this will take everything in public safety to a new height
Can I check if the goggle glass can be use by people who wear glasses?
+John Lee sounds great, yeah I could see that too I think it would be a big improvement, and a great idea for an app. 

+Majik Pruitt as of now 911 dispatchers routinely instruct callers on CPR, so I could definitely see it being a possibility for glass. At some point it could probably even do an overlay of the person to show you where to place your hands, guide the rhythm and even check for breathing.
Ok, glass!!
Do you extract info from Google or is there specific data base that is accessible for Firefighters in this video. Because when I googled extraction diagram for 2001 ford expedition, I could not get anything. 
+James Watt at first thought it may seem complicated but there is plenty of room inside the mask for something like that so its not impossible but it may be difficult the first time around. new things always are!
+Zeav Ott
Nope.. A GoPro is just a camera without a display. Google glass is an interface with access to the internet and the ability to use applications. I can see this being a good thing, especially if information can be shared between command, dispatch and the boots on the ground such as floor plans or specific dangers for certain buildings in your district.
+Brent Gaskey
I Agree that this would be a great tool for HazMat teams. Scene Survey would be great and a lot of information could be shared with the IC and the Hazmat Operations Officer via video teleconference, along with being able to have another set of eyes on the scene.
Tim Luo
These glasses are sickly
+Brent Gaskey too expensive for an RFID tag? Or did they consider the integration pipeline for their assembly plants too expensive?

Reminds me of how the auto industry failed wildly at the thought of seatbelts.
What's the glassware name? Can I download in google shop?
+Arron Washington all I received was a short message that the auto industry thought it would be too expensive to implement. The technology is already there to activate hazard lights and such in the event of an accident, it would have been the cost of a chip and a bit of wrire (and a single standardized pdf for each vehicle type). $10 per vehicle was high as a cost per my estimation. 
+Brent Gaskey Thanks. I guess $10 is too much to save a human life these days... Thank god for people like Patrick in the video.
Rocky Mount, NC: birthplace of Thelonious Sphere Monk... and now this.
+Google Glass I signed up in how to get one for keep me informed because I'm out the us when you post news?
+Google Glass are you going to put apps such as instagam, twitter or other apps into the device.
+Google Glass are you planning to realise because the blogger said that your realise it April 2014
By far the best idea i've ever seen for a Glass application. I'm willing to support this... How can i help ???
really nice guys did you know its possible to really trick your luck? I mean find this video "Andrew B Cloverfield" and see how easy that is done :3
Great work! We need more public servants like you!
I'm a firefighter from Italy.. This project is awesome... great work!
Hello, I would like to contact Google Glass team. 
Consider a system between EMS and ER/Trauma surgeons. Would allow for lifesaving preparation on the hospitals part for incoming patients when minutes means mortality.
Moditech Rescue Solutions has developed the Crash Recovery System, a mobile database with all relevant vehicle information for first responders. This system has been on the market for 10 years and we have all data you can possibly think of. Moditech is exclusive partner with all major OEMs in this field. We would be interested in working with you to supply the required data for your Glass application. I can be reached at
Hi +Daniel Ong, we're working on a solution for people who need prescription lenses. You can read more about it here:

Hi +Jonathan Ngo,  Glass is still in its Explorer phase, but we hope to make it more widely available in the future. We're continually working on expanding our Glassware and we're excited to see what people build for Glass. Right now we don't have any updates on future versions of Glass, but thanks for asking! 

+Benjamin Kusin  +Yucong Song  Our Glass Explorer +Patrick Jackson is  developing this Glassware. You can check back with him for any updates. 
Wow amazing we don't need robots. With the right gear we are better than robots. No need for Jonny 5.

i was invited to get glass i just don't have the money to buy one and it is a real downer. 
+Devon Starmann We're sorry to hear that. If things turn around, let us know and we'll do what we can to make sure you can purchase Glass. 
It's a cool ux scenario~! i love glass ~
What a cool idea. I am a firefighter in a rural setting and we cover 8 townships, which is a pretty big area with many country roads and dry hydrants and water sources to locate. Also, we have many lost hunters to locate during hunting season. This would be an irreplaceable tool. What is involved in developing this type of use? Great job by the way, many cudos.
+Russell Grudier Pretty involved.  The app I am made has taken months of programming and testing.  I could see how Glass, with the right app, could be a valuable tool in that situation.
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