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Give it a try

We’re trying out a new feature with this week's #glassupdates  and want to know what you think about it. Before, when you heard a notification chime, you had to either nod your head up or tap the touchpad to see it. Now, you can just glance at your screen. You can find the “Notification glance” card in your Settings bundle. Tap the card and follow a couple quick steps to calibrate and you'll be ready to go. This is a new feature that we’re still testing so take it for a spin and let us know how you like it.

#headsup #firsttotry
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This has been working great! Much better than Wink for me at least.
Allen A
Ah man, and I'm sending my Glass back for replacement 😕
Would love to try it if my Glass wasn't bricked from the update!
I can't wait to try it. Hopefully I get 17.3 soon :-(
Been trying to configure it but Glass does not seem to like my eyes... #SadClown
Any update on getting bluetooth keyboard pairing back? Please? Or at least someone from glass acknowledge and respond with a "no, you can't have it".
Please? A response? Any response? 
This is sensational.
You really should say "once you get the update" first... Otherwise users get very confused why the feature is missing.
Works flawlessly, definetly a useful feature. 
Funny....just today I was wishing for this feature:)
So far it's been working very well +Google Glass!  It's an excellent feature, I've been waiting to be able to respond to text messages hand free for some time now!
+Google Glass love it,works just fine and is totally intuitive - just like it should be 😊
Just received the update to 17.3 tonight but haven't calibrated yet. Hopefully, this will take care of the "Glass tick" my coworkers tease me about. LOL
I'm still waiting too... Anxiously at that, awesome feature, can't wait to try it! 
great new feature!  makes the glass experience even more seamless and natural... thanks!
Can't wait for my update! Heard about this this morning from XDA! 
Been wanting this for a while! Going to hard reset my device (to clean off some development stuff) and give this a try soon
Holy cow! That's awesome. Just looking up instead of tilting my head is great.
Updated but not yet configured. May be because of my prescriptions. 
trying it .. 
+Google Glass this notification glance works better than the blink snapshot feature. Great job on the idea and execution!
I really like this feature. Would be nice if it could work as a complete replacement to wake on nod.
Yes, I love this feature. How about adding support for bluetooth keyboards, too?
Glancing to turn it on is so much cooler than nodding my head all the time. 
+David Leon Gil We're sorry to hear you ran into some issues with the latest update. Feel free to get in touch with a Glass Guide and we'd be happy to help you out:

+Spencer Kleyweg Looks like our support team is already working with you on your issue, but we're here if you have any questions. 

Hi +Dave Meeker, bluetooth keyboard pairing is something we've never officially supported. Let us know if you have any other questions. 
Fantastic feature!  It is working great so far, very glad for this, no longer will I have to look like a loon when a notification comes in!
Allow this feature to wake the device on demand already =D
i laugh a little bit when people toss the "bricked" word around. You have essentially a nexus device, its VERY tough to actually brick it. The only way i knew how to brick a nexus one was flash the wrong or corrupt radio image. im not completely versed in the boot order or partitioning of glass but im pretty sure it doesnt have a cell radio so learn to fix it yourself by flashing the stock rom before claiming it being a "bricked" device please.
Put mine on today to check to see if I got the update and, surprise! no update and random reboots! Back in the drawer the go.  I am close to done with Glass,  you may see mine go up for sale here soon. Definitely not ready for prime time and barely "beta".
Really? It wasn't official. It worked and it was removed. It would be cool to just provide more open answers. As part of the glass explorers that are working to help surgeons and healthcare providers (because we care, not for money), it would be very cool to just fix whatever you changed in xe16. It did work, and you guys know that because I've met members of the glass team who've used bluetooth keyboards and told me about the adafruit eZ-key. So, officially no... You never supported it. But in the world of "reality" it was working and you removed it and a lot of us want it back. And yes, if you make peripherals, we will buy them from you. It would be cool to be able to use glass with the foot pedals we've made instead of having to touch glass and break the sterile environment of an operating room. So... Be real glass team. There is "official" and we get that... But you don't need to be so coy. And if you'd answer the posts in the explorer forum, I wouldn't take the complaint to google plus. 
My Glass doesn't update... still on XE12 and it tells me it's up to date..???
^did you root it? Updates stop when you do 
And correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't the original explorer program intended to have us developers push the limits with glass and HELP you identify use cases and features that we'd want? Because I can think of another feature we created that you took and integrated into Glass... Wink wink. 
Works great for me and fixed the constant reboot problems I had with 17.2 
Thanks for the great work +Google Glass team!
I'm still getting random reboots. I keep thinking the next update will fix it, but not yet.
Working well & very useful! Thanks for the update!! 
I had the update this morning 17.3 but no new feature! Then Glass restarted on its own (4x) and I'm back to 17.2. Do you hate me Glass? Have I wronged you? Can't we just get along? Please...
+Google Glass this feature works so much better than the wink feature for me. Looks like 17.3 has also solved the lag and intermittent reboots I was having with Glass. Thumbs up to the team!! Thank you!! 
Well it was fun while it lasted...I am afraid that once you turn off Glass after setting it up, like I did, Glass will not fully start up anymore when turning it back on...
When my glass is running I get a message now and then saying "this feature is disabled because your domain enforces a mobile device policy". Anyone know what feature I'm missing? 
I can't seem to get it to work. In the past I've had difficulty with on-head detection, and wink has also been unreliable. I wear Glass over a pair of normal glasses, so I'm guessing this is the problem (since it's persisted across three different Glass units).

It'd be really nice to have some tips from the Glass team about what can cause interference with these functions, so that maybe those of us who wear them with a separate pair of Glasses can either try to adjust positioning, or know what to keep in mind while looking at future frames?
Yes, that's the problem, Paul. The lens has to have a cutout, like the Rochester Optical or Google frames provide. If the IR emitter / detector is blocked at all, it won't work reliably.
I have the Titanium Bold frames, and it works great, though I think I exaggerated my eye movement too much. I'll try recalibrating
As I said, this has persisted across three units. Or at least, the issue with wink and on-head detection has. This most recent issue hasn't, but it's a brand new Glass unit (arrived earlier today, replacing a foil-bubbled one).

The image in the prism is centered both vertically and horizontally. Do you wear prescription frames for Glass or are you wearing a separate pair of glasses with Glass on top of them, as I am? Because prescription Glass frames should absolutely work, yes. My situation is different, and I don't expect it to work - I'd just like some tips from either the Glass team, or people who've had this problem and then fixed it, for trying to come up with my own solution.
I need Bluetooth keyboard support to not be broken. Please include it as an option.
+Dave Meeker I have no idea with "root it" means in the context of Glass, so probably not. How can I fix this issue?
Okay so this is nice. But I need Google skymap and I need certain features for pilots . Do you have any idea how hard it is for me to take videos of my landings with these? "Okay glass " doesn't work in a skyhawk cockpit . Its too loud. And this swipe and tap thing takes too long. I have com's, traffic, cross winds . . . Everything in flying needs to be a one button deal . . . Can you just do a double tap camera button thing so I can video on the fly?
Oh and what about a price scanner? Like on our android phones. 
Trying it today. [update] So far, so good. Perhaps a bit slow to respond but very nice feature!
Mine never uses 20% in an hour and a half, dang! Something was running on your device, lol. But I have heard of that being relatively common from other explorers
James C
+Veronicca Lakewood really? Just hold down the camera button. Viola! Video... After video starts press camera button again for video longer than 10 seconds. 
How can I get my glass update? It's still XE12.
+James Rush But I just have these three things: View licenses, Turn on debug and Factory reset...
How much do these glasses cost
I've been using the feature all morning and it's worked perfectly nearly every time. The only time it didn't work was when I had the sunglass shade in place. Anyone else have this issue? It's a great feature, +Google Glass . Please keep it!
I would prefer whatever bug is in XE17.2 that causes my Google Glass to slow to an unusable crawl and the long series of rebooting fits  would get fixed first.
No 17.3 love here yet but this is an awesome sounding feature!
Updated, configured, works really well. Good improvement there! Thanks
Surprised to see the image posted already.  Usually this lags behind the OTA a bit haha.  Very cool and snappy

If only ADB on my fargin' Windoze box would recognize Glass...  Going on a road trip and this would be a nice feature to test in that scenario.  17.3 has until 6pm to get here ;-)
well just as I posted that, I put Glass on and it's rebooting to install 17.3 lol
^^ but I opted to flash clean this time.  Got my driver issue worked out on Windows  (ugh... Windows) which was a circus. 
How can a Chinese person buy a google glass?
+Shu Chin Order it online with your US address pay your extra $1500 then job's done.
Cool feature but I had a tough time calibrating it. My eyes are too dark and evil I guess; I could only calibrate it successfully if, after looking at the circle, I looked away from the screen -- but not straight ahead (I looked kinda to the left). If I looked straight ahead calibration would consistently fail. Perhaps Glass couldn't distinguish between pupil/iris and whites? /shrug
Done!  Calibrated!  Now I just have to learn how to resist the head-back gesture trained into me each time I hear an update notification.  :)  So far, I've missed every time.
I'm still waiting for my update. Hurry!!!
Frozen at "Glass" splash screen since update.  Details to follow if ever repaired.
Mine is stuck on the GLASS logo since this evening ~5 or later.  Hard resets do nothing and the battery just heats up when I turn them on an wait for logo to leave and GLASS to finish booting. 
Mine is also stuck on glass loading screen!!! Hard resetting, battery cycle does not help. I really hope there is a quick fix! 
I am stuck on Glass , any one knows how to fix it ?
+Kristen Macready +Ari Adler We're glad you're both enjoying Notification glance! We're still working to iron out some of the bugs you and +J.L. Francois pointed out—hang in there. If you want more info about anything you're seeing on Glass don't hesitate to get in touch:

+Lester Walters +Trevor Shuff Don't worry quite yet if you haven't seen the update. It's rolling out over the next few days and you should see it on your Glass soon. 
I have the Glass Thin frames that I wear slightly lower on my nose. Glance works only if I push my frames higher up the bridge of my nose (closer to my eyes).
Funny you mentioned that because I just for the update. Lol love it!
+Paul Louden Stacking Glass over eyeglasses that weren't designed with Glass in mind might usually moves the sensor window, so features like Wink, Notification Glance, and On-Head Detection don't work as well. If you notice something else out of whack, get in touch, and we'll figure out what's causing it. 

+Simone Scanu Have you tried a hard reset before you recalibrate? If that doesn't fix things for you, drop us a note at 
+Google Glass already tried all possible methods unfortunately :( I will contact the support page that you have linked tomorrow, thank you!
Please Glass, fix the battery!!! Don't know if it's just mine or all of me but my battery won't even last a day even with minimal use. 
To add insult to my inquiry.... While in the airport, my glass rebooted and is stuck in the "Glass" screen. I am not happy....
With WiFi turned off, my Glass doesn't reboot...I don't know why, but it works!
Trevor Shuff . I wonder if tethering a mophi portable USB battery would work. They are small and have a lot current .

+Veronicca Lakewood my friend does this. Has a small battery pack that he conceals down the back of his shirt and gives him another 70% or so through out the day. I just wish it wasn't necessary. 
Just noticed that I am on XE17.31 Glass is moving ahead :)
Jay Sy
Ah finally loaded! but I tried to calibrate all day and it says it's not for everybody :(
Yea Trevor it's tethering. But think about it . We can USB tether to say perhaps more CPU and memory or even external scanning devices yea we may be google Borgs...

XE 17.31 works great for me with nearly all of the google blessed software loaded except for compass (kiss of death for voice commands on my device) and word lens is off as really slows things down for me. Web browsing two finger zoom, select link and page pan now works smoothly and glance as well as head tilt wake up seem to work without any reboots. I am a happy google glass camper, thanks glassaholics!
Ps even my battery life is awesome now and no overheating too.
This feature works great but hate that the update (17.31) causes my glass to reboot periodically. Especially when showing curious people how cool it is :-( 
Why are google people ignoring my questions ...GOOGLE SKY MAP , price scanner, night mode , aviation HUD . What about it?
Yes got to try it again today it worked great. I hope its an option you keep for glass
+Google Glass I've not heard anything back from you guys. Please let me know what I need to do to get it working again.

Thanks in Advance
+Mils Krüger Thanks for letting us know—we'll have a Glass Guide get in touch with you shortly. 
+Nick Peña We know you're upset. From our chat over Twitter yesterday, it looks like we squared everything away. If there's still an issue, let us know and we'll sort it out. We'll be in touch. 
^ not be be a jerk, but I'm in a similar boat and feel like glass support is either too swamped or under new management. Glass support used to be awesome. Slow responses, avoiding questions and a scripted, "by the book" series of responses seems to now be the norm. I've had glass replaced a few times in the last year or so and it was always immediate. This time I called in due to 17.3 brick status and am still waiting for any kind of coordination with a "payment specialist". I'd just like to be able to so my work... And I admit, I did try to get a pair of custom frames out of the glass team (seemed fair since all the new explorers got them for the same price)! They shut that down without even a chuckle. Glass team... The one advantage you had over other device makers was your awesome support. And no fault of the employees, it just seems like either you are overloaded or have changed some processes, etc. But it is sort of a bad experience.
Maybe I should resort to twitter like ^nick. 
Doesn't work if you get the 'Bing' while you're looking through the screen. E.g. when you're riding a bicycle, your head is tipped down and you're looking up all the time. You get the 'Bing', you're already looking at the screen, and .... Notification glance is not detected.
Google glass support people. You seem to answering a few people . But avoiding the hard questions. We paid mega bucks for these devices . So most of us expect a little more support than we are getting. Now I'm told that the foil part could fall off btw. ..there is certain software we need. Certain answers we want. So what is the failure here?
I think it's hilarious when people publicly complain or wine how their device isn't working and how frustrated they are. Let me help, first just call 1-800-glassxe, this will save you a lot of time. Second, you all understand that this is a Beta Device, meaning that they will have issues, you all knew this going in, google didn't force anyone to buy this, just get over it. I've had some issues, but every time I had a problem google would take care of it. Remember "beta product".
Yes Tim. I think the point that you are missing is that calls have been made to Glass support. A year ago, Glass support was a lot more supportive than they are today. And yes, they are beta devices, but a year ago when my beta device needed replaced, I had a new one in a day (and that was my fault). And now, when 17.3 bricked devices, it takes a week or more to get the exchange process started with Google. Nobody cares if the devices get screwed up or act wonky - that is expected.  The problem is that the support team has slowed down considerably and seems to be far less attentive than they have been prior to the public release in the US of Glass (opening the explorer program up).  It isn't just bitching, it's important that Google understand our feedback on the entire Glass ownership experience - not just the software experience. 
+Dave Meeker Sorry you haven't been having a great experience. We're looking into things to see if there's anything else we can do to help. We'll also be sure to pass your feedback about your experience along. 

+Veronicca Lakewood We didn't mean to ignore your questions—they must've gotten lost in the shuffle. We don't have anything to share about Google Skymap for Glass or the other features you mentioned, but we'll let the team know you suggested it. You can start a post in the Wishlist at so other Explorers can show their support, too. What other questions did you have?
All good +Google Glass . It is a symptom of success and all groups have growing pains. The hard part about what you are doing isn't just about software and hardware - it is dealing with customers, issues, etc.  The one suggestion I have is to give the Glass Guides more flexibility to make decisions. (and maybe for old-timey explorers who get bricked... a gift of custom frames :)  
Yea been doing that but I don't know if they are taken me serious.

Not sure I am going to turn on glance....since my prescription glasses lens stops the prism from going in far enough for me to view the whole glass projection....I am missing about an eighth of an inch from the far right side...still no answer to any of my posts about it....or a fix.
+Bill McGraw We're sorry about the hang up there. We'd love to set up a Hangout with a Guide to adjust the fit of your Glass. We haven't seen any recent posts from you, but we haven't been ignoring you. Did you make sure to include us with a mention by typing +Google Glass? That should make sure we see it. 

We'll follow up with a second post to see how we can help. 
+David Leon Gil Looks like we got in touch with you earlier today about the status of your case—let us know if you have any questions!
Thanks for reaching out to us,  +Dave Meeker. We'll have a member from our support team get in touch with your shorty. 
So on the google glass I noticed a toques bit screw. ..I want to use google glass with my black wayfarers . If I unscrew this thing and could separate the metal band I couple stick it on my black frames with no trouble . Please I need a fast reply on this one cuz I hate the terminator style sun glasses ....
+Veronicca Lakewood The screw will let you separate Glass from the band and attach it frames designed for Glass. You might be able to use Glass with other eyewear, but you'll probably notice some features that don't work as well if you do. 
Well I want to stick it with Velcro to the side of my classic black wayfarers 2140 style (there is no substitute for rayban black wayfarers ) something google needs to recognize . Every rocker , and cool people James dean to Ray Charles wore these. Blues brothers ,sting ray (tv series ) men in black all wear wayfarers . Don Henley sing about em in one of songs. They are very popular with zz top. Mark Harmon wore em in summer school . Val Kilmer wore em in "real genius " So yea I need to get back to my classic 2140 ...cuz like those guys I wear them too. They are pretty much a trade mark-like my Strat style and Gibson Flying V guitars...
Ok much more problems with this $1500 computer. ..why is it that a $99 gps can find north and GLASS CAN NOT?! Why is it that when I use the astronomy program . It has the moon almost 180 degrees away from its true location? What is wrong with this device? If a pilot where to use this. She would have the most unreliable compass known to man. 
We can't get wayfarers . We can't have a working compass. I starting to think vuzix device may have been a better choice.