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Same page, different name

Just a heads up that we’ve changed our page name to +Google Glass since that’s what most of you are calling us nowadays. When we created this page more than a year ago, we chose “Project” to recognize that we were all exploring something new. Back then, the Glass Explorer Edition was still just a hope and a dream. Now we have Explorers with their very own Glass dreaming and exploring with us. While we're still many months away from a wider consumer launch, we’re updating our page name to reflect where we are today.

That is all. Now back to your regularly scheduled programming.
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Thanks for the heads up. :) I quit my job to walk from Beijing to London doing live Google+ Hangouts... Hopefully I can get a pair at one point. :)
Nice! Now I can start tagging you when I mention +Google Glass (before it didn't make as much sense because most people didn't know what Project Glass was)
Can u tell us a little more info on when glass will be released to the public 
This is such a logical move that I didn't even realize that the page actually wasn't called +Google Glass all along :) 
Got Glass in SF yesterday, now trying to make connectivity work so I can Explore. Please pressure Apple to make it more compatible with iOS...or do I need an Android & an iPhone?!
+Yoni Mayeri There is not much they can do other submit an app to the appstore.  Due to Apple's terms and conditions though one is not likely to make it through.
This makes me feel like a consumer launch is more likely and the plug isn't likely to get pulled before then.
Met M
Excellent and thank you ..
Its amazing on how many people have posted to this in the last half hour Over 30
+Yoni Mayeri Glass can work as a bluetooth headset with any phone that supports that feature. However, if you want to tether your Glass and hook it up to internet you will need an Android phone with MyGlass App.
+Udayan U What I'd prefer is if Glass could tether with an existing Bluetooth headset. People are starting to complain that the bone conduction transducer is too faint to hear in even moderately loud environments.
+Jonathan Fearn that's brilliant.. iEye is the early warning system, for folks concerned with privacy.. lol

+Sarah Price I think it will pass, as when your new name renders, will over ride the auto + name that brings up the black logo first..
+Dan Leveille well, tim cook would say that wouldn't he.. if i saw glass and had to choose a manufacturer.. i would prob say apple..

Going the other way, no way will the iOS App for glass to available for years.. people forget glass is just a beta+ really..
+Mike Downes there's been some rumors over on the Glass Explorers site. Even the rep who helped my at my appointment earlier this week hints that there would be an iOS version. 
+Ankur Oberoi I agree (there maybe rumours).. people still wait for iOS to join Hangouts On Air, even the odd googler thought it was coming back in Feb 13.. yet nada ..
Ok glass(LOL), I do really love your regularly scheduled updates but I really just want you to tell me when I can get mine. Please and thanks !!! 
Ji Jun
+Sarah Price Have a friend who never got her Glass DM. What should she do?
+Darrin Brownlee LOL

+Ji Jun Was this on Twitter or on Google+? If on Google+, she should visit this page and look for a post shared with her; if on Twitter, she should visit and press the DM button to check her DM history. Also, make sure she was following us on whichever platform. Especially on Twitter, we couldn't send a DM to people who weren't following us, and following us was part of the eligibility requirements for receiving an invite.
Ji Jun
+Sarah Price Thanks tons. You are doing an amazing job with communications.
So we ever going to get our hands on these. My roommates bosses already have them from developers conference. I'm getting quite jealous... 
Will my past post tagged on your old name with #throughglass, changed too or not? Oh wait, doesn't really matter, I don't have the explorer glass. :-p
Excellent. Good idea. Who thought of this? Give them an extra Twinkie.
I don't have any sense of what I will use it for, but I have the desire of getting one!! I think I am starting to understand how apple fans feel!! 
+Google Glass Just so you know, when viewing your Glass logo it looks a little cruddy and aliased. Must be something that G+ is doing to the image because the original 500x500 looks decently crisp. The small version looks blurry and truncated to me.. 
ProjectGlasser 4 lyfe. By the way, the folks at the NYC office were fantastically amazing. 
When will launch it?
Hiya +Al Navas, no need to worry about either: if you were following @projectglass or +Project Glass in the past, then your Circles have automatically updated and swapped in @googleglass or +Google Glass. We continue to look at tweets and posts sent to "Project Glass," too.
Hi, +Sarah Price - thank you!

I thought I read the +Google Glass post correctly, but wanted to make sure I did not miss any goodness from it :)
I would like to become a Glass tester. I love in tx an work offshore. I Could write a review if I were selected. Thanks for your consideration

I need Glass. Would be such an awesome tool here at the university!
Get someone to invite you shortly (read: sell you an invite)