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Since October, we’ve been taking Glass on the road to let people try it first hand. Now we're puttin' on our cowboy boots and heading to the Lone Star State. Come on down to Brazos Hall in Austin, TX on Saturday, December 14th and Sunday, December 15th to try Glass, chat with the team, and enjoy some treats on us. 

To attend, please RSVP at

And as always, stay tuned here to find out where we’re heading next.
Find out more about this event - Saturday, December 14, 2013
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gah! you're killing me! Come to Chicago!!! 

Pretty please with a cherry on top! :-D
Come to Chicago I want to meet the team =D
No love for the east coast Google?
Austin is the perfect fit for Glass. Hope you all have fun!
Please come to the frozen tundra of Minneapolis! I'd love to take glass ice skating!

Owner of a Cr-48,

John P. Huerd
Thank you for coming to Detroit! Get ready for glass, Austin!
had to decline the explorer invite a few days ago due to a change from contacts to glasses...waiting for one that attaches to prescription glasses.
and yes, come to minneapolis.
Is there any way to try them in europe ?
Finally had a chance to try a pair on today. By far exceeded my expectations. I'm not sure why but I wasn't expecting such a solid build with a great display. Also gone now is my concern that I would have eye strain from looking up to see the display. Can't wait to get my own pair and really try them out.
I love it I want 10 Google glass for my family and friend
+TZig Adam I saw that; but my Glass invite page still shows the standard Explorer Edition. If they update it before the invite expires...well....
Are the updates for glass explorer edition free upgrades? Not sure I want to pay 1500 to update it later on when the prescription glasses edition is ready.
+Charlie Seto the v2 of glass is compatible with the perscription glasses. You buy the frames and glass detaches from these frames and attach to the ones with the lenses. If you bought Google Glasses after October 23 (i wanna say) you have v2 so they are compatible. If you bought before that Google is offering you an update to v2 (that can not be saved for another upgrade) they WANT you to use it since everything is being built with v2 in mind. 
Are you going to do anything in the UK?
+Jeremy Shore Thanks! The Glass invite page doesn't say anything about versions, so I'm a little wary about pulling the trigger. I'm hoping Google will verify your comments.
Yesterday I ran into someone with google glass. The first time I have seen it. I spoke with the guy briefly about it. Told me how he was a developer. The went on to tell me how it DOESNT work with the iPhone. So much for that. 
+Keith Lawson It does in fact work with the iPhone. Its just that functionality is limited unlike using it on Android.
I should have been more specific. Yeah, very limited according to the way he examined it. I wasn't aware of that. Explained that it needed to be hooked to the Internet in order to operate properly. Why not Bluetooth? 
all codes that are being sent out now are for V2. No one is getting shipped V1 at all. If you purchase now via an invite, you will receive V2.
What about Stockholm, Sweden! !
When are you handsome devils bringing your gear down under? I'd kill to play with a pair!
Got my Google Glass invite, but I can't afford them :(
And the same for me. Invite, can't afford. 
Aww... +Google Glass I got an invite to be an Explorer but can't afford the purchase right now... I'm bummed... Hopefully one day I can see through glass... :( 
I can believe I'm going to say this because I can't stand the US but I need to move there because I really want Google Glass, Google Wallet, Google Voice and so many other services that is only available in the US
Gee that's nifty... How about a roll-out and start selling the thing already! 
Will the glasses also tell you when a car speeding by while you are checking your emails ....
+Google Glass do you have any Glass experts in Minneapolis, Minnesota? I learn best hands-on and would like to meet up with them to get a crash course on my new Glass. Thank you!
You're so close to central OK, stop by Norman or Oklahoma City!
Any upcoming dates in Denver? There is a huge Glass community here...
I live in Austin & already own google glass :)
I would like to invite you in Amsterdam, because we want to start to develop the google glasses in the business enterprises
Come ride with me for a day as a firefighter paramedic
What are the chances! I just got my glasses and I will be in Austin Sunday night for business WHoo Hoo
To Alyson, could you elaborate what do you mean for business? Are you able to report your customer sales while you are making a contract with a client?
I live in Atlanta and have to do some work in Austin. So I will be there. 
I live in Canada, is there a way for me to get a set of these #googleglasses ? I am about to buy a pair off of E-bay but am reluctant in case I cannot use them up here in Canada. I already have an invite code but it states it is for U.S. residents only.
Can someone please help me?
Thank you in advance!
Please ARIZONA please ARIZONA. Chandler, Arizona. Come on, I'm just an 11 year old geek who loves technology. In fact I kinda want a smartwatch for Christmas but if only I could get Google Glass. Hmmmmm... Also I have a B-day coming up Hmmm...
I think there is a huge application for these in law enforcement!! Imagine the aid and safety they would give to police officers on the street, and the ability to record what is happening from the officer's perspective!. I would love to have these on the street with me and in training!! Imagine being able to see what your student is seeing while teaching police driving or firearms! There are so many uses I can think of in criminal justice!! 
+Chris Wagoner We can also record them driving talking on their cellphone in the police car here in LA or giving tickets without any reason.
When are you guys coming to Toronto? I want one too!
I live in Fredericksburg, Va. and am a developer that just signed up to hopefully get the opportunity to work on some live repair support apps for Google Glass! Fingers always crossed and checking that mail!
Why can people living in countries but USA not join the google glass experiment? it is supposed to be done abroad, due to many people try out before their purchases.
Can I bring my 3 year old son to the event? I want to get him started early in tech.
+Jerard Simpson sure you can, but it would be a bad idea to let him try on Glass. It is recommended that the person wearing Glass is at least 13 years old I believe.
Just got invitation for glass today. Can't afford to get them. If anyone wants to donate a couple dollars let me know lol
I just received my glass and cool technology but needs a lot of work still!!  The screen can be tiring to look at over time.  When searching data or taking photos its all saved on wheel.  You have to individually delete each item you search for, take photo of, video and much more.  Its very time consuming to do so.  Google please fix this.  Not worth 1500 price tag
You'll need to pick it up in-person at Google in San Francisco, LA or New York.
+gary Munford Thanks for your feedback. There will be some bumps in the road for this early version of Glass, but we're excited for the future. We recommend easing into Glass just like you would with a new prescription (start off using Glass 1-2 hours/day in the beginning and slowly increasing use with time). Let us know if you have any other questions. 
If we get an invite and hit purchase does it automatically come to us?
I agree you do have to ease into the glass. However that is not a problem with the battery life since drains so quickly. No way could get a full day out of glass. 
I find myself having to charge multiple times a day already. If you were a heavy user couldn't make it till lunch or even close. 
Sorry for multiple posts, but I work in a medical center showing lots of employees. Not one has said they would pay the 1500 price tag. As we'll you have a 5-1 ratio in iPhone to android user. In order for glass to become truly mainstream an iPhone app would need to be implemented. 
I really want to check it out but not at 1500 dollars. If it was at a reasonable price I would get it. 
There is a 30 full refund policy which I intend to use. Not worth 1500 at this time. $500 should be the market range for sure. 
Yeah 1500 not worth it sorry not when you can pull out phone and actually see it
Like the Glass but currently not enough to do on them to meet the $1600 total price tag. Especially because of the short battery life, luckily they charge extremely quickly, within minutes. Can't wait for more content to drop on these things, such great potential here. 
Waiting for them to make a less standalone version of glass, and perhaps one that is more tightly integrated with the smartphone.

Apple and Google kicked the door down. It's a matter of seeing who goes through first.
The only problem I see with glass long term is viewing text. It's almost impossible to view entire web page with this type of viewing. Small info like sports scores or weather does we'll. Attempting to view large emails or large amounts of text becomes tiring.

Glass can read emails but this will drain battery even quicker!!!!

As stated a long way to go.

Many won't admit but glass right now is cool to own since nobody has. It's cool at first but could see sitting in shelf collecting dust overtime. 
The $1500 price tag is to much for me.  I would be happy to do testing if you are willing to provide me with a pair for testing purposes.  I have a background in product testing from my time as the Senior Quality Technician at Parker Brother Games.
Daniel you can put on credit card for 30 days free. If don't like them return no charge
Thank you Gary but the $1500 is to much to spend on a product that is still in the testing stage.  I am a test technician and would be happy to provide my services in exchange for a pair.  Let me know.
1500 is the price if you want it before the consumer version comes out so if your patient the price will drop, kinda seems like all the comments are about the price :p. 
Yeah I know for sure won't be keeping mine. Taking advantage of the 30 day trail period and then returning. As stated cool technology but would never use long term or on a daily basis. I consider myself working with the average Joe. I work in Hospital with doctors, nurses, housekeeping, marketing, dietary and much more. Not one person has yet stated would use daily or willing to purchase if possible. Several doctors stated information way to small for health care setting and nurses state the same.

Sorry don't see this ever being main stream any time soon 
Any plans to tour Canada? Would love to see Glass come to Toronto/Waterloo :)
It was a blast :D Too bad no other Explorers were there while I was...
I have three invites available. You have to be a US citizen, at least 18 years old, and have a valid US mailing address. Not to mention be able to pay $1500 for them within seven days of receiving your invite.
This event sold me on the tech. After trying on Glass, I fell in love and immediately became and Explorer.
+Ephrem Atsbeha +Jo Charles  We don't have any updates on when Glass might be available outside the US, but we hope to expand in the future. 

+Jeff Mills Thanks for coming out to our event last weekend and welcome to the Explorer Program! We can't wait to see what you do with Glass. 
+Matteo Boglione Sorry, but we don't have any info to share about future versions of Glass. We hope you have a happy holidays! 
We would love to have you come to +Visit Natchez. We recently got a pair of our own Glass at our tourism office to help promote the oldest continuous settlement along the Mississippi River. 
I see it asked at least once but not answered so I'll be bold enough to ask again,
Do you plan on having any events in Colorado this upcoming 2014?
+Mike Knight We don't have anything to share about where we'll be visiting this year. The best way to know if we're coming your way is to watch here for updates. 
Just got my invite. I can't justify the cost right now, a few months ago would've been different. Can I still check out it next time in in NYC though?
Adam C
When is the next one coming
+Franklyn Pearson Sorry to hear that you won't be able to join now. Let us know if things change, and we'll see what we can do to help you out.

+Adam C We don't have any dates to announce yet, but stay tuned!