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Another one rides the bus

We have loads of great updates every month, but there’s one we’re particularly jazz hands about — Transit. Explorers who have paired Glass to their Android phones will now have the option to see public transit directions when navigating on Glass. When you get directions and select transit, you’ll be able to see all sorts of helpful info, like where to change trains, how far you have to walk to the bus stop and how long it should take to reach your final destination. 

Another feature you’ve asked for is the ability to tap to select links in notifications. Weeellll, now you can. 

As with all monthly releases, you can find the rest of our updates in the MyGlass Explorers Community.

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So excited for this! I absolutely needed it in my life living in a big city and having no car! However, no ability to install full fledged apps (yet)? Sads! Hopefully XE11 then!
Allen A
That's some really helpful stuff!
How nice for US based android users. We in Turkey don't even have google maps navigation or google now yet. At least Yandex does care for us.
Any update on MyGlass for iOS? I hate missing out on all these features. :'(
Thanks for the update! Glass is updating to XE10. Still waiting for the release notes to be updated. Thanks Glass Team!
Hey Google glass :-). Any way go get some glasses in France ? I'm still trying to find a way to work with it!
Awesome, XE10 is installing on my Glass as we speak. 
Awesome!!! You guys are sure on top of getting these updates out! Thanks for your awesome support!
Still no photospheres? :-\
I mean, we all know it can do the one, why not more? 
Still can't use Glass to make a phone call.  :(
Where is this "MyGlass Explorers Community"? Is it private or was that a typo?
+Mike DiGiovanni Yeah I meant, looking at the unavailability of other standart google services, Glass does not look like a possibility in the distant future :)
Yay, thank you Google Glass Team! I just tried it out for my usual bus route. It works perfectly. Going to share an vignette of my office building an a bus route, and put it on my website. 
Great changes as usual. Now if we could only get the Google Maps team to add "Send to glass" again
+Gregg Lantz Sorry you're seeing issues with this. We'll have one of our Guides contact you soon. 

+Emre Erdogan and +luc tonin We hear you both. Glass is US-only right now, but we hope to make it more widely available in the future. Stay tuned for now. 
So this is why they nerfed Google Navigate on android.
+Joseph Miller So you call him greedy because he wants one like thousands of other people?  Yeah, this Explorer "community" really makes those without Glass really know it.
This just might be the killer feature that makes gets a pair.
Something to guide me through a foreign countries major train links to where I need to be(for example Berlin train station)?  Would sell me G glass in an instant
Omg now i want Glass more! Can't wait to have it vailable in our region, specifically #SriLanka I'll be the first one in the queue! So to speak hehe 
The funny thing about this, is that regular Google navigate used to do this until a few months ago, when this feature was removed. It's a shame that Google seems to feel the need to downgrade regular Google maps in android, just to make a point of difference for Glass. As if they need to!
+James Austin  I have the new Google Maps app on my Galaxy S4. Navigation is still there. It is merged with the Maps program. It also handles bus routes and biking paths if you go that way. I had a hard time getting used to the new format, but once you have that "a-ha!" moment, you'll realize that it is all still there.
Ah well, happens when you're typing on a phablet on a bumpy road (Even some A-roads suck) in the office transport shrugs. And thanks but no thanks, I'll wait for the real thing. I'm not one for fakes :P 
Was in Washington, DC this weekend and used it with Metro several times - awesome...EXCEPT when combining walking and transit directions, the walking maps are not as good as the old ones.  Much harder to navigate, since they are zoomed out.  But LOVED the transit directions.  Very clear, very intuitive, avoided use of any physical map in stations or on the train.
GRR, all you beta testers, can't wait till this is released to the public.
After trying transit directions for a while, I can say they're functional, but not amazing. It's a shame because walking directions are phenomenal. I'm really hoping this continues to see improvement, because IMO this isn't ready for public release just yet.
Bring Google Glass to Chicago!!! (a burb would be preferred, like Naperville or Schaumburg or Oak Brook) I want to RSVP to test it out!
We need Google Glass in Austin Texas, Please put me on the RSVP list
Any word on a public release ?! Still sooooo excited for these 
definitely helpful in Austin Texas our public trans is below average here
every time I try to use glass directions when walking in Manhattan, it never connects to my hot spot or to my iphone. but if this feature works (someday) with my iphone pared (paired?) to Glass, it would be great and something I would use.  now it's just an expensive clock and thermometer for me.
+Ann Poletti You'll need to have an active data connection through either Wifi or a personal hotspot. We'll be happy to look at it tomorrow and get you all set up. See you then!