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Contacts on Glass are getting better.

A new Glass update is coming and it lets you access all your phone contacts on Glass. You’ll find 20 by voice and the rest are just a swipe away. You also asked for a way to pick and choose how you message people. When you tap on one of your contacts, you can now switch between Hangouts, email or SMS – whichever strikes your fancy at that moment. 

If you’re an Android user, you’ll be ready to go as soon as you have the latest Glass update. iOS users will also need the latest MyGlass app, which will be heading your way in the next week or so. Check out this article and you’ll be rocking the new contacts in no time:
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Awesome update! This is big!
Read the headline and COMPLETELY misinterpreted what you meant by 'contacts'.
The buzz has mostly died for glass. Release the design that was granted a patent recently with the display screen inside the glasses. Also cut the price and I'll buy it.
I want the video calling back and a way to have Glass Wear and Android to form a self aware when a G+ notification comes in wear picks it up and then fling it over to glass for quick response all while you phone is in pocket or across the room. And please bring Chromecast integration to glass. 
That moment when you see 'contacts' and 'glasses' on the same thread, and totally forget what 'contacts' means.
Awesome! Now it's time to clean up my contacts so I don't have to scroll eternally to get to Z
Yeah, I'm really getting frustrated that a full consumer release hasn't even been scheduled. I realize this is new tech and it's still got some development left but I'm ready for a glimmer of hope at least.
Sweet! This will make things much better.
How about a version for the left eyed folks...?
+Mike Lawrence seconded. My right eye is really weak but left is OK. Went to the Glass tester in London a couple of months ago and asked about a left eye version and was just told that (apparently) 95% of people have a stronger right eye...
Steve A
Glad to see this one! Wonder when update starts...
For a moment I thought they meant they had implement glass in contact lenses and was pretty impressed
Whoo hoo!  Now if we could only get international calling that doesn't ignore the country code in the contact...
+Robert Emminger
Gonna take some time, Google Glass ain't mature technology just yet, give it some time and warm up
While it keep costing $1.500, it will be an immature technology forever...
Now can you replace the video chat that you removed?
and a currency converter in xe20.1...that's awesome too!
+Erran Lawler +michael allen +Mike Matessa +drPavan Kumar  We hear you and we're listening. Removing video calls was a tough call for us, but we decided that it was the best thing for Glass right now.

+Jake Steinerman Glad you're liking the new update—thanks for your feedback!

We hear you, +Robert Emminger. We’re looking to our Explorers to help us test Glass and evolve the design. Their feedback will help us improve Glass and decide when it's ready. 

Hi +Fabián Rosell, thanks for sharing with your thoughts with us. We're just getting started with Glass, and this was the right price for this version. We don't have much info on future pricing of Glass, but we expect the next one to cost less. You can sign up here to stay informed:
After almost two years and still US citizens or US address required? How will these great technology get mature if it's focused in just one country?
Thanks also to the Glass ream for the newish glance notification feature. it works flawlessly and is extremely convenient! Could the concept be expanded to have Glass always watching, so anytime I glance at it, it comes on?
+Google Glass really??! I don't even fill up 10 contacts on voice much less 20. How about bringing back video hangouts like this device was originally supposed to do! You guys have deviated completely from the original purpose of Glass. I'm so disappointed. :( I NEED my video hangouts! 
+Google Glass Thinking about your comment about ''just getting started with Glass'' I would have thought that another huge market for Glass was highlighted sadly by the shooting in Ferguson, Missouri.  Rather than getting caught up in the endless loop of argument of what did what , who said what, was the policeman right or wrong to use lethal force, etc, had the policeman been wearing Glass and required to activate recording mode whenever they left the patrol car on assignment, we would have video evidence of the event.  A massive market in police work awaits you. Good luck in marketing it there.  And of course the corollary: all the folks who want to record their interactions and spoken words with police or others!
I love goolge glass and google lense and all ur software and product. google u r making amazing for digital life.
Hi +Fabián Rosell, we know it's frustrating and we hear you. We hope to make Glass more widely available someday, but we have some regulatory & logistical limitations right now.

+Carms Perez We hear you and we're listening. We don't have any updates on when this feature might make a comeback, but we appreciate your feedback.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us, +Steve Altneu. 
+Google Glass I have a request. Could you have an option to add different notification chimes for email, text, and various news feeds. It would be nice to know what to look at and what to ignore.
+Google Glass  What about a headset that has Rx lenses or and a adjustable viewing display or concept that would be a way to put one Rx glasses away or wear both  and see the screen and the environment around oneself relatively  sharp and clear? I usually have a hard time with headsets that have viewing devices attached to them that forget some people wear glasses and are Near Sighted. Those headset that forget this often do not work well if at all with my  Rx glasses or are made so I see well b/c of my vision. Can the device made so one can use it if one is near sighted?
+Google Glass I would love a pair b/c I travel a lot to new places and would use the Google Map feature, but I am a student and wear glasses to do things like drive and read. If the price would drop down a lot and I could use them while being able to see 20/20 like I do when I wear my Rx glasses, then I would buy a pair for sure. To be frank, please make Google Glass user friendly for us "four eyed" people and please make Google Glass cheap enough for us adult students that like to travel from time to time be able to buy a pair and utilize features like Google Maps on the go.
Translate my opinion people don't realize that they are really becoming like "Borg".....

and in addition, using google glass in public is a very unhealthy activity.....
Wait hold up. Some apple loving wh***monger has access to Google Glass but I don't. Bulk sad face. 
I am a personal property appraiser taking numerous photographs in my clients homes every day. I have found that if I do not establish a Internet connection and use glass strictly for its photographic abilities I can do very well I have it set up to snap a photo each time I wink and it works very well in conjunction with the digital recorder that I am using at the same time. By limiting the functions without an Internet connection I have found a way to prevent overheating and shut down I would be aided further if there were any way to adjust photographic quality and focus. 
+Google Glass I have been wondering - what is happening with the rollout?  For the past four days, I have been waiting patiently for my update.  Any idea what is holding up the rollout?
the phones cost a arm the gear cost a arm and leg  I assume the Glass will be 1 arm and 2 legs