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It’s been a bit more than a year since we announced Project Glass to the world. Since then, we’ve been working hard on our Explorer Editions and we’re seeing the first ones come off the production line. Yesterday was the first day that Explorers got to take Glass out into the real world. We’ve been waiting for this day for a long time, and it’s been both thrilling and surreal to watch it happen.

We’re currently notifying our Explorers who signed up at Google I/O 2012, and they’ll be receiving Glass in waves in the coming weeks. We’ve also accepted people who told us what they would do #ifihadglass, and we’ll start reaching out to them later on. If you are one of our Explorers: this process will take some time, so hang in there and thanks in advance for your patience.

We know there will be bumps in the road, and changes to make, but we’re excited by the ways our Explorers want to use this first version of Glass.

Here's to the next step.
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I wanna mine in Brazil :(
Just for USA we can say project fail
I'll make your job easier. You can ship any color you want to me ASAP!
Thanks for the update! Very excited. Looks like the earliest the #ifihadglass  explorers can expect to be notified is sometime in May. Hang in there everyone! 
Congrats to the Glass team for finishing the first version of Glass really looking forward to being able to buy one and for the future of Glass
Are there finally symmetrical models?
Thanks for all the groundbreaking work you guys do. I'm doing everything I can to be an active participant in the Glass "revolution".
Alex C
Can't wait to pick up my Explorers soon! Patience is important :P
Congrats! Can't wait to get my hands on a set once they are publicly available. So exciting to see this aspect of human history unfold.
Can't wait to buy mine!  Thanks for starting this digital revolution.  :D
I'll be waiting semi patently, but I know it will be worth it! 
+Luciano Marinho let's see, an American company, creating a high tech product releases them just in their country first is a fail? There are technology shipping issues, language issues, etc. Most developers for Glass are in the US, which means everything they build is in English first. Why is it a fail because it you don't have one in Brazil yet? Only 2,000 are being shipped out right now.
+Project Glass I was wondering how #ifihadglass  winners will be notified. My profile settings allow anyone to email and message me from my profile but when I view my profile as Project Glass there aren't any options for you to email me or message me.

I just want to make sure you'll be able to contact me when the time comes. Thanks!
This post caused me to get a Project Glass email.
waiting to see what they can really do besides take pics and vids. To be honest the marketing so far has kinda underwhelmed me. (and the "contest" for getting Glass seems a bit odd too. :-) )
You should do like a teen Explorer group. Y'know, just to see what younger people think about it! I would really like to be an Explorer, but I only found out about it yesterday, and so far, I've only seen grown-ups do it.
+Cody Engel You must have some sort of email to have signed up for G+. If they don't contact you there, they'll probably contact you through G+. I wouldn't make it hard for them.
I got my invite, can't wait to hear from you guys +Project Glass, the funds are burning a hole in my pocket! ;p
+Natalia A not many teens can come up with the $1500 to buy Google Glass. It was tough enough for some of us adults.
I guess I'm going to have to swap my profile pic's monocle for a Glass soon.
+Michael Durwin I'd like to think it was tough enough for all of us Adults.  I'm not too keen on people that have no financial trouble...after all, pretty much 80-90% of life is directly related to, or dependant on money, so it's a bit frustrating and can be infuriating if you let it get to you :|
+Michael Durwin as I said, email and direct messages are set so ANYONE can do it. When I go to view my profile as Project Glass though, the option to contact me isn't there. So I just want to make sure that this is normal.
+John Meise I agree. The Rich Kids of Instagram are tough enough to stomach, I can't imagine it in first person view.
So, so very excited! Cannot wait! (OK, I can wait, but it is tough!)
+John Baquiran According to the released specs:


+ Any Bluetooth-capable phone.
+ The MyGlass companion app requires Android 4.0.3 (Ice Cream Sandwich) or higher. MyGlass enables GPS and SMS messaging.

So, no but (at least currently) you won't have GPS or SMS
I absolutely love this technology and really do think it is the future, but it will never be a common or popular device until it is basically invisible, built in to existing glasses and sunglasses so seamlessly that it would take someone particularly looking to see it. 
any inside information on when is it going to be released to the public (I know rumor says later this year, but do you have any detailed info?) and how much is it going to be?
Rozh S.
It will be the cheapest device in the history. #IThink
Is there any way that I can get a google glass on google IO?
Looking forward to the day Glass is released here in Sweden! :-) 
Thank you everyone for your support and for believing in the project :)

+Luciano Marinho We know it's frustrating, sorry. We hope to make Glass more widely available some day.

+Thomas Li Sorry, we don't have any specific release dates or prices right now for future versions of Glass.
Ushering in a new world PoV...

Wondering how long it will take before people actually get beyond "looking" through Glass and actually begin "Seeing" with it? How rapidly will it alter our cognitive processes by enhancing our perceptive abilities? How soon before someone starts to complain about how limited the device's capabilities are, as a result of the new possibilities it has unlocked in our imaginations.

Someone please invent a new word to describe how important, cool, wonderful, radical - whatever else you're feeling - this is. 
+Project Glass What happens to those who get invited but couldn't pay for their glasses? Do you recycle their invites? I know i didn't get an invite but I'd love to get a recycled invite :D
I really hoping for a worldwide test run. For example in Europe. Especially in Germany hinthint
I like how someone was selling there Glass on ebay it got to 95k and then they pulled it 
I want it nowwww. But I guess I'll wait. Thanks for the update!
Yeah, not sure the begging is going to do any good. I submitted what I thought was a thoughtful idea compared to some of the more ... unique ... entries, but there it is.  I'll wait.
Better not take too long. I'd like to get this before my next birthday. I guess maybe I'm being a bit nit-picky. <_<
+Project Glass 
Is there a way to type with your eyes? Can we expect to be able to code in the future using Google Glass?
That would be awesome.
I am insanely jealous of not having mine yet. ;)
Cannot wait to have one when you start selling them :) best innovation of the decade so far 
it would be nice to get an approx date, just so i can let employers know when i'll be gone.
I hope I get mine before I leave for my archaeology dig ... that was the main reason I applied... and I might miss out on using it entirely!
+Alexander Dockham I'm sure they've heard that 7,999 times!
It seems apparent that while they'de love to have you visit them in LA, San Fran, or NYC, you can have them mailed to you. I'm still betting on June 1 even if I'm secretly hoping for May 1 (just in time for my birthday on the 7th).
+Morgen Egesdal that might help you too. You can have it mailed to a friend who can ship it to you. My entry was to film my son being born, that happened 5 weeks ago. So, I picked different project.
Great news. Great work to everyone at +Project Glass for making this happen. So are we looking at the next 2 or 3 weeks for the #ifihadglass group of Explorers?
While I wouldn't mind a trip to SF, it would cost additional money that I certainly don't need to spend after dropping $1500. It would be nice if I could just have my Glass shipped to me, but I thought I read that the Glass had to be adjusted for the vision specifics of each wearer?
i would be so happy to have glass, but i guess ill have to wait...
They look good wanted to enter but was not sure how (i think i was late) shame but oh well good luck everyone who entered. Hope you get a pair

Looking forward to getting my magic glasses soon. I will do magic things with them, I promise.
Can't wait for the pickup! +1 if you you are an explorer
Can't wait for it to go public! 
If I wanted to work with on the Google Glass team in the future, where would I begin?
I won.. but I won't be able to pay the $1500 I hear I have to pay :-( I really, really want to use it and try to develop the app I said in my tweet that helped me win.  I guess I'll wait for the message and find out what to do.    I'm on Long Island so getting to NYC is not a problem and I have somewhat of an internet following that would help spread the word of any app / use I make of it in additon to what I already stated I'll do.
When is the consumer release date? I can't wait til I can develop for it!
Sean S
Has there been any rumors on what the price will be when it goes on sale for the general public?
It's an awesome device but it can do much less than a smartphone or tablet. You can get a Nexus 4 for $299 and a tablet for $199.  Wonder how much Glass will cost.  $99?  $199?  
Can't wait to see the apps that will be developed for Glass soon.
You all have so many great suggestions for Glass -- we can't wait to see what Explorers will do.

We don't have any updates right now on a release date or price for any future versions of Glass, sorry.
Alot of developers in #Australia waiting to develop for glass, our ideas will be awesome + we wear glasses year round here, perfect for testing ;) 
Do it right people, the world is waiting for the experience. I am willing to test a pair anytime you send them to me.
+Project Glass I know that you don't have any updates on price, but can you tell us if the prescription glasses are going to cost more than the non-perscription ones?
So has there been a forum where people are discussing ideas or has everyone been keeping their ideas to themselves? ( not that I'd blame them).  Looking at how it works with update streams etc it seems glasses are meant to be mostly reactive to either webservice calls, updates or perhaps outside stimuli. I notice a voice input as one possible input, but how many people use stuff like SIRI etc? I really never see it happening. I'm thinking controlling the glasses would do well from visual cues perhaps from another device, like looking at your phone , tab or pc within certain cross hairs could start a negotiation with that device like a server client model to activate some activity on the glasses or remote device.
+Project Glass hope you have #ifihadglass  up and running before end of May, I'm going back home to Europe for the summer and will not be able to pick up Google Glass from LA. That would be a real bummer. :/
Got Japanese Drumming show I'm performing in coming up. Was hoping I could film a first person perspective since I usually put together a DVD for friends and family afterwards too. That'd be some pretty awesome cuts to throw in. Plus, some EMS duties and the dreaded finals. They're all coming up starting this weekend though. Oh well, I guess there's always next year. 
How about the next step being "Glass could work outside the US" ?? The internet is bigger than your 51 states, you know. Posting something like this without acknowledging the international desire for Glass just reflects terribly on Google's product PR. 

Seriously, just bring it outside the US before other people start making it for themselves.
i have a question. all the pics/videos ive seen of the glass project, the glass frame itself is on the right side.
is there any plan to produce some for the left side since i myself actually have a hearing condition on my right ear.
+Hernan Hernandez The sound is conveyed via a bone conductor device, not a traditional speaker so it might work for you as is.
Sean G
#ifihadglass I'd blow your mind away... Do craziest cool stuff. Mountain biking, hiking, fishing. Working. Job interviews. Running around like crazy doing Prepress & Printing.
Endless ideas. I wouldn't disappoint. Pleeeeze(:  Remember, Google, don't be evil.  It's not your place to retain ownership/control of a device (or what software/firmware it runs) after you have sold it.  If you "license" Google Glass instead of selling it, I will not buy into it.  I will pay a competitor for a similarly featured device instead.  I love almost everything Google, but this is a step in the wrong direction.
Not sure how Google made their selections for explorers, but not a sole I know was selected
Send one to me please. #ifihadglass I'll show you my city ... Melbourne Australia... While sky diving!!
I just can't wait to get myself a pair of these. I have been following this story now for what seems like an eternity!
Bee Sam
can't wait for that.... ^^
+nick miles You probably meant "soul", since I don't think shoes were even invited to apply :-)
Expensiveness but sooo soooo awesome!!!! 
I hope , one day (please this tear!....) I'll get one. Congratulations for having attepted this step.
Sean S
Glass needs a camera that points towards the face for a face to face Google+ hangouts. 
This could be accomplished in several ways.  One way would be to have a bar that pulls out and a camera that can swivel towards the face.
Rahul K
Sell faster!
Awesomest things ever!
google has always been good with the hype and release of beta items..   hell even google plus was a beta invite only and was very popular at the time.   however - i find once google projects leave the beta stage and go public, they lose interest after 6 months. 

i assume the same thing is happening here - nobody can buy these - they're in beta testing mode where they give them out to people and create this gigantic hype... however in a year or so they'll go public and at which point google will completely forget the project in order to push their next beta project. 
Thanks for the heads up.  I started to panic when I saw that people got letters and I didn't get anything.  Can't wait to get my pair, especially after seeing the first recipients start posting!
+John Iat not really, phones, camera, cities security camera, webcams. They all "violates" your privacy. Streetview even has a picture of your house. Cars with dashboard cam. We are in 2013, not in 1900
I'd be satisfied if this was the production model. In fact, I hope it doesn't change much
If there was a UK explorer group I'd be happier. As for a teen explorer group, I can see where the social network addicted would find it useful, but use in colleges and unis would raise even bigger privacy concerns, and the initial price tag is probably more likely to be acceptable to working professionals in general. I want Glass even more than I want an Oculus Rift
Next, here comes the Privacy lawsuits. Like Apple and Samsung it will be Google and the World filing Privacy lawsuits daily. It's coming. It will be exciting watching Eric Schmidt in court. 
+John Iat That is the same tune people were singing when cell phones first got cameras. Somehow society managed to survive that close call.

This is a multifunction device so to say that using Glass "in public is a total violation of privacy" is unfounded scaremongering. You sound less like a Canadian and more like Fox News.
WooHoo! So excited to receive Google Glass! 
Dear Google Team,
I have been following Your project with big interest and I sincerly hope that you're not going to test your Glass just within the U.S. 
In Europe, and also in other continents, the interest in your glasses is incredibly big. 
However, keep your great work up. 
+John Iat just like +Kelly Merrell said, phones are everywhere, in every pocket, everywhere in the metro, bus, train, school, park, boardwalk, and they all have a camera. You are in a restaurant, the table behind you take a picture because they are celebrating a birthday. People need to stop freaking out with that.
ATTN: FELLOW EXPLORERS: I am a filmmaker and a Glass User (I will never call myself Glasshole btw. That I am not.  ;) . Please give me your name so I can add you to my new GLASS EXPLORER CIRCLE  and add me if you are an Explorer if you would like. Or anyone else who wants to follow my Glass Vlogs on You Tube/G+. Also, +Project Glass peeps/marketing team. Can you please coin a phrase far more positive and catchier than the one I am hearing in circles such as, "Glasshole"?? Thanks and looking forward to seeing some of you at the Google office for pick up - unless you would like to fly out to Hawaii to drop off the new Glass.  ;)
lucky people get free glasses :(
+George Yu nope... they all signed up to PAY for them. And not a small amount either! Still wish I was able to get on the list to buy. 
Dear google, couple of things of relevant production which I'm sure you already have on the list.

Battery life.

If your piggy backing off of a mobile device, which, I'm sure it can use the mobile device as a storage dump for data or pull from. However!!! if both devices are draining battery at lightning speed due to bluetooth this will cause me to lose interest very fast.

Please make glass have the ability to be a solo device without needing a crutch.

I want to be able to film about, through out my day, and not worry about draining my other device.

Think of Nike fuel band.... It only transfers data via a quick Bluetooth sync where I can shut down the service after the data transfer and then i can go back to the grind with out draining battery life via connectivity.

This is important to me. Along with being able to use my devices for an entire morning till night average use day.

Thank you for your reading this!!!
And thank you for all your hard work!!!!!

Holding out for cybernetic ocular implants: Google-y Eyes
Oh! Awesomeness ~ Google I'd love to spread about Glass in complete Southern part of India and partially north. I'd market it effectively. I made almost 27 friends buy Nexus 4's. This week ordering two more from UK. I'd love to try one. 
So something that I've been curious about, but has never been clarified in the press releases: I wear prescription eyeglasses; will Glass be compatible with my current eyeware?
Hey - how do I find out if got in the program? I had tweeted using the hash tag #ifihadglass. I still like my idea a lot which is "I would take panorama photos" by turning my head while wearing glass" !
Project Glass is the most existing platform to code for since the iPhone!! Brilliant Team :) 
Will it be possible to develop apps in MonoDroid?
yeah it will be awesome !! Are you guys one the Glass explorers? 
+Sean S
No need to improve Glass, the technology you describe was already invented. It's called a "mirror". :-)
Would love to get one in the UK :)
Patiently waiting..I must check my phone ten plus times a day
I think if I had glass I would be looking to get a heads up rpg style quest log for home and work project. Then my life real life could be just as addictive as WoW! While I'm at it ad gps virtual locations for "quest givers and guilds" meaning recruitment agencies and businesses. When I'm job hunting I might actually enjoy the process :)
Got my LASIK done, and I'm ready to rock and roll with Glass.
can you please make it not cost 50,000 dollars..? 
Oh sweet Glass. I'm gonna have a tech menage a trois when glass and Google cars come out
+John Iat  Yup, really. Phones, like Glass are pointed in the direction of people all the time without their consent. Phones, again like Glass, are used for more than taking photos/video. Please don't try to take my liberties away to satisfy your irrational fears.

"New Phones Raise Privacy Concerns"
Circa 2003:

Google Glass will not make the sky fall. 
If we are to fly out to get our Glass, please announce the dates as soon as possible so I can save on accommodations and make appropriate travel arrangements. Will the TSA freak out about Glass?
I think with any new product comes new challanges. Not being able to ship out of the US is because its American. They don't want china to be making copies of it and selling them to India for dirt cheap prices. +Luiz Gustavo Martins and +Michael Durwin the US is too scared to use technology from outside. You wanna make this an issue of cross border views so be it but don't stop technology enthuiasts from around the world from offering their help. Who knows what the glass project might miss out?
Will H.
Sean S
CNN just had an article about Google not letting people resell their Google Glass.  What they ignored is that this is probably a beta product.  
This is a quote from the article:

Welcome to the New World, one in which companies are retaining control of their products even after consumers purchase them.
After having been notified via the #ifihadglass  contest on Twitter, I've been waiting, waiting, waiting for the announcement of when the glasses would actually be available. The price tag is certainly hefty, but this is a step toward the future. Looking forward to being part of the project.
+Project Glass I would like to suggest a rear view option. This would require a second camera and perhaps a soft-touch button just above the ear to initiate it. (verbal command as well) I think this would add some really cool practicality to glass.  Who knows maybe this is in the works. #ifihadglass  
Yeah, I am.  I don't know when they'll give me the info, but I can't wait to fly down and get started writing an application against it.  This could be some world changing stuff.
The wait is killing me.  I feel like a kid on the night before Christmas.  Can't wait to hear more +Project Glass !!
+Project Glass what are you guys gonna do abt those landing up on ebay, instead of being used by the real enthusiasts!
+kunnal wadhwa seems logical to just tie the api ( for now to a google account) I doubt enough people had the foresight to make a fake account to apply
+James Szczesny It's definitely a revolutionary concept, which probably moved super fast to reach the regular public. I am sure some people have an eye for these kind of gold mines!
+Project Glass : I think the #glassexplorers Terms of Sale for the  8,000 #ifihadglass "winners" should differ from the Terms offered to the 2,000 developers who signed up at last year's Google I/O. Developers are used to such restrictive terms, and they are presumably a potentially profitable business who can easily afford the $1,500 entry fee without a need to resell the Explorer Edition device somewhere down the line.

But we 8,000 #ifihadglass winners are private individuals from all walks of life, and are not (in general) software developers, as businesses were specifically excluded from this competition.  And for some of us, ponying up $1,500 is a big sacrifice, something a well-paid policy-making executive of a high-tech company like Google may have a hard time comprehending.

The idea of forking out $1,500 for a product we don't fully own is as alien to many of us #glassexplorers  as the idea of buying Manhattan for a few trinkets was to the Indians who "sold" it.  

In my case, I was selected as a Glass Explorer because I want to use Google Glass to help other disabled people like myself who have cognitive impairments due brain injuries to use Google Glass as a memory and attention prosthesis.

(Here is my winning entry:

I am disabled and I live on a small fixed income. I will have to save for several months to afford the $1,500 plus airfare to the mainland from Hawai'i to pick them up - about $2,200 total.; I was hoping to sell them as a collectors' item after the commercial product comes out to recoup these monies, which I really cannot afford.

I would like to see Google change the Terms of Sale so that Google Glass Explorer Edition can be resold, gifted, loaned, or transferred once the commercial version of product comes to market. If not, I may not be able to afford to participate on my meager income. Not on my paltry disability pension.  And I was planning to help so many others like me:

"Brain damage from encephalitis forced this productive and creative systems engineer into early retirement. I've long imagined something like glass could effectively compensate for my memory and attention difficulties.  #ifihadglass  I would adapt it to help me and countless others with cognitive differences live useful, happier, more purposeful lives."

Is there a financial aid program to cover the 1500$? We college students don't usually drop that kind of money! (In advance, I know there is not.) Wishful thinking + pawnshop.
+Doug Henderson , I was originally going to do an indie-gogo (like a kickstarter) to get my community to go in on one together.  Now I'm worried that Google would deactivate my glasses if I shared them with others.
Can anyone tell me what language the apps are programmed in so i can start learning i want to help google with the security on the device so i want to make its secure for people to use 
+Chris Marois Thank you  i might start a group to work on apps that improve the security for the google glass
So excited. I cannot wait to get mine! :) Game changer on so many levels!
can anyone give me an email to send to good glass for just saying how amazing these things look and i think they are amazin??!!
I could take them to Afghanistan Google
How can i take this G-glass? I would be the first to use this amazing product in my city... (Catanzaro)
Does anyone want to start a group with me and make security apps for google glass and other cool apps. I need to learn the java language and python but if we form a group of people then we can all learn
Would be absolutely awesome if you could get prescription lenses put into them, I wouldn't want to walk around with 2 pairs of glasses on my face! (Although for this tech I definitely would)
Hi do I know I am still in the explorers program.......I have to crowdfund the glasses .......with an art project....greetings from Amsterdam!!
hello brother in law is a quadriplegic.   we, my family and I, think google glasses could be a great enhancement to the quality of his life!  we believe google glasses hasn't even touched on the fact that they could really help people in his condition!  how can we get a pair of these glasses?  who do i need to talk to, visit, beg, borrow, buy or steal from to get a pair?????   
I hear, that the Google Glasses will be released on end 2013, i will most certainly get it as soon as it's released
+Jonathan Rowland that is already in the works. Also looking at the videos it appears the screen arm is removable and you MIGHT be able to replace the right arm of your glasses with the glass arm. I have not fully read the TOS to see if this kind of hack is allowed however
+Jill Martin I think you are right. Glass and people with mobility issues seems like a perfect match. The production version should be out by year end. The price at that point should also be lower. 
So so excited to have been invited.  Sweet, going to be fun.  :-)
Ok, any estimate on the # of entries for the #ifIhadglass contest?  8000 out of about how many.  Any clues?
would've been more if all the world would've been allowed to apply...
Are they going to be on sale to the public when the glass is ready
Please Have the price lower than $1,500
Hello Google. Will there be extra small sizes for kids. My 14 year old son wants one of these. And will there be any giveaways 
I work at a large wholesale hardware distributor and I would like to take the scanners out of the pickers hands and have them pick by voice location and an image of the item.  We carry over 50,000 items and it would reduce errors.
I want to become a developer please tell me how can i access the Google Mirrior API
Invariably someone trying to buck the system and sell them on eBay - 330909429773 - so surprised this hasn't been taken down yet.
+Cody Engel I entered through Twitter and was contacted through a tweet on March 27 (even though I just saw it yesterday).   I put my #ifIhadglass entry on Twitter on Feb 20 and Glass contacted me on 3/27.   If you haven't heard yet ... you may have to wait for public release.  However, I wish you could get the ones from the lady selling on eBay.  That's upsetting to me for a beta release product.
If you put two together could you make a basic 3d video
I've read that there was an email sent to all explorers on Tuesday. I've received my invite and seen my name on the list, but did not receive an email. I must look at my emails and DM's 50 times a day in anticipation. Any updates?
Hi, i'm Nino. I've been willing to buy an explorer edition google glass but don't know where to start someone please give me the steps please.
+Nino Ferrari-Mathis , they are only doing beta testing for those people they choose. They'll contact you if you get one...if not, wait until they're available to consumers
Good an idea for the glass would be a sleeve or ring to assist in its use as a form of accessibility for the deaf and dumb eg pre select movements or something to make the actions or even to not show oq doing in public good to know if google do not, I'll even run after doing this :) I have a world of ideas missing feature, well fought for reading my publication do not know if here is like or something that helps spread that idea to reach google and get the knowledge algume google please send me an email so I know that I heard by you
Jojo f.
When will provate customers be able to buy this awsome product?
This is the time to change the world. With glass google people can use them all the time. One of the most important, would be to create an interactive social network. Each person has a profile that is going to show other people that you see through glass googles. In this network, you not only give information about the tastes of the people, but also a series of personal values ​​that others have voted for him. For example, you can vote on whether a person is honest (6/10), if it is respectful (8/10), if true (4/10), if worker (3/10). These values ​​are rated by the people who know in their environment, and serves to give us a quick idea of ​​what kind of person he is, looking at it through glass google.
Besides this, I think it can be an excellent opportunity to create a new world currency. As part of the marketing campaign, what if the glass google can only be purchased with a new currency that no one has? What would people do to get that currency to buy the google glass? Can this new currency to create a new global economic system to buy products online, like amazon?
The problem is, your system would be wrought with slander by the unscrupulous.
Very pleased to have been accepted in the #ifihadglass program and to the opportunity to leverage the tech to bring the world of fine press and antiquarian books to a broader audience in more engaging ways. I received my first computer (and Apple ][) at 12 in 1979...I'm not certain I've been this intrigued by a hardware rollout in decades. Can. Not. Wait.
I'm leaving for the Appalachian Trail on July 4. I hope I can get my pair beforehand.
Finally!!! I've been waiting for long since been noticed that I'm one of the 8000...Cn't
Please don't forget us in the UK. When you have a version for us prescription glasses wearers, please consider me becoming one of the retrofit testers ;-)
So this seems to be the only way of contacting anyone on the Glass team. Well I fully intend on buying a couple pairs upon release. But I have a feeling that these won't be out before my wedding in August. I believe an awesome/ real world use for Glass would be the minister's perspective conducting a wedding ceremony. My future wife agree's with me and we don't think there is anything more intimate than seeing two people pronounce their love. Our wedding is in Kingsburg CA and we would love to be able to get a test unit sent out to us for the evening or even better if their is an ordained member of the Glass team we'd be willing to let him wed us. Hopefully the Glass team will take this request into consideration, we'd also be more than willing to let the footage be used for advertisements. If you can infiltrate something as traditional as a wedding and have Glass seem normal then it becomes easier for society to accept. Thank you in advance - John Lane and the future Erica Lane
+John Lane I am an ordained minister in WA, and should be able to afford the $1500 for glass. Let me know if you run into a real dead end.
So, my wife just got her number called yesterday, wah hoo! We get to pick up her Glass this Sunday (thats the first available appointment).  Funny thing is, I got on the pre-order list at the exact same time she did at Google IO, and we are still waiting to hear from Google for me.  The Google person we talked to confirmed that they weren't going in order - but that she had no idea how the order was determined.  Also interesting to note, the bright colors are on back order, but me wife and I just wanted black and white anyway.
so excited i got picked for the #ifihadglass . to bad im gonna have to wait a while but its gonna be worth it
please i will do anything i will even buy my own plane ticket and im only nine
please i will do anything i will even buy my own plane ticket and im only nine
please i will do anything i will even buy my own plane ticket and im only nine
Hopefully there will be a Version of Glass for someone who has to wear Glasses all the time. If there is I can test that since I am near sighted I wouldn't be able to take my glasses off just to use the Google Glass. I just hope the Dev team thought about all of us who wear Glasses.
+Doug Henderson thank you I'll let you know. Are you willing to travel or are you offering to send me a unit to use for the day just looking for clarification. And thank you once again
So, if I have been accepted, but haven't heard anything else, should I be concerned?
+John Lane Travel is not out of the question.  Throw me in a circle and send me a message if you like.
#ifihadglass   I could stop checking my email compulsively every few minutes to see if it's time to go pick them up yet.
so do i. They're too kind aren't they
Do they make recruit more explores in the future?? 
#ifihadglass it would change my world, literally, by giving me words that I cannot hear to my eyes.
Cool glasses. Watch Facebook while walking around or sitting in school, Hhahahahaha, Great idea. Anyway. Its innovative. The Innovation of technologies since 2000 is great. First the touchscreen, the remote controller (Wii), The Lingual steerable Computer, and now this. Great. I wonder what will invented in the next years.
Is there anyway I could get hands on in Asian Countries? When is it going to be available? 
Danny G
So I am assuming that since I've gotten nothing but BS answers about whether there will be a #googleglass for lefties or not, you won't be making for people like myself to use. Such a shame since I've been looking forward to #projectglass since its announcement. Heck all my friends only want it because I won't shut up about it. Now it seems I might never have a chance to have one of my own
Good point.  I'm a lefty and hadn't thought about that.  I wonder if it'll be a problem or if I'll adjust to it over time.
Whatever happened to Beta testing for free? lol
how can i become a beta tester ?????
+Danny G what does being a lefty have to do with using Glass? Can you only use your left hand and left eye? Remember, this is a beta release, non-English speakers, those outside the US, those with prescription glasses etc. will be accommodated with the public release I'm sure. Just be patient.
+Michael Durwin it has to do with what your dominant eye is. I'm a lefty and my left eye is dominant, as it is for most left handed people.
What does dominant mean? One eye is the locator the other measures distance by triangulating with the locator. Which eye "dominates" or locates can change for various reasons which might be the reason baseball players have slumps. What does it have to do with Glass? Just asking . . . 
For sure Google Glass is a the natural next PC improvement. Why? Almost totally  touch-less device. it's a communicator [ old smartphone] and yes a very fast manner to capture - and hopefully in the near future with new Glass Apps- understand our world. Intrusive? Yes. Is the very beginning, because as usual the natural trend of technology is to increase our senses. A clear disrupter. "One More Thing": Yes, Google is little bit ahead of Apple, but need to improve the Apple's magical touch.
Danny G
The fact that you asked me if I am only able to use my left eye/hand is absolutely ridiculous, and just goes to show you have no sympathy for a man/women simply because they are lefties like myself, and not righties like you +Michael Durwin 
Hope that there will be a glass with display also on the left eye since I'm blind on the right eye! Could you please tell me!? Thanks.
Andy B
Same here! My left eye is the better one.
Ditto, no vision in my right eye, but I'm very sure those of us with this issue would be less likely to feel any disorientation from wearing them.
i wear glasses, will i see less of my computer screen
+Danny G Wow...dial back the attention seeking.  They are making ~10,000 of these for beta testing.  When the production version comes out I am sure there will be options.  In addition you can very easily use your right hand.  The eye you use doesnt matter.  Perhaps you should stop trying to make yourself a victim.  You really sound silly.
Pu Du
I really really want one!
I can live without it: Luddite. I'll limit myself to performing for wearers of this new toy.
I wish they would have verified the people who were chosen could afford them before they closed the selection process. Gotta love people begging for money so they can get them. You would think people wouldn't have applied knowing they did not meet the criteria. Some of us that applied did.
I am just bitter because they didn't chose me, I am not gonna lie. Lol
Hi glass team, i am blind in one eye (something i can't really do anything about), does this mean i am totally screwed to use glass at all?
+Jeremy Cocks Glass only requires one eye to use.  If you are blind in your right eye, then the Explorer edition wont work for you, but I would imagine the production version will come in a left eye version.
Danny G
+Chris Marois you need a major chill pill.  Being left handed is not the same as right.  I never said I am victim, nor do I think I am.  What I am is a consumer who asked a very simple question, but a very dick like response from someone it was not wanted from, as well as some other people you answered back as well.  I'm sorry that my questions regarding left handedness seems to offend you in some way, but please know that such a brash response is not needed in our online community of fun loving googlers.
+Danny G you did not ask a question you went on a needless rant about how there not being a version with everything on the left somehow made it unusable for you as a lefty. You then went on to attack someone for asking why you couldn't use your right hand. My wife is left handed and it is not a dibilitating condition. The only person on this board being hostile is you my friend. 
I dont know the full specs but i would think it will be difficult for people with prescription glasses to use these 
+Michael Coakley Several people are using Google Glass over their existing prescription frames. Also, Google has already said it is working on a version that would snap on to existing frames as well as a version that would allow prescription lenses to be added.
+Jeremy Cocks did you attend Google I/O? Are you a #ifihadglass  winner? If not, then you're not going to be able to get Glass for another year. I'm sure that by then the consumer version will accommodate you. The version you're seeing now is a BETA being released only for a small select group of 10,000 people; 2,000 developers and 8,000 explorers.
+Kidong Justin Kim Only some people from Google IO have received theirs. It will take a while to roll out to everyone. Keep an eye out for more information. 
Google is releasing to developers who pre-ordered last year at the I/O event.  These are the developers who received the numbered plates.

The invites for #ifihadglass applicants will come at a later point in time +Kidong Justin Kim 
the google glass is a very special device
About six month ago,i hear googe glass in the internet ,just that,Ihave a carzy idea: Google can do sthing about student If google can give more chance to some diffrent people. They will be very happy. I think #ifihadglass  is not enought.As a student,i think if students have the google glass. they can learn more and know more .
And it can make study more interesting 【I didn't have google glass!!】.ihope that Google can do sthing about student and open #ifihadglass again.I believegoogle can do that 
Danny G
+Chris Marois actually there was a question posted months ago when this thread first started. I actually did get a response from him, and my recent one that you decided to attack me on was a reply to him. I'm not saying that it is debilitating in anyway, nor have I ever. I'm just saying that half asses answer I got (which was just flip them upside down) would not be suitable enough in my mind. Yes I would be able to get used to it, but I would rather use what is my dominant side (left) for this.
I honestly don't see how think I'm claiming to be victim when I'm just trying to be a consumer with an idea, that received a crappy response. Your initial response to me was really not needed, although I respect your input. 
Is there a way, through Project Glass, to connect with a developer or developers who are part of the Explorer Program (since I haven't written code or developed any programs since Cobol & Pascal 25 years ago) to develop ideas for apps?  (& yes, realize I'm ancient).
where is my glass ? waiting in anticipation
Any consideration of pairing glass with a Nexus 7 as a high end phablet offering? That's a project I'd have some energy around.
+Danny G this thread was started 13 days ago. Not months. You have added nothing to this conversation only complaints. This is a beta release. It is not meant for everyone. The details are only slowly leaking out. Did you really expect someone from Google to stop what they are doing just to answer you? No. Dial back the aggression my friend. You are again making yourself look a bit silly. All the details will come out. Just relax and enjoy the show
kinda sucks, i was in hospital during explorers invites this year. this would have been so cool to participate in....
Danny G
+Chris Marois actually I have been speaking with a person from Google since my initial question 2 months ago on will they be making a left eye/handed version, yes I do.  I have been back and forth with a developer from google (not sure if directly linked with projectglass however) about this.  However as I do still see many newer posts about left handed and eye usage, your complaint about my posting seems to be invalid now. 
  As I said before though, your input is very much appreciated.
+Danny G your attitude not your question was what was being discussed. As Google employees are under very strick NDA's there is very little chance any of your claims are true. If you read any of my countless posts about this I have said many time that a left hand version is probable when the production version comes out. You really need to work on you communication skills. You have really sounded silly in all your rants. 
I realized, its gonna be awkward using your right eye looking at that tiny screen and the other focusing to walk? Why don't you guys make the lens of the eyeglass the screen itself? So you can walk while you look at the screen at the same time.
I got chosen to be an explorer, but I haven't heard anything since- should I have?
+Max Kaplan Not yet.  They are just getting them out to the developers that bought them at last years Google IO.  You will get a message with all the details once they move on to the Explorers. 
Danny G
+Chris Marois you can believe whatever you would like. I'm going to go and enjoy the conversation with the developer I'm having. Enjoy yourself and the rest of this thread sir. 
I'm thinking your Explorer program would be best served by giving this technology to artists, not engineers. But you knew that already right?
Hey Google I was wondering If you could lend us a pair of glass in France as we will have a big meetup with developer, designer and thinker to understand the potential of your new interface ? That will be the 23rd of May.
If any Google Glass Explorer comes at this date in Paris I would be glad to welcome him with all due respect. 
If any Google Glass Explorer is available around 8 o'clock (Paris time) for an hangout with its glass, it would be also great !!! 

Keen to hear from you all guys ! 

Any idea when the #ifihadglass  winners will be contacted about getting glass? It's been over a month since I was notified I was selected. Just trying to plan a head. Any news would be great. Thanks!
+Diana de Avila I was contacted by Project Glass on March 27th about being selected. My question had nothing to do with being contacted about being selected.
Wondering if Google Glass thought to put sensors in the nose pads and pad arms ? something like tapping the users nose or twitching side to side with a finger.
I don't guess we could get a page/update on estimated availability dates for glass explorers?  We know who won, but we have no idea when we can take part.
I'm graduating on May 18 and would love to wear my Google glass to my graduations--I know it would be great exposure for Google and for our school. And I'm even speaking at one of the commencements so it would really be great if I had it then. Is it possible, Google?
All i have to say is, That if I had my Google glass, You guys wouldn't regraded it. 
+Project Glass there are soo many Google I/O explorers that STILL havent gotten their email yet. Please help us out! We are very excited but starting to get frustrated 
+Project Glass I'm an Explorer and going to IO 2013. I would love to take my Glass to the event but so far, no dice. It would be great to know what's the story on people in my situation. Are we going to receive our Glass at IO? Will we be able to receive it prior to IO? Thanks in advance.
+John Coryat in the future give us a little more information.

Currently there are two types of Explorers. Those that got in at I/O 2012 and those that got in with the #ifihadglass  contest.

If you are got in at I/O 2012 then those emails have started going out. As far as I know not everyone has gotten those yet, but rest assured if you got in at I/O 2012 you should be hearing something in the not-so-distant future. I have no clue when that will be though..

If you got in with the Twitter & Google+ contest then don't expect to hear anything until most of the I/O 2012 Explorers have received theirs or at the very least have received their emails. We are a lesser priority, and since we've been waiting much less to get them; it's understandable.

Be patient. It's killing us just as much as it's killing you having to wait.

I hope I answered your question.
+Tam Ayers no but I've been a part of this community enough I feel like I can answer the majority of the questions with confidence.

The only time where this wouldn't be true is if something JUST happened and I haven't heard about it yet.
+Cody Engel awesome thanks! I am Google I/O 2012 Glass Explorer and I still have not received my email. Hopefully it will come soon.
+Cody Engel I'm a IO 2012 explorer and going to IO 2013 (I/ON). Does that clarify things?
Hello Glass team. I just saw the ''instruction video'' on how to use the google glass. One thing that's really irritating me is that the upcoming events are to the left, for me it's like reading backwards because here in Sweden and most of the other countries we read to the right so it feels logical that the upcoming events should be to the right. The same thing applies to the swiping back and forth. If I want to see the upcoming events then I have to swipe backwards which doesn't seem very intuitive. I would be happy to hear why you chose to do it your way, and also you should set up a website for feedback from non-testers. 
Yes,I agree with you . sometimes i think right eye see a thing is some
uncomfortable, I also hope that Google could improve
I'am sorry about that,you know i think if the glass can very
I'm sorry. Excuse me
I'm sorry abot that. excuse me
Exciting!  I saw a few people down in Austin/SXSW wearing the glasses! 
wow! That was so cool!
yes,I can't wait too

The software is nice, I can imagine it in the windshields of cars.
Glad you haven't forgotten us...we are all clearly VERY excited!
Thanks very much . I'd love to help you

Thank you ,I will be enjoy your project
Ok,I will join your
and what about left eye, please! Its not just a matter of eye's dominance but also hearing! Defects of the right eye or right ear? = The probability rises.
Thank you for understanding
+Roman Kasal there are no headphones, its bone induction audio. Plus, please stop complaining about a beta version of a product you haven't even tried.
+Project Glass Is there any version that is waterproof/mudproof? I know that whenever this is released, I shall be getting one. But I know for a fact that I'll want to wear this when I go on obstacle races such as the Spartan Race or Tough Mudder.
+Roman Kasal its not a hearing aid. I doubt Google is able to accommodate every single possible user with the BETA model of their device. How compatible are off-the-shelf headphones for someone with a defective ear?
who can sell me one?I will give your 2500$
+Michael Durwin so you would immediately deny a production of left eyed Google Glass? is it really a big problem to produce left eyed Glasses to accomplish 10 % of population? :)
I think that is ok if you really use that

发自我的 iPhone
Luka S
Didn't they said that installing apps wont be allowed? 
+Roman Kasal I think you missed the point; this is a BETA release, not a final consumer release. While most companies would NOT modify a product to accommodate 10% of the population, I'm pretty sure Google will. But they're not going to do it for 10% of the .01% that were accepted into the beta program, the cost would be hugely prohibitive.
+Michael Durwin I think you missed the point that we just expressed our wish for the final release :-) 
Great first step with the  project at CERN.
+John Iat if you can tell when a phone is pointed at you I'm sure you can tell when someone is staring at you with weird glasses whose little red light turns on when they say "Okay Glass, record a video".
I don't know why the paranoid schizophrenics are coming out of the closet over this device since there are camera on almost every corner, in every retail and commercial establishment, toll booth, public space and there are more cameras in consumer hands than there are people on the planet.
Congratulations Google and the glass team.
Send me one please .... Its no less than a revolution .. I don't want to be left behind in this revolution. . Give me one .. pleaseeeeee
My birthday is tomorrow, could you please send me one as a birthday gift??? I would be soo happy!!!
How can I get the glass if I signed up for it late and have got no emails about it when I told it to contact me? I really want it and I think it looks really cool! #ifihadglass I would be one of the happiest people alive! Could you please help with that??

+Michael Durwin which is when???
+Elie Katz well, considering those that WERE accepted and notified as Explorers haven't gotten their Glass yet, it's going to be a while. Google says late 2013 and "about a year from now".
Has anyone on this list who was chosen via #ifihadglass  gotten theirs yet? I was chosen, but have since not heard a peep from Google about when I might receive mine. Anyone have any information?
+Lona Dallessandro I have not either. And I really do want my pair considering I was picked. they said they would message me and still have not
+Lona Dallessandro +Mandi Hobbs I have not. I have seen a few people that I don't think attended I/O and are not developers, sporting them. So, I think they're trickling out to a few. I know that Google really jammed to get the 2,000 out for developers, now they've got to kick out 8,000 more.
I'm very excited to be part of the #ifihadglass , I can't wait to start showing the world how amazing the possibilities are!
Thanks Michael for the reply. It would be great if the Google team could explain the process in more detail - like how many go out in a shipment and how often the shipments go out (like 1x per week, 2 x per week?). I am fine being patient, but I am starting to get concerned that they can't find me or something.
+Lona Dallessandro I know how you feel I thought I was going to have to come up with my $1500 right when they messaged and I panicked. Now I am simply like okay im good lol
+Lona Dallessandro I agree and disagree. I think we could all go crazy with details because at the end of the day all we'd be doing is crunching numbers and picking through text to figure out when we'll get ours, which you'll never know until you get the invitation. I hear you though, I have a script waiting to be filmed and have been keeping my investors, cast and crew at bay with "What can I tell you, we can't start production until I get a Tweet from Google". Not very reassuring to any of them, I can assure you!
+Michael Durwin I would be happy to go crazy with details because at least we'd know something. In ten days I leave to join my wife on the cruise ship she's been working on for the last 6 months for a two week cruise to Barcelona. From there, we'll be spending two weeks in various places in Europe. I'd sure love to know if I will be able to share our adventure with family and friends back home or not. And it would suck to not. My mom just lost her husband to cancer in December and I'd love to take her with us via Glass when we visit the Louvre. Sure, life wouldn't end if I didn't get my Glass in time, but not knowing whether I'll be able to do this for my mom is making it harder. Come on, everyone knows that: "Knowing is half the battle!"
+Lona Dallessandro I am awaiting my response too, and am extremely excited! I am just happy I got picked, and am waiting for that faithful day I see the message from them!
I got my invite a while ago, but since then no I missing something? Have any of you received any other email, note etc. bedside the original notification? #ifihadglass   #projectglass  Please advice? 
I signed up at I/O 12 and still haven't been able to get my hands on one. What's going on?
+Chris Kelly did you get a very high number? I'd be freaking out if I were you. Is there no person you can email for a status update? Or contact info that came with your numbered block?
+pete nicholls No, I actually had a really low one.  I got the email from them stating that they'd be rolling out devices and to stay tuned, but never got an actual email where I could buy one.  Doesn't surprise me considering Google's track record with these kinds of things.
So I am curious about how they will contact us via email if they have never asked for the email - if they are only going to use Twitter?
Funny enough, after complaining today, I just got the email and ordered my Google Glass!  Now I just have to hope that I'll get it before I fly off for Google I/O on Tuesday.
Congratulations, +Chris Kelly! I'm glad they got in touch with you so you could order yours! I hope they're as quick with me since I've been trying to reach them from Twitter and G+ now and they haven't replied to any of my questions.

+Lona Dallessandro if you were one of the #GlassExplorers notified that you were selected as a GE on Twitter, then, they'll DM you on Twitter with more info. My understanding is that they will DM us with a phone number to call to make an appointment to come in and pick up our Glass. Make sure to follow @ProjectGlass so they can DM you. Man, I hope they contact us soon. I'm leaving town in 8 days... >_<
I received a nice note back yesterday...  Those of you still waiting, I hope this helps you too!

Project Glass12:51 PM - Reply
Don't worry +Dan Parks, we haven't sent the private messages yet. Stay tuned!
Any solution for long usage of Glass? How about the eye accommodation? Do Google study on this issue or have any equipment to check the accommodation micro fluctuation of eye? 
I want to be a google glass beta tester in Spain.How can I achieve it?

My Glass device will finally be in my hands this week!  I can't wait!! :)  I get more and more excited with every passing day.
+Lona Dallessandro you're welcome! Wow--Alaska! That sounds like a great place to test out Glass. I hope we all have Glass before then! Have a great trip regardless. I hope there is still some snow left when you get there! ;) I'm visiting Venice in June and am hoping that there will still be land there >_<

+Nick Gifford are you a dev who preordered at Google IO last year? Or someone who was selected to be one of the #GlassExplorers by Google? If you're the latter, you're the first person I've heard of who has gotten word that they'll be getting their Glass. Regardless, congratulations!! I am sooo jealous (and I'm sure I'm not the only one). 
+pete nicholls I signed up at I/O last year.  In all fairness, I wouldn't classify myself as a developer (yet), more a would-be developer.  However, I see Glass as an amazing opportunity to continue to learn and hopefully one day actually create something useful with.
+Project Glass Still no word from you guys if it would be possible to get a glass unit to record and stream my wedding from my minister to do an on air hangout the day of my wedding. I think it would be an awesome real world example of how glass can bring people together who can't be somewhere
Order mine last year at I/O, still haven't got my invite though, hopefully it comes through soon. 
+Nick Gifford ah, ok. Well, from G's perspective, you are a dev. And if you haven't gotten your invite yet, I suspect those of us that were selected have a good while longer to wait. This is good to know but frustrating, too. I actually heard a rumor that we non-devs were going to start to get our invites this week. Ah well... it would have been great to have it for my big, month-long trip I leave for next week. SIGH!!! 
I was selected the month before last, just barely.  March 30, according to the date on the tweet. Waiting is such sweet sorrow!!!  No, wait, that's "parting".  Ah well. I just wish they'd let us come in already.  
I work at the University of Barcelona (Spain). We would like to have google glass to develop utilities for research, especially in neurology and psychology. Is this possible?

thank you very much
I received a notification that I was accepted as an Explorer, but I haven't heard any more. Is there any way to find out my status?
+pete nicholls I did receive my invite, which was why I posted here to begin with.  Tracking number says it will be delivered by 10:30am this morning.  This is going to be a long day waiting to get home to it.......  Anyway, hopefully they get them all out soon.  I'll keep my fingers crossed for you! :)
Have any of the #ifihadglass  winners receive their Glass yet?  I received my invite on the first day, but haven't heard anything since.
+Nick Gifford awesome! I hope you have it by now! Thanks for the finger-crossing. Maybe we'll start getting DMs soon since, isn't GIO2013 starting on the 15th?
When we can start develop for it. Give us emulator,sdk and documentation
Omg!!! I need to get my hand on one and also be involved in this evolution some how! Google, i'm coming going to stop by tomorrow to see how I can get involved! 
yo probaría los lentes solo si hubiera la posibilidad de quedarmelos y nada mas
+Project Glass Any updates on the progress of getting glass out to the I/O 2012 explorers? I'm making a trip to California next month and it would be great to pick them up in person instead of having them shipped to the Midwest.
Waiting...patiently...but anxiously...LoL
Heading to California right now for a funeral. Any chance of picking up my glasses on Friday before I come home?
Google Glass, Google Glass, where for art thou Google Glass?  UGH!!!  
Trying so hard to be patient, but it's like a Christmas present that just never comes!  LOL!
Takes too long. No one cares about the Explorer stuff. I don't want to answer what "if I had glass" if I don't have it or don't see having it in the near future. Start selling it already or the iWatch / iGlass will beat you guys to it. (a.k.a. I WANT ONE NOW)
why do you want one "NOW"? That is the problem with our society!  We all have this self-centered, I WANT IT NOW attitude.  Buying yet  another "MUST-HAVE" gadget is not going to give you happiness or personal enrichment my friends
It is not a must-have, but if they want to sell it to me, they'd better sell it soon, before other fancy gadgets come out and beat them to it. Glass has been teasing for too long and not actually selling. I totally agree that the latest gadgets don't mean fulfilment or happiness - each of them is just another disposable toy which you will ditch in a year's time or less. And that's exactly why time is money in the world of gadgets - they have been dragging this on for way too long, especially in today's market.
So were cool, right? We're [almost] on the same page.

I'm sitting on a panel about glass tomorrow at UCF. Wish I got my GLASS invite yesterday :-( #ifihadglass  
I am going to put this contraption to the test...AND they better look good on me while doing it.
Is there still an opportunity to get hold of a pair of these for development purposes? got a very interesting accessibility project that would benefit Google Glass greatly......if only i could get my hands on a pair! :-)
Who do you write to if you think you a some brilliant ideals for the Google Glasses team?
I am just now checking my Google + and received this after posting my #ifihadglass post.

Hi Kilane, thanks for applying! We’d like to invite you to join our #glassexplorers program. We’ll be sending you a private message with more details in the coming weeks -- keep an eye on our stream at Project Glass.

Did this mean I was invited? Or was this sent to everyone? Please respond, I am having a mild panic attack at work. :(
Talking about bumps in the road,  I intend in the  future to buy Google Glasses, and I hope that by then you will make them available for the left eye as well. The problem is that I have a left leading eye problem (I don't have a stereoscopic vision). In these conditions, The present right eye configuration of Glass, would be totally unusable by someone with my problem. I hope that in the future, there will be a left eye configuration for those amazing Google Glasses.   :)
I love and wantttt my glasses!!!!!...  i have a strong use-case for testing, rare miopia and astigmatism each of them in different eye.. not surgical solution and no over certain age...someone tell me, that it was so weird and army investigated it years ago :)  anyway... how it works???should i select google earth, or a gps solution to find my way??? :D
 I'm so happy with this design... congratulations all techniques and contributors........i love your glasses... send me one!
Aloha, +Project Glass: It's been eight weeks since some 8,000 of us who entered the #ifihadglass  competition were told we had been selected as #glassexplorers  .  Since then, we've excitedly told our friends, families, and colleagues, who are now chiding us on a daily basis: "I thought you said you were one of the people selected to get  #googleglass . I keep seeing them on TV and all over the internet.  When are you getting yours?", and we don't have an answer.

It's getting #embarassing   and #humiliating  being asked nearly every day and not having an answer. It would be nice if we had something more definitive to tell them other than "Google is being really #lame  and not telling us anything.", even if its only a tentative roadmap.
Another two weeks have passed and I have heard nothing. I am starting to worry this isn't going to happen!
I hear you, +Sherry Crofut . It would be really nice if the  team  were a bit more communicative with us about their rollout schedule plan, as they must have one, even it is tentative and malleable.  We have all been told that we have been selected as #glassexplorers    because they believe each of our #ifihadglass  proposals represents a significant contribution to this effort, but it sure doesn't feel that way anymore, being kept in the dark like this, does it?
They're rolling out invites in waves. It will take a little bit, just be patient. A couple of friends of mine here in Florida have already gotten their invites. Remember... there are 8,000 of us! They're being VERY communicative on Twitter - even answering the same questions several times a day.
And my invite rolled in tonight! I am so excited! Now to work out the details!
Jealous +Sherry Crofut!  I got accepted a few months back, and am still waiting on the final invite so that I can finally get my Glass!  Want to start developing!
I'm still waiting,was accepted a few months ago and haven't heard anything in at least 2 months.  I wish I had more information. The wait is killing me. :(
i was also accepted and got sooooo excited... but no news yet. Plz plz lemme know how i can get one >_<  I have planned the it in my budget fo such a long time ^_^ 
Hopefully, you all will hear soon. I will have mine on the 19th! I can't wait!
So, I paid for glass but when I scheduled my pick-up, the location defaulted to Mountain View. Any idea how to change this? I will be picking my Glass up in NYC. I tried rescheduling my appointment but the website won't let me change the location. When I call the 800 number it says my unique code isn't in their records. Any ideas? 
+pete nicholls Mountain View was the first choice but once you click on New York, it changes. Are you using the correct unique code? It's at the bottom of the page by the 800#.
+Jen Vargas I never saw any other choice but Mountain View and didn't even notice that until it was too late. And I checked/tried my unique code several times over. So, do you think if my unique code suddenly starts working I will be able to change my pick-up location?
Still haven't received my invitation yet (I was notified that I was accepted however).  Just want to verify that I wasn't somehow skipped over...
Yeah same with me....  I was notified too... hope I dont get missed either
I was notified, too, and I just received my invitation.  It's to buy them at the wonderful price of $1635.00 and you can only pick them up in New York or Los Angeles, California because they are specifically fitted to you, you have 30 days after you pay for them to pick them up.  I assumed we were testing these projects as normal hard working people that weren't part of a bigger corporation to see how glass will enhance our lives.  I was wrong, obviously.  No thanks, glass, I will buy when the prices go down and you have competition.  I'm already turned off by your misleading invitations and fake hype about testing them in the hard working, blue collar wage earning sector.
I'm not sure where your confusion happened, Anne. I read everything on the
website before I applied and knew about the price and travel. I had to
factor that in before I applied. My only surprise so far is knowing when I
go to Mountain View next week, I will only be spending 30 - 45 minutes with
my Glass Guide. That doesn't seem like much time, but I am anxious for
Wednesday to get here!
I just saw a documentary on people who had to deal with severe memory-loss due to brain damage (encephalitis, accidents,...) Google glass could radically improve these peoples lives. Giving real time info on peoples names, to do lists, instructions,... Really hope you will focus on developing apps like these, this could make Google Glass as indispensable as hearing aids, wheelchairs,...