It’s been a bit more than a year since we announced Project Glass to the world. Since then, we’ve been working hard on our Explorer Editions and we’re seeing the first ones come off the production line. Yesterday was the first day that Explorers got to take Glass out into the real world. We’ve been waiting for this day for a long time, and it’s been both thrilling and surreal to watch it happen.

We’re currently notifying our Explorers who signed up at Google I/O 2012, and they’ll be receiving Glass in waves in the coming weeks. We’ve also accepted people who told us what they would do #ifihadglass, and we’ll start reaching out to them later on. If you are one of our Explorers: this process will take some time, so hang in there and thanks in advance for your patience.

We know there will be bumps in the road, and changes to make, but we’re excited by the ways our Explorers want to use this first version of Glass.

Here's to the next step.
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