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+Jamie Oliver got his hands on Glass. He also got them on a cutting board and some greens to make a video "just for you." Kick off this summer right with his quick and easy salad recipe. 
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Very cool. It seems like it takes a bit of practice to get the angles right, but once you do, it seems like an excellent way to teach people to cook and do other things.
That's a bit shit really. He doesn't even know they are called Glass and the video and positioning is off and often not showing what he is looking at but more just above what he is looking at. Over all not sure if I am more unimpressed with +Jamie Oliver or the video quality. Worst explorer video yet
Just the idea that Jamie Oliver used Glass for any reason is good publicity for Google.
Matt oh god no! Someone who isn't a complete and utter nerd dared to touch a pair of g glass!
This is why it is extremely rare to have a movie photographed in first person.

Nobody wants to watch first person video. It is just not interesting the second time you see it.
Sir I Always Need And Take Some Image Or Video For I Make New Video Please Allow Me Sir .
Stop hating on the guy.. For a complete novice I was pretty impressed with Jamie Oliver and I can see Google Glass definitely working better as a means of producing potential tutorial video for a whole host of things. 
yay \o/  he has managed to find a way to make himself look like an even bigger fat tongued mockney cunt
The new angle (adding salt) looks great & love that knife. Yum!
offers another perspective to add to the video. Might have been better if he was watching a video on glass, or seeing a recipe and then recreating it live. salad looked great :)
2 parts Oil, 1/6 part Vinegar, 1/6 part Water, and 1/6 part Ginger.
Google Glass and Jamie Oliver what a team!
+Jamie Oliver you can't wear the shades when doing these, hides your eyes. No matter what you do they will look geeky, you just have to live with it ;-)