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We’re not done with #glassupdates just yet. Here are a few more Glassware that are now live on MyGlass.

Wall Street Journal
Read and listen to the news you need and the Journal stories you love, with live updates on Breaking News, Politics, Technology, Business and more.

Weather Alert
Weather Alert keeps you informed about approaching severe weather by sending you real time alerts right to your Glass. From air quality to tornado warnings, you can choose from over 120 alerts to customize which alerts you receive. 

Winkfeed - no, not the same Wink from yesterday - lets you stay up to date with the topics you love from your favorite news sites and RSS feeds. Select your feeds and Winkfeed will deliver your news directly to your Glass allow you to easily tap and save to Pocket. 

And as you saw in yesterday’s announcement, you can also now use Hangouts and Upload to YouTube:

Upload to YouTube
Share the videos you record through Glass on YouTube. You can choose to upload the videos as Public, Private or Unlisted.

Hangouts lets you send and receive messages and photos and make video calls - including your oft-requested group message feature.

Let’s raise a glass to even more Glassware in 2014.
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Can you do a live Hangout (on Air) through Glass?
Tim Tom
If I have a contact in +Google Glass can I select whether my message is sent via SMS or hangouts?
Que buena noticia. Espero que estas gafas sean más baratas en el futuro.  
+Charles Gaines  +Tim Tom SMS is sent differently than a Hangouts IM message. You can initiate an SMS by selecting that contact when you say "Ok Glass, send a message to...", or initiate a Hangout IM conversation by doing the same but selecting the contact with a Hangouts icon.
Awesome +Sean Payne , thanks for the info. I've been wondering about that; not a Glass owner yet, but...y'know...will be.
Estarán permitidas en el cine conciertos y demás. ..?

+Michael Aguilar The invites aren't hard to get, I have 3 I haven't given out yet. Anyone who is interested can contact me.
+Shaker Cherukuri
You have to either say "Ok Glass, send message to..." and select a contact that you have set the email to (that also uses Hangouts), or Send a picture/video in a similar fashion. If you get replies via Hangouts, it will appear on your timeline and you can reply.
Also, make sure the Hangouts Glassware is enabled.
My Glass hasn't updated to XE12 yet... I imagine it'll decide to do it eventually. Or is there anything in particular I need to do to get it to update?
+Michael D. Es exáctamente lo mismo que llevar el móvil al cine, conciertos y demás. En verdad se ha levantado mucha discusión sinsentido porque según dicen "con las gafas te pueden grabar sin que te enteres" cuando eso es algo que lleva pasando años con los móviles y nunca ha habido ningún problema con eso. Los que digan lo contrario es ganas de llamar la atención.
+Sean Payne thanks! Now the trick will be getting it to connect directly to WiFi. My Glass hasn't wanted to register the WiFi. Go figure.
Oh man, now I want podcast support for Glass. PocketCasts or BeyondPod maybe?
Glassware is for the workplace - industry and soldiering for example.
Oh the things that I could do with Glass. Having network/learning capabilities 24 hours day would leave very little time to do nothing. I could revolutionize the medical industry, and many others. I might actually be able to price my time vs activity on a joules per second useage formula, and eat appropreatly.
The 3 people I recently invited received their invites one week after I submitted their emails.
Want it. Make a christmas wish. 
make it look like a scouter from DBZ with a thermal and Night vision cam   i want 1 
+Andres Reano Thanks for being a fan! Right now we're US only, but we hope to expand in the future. 
+Google Glass well I'm in the USA so that's great to hear anyways; also awaiting my glass invite I'd like to know. Is the glass developer friendly? I've got quite a few geeky projects.
Tim Tom
+Sean Payne have you used glass with the new XE12 update? Contact method is prioritized by hangouts, sms, email. If a contact has a hangouts account then there is no option, as far as I'm aware, to contact by sms or email.
I have three that expire in about three days. I will hold one for you.
+Bala Krishnamurthy sorry my invites were all given away. I did see two or three other people with invites available. I'm not sure if it was this post or a different one. I would browse the last four or five posts from Google Glass. Hope this helps.
First person to respond back to me will get my last invite for Google Glass! :) I figured I would give this opportunity to some random person that would enjoy these as much as I have. You must be able to pay the full price for them, don't just take my invite and not use it. Also, you must be a US resident. Be serious about this! So who wants it? :D
Adam, I'm in! I'm a educator, tech integrationist, and curriculum coordinator. I want to explore the millions of educational possibilities Glass carries. 
+Adam Browning If there's any chance you still have an invite left I'd love it. I'm a social media professor/researcher at University of Akron and just got some $ to spend on new tech for our Social Media Learning Lab. Seems like +Google Glass would be a great way to make use of those extra funds.
I would like to try glass with my contact Lenes
I own a cell phone repair place and I'm in school for software and I cant wait to get my hands on one of these. I already have a myriad of concepts floating in front of my eyes.
i'm with you my good man , i have a bunch of ideas that i want to assimilate so i can prove they are true ! especially in housing
dac dac
Need to embedd UN people and journalists in humanitarian arenas with Google Glass.
Anything new since this last update? (still waiting on my tax refund to get my order in... Can't wait!) 
Loui S
I can see a reason for face recognition. Public figures. Who is that actor ? Politition etc.
I really would love facial recognition, as I have a hard time with names but remember faces, it would be most awesome for glass to tell me who I am talking with. :)