We’re not done with #glassupdates just yet. Here are a few more Glassware that are now live on MyGlass.

Wall Street Journal
Read and listen to the news you need and the Journal stories you love, with live updates on Breaking News, Politics, Technology, Business and more.

Weather Alert
Weather Alert keeps you informed about approaching severe weather by sending you real time alerts right to your Glass. From air quality to tornado warnings, you can choose from over 120 alerts to customize which alerts you receive. 

Winkfeed - no, not the same Wink from yesterday - lets you stay up to date with the topics you love from your favorite news sites and RSS feeds. Select your feeds and Winkfeed will deliver your news directly to your Glass allow you to easily tap and save to Pocket. 

And as you saw in yesterday’s announcement, you can also now use Hangouts and Upload to YouTube:

Upload to YouTube
Share the videos you record through Glass on YouTube. You can choose to upload the videos as Public, Private or Unlisted.

Hangouts lets you send and receive messages and photos and make video calls - including your oft-requested group message feature.

Let’s raise a glass to even more Glassware in 2014.
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