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Last week we told you we'd be trying out new ways to find Explorers. Well, we weren’t kidding. We learned a lot when we opened our site a few weeks ago, so we’ve decided to move to a more open beta. We’re still in the Explorer Program while we continue to improve our hardware and software, but starting today anyone in the US can buy the Glass Explorer Edition, as long as we have it on hand:

We’re ready to keep meeting new Explorers, and we can’t wait to hear all your experiences and feedback to continue to make Glass even better, ahead of our wider consumer release.
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The best way would be lowering the price...
+Google Glass Do you still have to be 18 years old? Does this mean I can finally be the "official" Explorer?
As soon as the price for Glass drops to something I can afford, I will be finding a way to buy one. Right now, it's still way out of my price range. Unless I do a crowdfunding campaign or something, lol.
On the form there is an option to select another country aside from the States, what purpose does that serve? Is it a "notify me when we become available near you" thing?
I am looking for a different type of glass, for a different application. When will that be offered?
Jul ian
You guys from Google hate Europe. Aren't you? 😕
Yay! Welcome new explorers!
Even as a public beta, I still don't regret returning my Glass a few months ago.  Still not good enough to justify the $1500 price tag.  Hopefully this move will take Glass in the direction of a true public release and a more realistic price. 
You definitely have to be in the "explorer" mindset to appreciate Glass.
Now let's make it for normal people not the rich
BOO! Make it available for the UK users!
what about Dominican Republic?
Come on guys, for a country that routinely thinks Australia is a part of Europe, what realistic change to you think you've got to get your greasy paws on a set outside of 'Merika pre-market saturation?
Desperate move. DOA before arrival 
+Ron Patterson not all new technology that comes out is priced at the lowest possible price. You should look back at cutting edge technology of the last ~10 years and see what the price tags were. First plasma tv? 10,000 USD Now? Less than 500 USD. So let's be reasonable here, the price of a product is mostly related to the time it's been available. +Google Glass will bring the price down eventually don't turn this into a 99 percent'er issue please. 
This is awesome news! This going to make our D.C. Glass event very interesting on May 22! ;)
+Jeremy Lorino Good points.  To the rest of you complaining about the price, you're conveniently forgetting - like most who complain about it do - that this is NOT the consumer version.  It's not a consumer product.  It's not priced competitively, or for a market, because it's not ON THE MARKET.  Anyone who thinks of Google Glass in its current iteration as a consumer product has a rude awakening coming (if they bother to pay attention, that is) -- and this goes for both the people that join the Explorer Program, and for those that just sit around and speculate about something they've no real knowledge of, experience with, or even any real sense about what the Explorer Program itself is about.
+Drew Rushmer I'm not complaining because I like to complain. I am pointing out that lowering it would be hands down the greatest way to actually expand the people who would get google glass.
+Google Glass And when will you allow some exploring to be done by those of us in other countries? Seems daft that explorers can head out of the US to use Glass but those elsewhere, whose lives and countries they are filming, are not allowed access. For a device that is about seeing, the release and application seems to take a very narrow, even blinkered, view.
Please address the majority of the bugs in the tracker. Many have been unaddressed for numerous months. Please pay special attention to bugs that are blocking development on Glass. 
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and again the world consists only of the usa :(
come on open the program to other nations, or you'll have a product that revolves majorly around voice activation that only works in 3-4 countries
If a non-US citizen comes to one of the 3 Glass Basecamp with $1500 + tx in cash, can he buy Glass? Does he need a US address? Does he need a US credit card?
This is quite a gamble. I don't think you will find many current Explorers who think the device is ready for broader public consumption in its current state. It is quite buggy. More testers is always good but the message that we're still in a testing phase has been lost in the chorus of "Huzzah! Public launch!"
+Planet .EarthSphere   That's how much the hardware pieces alone cost to manufacture.... It does not pay for Research, Development, Software, Integration, Prototype Manufacturing, Staff, Packaging, Marketing... or Profit... and whether we like it or not, Profit is the reason to innovate.  Plus, as I said above, I'm hoping someone can tell me that there are real, tangible incentives to be in the explorer program that no one has told me about yet.   
I'd like to get one, but I will leave the US for a 2-month trip on May 22nd. 

If I place the order today, can I get it before May 22nd?

Please answer if possible. Thank you! +Google Glass 
Personally I think its a marking ploy. The first set of explores if I remember right was 1500 people at $1500 a pop came out to $2,250,000. Then it was expanded. last time I check it was around 24,000 explore was the only numbers on units sold which comes out to $36,000,000. That's a good Chuck of change for testing. 
$1500 still??   you cant tell me that it is still costing you that much to make these,  You need to make this just a tad bit more attainable... C'mon guys. 
+Ron Patterson
Exactly.  To those who refute the comments about the cost of manufacturing:  Google has more than enough money for R&D, software, manufacturing, etc...even that $36 mil figure is a drop in the bucket to El Goog.

Using regular consumers to beta test your product already reduces those costs by a ton.  As I've said before, charging someone to beta test something, is not a true beta test.  If you wanted a true beta test, then Google should have handed out a few hundred/thousand units to REALISTIC testers and get the feedback that way.

I still hold hope for a consumer version that is not outrageously priced and also hold hope that Google will take care of their current Explorers in the program.  After all, those people shelled out good money to test their product, they should be rewarded at the end of the program.
Kias H
Now Dora can be an explorer!
In the last few years its been really disheartening to see one after another Google Service or Product launch or test to US audiences only. 
Here's a top tip for anyone living & working in Mountain View.
The US is not 'everyone' -.-
And not everyone has $1500 to dispose. Lower the price damn it!
As Canadian that lives 30min across the border, it sadens me to see I can not even try to order it to ship to a US address so I can go pick it up..... We would love to try to develop software around Glass for medical purposes. As long as the app/usage is practical and have the wow factor, doctors are willing to spend the $!
Hi, I work for a university in Canada and we would love to have a look at Google Glass in our many different areas from Health Sciences to Engineering. We are also a Google Apps for Education University and would love to be able to purchase Glass. Please contact me....
Let's play Pawn stars, +Google Glass. My expert just appraised your glasses at $80 for the parts. Now I know there's more too it like R&D costs, developing the software, etc and you have to make money on it so I can offer you $350 for it, deal? I'll be holding my breath waiting for you PM with a payment link! Thanks!
+Tyler Andrews I hope your not stupid, but the reason may just be that not everyone lives in the US of A 
+Peter Banks I know. I'm Canadian. I was asking the nice +Google Glass people what would happen if I signed up with another country since it isn't sold in any other country. And no, I am not stupid, thanks for asking.
How about Finland?? I've been a part of the Explorer program since it started. When I get mine?
Personally I can't justify the price BUT Google can price it wherever they want.  They can also sell it wherever they want.  I would love to have a Lexus but I can't afford one.  I don't expect Lexus to lower their price for me.  Google is a US-based company so I don't see what is wrong with selling a product only in their home country.
Sorry, +Steve RAFFNER , but you're wrong, wrong, and wrong.

1.  It is sold as a developer product.  Not even close to kickstarter which is a way to raise money to do or make something.  Where this is already made.  You buy it and they ship it.

2.  You are presuming that Google wants a universal image.  Many multinational companies actually want to look local in each market.  And their money mostly comes from search and ads. People think about Google-ing.

3. I ran a company for 26 years.  Google isn't really doing a pricing test.  All they are doing is intentionally limiting demand.  Basic economics of supply and demand.  High price keeps demand low.  If the day comes that they want to up the demand they can.

So there's my return on your two cents. :)  And I like my Moto X phone (was Google when I bought it).
Possible to get in India any time soon ?
AH!! not again! 1st you gave it to the selected few and now it is available for residents of US only. Now i am not interested at all. I will wait till other companies makes something similar and make it available for all to have it.
It would be nice to get some assurance for Explorers that when the product exits beta and the hardware is refined then early adopters would be given the final product and not asked to pay again.

In other words a swap as was done for V1 to V2 of the hardware.
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maybe when the price comes down. My company purchased a pair for my team and while I think they could be very useful I really don't think they justify the price.
Mind explaining why its taking so long for non us sales, isnt it as easy as writing a different country on the shipping adress
Mine have shipped last night, how long to they take to arrive usually? 
+J. Diaz Criado It's not quite that simple. We've got some logistical and regulatory issues at the moment. But we do hope to make Glass more widely available down the road. 
It arrived this morning 16 hours after they shipped. Record speed
he best way to find new explorers is to knock a zero off the price. If I wasn't married with four children and a mortgage I'd have bought a pair by now.
+K Barnett +Stuart Parr We hear you both. This is the right price for this version of Glass, but we do expect Glass to cost less in the future. We've heard some estimates floating around for the cost of Glass, but they're widely off-base.
+Google Glass I understand that you have huge R&D costs to recover as well as a higher manufacturing cost because of smaller quantities but you asked how you could get more explorers and the answer is knock a zero off the price - I'd buy two tomorrow if they were $150 and in fact I'd probably buy another for my father-in-law who is deaf and has a whole load of disabilities to go with it because I've seen a screenshot of real time subtitling of a conversation and that would be awesome!
+Google Glass Just remember me if you want to trial it, I'm also hard if hearing and wear hearing aids in both ears! :)
Any chance you will release a left-eyed glass? That is the only thing holding me back from buying glass. Thanks.
Hi +Jay Squalli, this prototype has the display on the right side only. We don't have any info on future versions of Glass, but thanks for asking. We hope you have a great weekend!
I don't understand why people keep repeating that it costs $100 or $126 to make it and wonder why is Google charging $1500. A useless iPhone costs $36 to make but everyone is willing to spend $649 on it and yet people want the Glass for $150! What's the answer? Google is a business! They are here to make money! To make money you buy for $10 you sell for $100. You don't buy it $10 and sell it for $11. The same way if something costs $100  to make you will sell it for $1500. And funny enough people have demands that Google should have given the device for free because it isn't the final product. You obviously here because you want it, so pay for it! Don't make absurd claims about its manufacturing cost and even expect it to be given to you for free. And even though some people did mention high R&D costs they refuse to incorporate that cost to the total cost of making the device. I mean come on!