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Glass Night Out

This Saturday night, you and Glass are going out! Explorers across the US are getting together to mingle, snack, and cheers for the first Glass Night Out. 

In the words of +JR Curley, these events are part of a community initiative to have a formal Explorer meet up, team with local businesses, and help dispel Glass myths to all.

Check out the details here:

Find a Glass Night Out and other events near you on the Explorer Event Calendar:
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Had to be during finals :(
Only if my replacement Glass arrives in time due to the 16.1 incident :(
Google glass in Spain please!!!!! 
I welcome the jealously. Makes me stronger.
Don't instill violence in people Andy Bassett. No one wants to be assaulted for no reason. 
Reported +Andy Bassett for harassment and threats of physical violence to both Google+ and my local authorities.
Easy does it. I wouldn't say that's a threat.
+Andy Bassett care to explain the difference between that of a cellphone (which just about everyone has and carries with them at all times) and Google Glass as far as privacy is concerned?

Secondly, there are no expectations of privacy in public. Period. 

And you do know that if you attempt to physically harm someone, you are just as much vulnerable to getting your face smashed in.
Google is the enemy? Why are you on Google+?
+Andy Bassett how old are you? You should know that smartphone cameras are a lot more incognito and that getting your picture taken is harder to notice with a cellphone than Google Glass. Also, you can go on the internet and buy a spy camera for less than $50. If anyone is trying to be sneaky they're not doing it with Glass. And just because someone is wearing Glass doesn't mean they are filming you. You have a camera pointed at you a lot more than you realize and its not people with Glass.

Let me ask you something +Andy Bassett, who the hell are you and why the ** would I want to take pictures or video of you?

...again, there are no expectations of privacy in public. Get over yourself. 
I'm sorry +Andy Bassett your argument doesn't hold any water.

why do paparazzi get banned... Yeah well harrasment is harrasment.

If someone films me with a camera phone they would have to point the device at me ...yep, same with Google Glass. It cannot film or take pictures of anything its not pointed at.

Someone taking the effort to film me with a spy camera would be illegal and I could have them prosecuted ...Nope, not in public you couldn't. Again, if your in public there is no expectation of privacy. Not sure how else to spell it out for you.

Someone looking ogling me with Google Glass is harder to determine so therefore should be banned on that pretext! ...huh? What about the guy pretending to text message taking photographs, or the guy wearing Galaxy Gear looking like he's checking his watch but really taking pictures... Or the guy at the coffee shop that just stood up, his laptop camera is pointed in your direction.... I think its fair to say there are already PLENTY of cameras pointed at you that you don't know whether or not its taking pictures or recording you.

There is no problem with glass or smartphones itself. It starts to get a problem when we see how this data is collected by some companies and secret agencies. Algorithms for face recognition getting better and the profiles created of us are taking us in a future I don't want to live in. I like technology too and also glass is really amazing, but some people using this technology for there bad purposes and I don't agree with that.
+Andy Bassett: Someone taking the effort to film me with a spy camera (why would they? But if they did) would be illegal and I could have them prosecuted!

Thanks for proving our point. Answer that question yourself. Why would we film you?

By secret camera or Google glass (notice how I separated them), I would have to have a reason to film you. Which I don't.
+Morgan Tuohy The people who are buying glass to make photos and films for there own purpose are not the problem. The problem are companies and secret agencies who are using the media to spy on us even on the people who wear glass itself. But I agree this is not only the problem of glass, but with technology like glass it gets easier to make more pictures and more movies.
+Kris Kitchen you didn't read about it? Google for "Edward Snowden" and find out that whatever is possible with technology will be done with it. :)
+Kris Kitchen Then I would tell you, that glass is not a possible way to get it back. Not a century ago people where fighting wars with their lives only to get this human rights and today we are losing them while eating fast food and sitting in front of our TV's. What a shame.
Let's just stop feeding the troll and ignore him.
This guy feeds on attention and is doing everything he can to get it. We all know his argument is terrible and not thought out, so just ignore it.

Now back on topic, I am really excited to see how this Glass Night Out works out.
Really hoping businesses do their homework and understand the advantages of Glass.
I'm only waiting for the next generation! 
+Kris Kitchen I don't understand what you mean with unlocking a mind, sorry. But what I want to say is that we have to be careful with our media and data. We can't only see how amazing a new technology is, we also have to think about problems that are coming with it. And in a present were so much is happening against privacy we sometimes have to relinquish new technology and thing about our consume. What would it be for a sign, when glass gets a commercial success only a few months after the biggest secret agency and privacy scandal. (I'm from Germany and it seems that we see this things a little bit more scareder)
National Nockout a GLASSHOLE NITE 
There is a camera for every 14 people in the UK. They have 1 and on half times more CCTVs than China, according to the Daily Mail. And Andy is worried about Glass?
If you are so disgusted with Google Glass and well, America, why would you want a Google+ account. And you would know if someone took a picture because its quite obvious if you see someone looking at you saying "OK Glass, Take a picture." And when recording video there is a red indicator LED light...I dont see how anything you have said could even remotely make sense. I dont really know if you really hate Google Glass this much, or mabye you are just jealous because you dont live in the U.S.A. and can't get one. Either way, next time, Look up what you dont like, before you bash it. +Andy Bassett
+Andy Bassett also you say "these people are incapable of understanding how the data they agree to give to Google effects the world in a bad way!" to explain how...? I dont really see how 'we' are soing this disservice and you are not.
+James Watt It's only in a first-generation beta right now. Once they work out problems and make it better, prices will drop by a lot.
Unfortunately none of these events sound interesting to me. I'll be doing something else.
Any of you guys who, like me, are preparing to bring a laptop to #glassnightout  should grab Droid@Screen. It's a simple jar file, so it should work with pretty much any OS, that's really handy for displaying what's going on with the Glass screen at a SIGNIFICANTLY faster rate than ScreenCast (since it uses USB).  It's also handy for creating screenshots of Glass screens, too.
quan li
oh 看不懂😱😭
Looking forward to #glassnightout in LA and want to host one in San Luis Obispo/ Santa Barbara area soon. Let me know if you are interested. 
Where are you +Brant Backes ?  The only reason there was something in my area tonight was because I started one...actually before #glassnightout   was even a thing.  I just wanted to see if there were any other madison explorers.  Apparently, from the the turnout of zero, there aren't....But hey, at least I tried!  Why not try setting one up wherever you are, Brant?
I think I might as well be alone on an island. I'm right on the Wisconsin/Minnesota border just north of Hudson.
Oh, well, you could've made the trip down to Madison!  I'm alone here, too :)
I own an outdoor concert in July.  I'm not sure if any of you folks are into the woodstock camping sorta thing. lol... Explorers welcome. 

Minnesota - July 24-27th 
We even have skydiving.