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With a little help from our friends

As you can see in the video below, Glass Explorers from Fargo to Fairbanks, and from Houston to Honolulu, have been sharing their feedback with us, helping shape what Glass will become. We’ve learned a ton, and we’ve been working hard to make Glass software better with our regular #glassupdates each month.

At the same time, we’ve been making the hardware better, too. We want to say “thank you” for all the amazing feedback we’ve been getting, so later this year, all Explorers will have a one-time option to swap out their existing Glass for a new one. This hardware update will allow your Glass to work with future lines of shades and prescription frames, and we’ll also include a mono earbud. You can find more details about this here:

In addition, we’ve been experimenting with ways to expand the Explorer Program and it’s been going really well. So over the next few weeks, all Explorers will have the opportunity to invite three friends to join the program. They’ll be able to buy Glass online and can have it shipped to their home, office, treehouse or igloo. We’re counting on you to get Glass to the people you think will make great Explorers. More Explorers means more feedback, and more feedback means better Glass.

Explorers, stay tuned for more details – we’ll be emailing you soon!
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Cody R
There's totally gonna be a Glass announcement soon, isn't there?
If any of those explorers need someone to invite, you can invite me! I will happily be your friend.
If they release glass, KitKat, and the N5 I will eat my cat.
Great, don't know if it's just me, but my display doesn't seem to remain as bright as it originally did, new hardware would rock.
I am now proud to announce my availability as a friend!
So glad to hear you're letting us swap out to the new hardware! Can't wait! Thank you! :)
If anyone has a spare invite, I work in the climate change field and would love to use Glass for related purposes! 
they should have referees where in Google glass on boxing fights so we can see from a referee perspective
Any information on how much it will cost people, invited by their explorer friends, to buy a pair?
This is awesome! Great job Glass team!
I can be an explorers friend and I don't eat much either! 
I really wish I had a friend that has Glass!
I'm curious -- any word on how much it will cost?
Positive: It's great to see Google taking care of their Explorers like this.

Negative: I have no friends who are Explorers. Curse my lack of social skills!
I'm an explorer and i will invite someone through a charity event. Follow @ekimnazimkaya for details. 
Will the price for the new Explorers still be $1,500?
Don't have any friends with Glass but if anyone here has an extra invite and could invite me, I would be forever grateful!
Sean S
I hope the final version doesn't have the band across the forehead.  I'd prefer to have the band go behind my head.
Thank you! This is amazing news!
Sean S
For those invited, will Glass cost $1,500?
My friends are about to get a whole lot more friendly, aren't they? 
If anybody wants to make me the happiest man alive and invite me onto the Glass programme then I would be forever in your debt.
I would absolutely jump at the chance to be part of the explorer crowd.
....fingers firmly crossed....
I really hope Glass comes to the UK! Wish I knew someone with Glass! This would revolutionise the way I work in the lab.
PLEASE send me an invitation. I really want one :(
If anyone has an extra invite I would be so grateful!! 😃
can I get an invite?
This is really great news! Does the new hardware look any different? 
You guys know you just opened the door for 'Glass Invites for sale' posts throughout the web right? I don't see a current Glass user just "being nice" and inviting randoms to buy Glass.
+Google Glass  Hi there!

When I saw Google Glass for the first time, it was love at the first sight. I’m following the development of the Google Glass since Google I/O 2012. I really love technology, and Google Glass is the #1 at my ‘most wanted list’. Unfortunately, I live in The Netherlands. I’m afraid Google Glass wouldn’t be for sale in te coming months (or years).

I really want to know if it’s possible for me to join the Glass Explorer program,  so I can enjoy all the posibillities Google Glass has to offer me. I am willing to do (almost) everything to get Glass to my small town here in The Netherlands.

Have a nice day, and I hope I’ll get an satisfying answer.

Marc van der Velden
I would love an invitation! Please SEND me an invitation
If anyone can spare, I'd gladly accept one. I have very eagar plans for the device. And if your curious, email me at 
First of all, will you open the promotion around the world? We europeans want to try Glass too!
I'd gladly give up my Xbox One & PS4 pre-orders to get Glass. So excited about it!
If you are interested in one of my 3 Glass invites, comment on the post on my page for a chance to be selected...good luck!
Kevin W
Please give me another crack at being an explorer!
So now: Do I keep my Glass, and hope it becomes an incredibly valuable collectors item years from now... or trade up for the revised hardware?

If anyone has an extra invite, invite me! Thank you in advance!
+Google Glass  +Sean S   My guess is that Google Glass will be a HW platform, not an individual product. Everyone has different needs, use cases, head sizes, eye qualities, etc. Massive adoption will require sensitivity to this long play Google is aiming for. Google is not investing so heavily in Glass to risk  having a rev 1.0 singular product get smashed by tech reviewers/bloggers and ruin the future of this interesting concept. It needs to install a relevant base for lots of different communities that will build up over time and gain everyday user acceptance. From soccer moms to surgeons, Google needs to show the value proposition to many demographics. Oh and the price..... 
they can have many price points on different HW options, but the entry level has got to be $199 or less. Looking at products like Galaxy Gear watch, $299 was its downfall. $199 and more time to bake the UX could have made that a cool watch. However, Google is no Samsung, and we should all be thankful for that.
+Google Glass Can we pick up our new hardware at that new floating Glass store in San Francisco Bay? ;)
Can't wait to get the email! My friends have been dying to get their own.
I'd love to be part of the explorer trial but cannot justify $1500!
Please please send me an invitation to join the Glass Explorer program .. I have a great, original idea that I would love to start build and share. I will gladly share my plans with you, just let me know. Thanks in advance!
Is there a Glass Explorer among my many, many friends? :-)
Next time you want something from Madison WI, please let me know. The Tipsy Cow? Ack!
If anyone has an unused invite, I would love to get one. Glass is directly in the sights of the research we are currently doing, with the limiting factor being its availability.
+Google Glass Just to clarify. If you are talking about recommending three friends, you are sill talking about US only, right? Or is this open to other countries, too?
+Google Glass Do you have any preliminary data you can share about what percentage of the current Explorers already wear prescription glasses, and are testing the #googleglass units over their own frames? I'm really interested in learning more, but am skeptical about how they will perform over my current glasses (which I can't see without)...
I'm half def in my right ear, really looking forward to trying Glass with it's bone conductivity.  Any explorers with an invite willing to share?
I have no friends with glass. I am currently a student majoring in Computer Science with a decent knowledge of programming and design; just in case you were wondering ;-)
If anyone has an extra invite I'd love to get involved! I'm a student at the University of Kansas and have a lot to offer the program.
Would love the chance to experience Google Glass. If anyone can spare an invite, please send it my way.
I will eagerly buy glass with an invite.. So don't hesitate to think of me.
+Sean S I prefer the band across my forehead.  With long hair, one in the back would get in tangled in my hair.  Most women would agree.  
I don't care if they're $1500.. I'll still buy them
Any cost to us current explorers to upgrade to 2.0?
JB Carr
I've heard current explorers will get a upgrade for free. If anyone is willing to refer me to get a paid I'm more than willing to put up the $1500. Would love to use these at the kitchen I manage. 
I'd love new hardware, but also there's something about being  a pioneer where I'd really like to keep the first pair as a keepsake (right next to my glass rectangle from IO 2012).  Any way to do both (providing we don't re-sell the initial pair)?
So...what if we were previously invited to the Glass Explorers program but never purchased Glass? Will we be eligible for Glass 2.0? Asking "for a friend" of course. 
You've got a friend in me, you've got a friend in me, when Google gives you, glass to share you've got a friend in me. :-D
so, uhhhhh... anyone got an invite to spare? ;)
I hope this second wave is less expensive! I'd totally grab one if I could afford it! 
I would love an invite! I love all the latest tech and have been trying to get my hands on one for ever!
I would love an invite
If this was Apple they would've said: "You'll be able to swap for a one time upgrade fee of $2999"
Invite me Invite me..... Need to broadcast my twins birth back to relatives in UK :)
So awesome.  I haven't had mine that long, but I am really curious to what the refresh brings.  Years ago I purchased a Nexus Q.  It never gained traction, but Google ended up not charging the early adopters.  
How can I help to show you the Congo from within with some glass? Upright Africa 
Has anyone with glass received the ability to do invites yet?
I would love to test Google Glass in my classroom. I'm looking at new technology for use in higher education.
is it going to have the same build quality the titanium band is amazing
just missed the cutoff to get glass in the previous window arrgh! if you don't know enough glass geeks to invite, please send me one :)
I would kill for an invite. Ok not really but really want one.
I wish I knew someone to refer me... That'd make me really happy, but if I was invited, would it still cost 1500$?
I do more search about Google Glass... available in US next year and the price will be $300 - $500... when you get invited right now $1500... 
I have no Friend's with glass. Can someone send me an invitation please. Thanks
Android it. Open-source it. You're not in the hardware business, you're certainly not in the shades business. It'll be 'Oakley - powered by Google'.

You can't control or predict what people will do with this tech, and it's foolish to try (please note that also, congress!).
(raising both hands)

Send me an invite PLEASE. Thank you 
My thesis (biofeedback with EEG) could be way cooler with glass ;-) 
Does anyone have google glass and want to invite me to the explorer program? Pleeeeeeeeeaaaase?!
If only I could afford it. I would have loved to document my experiences in my current physical state.
I am soon going to be an adopted parent. I would love to get an invite to build an app for foster & adopted parents. If you can share your invite, I would really appreciate it. Thanks in advance!
Friendly explorer invites me pls!!!!!!!!!!!!
Can someone donate me an invite? I am working on augmented data mining and glass is a prefect way to display the result. -
Can someone send me an invite? Much appreciated!
Love a Glass invite -
I feel obligated to point out the Alaska shot was Juneau, not Fairbanks, and pretty meh for the area, what with the reflections of the tourist perch, so I'm doubtful that it was even taken by an AK resident.
You should expand your horizons and make Glass available outside the US. I want to wear Glass on my commuter bicycle. Starting with being able to see summaries of SMS messages to know if it's worth stopping to reply and heading up towards collision alerts where Glass tracks vehicles I may not have sported getting too close... The possibilities are limitless.
If anyone has an invite to share, please: 
Would also like an invite, but isnt hopeful,
Of course I am asking for an invite but I am a little agitated than anyone has to ask. When will glass go on sale to the public?
Is same thing happening on this side of the pond (in UK)? Would love to trial out and use for DRR curriculum development! Been excited for about a year...Harumph!
A mono earbud? Surely some bone conducting headphones would be in order, (so you can still hear what's going on around you..)
Would love an invite guys... would love to test and develop on one 
I doubt that asking for an invite is really going to work, but like grandma used to say; you can't win if you don't play. So I too would like an invite if anyone has a spare one! :)
I know the probability of getting an invite would be 1:xxx,xxx,xxx as I do not know someone who has +Google Glass. But I am positive that I can get an invite from +Google Glass. Thailand is a great exotic country, and you will see more by sending me an invite! +Google Glass
Love the idea of pushing technology to the limits and trying new things. Count me in as someone who has the need and desire to be connected. Would love an invite! 
Anyone still looking for a person to invite is welcome to send it to me!  panvar@
Thank you for your response +Google Glass but I meant for existing users. The announcement reads "swap" which suggests no additional cost, but I was wondering if that's confirmed. 
We're glad to hear from those of you outside the US who want Glass. +Marc van der Velden, +Adrián de la Rosa Martín+Mark Bailey, and +Andreas Proschofsky we're glad you're all so enthusiastic, but for now we'll need to keep the Explorer Program in the US. We don't have any updates on when Glass might be available elsewhere, but we do hope to make it more widely available in the future. Stay tuned for updates. 
Anyone with invites want to hear a very personal plea for #googleglass  invite please ask.  I imagine there has to be someone out there that wants to provide their invite for a good reason to help other people.  Please. Just give me a chance to explain.
I know it's a long shot, but I would love to get one.  So if any kind soul would like to invite me, I would be forever grateful.
I'm a huge Google Fan. If someone has an invite, please invite me! Thanks!
I am a world explorer looking for a new perspective. #googleglass   will show the possibilities. Invites welcome.
Whoops, sorry about the confusion there, +Claudio Ibarra. Explorers who purchased their devices before today will be able to swap out their current devices at no cost. This link explains most of it, but we'll send  our Explorers more details when we're ready to kick off the swap process:
+Jason Cipriani & +Dan DeFelippi we made a few tweaks to the hardware based on Explorer feedback. Nothing major, but it will let Explorers use our prescription frames when they release. We don't have an update on when that will be, but stay tuned for info on that. 
+Google Glass, can we invite our friends one-at-a-time? Or do we have to submit all three at once? Also, for the swap, I'm hoping we have the option of doing that in-person at a basecamp -- I love seeing you guys. :)
Got 3 invites here. Let me know. 
if less<3 of your friends need glass please  invite me. I am a very friendly person.
Personally, I'd like to know a bit more about the mono earbud. Is this going to be the new design? Or is it like this to keep things cheaper to mass-produce for now?
As an RX glasses wearer, this is a welcome surprise. I just hope I don't have to take another flight to make the swap.
Someone invite me! I can't wait to try glass, especially with prescription frames!
Eric collins. Im on twitter @itryilike - lets talk.
I don't have a specific reason to have glass, except that I would LOVE to have a pair! SOMEONE PLEASE INVITE ME!
Jacky C
 who can invite me please please
I could take it to overseas for a test. May be improve the earth view of that part of the crowded world with google glass, if I get one.
would like to get an invite, please!!
I have several startup ideas for Glass and I would like an invitation to purchase Glass.  If you have an invitation and you're interested please contact me.
Any chance the Google I/O attendees from 2013 can get invites? I'd love to give Glass a shot!
Looks cool...I love an invite.
I would love to be a tester for Google Glass - count me in, please :-)  I am curious to see how it would go over in my independent school!
Much appreciation for the creative efforts at Google.
Always welcoming a gracious invite!
Anything to prevent explorers to sell their invite? First one showed up for $2000 on eBay. And you buy the invite, not the Glass itself...
I would love to have the opportunity to use Google Glass. I have personality and anxiety disorder and am always using my phone to read news to keep busy to keep myself calm. An invite would mean the world to me.
Swap out our not? .... I kind of want to keep my current pair for nostalgic purposes... But then I want to also have updated hardware... Decisions... Decisions...
+Google Glass Will those that we invite to be Explorers using the email we got today be getting the updated model?
Does the updated hardware address the issues many Explorers experienced - the peeling of the film on the side of the prism, and the weak point between the battery and the touch pad?
can i get an invite anyone i would like to use it for my business i buy cars for dealers and i take lots of pictures to advertise them glass would make my life so much easier thanksss
+Sean S why would it be cheaper for their friends? lol
+Chris Turvey Swap man! I'm swapping. It's like keeping the iPhone 1! You've got pictures for nostalgia, get the new (better) device!
Seeking an invite, discuss with me at
+Thomas Devaux Surely nobody is buying those. There are some much cheaper ($300) but have been there a while, don't seem to be selling.
Looking for a current Glass Explorer. I live in the FSU college town of Tallahassee and would love to join the Glass Explorer community and help make Glass be a better product for the future! 
+Raffi Asdourian I'd love one. I'm willing and able to pay for it if given the opportunity. Would definitely put them to good use at work and outdoors.
+Yvette G Would love an invite so as to incorporate Glass into the art studio I run.
I'm in the First Responder/Rescue field and I think the glass would help us... Any chance to get one of those invites?
An invitation would be better!!!
I hope I have friends has glass
Would anyone be keen on inviting me in order to develop my secure XMPP / BitCoin client for Google Glass? :)
I was invited to become a Google Glass explorer but I couldn't afford it...sad I know, biggest thing i regret doing
I want to own Google Glass because I have some big ideas for Google glass, it would also help me to learn programming and make a much better looking resume/future
but anyway...anyone wanna become my best friend? =P ( I can afford it now)
Noooo, no availability outside of the U.S :( When this does become available hopefully someone remembers us. Australian patiently waiting for Google Glass.
I'll buy a pair of anyone has an invite.
Wasn't eligible back during IO2012 to buy. Would like to get an invite now for sure.
Would love to get into this next set. I live in the NYC area, if someone has a spare invite, would you kindly send one my way? Much appreciated.
I'd like to get my hands on a pair of these glasses. If any one has an extra invite put me down to buy one. I am down.
I'm going to second trying to get a pair. I own a development company +Blue Label Hosting  and would find it really useful to have a pair to start work.
Would love to have a set of these, have so many ideas where these could be amazingly fun!
Anyone have a extra invite? I want to start developing for them.
I would be forever grateful if someone would invite me. Thank you in advance for your consideration

So I'm interning at an engineering firm and am in the middle of pitching a Glass application for some capabilities they have already developed. If someone wants to help an engineering student get noticed for a possible future job with an invite, I'd really appreciate it.
Does this mean the Explorer program is coming outside of the US ? You say "igloo" and we have tons up here in Canada 
Ugh, I have no friends in the Explorer is truly unfair :(
Can a complete stranger be my friend and send me the invitation??? I still believe in humanity:)
Hope that an explorer will invite me to try these out. I missed out on the initial batch. Please help!
Jimmy N
someone invite me!
For $500. I will choose someone to be my friend so you can get Glass. Hahaha
I would gladly comply.


John Merideth
Sent from my iPad
f*** my luck, no friend has a glass right now...when would i get a glass?
All this new stuff right when I am jumping from iOS to full blown Google ecosystem. Perfect!
I would love to receive an invite, friends forever...
could anyone send me an invitation? I am an undergraduate student in UCSB major in computer science and I really want to become an explorer of google glass and develop app for it. Thank you so much!
My email is:
+Marc Mercuri I'm also torn about keeping a piece of history vs. getting the latest and greatest.  ;(  Dear Google, we'd love to keep the original Glass hardware even if it was bricked to prevent resale.
+Google Glass Dear Google, I was originally chosen to be an Explorer but could not make the trip to one of your hubs because I lived in Hawaii and travel costs were very expensive. Is it still possible for me to buy in on this next round? I am willing to pay full price if I can indeed get them online. 
Cool - if anyone has a spare invite, please invite me...  I am really keen to try with prescription lenses...  
It's nice to see my idea take shape. I thought it would be a great idea back in 2007. To access to the internet while walking all those fleeding thoughts you get while walking. By the time you pull out your phone you forget what you wanted to look up. Then if you do pull out your phone trying to look things up without falling or getting your foot stuck in a pothole or even worse stepping in dog feces. So thank you +Google Glass for someone else out there thinking about this too.
I work with a top medical center in the US and we've talked a lot about getting one of these. Unfortunately, we know nobody with one for this offer. As an appeal, if anybody would be willing to keep our contact information in their back pocket once these invitations become available, we are interested in joining this program and bringing glass into the medical research industry. Please feel free to message me directly if you own one or know someone who would be willing to do this. We greatly appreciate your help!
Now who among my friends is a Glass Explorer....hmmmm
yep explorer programm should come to Germany! i volunteer!
Im in too!!! I would love to help explore with. Me, me , over here :-)
Someone needs to invent an add-on for people who already wear glasses!
If anyone has an extra invite I would be so grateful.
A Piano Player is also searching for a lovely person who will invite me for the Glasses ! This would be wonderful and i promise to play the best Piano Songs for you with Glass and make a lot of movies!  
+Felix Stürmer Imagine a whole BAND GIG with the glasses! a new perspective from the musicians eyes. 
JB Carr
Would love the chance to document my trip around the world with Google Glasses. Thank you for your consideration...
Fantastic news. If anyone has an invite I have my Explorer money in hand :-)
If Google Glass comes to HONG KONG, everyone will be extremely excited to EXPLORE more by using GLASSSSSS!!!!!!!!!
@googleglass You would think working at Terremark Nap Miami i would have some friend that has G-glass but nope i am totally not getting one for christmas am I. lol
Lukas D
I dont know anybody with gg - can you be my friend just for that invite - this relationship will be strictly platonic !!
Transformative project :) It seems soon we'll have mind reading PCs.
I'd really like an invite. Anyone with an invite please do invite me. I'll be sure to do my part to ensure glass success!
Good and bad news. Saddened that it's by invite. Why not go back to the original pool of applications and ideas of those who showed interest in being early adopters. We believed in the product early on and saw its potential, now it's mainstream and our disappointment grows. 
Extremely unfair that as a UK resident I don't even have the opportunity to apply. 
Agree with Joseph above. Google is passing up a host of loyal followers here, in favor of folks who just happened to be friends with one of the lucky early explorers. Great job alienating your fans. I'm sure they will say something along the lines of explorers picking people who will actually try to contribute, but you can't realistically tell me the 'friend of a friend' is more interested in the project than the group of us following for 1+ years. On top of that, I'm less than impressed with the developments over an entire year. On the bright side it appears Glass is going to have some competitors to gobble up some of the market share in case they want to keep drawing this thing out until it reaches the general public.
Look to eBay, apparently some great "Explorers" are selling their invites already.  So greedy.
i want to be in the explorers program :( i can help with the spanish support for glass!!!
OK, Google I would like an invitation. Not just to stand out or look cool or gain cred with my geeky kids. No, the reason is simple. I work in Learning & Development. I am either building or facilitating learning. In my world we talk lots about evaluation levels, Kirkpatrick's Four Level Evaluation Model being the main one. I hoping to use +Google Glass to evaluate reaction (level 1) in real time. Why wait for feedback on what should have been fixed after they leave.
Q Vidal
I need a google glass invite. . To sweeten the pot ill offer a Kickstarter black pebble watch for the invite (seriously)!!!!

Unless google says you cant do that
In regards to the invites. What is the policy on sharing Glass units with team members in other countries? Registered in the US but potentially ship & share with a team member in Europe? TY! 
Would love an invite but not enough to shell out an additional $1000 on ebay.  Anyone willing to invite me out of the kindness of their heart and miss out on the payday?
This is awesome! Would love an Explorer invite to the program. I use a power wheelchair for mobility. With winter hitting it has become impossible for me to access my iPhone with layers of clothing and my limited hand mobility. 
Would love to test out Glass to see if I get around this barrier. Having a cell phone has allowed me to be more independent in terms of calling for help when I need it. Losing that in the winter time has made going out a huge challenge. 
+Daniel Selifonov Yes, they are not sending out the "old" ones after Oct 28, so all Glass after this point will be the new ones.
Can a kind soul please invite me to become a Glass Explorer? 
Getting an Invite to the Google Glass program would be awesome! 
If anyone has a spare invite I would love it.  Thanks!!
Me too, me too!!! I'm very friendly.


OK, that did not sound as good as I expected. But I really want one! Please, pretty please?
If anyone has an extra invite please let me know!
If anyone has a spare invite, I am doing a doctoral research study on using AR Technology in an urban classroom to help further engage students but I have no friends that are currently Google explorers.  I would TOTALLY love the opportunity to use Google Glass as the platform to conduct this study. 
Really interested in the google glass. I attend school full time pursuing my engineering degree and feel like this can help me capture some of the really special moments I miss in life. PLEASE PICK THE BAHAMAPRINCE
+Google Glass I work on Networks and servers at Terremark this would be an awsome tool to make HOW TO's and tutorials for others in my job. I also have a part time at Miami Dade county Public schools teaching computer classes. I would put them to good use so if i had the chance to get the offer that would be awesome! or if anyone out there would like to invite me please that would be graeatly appreciated. Thank you -Drew
I am an educator who works with teachers, administrators, and districts around the state of Michigan to integrate technology. I would totally love the opportunity to be a Google Glass Explorer and wouldn't disappoint!! 
This is great news! All methods of communication with me have blown up since yesterday's email. My personal Glass sponsors are VERY excited! Big decision to make..
Wikitude needs another pair for our US developer team, any spare invite will be highly appreciated, awesome projects guaranteed! Perhaps we can even do a glass project together?
There are lots of opportunities in pediatric healthcare we'd like to #explore. Please let me know if any explorers have an extra invite ! Thanks
If we get invited do we get the new upgraded hardware or the old style hardware? I would love to be able to use mine with prescription glasses. 
we are working in water quality monitoring project, basically oriented to the effects of mining on water. we already have a training application of RA to the community and we want to implement #GoogleGlass in our project, if someone can invite me, many communities will be grateful to you. Tks you in advance.
Please I want Google Glass too... Invite me, please. :-) ;-) please 
ok..who do I have to kill to get these....j/k...I'm willing to kiss a pig :)
To anyone that has the ability to invite I would love to be considered. I am an educator who is looking in to ways technology can be used to improve learning with students with disabilities. Your consideration would be great.
is this where we ask for Google Glass invitations?  Please invite me.  I have fresh cake and salmon in my pockets.
Please do not invite me to Glass. I'd be so upset if I had to shell out over a grand for it and I would be even more upset that I'd have to find a way to put tape over the camera in the same way I do my laptop webcam currently.
If anyone has an invite to spare, I would love to get one! Thanks 
I am a augmented reality developer looking for an invite. 
I'm a keen photographer in Sydney Australia looking for a invite to join the Glass explorers program! Australia needs more GLASS users! 
have been trying for over 6 months to get access to Glass for serious medical and healthcare related applications. including aging and home healthcare scenarios. would love to get one
Any ideas about when the invites will be sent out to our friends? 
I would love an invite! I'm currently going through residency interviews and I think it would be a great experience to capture with Glass. Let em see it!
New categories: A friend, a good friend, a friend who will send a Glass invite even though others are offering them money... Seems I have none in the latter category ;)
Well, like the other ten million Google fans, I too would like an invite. I don't have an exotic reason for it or a wonderful story to capture the attention of current explorers with available invites. I'm just a guy from Wisconsin who loves and is fascinated by technology. So, once everyone in front of me has been invited, I would most certainly accept any invites that may be left. (Reminds me of Willy Wonka and the 5 golden tickets.)
If anyone wants to shoot me an invite, I'd love it. Ha ha ha. Long shot. 
Hello, I made an augmented reality software which runs on androïd, it can recognize automatically  most of the products. I would be very very very happy to get invite and put my software on google glasses. 
Me not looking for an invite. I'm curious about it, but not enough to buy one. You all do good beta testing though !
anyone know if the second round of invitees will be getting the block of glass?
+Owen Iverson The only people that got the block of Glass were the Google I/O 2012 attendees. Same is true for the Glass branded water bottles that you may have seen. The #ifihadglass  Explorers just got the chance to buy Glass and I'm certain that will be the case for the new invitees as well.
If any explorer needs someone pick me, I'll be your new friend!
I'm hopeful to find a glass friend if the price drops a bit.
Would love an Invite im from The island of Saint Lucia so many beautiful things to share !!!
If any explorer want to pick somebody really motivated,
please think of me :)
Yes, you should really consider inviting the I/O attendees of 2013. A lot of us came to I/O just because of Glass! That would be a fair thing to do to those who show such passion for Google to travel all the way to SF.
+Google Glass The invite form is a bit sparse.  Do I have to invite all three people at once?  I have one ready to go and one almost ready.  I want to get invites out as soon as I can, and don't want to wait to get all three.
Im represet the Brazil ! Send me more informations! :-)
I would like to make a new friend if anyone has an extra invite... I will beg if I have to... Does this reak enough of desperation? 
JB Carr
Anyone with an extra invite? I;ll do ANYTHING, and I mean that...
I got three clips into the 50 state vid.  ;-)
I think that was +Ben Fortner Mine are the Delaware Bridge, Baltimore pirate ship and a pond side party in VT.  My NH clip was of the Millyard. +Ryan Davis 
+Google Glass Oh, yeah, I saw that after you posted it. It's good to know that it's going to be optional. I really like the use of the bone conductor as a speaker.
I meet the criteria and would love an invite should someone be gracoius enough to share ;)
I got chills the first demo I saw from the helicopter.... now I just shed a tear at the though of receiving an invite. Can someone PLEASE think of me as they look over their three precious invites! 
One of the most interesting features to me is the bone conduction audio. I have a friend who is hearing-impaired and I'd love to see if this tech works for her (she does have tech to help her hear already, but I'd really like to see & share what Glass does for her). I was bummed I didn't think of it for the #ifihadglass  campaign. 
I can't wait to wear them when I visit KFC, daily.
I want to use glass my cycle commute to work in Edinburgh. Views of the hills, maybe a quiet spoken word podcast in the background. An alert when a driver is heading for a collision? (And video of the guilty party in case i can't take evasive action in time...)

At least less need to stop pedalling when an SMS arrives - with a brief summary I can see whether it's one I need to stop and reply to. Gimme Glass! :-)
Very interested in using the Google Glasses on a trip to Europe- let me know if anyone has a spare invite, or would be willing to lend glasses for a week in early December!  Best- K
Can someone sed me an invite?
Anyone know when invites will go out from Googles end, I had a friend invite me but still waiting :(???
It takes a few days +Vova Barytskyy I sent my husband an invite on Monday and he just got the email yesterday late afternoon.  
my "guess" is that they will process the invites at a similar speed as they can process the fulfillment so that nobody needs to wait extremely long. e.g. if they would process all invites immediately, then the later invites might need to wait a bit longer AFTER paying money - which would make people unhappy also.
if anyone has any invites left, it's not too late to send one to me :)
Same here, would love an invitation... Pretty please with suger on top 😀
Same here, would love an invitation... Pretty please with suger on top 😀
if anyone has any invites left, it's not too late to send me one  :)
Haq Faz
Developer/ traveler/ explorer looking for an invite. 
Haq Faz
Developer/ traveler/ explorer looking for an invite. 
I am looking for an invite! I am a developer and have some cool ideas I would love to create for glass!!! google cmon lets go!!
I'm also a young game & application developer, looking for invite,
if anyone has.
Mono earbud? You have got to be kidding.
I'm from Argentina, probably theres no explorer here, so you could invited me.
Soy de Argentina, seguramente no hay Explorers por aca. Pueden invitarme. ;)
Haq Faz
Mordy F: You can use all three now :-)
Do you need someone, who will test the glass in Germany?
I would be delighted to do that! :)
+Mordy Festinger I met all the criteria, could you please offer me an invites. i really appreciate your kindness.
Would love to invite everyone here but I gave all the invites that I am allowd to give out already. 
When I first saw Glass at an Engadget Seattle event, I swear that I had a wet dream... I added myself to the explorer invite wait-list but I can't wait to get a pair one way or another (maybe with the commercial release). As an Android developer, it would be amazing to try and integrate a few things. As I understand, the developer SDK was released to select developers recently. Yeah, I could go here and beg for one because it's just too cool of an offer to pass up, but it's a very select group of individuals.

It's cool to have grown up in the technological explosion, and this is the future of computing.
Hurry up and give us an actual release date, already; "2014" covers way-the-heck too much ground.

Also, please clarify: does this new mono earbud REPLACE the bone-conduction speaker, or is it an optional alternative?
+Kate Fahr We don't have more to share on the release date, but stay tuned for more info. 

The mono earbud is detachable, and Glass uses its BCT speaker (which hasn't gone anywhere) to produce sound when the earbud isn't plugged in. 
So in search of maybe getting an invite to the Glass project i find on ebay they are selling the invites. I don't think that fair. I'm a Teacher for Miami Dade County schools and if i had the chance to buy Glass i would use it as a tool to make "How To" and Tutorials videos for my students to access on Youtube. It will be put to good use in the class room. I do believe that those selling on ebay should have their invites revoked and given to more worthy users. Thank you for your time.
Anyone want to be friends :)?  It would be nice if they opened it to a 2nd round of people who tried to get in the first time.
I am still looking for an invite. Let me know if anyone is willing to refer me.... THANKS
+Jennifer Friedberg Did you get an invite yet? I'm actively looking to extend my remaining invites to new female Explorers. 
Much as I love the idea of getting an invite, I don't have a spare grand-and-a-half. :(

Anyone wanna be my sugar-momma? ;)
For a set of Glass, I'm not gonna be picky. :)
+Kate Fahr I got to try them on a while back, and ooooo weeeeee were they fun. Can't wait to buy.
+Joshua Kahn Lucky! I would love to try 'em, but I've never seen anybody with 'em in person, alas.

Wish they'd hurry up and give us a release date and price.
Wow! Google glass could be the next break in medical technology with what it is capable of! Does anyone have an extra invite?! It would be greatly appreciated and won't go to waste!
Incidentally, I know Google has said they don't want to allow facial recognition with Glass...but I have a legitimate medical reason to need it.
About two years ago, I developed what's known as a covernoma, or cavernous malformation, in my left mesial temporal lobe; in other words, a big ol' hole in my headmeats. In addition to epileptic seizures, it also played merry hell with my memory; the left mesial temporal lobe, according to my doctors, is the language center of the brain...and I believe 'em. The words for concepts are disconnected from each other now; I understand the idea, but the label for that idea has just plain gone missing. For a wordsmith like me, that's beyond frustrating.
But, even worse, it has begun to happen with names, too. I'll see someone--someone I've known for years--and I can know every detail about them: what they do for work, if they're single or married, how many kids they have, what kind of car they drive, how we met, everything!

...except their name. The label for that person is just plain gone.

Do you have any idea how embarrassing it is to have to ask an old friend their name?
And this was why I've wanted Glass since I first heard about it: if I can get some face recognition software and build up a database of my friends' faces, I can just ask Glass what their name is and spare myself the awkward moment.

Heh. This would never have fit in an #ifihadglass Tweet, would it?

But, yeah...this is why I want Glass. Just sayin'.
Having hard to get  GoogleGlass invitation.. Anyone has left over invitation to invite this stranger friend :). I need this for my own GDG Meetup to do show and tell and develop Tech support project using google glass concept.
Have us over 40s been forgotten about? Why can't we be glass testers? C'mon us Aussies are dying to try it.
Hey guys. If someome can send me an invite I would be really happy. I am really looking into record my volleyball practices and games. Watch them, improve myself and have fun with glass.
I need a friend -- research project would be greatly aided by integrating google glass -- adaptive capacity and knowledge access in organizations
Please Anyone out there, if you can give me an invite that would be would be a very good person and I will remember you 
+Google Glass I received an invite from a friend a week ago, but I'm wondering how long does it take to get processed so I can order one? Thank you very much!
Cool.. you got lucky today. Per my understanding you should be able to order immediately. I'm still in need of a friend who can share an invite :).
+Robert Labancz We're sending invitations to accepted referral in waves, so look to hear from us in the next couple weeks. 
Thank you so much for the reply. I hope there is some way to know if one is an accepted referral (I assume it is the criteria of being in US and over 18?)
+Google Glass What about us hopefuls without friends who registered on the site :)? Would that be after the initial referrals?
+disciprine We can't guarantee invites to those of you who signed up there, but it makes sure we can keep you in mind :)
Thanks +Margo Rowder for your reply. Yes, I did sign up via the new form. As Google might put it, I'm feeling lucky! So we'll see. :)
I would like to refer and recommend excellent candidates +Alyssa Stone +Liza Lee  +Kevin Wong+Stacey Chuang for the Glass Explorer program. 

I picked up Glass last week and had spent some time playing with it and getting comfortable in using it. I work and manage at an auto repair mechanic shop in San Carlos, California.  Just yesterday I had a customer's wife bring a car to me for an inspection. Apparently they were in the market for a new car and the dealership they found the car at allowed them to take the car to their mechanic (us) for an thorough inspection. We found frame damage and significant evidence of a collision/accident. Unfortunately the husband wasn't here and asked us on the phone whether or not we can send him some pictures from underneath the car. I thought, why don't I try video calling feature? The customer was a little surprised that we had that option after we offered it. When we connected a minute later, both myself and another mechanic were able to show the extent of the damage via Glass. It proved to be an amazing tool so I can't wait to start fully utilizing all the functions available now on Glass.
I would love, love, love to be referred... if any of you explorers have an extra referral to give I would be very grateful if you might consider me. Thanks!
When will you produce for Italy?
+Richmond Lee Welcome to the Explorer Program! Referrals are done over email. You'll get a message from us if you you have an opportunity to refer new people to purchase Glass. For now, it's best to have the people you would like to refer sign up at 
+Brian Ripa We're focused on expanding the Explorer Program here in the US now, so we don't have anything to share about when Glass might be available in other places. You can sign up to stay informed though. :)
In the interest of community of developers would request current Glass Explorers to refer other developers to the program. Please help refer. Thank you.
+Google Glass can you confirm an invite was sent to me? I received an email, but, I'm hesitant on clicking on links unless I know they are legit.Thank you.
i did post a message but not sure who it was sent to.  sorry for the confusion but was inquiring to use glass in the congo
+Google Glass I received what looks like an invite in my spam folder. I'm seriously doubting its legitimacy but was so excited anyways that I thought I'd double-check? Thank you!
+Google Glass Hi there, we've been optimizing our AR engine extensively on android and our technology have been used in navigation app, exhibition etc. We'd love to develop more AR apps on Google Glass. We will certainly put the Glass to good use and create many interesting commercialization opportunities. Can you help us out with acquiring one? I did sign up on the "how to get one page" but haven't received an invite so far. Please consider including us into the developer program. Thanks a lot. 
+Jenni Stoddard It's from us :) If you're ever unsure if something is from us in the future,  you can call us at (800) GLASS-XE. 

+Felix Chow Hang in there. We'd love to invite everyone who's signed up, but we can't guarantee anything. 
Hey - just ordered my glass. THANKS!  

One question - it looks like the free swap out to the V2 will only be for those who bought before Oct 28th. Is this still true? For those of us buying now, what will happen?  

I use prescription glasses, so this is a major concern for me - until I can wear with normal glasses, Google Glasses will only be something I can occasionally use for fun :)
Oh AWESOME! Did not realize.  So these new ones WILL work with prescription glasses!?!?
Ji Jun
Have the first emails gone out about the trade-in program? Just checking and making sure I didn't miss the boat.
+Vinod Kumar Google already sent me one, I got my glasses on Friday :) Thanks anyway I appreciate it.
Can some existing explorer please invite me to join explorer program?
I too would appreciate an invitation if it's not too late! - update just ordered a pair. Thx
Is there any one can send me a invite to by Google Glass?
Very curious...
I'am developer waiting a long time for glass, but not been invited. Bought 2 code from ebay, but all not work. Can anyone send me a invitation or code? my email:
This is my plea for an invite. I am a senior at NC A&T SU and I want to develop for glass as my senior project and into my phd program. I am a dedicated student and I want to show my classmates what is possible when you try hard enough. I have a professor who is willing to pay for the glasses for me. As the vice president of the robotics club I helped students realize their potential and teach them to develop for different devices and I hope to take that to the next level with Google glass. If anyone has an invite to spare my university and I would be unbelievably appreciative. Please message me if you can help. Thanks :)
I would love one if you are willing!! I have my funding source for these glasses already and my classmates are dying to me develop for them.  Please consider me a worthy invitation and I look forward to hearing from you.
I ordered mine an hour thanks to "a little help from my friends".  Thanks everyone for your support.
+Google Glass  I've been inviting explorers but they're still not receiving my invite. May I know why this is happening? I have 4 more days to invite and I keep getting notified by your emails that I need to invite explorers soon but I haven't been able to. Would you know what's causing this issue?
Hi +Hanouf Nass, we've checked our records and see that we've received your referrals! Your friends will be hearing from us in the coming weeks. Let us know if you have any other questions. 
Qn: any Explorers in Singapore already?
I just got my box to swap! Does anyone know if my old Glass shades will work with the new version? Or do I have to buy new ones?
+Scott Lawson Your old Shades would fit, but it would be like wearing a shoe that's a half-size off. Don't worry though—we send you a new pair of Shades when you swap out your Glass. 
Thanks, +Google Glass . Any ETA on the availability of the prescription lenses? And do we know yet how it will work? Will You buy them from lab and send your prescription to the lab? Or will my optometrist get involved?
is there any way i can share ideas with you? like in a pm?
+Scott Lawson We don't have any updates to share yet, but stay tuned for more info. 

+Gemanah Rubenstein We aren't accepting sensitive suggestions or ideas, but if you have something you're willing to share here, we'd love to hear it! 
I'm starting to see the full potential of the Google Glass and would love an invite. Thanks!
Got invite for the Glass Explorer Program... but can I get one that is suitable for someone who wears eyeglasses? Thanks!
+Javier Arellano Good news—we're working on a solution for people who need prescription lenses. They're not ready quite yet, but keep an eye out on our page to stay informed! 
Por favor, por favor me envie um convite para participar do programa de Vidro Explorador .. Eu tenho uma grande ideia, original, que eu gostaria de começar a construir e compartilhar. Terei prazer em compartilhar meus planos com você, deixe-me saber. Agradeço antecipadamente!
Bem, como os outros dez milhões de fãs do Google, também eu gostaria de um convite para para o projeto GLASS. Eu não tenho uma razão exótico para ele ou uma história maravilhosa para captar a atenção dos exploradores atuais com convida disponíveis. Eu sou apenas um cara de Santa Catarina -BRASIL que ama e é fascinado por tecnologia.
Would love to get a referral and partake in the program.  If anyone cares to send me a refer a friend.. I will surely reward you.  Thanks
Google GLASS - Buryware's best 'hardware/user experience', this year!
Getting over the initial cost shock, and public ridicule....
Trying to introduce the Explorer program, to my friends, whom may never get the chance, to actually use a GLASS headset.

I am so happy with my unit, I am seriously considering getting a prescription eye shield.... 

A++ Google Glass team, they have most supportive, since I was invited...
:-) :-) :-) 
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