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Wanna try Glass? Damn right you do. Just kidding... but seriously if you do want to, we’re going to start bringing Glass to cities across the US so you can give it a spin. You’ll be able to try on Glass, ask questions and chat with the Glass team in person. We’re kicking off in Durham, NC, on October 5th and we’ll be on the road, heading to other cities after that. Stay tuned here on G+ and we’ll let you know where we’re going next.

If you’re interested in attending our first event in Durham, then please RSVP here:
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Thats one step, the next is.... take the plane to Europe. Prague would make a good start of the european leg of the tour, you know, geographicaly in the middle :)
Yeah, chicago would be cool!
North Carolina first? That's unexpected but awesome! I think I'll try it out!
When and if Glass comes to NYC I'm sure it's going to be crazy.
Since nobody has done it yet, I hope to see the Glass team in New York City!
I kid you not. Bring these to Europe in capitals. There's gonna be visitors. And it will be awesome! Please! ;) 
Is there any plans about going international?
Words never uttered before now:

We’re kicking off in Durham, NC
+1 for worldwide release. I really really want one.
Europe ?!?
..yes I know, google do all for US and european have to wait :-( .. like google wallet :-( 
How about just release it by December  with better battery life than the explorer edition and I don't really care what you do
I'll have to move to the US. Just because of Google. And the Westcoast. Love it ;)
I suggest starting in the north of Europe, with the early adopters in Oslo, then working your way south. You may want to wait with Germany to avoid privacy lawsuits ;-) 
Get it to Glasgow, or should that be Glassgow? Either way, it makes sense.

There's a good marketing campaign in that, you're welcome!
Let me know when its in New Zealand
Rochester, Minnesota. Bring it to Mayo Clinic...betting some MD's might find a use for it!

Disclosure: Should I buy some Recon Jet glasses? Thinkin' long and hard about'll probably be rugged and not have glass breakdown issues, but to me, the killer is apps. 
Perhaps you should bring it to a college campus! State College, PA perhaps??
Bring it to Leeds in the UK! 
Aww Man!  It's my birthday that day, and I'm in CA.  Can you just give me one?
Going to Google Glass Hackathon in Manchester, NH on Saturday.  But I  don't have Glass :(  I'm just going to watch and learn.  
Nashville, TN would welcome you with open arms! Thanks guys!!
Australia!  We're a place.  We have a KFC and everything!  Seriously though, I am so hanging out to get one over here.  I've never even seen one.
NYC has got to be next, right?
Bummer ill be out of town might send someone else though in my stead 
Just bring it to MOA in the Twin Cities and I'll be happy...
Would love a demonstration . . . I would love to bring Glass in to our high school. Need a way to "rationalize" or validate it though...especially at the current price
I normally don't make posts like this, but I REALLY want to try out Glass. Come to Austin, TX please!
Can someone just tell me if the release glass unit will let you switch sides? Since not everyone has a right eye. 
Allen A
This is very cool! Looking forward to a Dallas stop :-D
You guys need to post all the upcoming dates + locations so folks can go RSVP already!
Tallahassee! Home of the Seminoles!
Haven't you guys heard of a worldwide rollout? It's pretty common. 
Austin!  Silicon hills.  :-D
Austin and San Antonio. Both city's tech industry is booming and hell, I would like to test it out myself.
Make sure Jacksonville, Fl is a stop on that list!
+Alex R If the word "damn" is offensive to you, then you might wanna avoid the internet altogether. Lol
Come to ohio please we never get cool things like this!!!
Hell yeah I will be there !!! I'm only about 40 min away !!!!!!!
+Google Glass Be sure to stop by the Midwest. Would love to see you guys in Omaha, Nebraska, but I'd be willing to travel to Des Moines, Iowa or Kansas CIty, Missouri to see Google Glass.
How about adding a few stops in Canada? Heck, Kitchener, Ontario even has a Google outpost. With two universities, the Perimeter Institute, and more tech startup companies than most cities have coffee shops, you can bet there's interest here.
Please, please, please bring it to Canton, Akron, or Cleveland Ohio, in that order of preference. :-)
indonesia is beautiful country
When will it comes to Colorado? I tried it last Friday, but I want to try it more in depth.
RSVP'd. My excitement cannot be contained!!! :D 
Boise, Idaho please! I know many people here who want to try it. 
Sean S
Come to Huntington, WV.  We're right across the river from Ohio and Kentucky so you'll get people from all three states.
What about Honolulu , Hawaii? The Aloha State needs Glass too!
Graham tx is where glass needs to be
KC or Bust! I can't show them all what Glass is on my own!
Thanks for your suggestions everyone! Stay tuned to see which cities we'll be visiting next. 

To those of you outside the US, we hear you. We don't have any updates right now, but we do hope to make Glass more widely available in the future.
cant wait... you wont be coming to mine... but that might be worth a little drive!  super curious about it
Had the opportunity briefly in Kansas city, Missouri. Would like an extended opportunity to try it with my glasses on. NKC Schools!
Tallahassee would love to be one of the stops!
If/When you come to Florida (Tampa or Orlando) let us know if we can help :)
Glass to the Lehigh Valley, PA area.  I have a classroom full of Web Design / Programming students that are excited to get a hands-on opportunity with Glass.  Sounds like a great field trip to me!
Should stop by Indy! Maybe say...October 20th? I wanna test out during the Colts Broncos game!
why don't you just post the cities you're going to so people can plan ahead. some of us have jobs / families / things to do.
I'm in FL, how will I know if this is the closest you are getting and if I should make the trip or wait... ughh
+Richard Ahlquist We hear you, too. This version of Glass only has the display on the right side. We know this won't work for everyone, and we're sorry. We appreciate you being a fan and we hope you stay tuned for updates.
Virginia wants you! Preferably closer to Hampton or Norfolk! We have a convention center here in Hampton though!
I live in Seoul,Korea, but It won't sell in here
Damn. I saw Durham and thought that's not far from where I live, but then I realised that you meant Durham in the US not the UK. Why you gotta steal our place names America? ;)
And when you do come to Europe, don't forget to also bring Chromecast, MotoX, Voice and Wallet. Thanks
Philadelphia welcomes you with open arms.
Central Jersey or NYC area please!
Why not around the globe to get a better perspective? I want one!
+chris kilps ... No way they'll stop in Williamsport. I'd guess closest they may come is Harrisberg. More likely just NYC, Pittsburgh, or Philly. Maybe State College.
Tucson, AZ! We're ready for Glass and especially Fiber!
Obviously NYC! But if you could stop by Hartford, CT that would be great
Can you bring a pair to a small town in Scotland ? Please 
Anywhere in the Oklahoma City metro area, please. Or hell, just anywhere in a five-hour radius of OKC. 
Denver. And not those damned Boulderites, please. DENVER. Thank you.
Bring it to Anaheim California!!!
Pan Axe
Greenville SC!!!!!
That design is unbelievably beautiful.
Darn. I just left there. Been there for the last three weeks. :(
yes when will it come to singapore? (:
I live in Charlotte...Road trip ahoy!!! I work some tech in retail and have a game design degree. Oh the plans I have for developing for this baby one day.
South Carolina maybe? I know it's a backwards state but I know a few people with a brain. 
Are you fucking kidding me? I can't make that. This sucks. 
Dear +Google Glass , When you're ready to trail in Australia, let me know. I have money burning a hole in my pocket for this gear :)
Oelwein iowa. Small town first.
Taking way too long to bring glass to market. Tried to get in on the explorer deal but no go. Now there are smart watches that offer what I need to develop my app sans glass
Solar Charging in Denver!!!  If you are in Colorado, and want to power the display or chargers with a portable Off-Grid Solar System, please let me know!
Super psyched can't wait! Glass will change the world! :) 
Brian G
You need to come to Orange County, California!
Would you post a full schedule? 
I'm in Atlanta, not far from North Carolina... please come visit Atlanta soon! 
Come to Washington but please not Seattle :( that place is a nightmare to drive in. 
Why couldn't it be Durham region Canada?
What luck! 5 minutes from my house? Sounds like a good reason to take a break from studying for exams! See you there!
I've been so waiting for this for the consumer so I can have one...that's not going to break the bank. 
Can I have it to test it here in India
Someplace within driving distance of mid Illinois but NOT in Chicago would be nice, Normal IL maybe.
Durham was where I first tried it, at start up weekend. Pretty sweet piece of tech
I dont want to try, i want to buy! I need them badly for my motorbike tours in Germany :)
'Bout time you start commercial production and sell it outside the US. This is dragging on for far too long to be interesting anymore.
Detroit , Michigan ? So I can put life in Detroit on the internet thru a liquor store 
A nice traditional English sunday roast if ya come to sheffield England. 
Anywhere in SoCal?  Maybe even Vegas?
And when could we try the Glass in France?
Will you also bring a Glass Event to the Netherlands soon? 
Rob K
Bring it to Hungary please! :)
i need google glass LEFT,
my left eye sees little because he never learned to see
the doctor called him rascal eye.

Do exist google glass left?
Dallas for the State Fair? Say it Google. Say it is so. ha.
Durham is in UK too :) come to the UK please
If this comes to Boston, I'll be one of the first to RSVP.
DRING IT TO IRELAND!!!!! Seriously though do I can't wait to see what it's like!!
What about orher countries? Don't you want to see if glass works internationally?
Bring it to Marseilles, IL!!!!! - Or atleast somewhere in Chicago, or Bloomington, Springfield, Peoria, or to my parents house in Mt. Zion, IL..  ;)
When I saw the poster with Durham, I thought you were starting the tour in an unimportant part of northern England!

No offense to people from Durham, but compared to captial cities like London you can't say I'm wrong :-)
The above post "Why only U.S." Edit "Why only U.S., again?" Okay, I heard that voice commands are optimized for U.S. English only.
And I have heard also that the in EU is serious privacy concerns have been raised.
But seriously folks!
More Glass owner has traveled the globe and nowhere was trouble and in Europe, many people speak English!
Google GLASS for everyone!
Come To Destin. We'll do glass on a paddle board looking down into blue, clear water. 
You guys could put glass on every google headquarters around the world, so people in every corner of the world could know it better. Get it closer to people. :)
Somewhere in the Twin Cities Minnesota :-P Mall of America would be good now that we have the tram to and from the airport! 
Welcome to J B Knowledge Headway. We value every thing because is very important to us, education, business and also life.
Come to Clemson University! Microsoft did for Surface and it was a hit!
You should definitely come to JMU in Harrisonburg, it would also be a really good recruiting opportunity, why not kill two birds with one stone?
SOMEWHERE IN VIRGINIA, fuck it ill drive!
RSVP'd, can't wait to to check them out. 
Bril Glass but how about the rest of the world, like UK, India etc... I mean we all want to try and it can even benefit your team with feedback. :) Please inform us of a live tour in these countries plz.
Dear Google: Jönköping in Sweden is well worth a visit!
I still and sincerely hope for legislative action that prohibits the wearing of Google Glass in public.
Great Falls, MT!!  :(  

I probably won't see glass until 2023. Cutting edge baby!
I can't believe it... I live like 20 minutes away... So there 
Zach K
Come to LA please....or do it back home in thje Bay Area, close enough!
If you really want to see the full effect bring it to Nebraska. ...if you can get people will be accepted anywhere! Lol....seriously. 
You're bringing fiber to Austin - so when you come to Texas, how about showing the DFW area some love?
If you need help in the Midwest - call upon one of your few Midwest Glass Explorers - me!!!  Great idea by the way!! 
Oh come on! Bring it here in Canada! I wanna one
Whaaaaat? I live in Durham, NC! I thought it was some kind of location detection based post until I read the comments and kept seeing Durham. Jackpot! Woohoo!
when you come to los angeles....please let me know.....  hopefully you will be here before a NFL teams comes back!
Durham - great choice, Microsoft used to end their tours here. Way to flip the industry on its head!
I did want to ask, should we plan to come for the whole time, or is it more of a drop-in kind of thing?
Its foliage time in Vermont. Work on range finding and color matching apps. Not to mention, testing maple syrup resistance...
Come to Santa Clarita. Many tech people.
How about Google Glass for medical residents? Won't have to pull out my cell phone all the time. HAHA
Chandler, Phoenix, or Mesa, Arizona. Please! I prefer Chandler, Arizona. I love technology. And also, 3D animation but mostly electronics and technology. I love Google and their Android OS. Please come to Arizona!
Oh!, my eyes are awaiting for wearing it.
if we propose to organize some #MeetGlass  in non US locations, How can Google support such initiatives ? (+GlassStories). Paris, London, Munich, Geneva ...
I realy wanna try Glass!!!! What about  Ukraine, Europe?
I saw this, glimpsed Durham and got really excited. Then I read the whole thing and saw the "US". Why couldn't it have been Durham, UK :(
Don't forget about TEXAS DALLAS/FORT WORTH
Google, bring Glass to Europe! We don't wanna wait a couple of years.
I RSVPed but I never got any confirmation email. Is anyone on the same boat? 
What Edyta Hetman says! Bring 'em to Europe!
Release and price drop or this is shite
The obscure town of Hendersonville NC... you guys would get a ton of attention in my neighboring town of Asheville though
Hong Kong welcome you ,glass
These are one of the few moments in where I'm actually proud to be in the Triangle! #NCPRIDE  
+Steve Lee who's heading to Durham? Do they need hospitality? Restaurant suggestions? You would not think it, but best risotto in the world.
Anyone know of a list of locations?
I'm in Atlanta, and I work for one of the biggest telecommunications companies in the history of the world (the most historic...think 'telephone').  I'm ready to try it on.  Bring it.
Louisville, KY would love to have GOOGLE Glass.
Come to Korea plz B-) 
Belize! I will beta a satellite data connection with them here in central America if you would like. 
Teachers in Franklin, NH want to see them! 
Bring it to Blacksburg! You can follow the Tarheels up  for our game this weekend!
I am trying to DJ I bought for a stupid amount of money I bought a Denon3000 and the software package called Virtual DJ.  I realized after my first couple gigs, "I'm not going to be playing mixes" , the controller was use as mixer and interfacing with my musical library through VDJ is cumbersome.  Does anyone use google glass , to interface with there compter. Or is terer the abilty to.  For $1500 I could by a lot sound equipment and stick a qwerty and mouse if all the "Glass" is is a Glorified internet movie caerma. I thought it was a human computer interface.   I am sorry 1500 is toooooooooooooooooooooooo much.
Orlando? Did you say Orlando? I know you want to come to Orlando because Orlando would be a great place to bring Glass, and then you could visit the Mouse and all. Yes, you definitely want to come to Orlando.
Hey +Lewis Wasserman, love the enthusiasm! We've actually stopped selling the Explorer Edition and we're working on what's next. You'll be seeing future versions of Glass when they're ready.