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You told us what you would do #ifihadglass, now’s your chance to show us

Our Explorer Program started last year at our I/O conference when developers signed up to be the first people to try Glass. Last Tuesday, we finished inviting these developers to officially join the Explorer Program and we’re already seeing amazing things come from them. They've really embraced the Explorer spirit — the spirit of someone who’s ready to jump in, get their hands dirty and take on a challenge. 

In February, we opened up the Explorer Program by asking people across Google+ and Twitter what they would do if they had Glass. We were looking for bold, creative individuals to become our next wave of Explorers — and wow, did we get them. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be slowly rolling out invitations to successful #ifihadglass applicants. If you were one of the successful applicants, please make sure you have +Project Glass in your Circles so we can send you a message.

We’re thrilled to be moving into the next phase of our Explorer Program and we hope to expand in the future. Unfortunately, we aren’t taking any more applications right now, but you can sign up here to stay informed:
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Marques Brownlee
Glad to see this moving forward! I was of course disappointed to not get into the Explorer program, but I'm so excited for the future of Glass :D
Yay! Very excited to see what the non-developers do with Glass and what they think about the hardware.

Also excited for my #ifihadglass  invite so I can quit being jealous of +Colin Edwards  ;)
Can't wait till more invites go out I need a shot at working with these. Would love to develop some of my app ideas on it.
To the contest winners? I have a DEVELOPER reservation and I still haven't gotten my invite.... grumble, grumble, grumble...
Glass on the left eye - I did not see that at io13.
Good to see this moving :) Though I am not in the program :-(
Woot!  So excited :)  Can't wait to get my project up and running! 
Can't believe +Marques Brownlee didn't get invited - as someone said (can't remember who), he practically bleeds google.
Thanks for the update. That is exciting news! I have a budget that expires the end of May (next week) that I would like to tap into for #GlassExplorers if possible.

Also, heading to Cannes Lions on June 13 with students for study abroad program that I lead and I look forward to integrating +Project Glass into the international class and Festival experience! 
Make an Explorer programme in Spain please |:(  <-  Glass future user sad :(
Thank you for the update, Google!  

Now rubs hands ... time to hack, make amazing stuff, and in my case -- 1st hand 'instructable' introductions to the courses at ATX Hackerspace and beyond.

Man, I was just in San Francisco for I/O. Could have picked it up while I was there, now I have to arrange another trip :(
I thought all the invitations were sent out already... No?
Great technology coupled with creative developers... This will be big:)!
I'm so excited to try out Glass. Can't wait!
I'm very excited to be starting on this journey!  How awesome, it feels like Christmas when I was 5. Thanks Google for all your innovations, and thanks to the Googlers who have come up with these unbelievable tools and work to make them better each day!
Im so glad to see Glass continuing to move forward! 
patiently waiting on pins and needles!
Hoping we are in that roll out. We have a huge line of large scale festivals and meetings with well known artists on our plate this year and we would love to take glass on our adventures. 
I am open for testing...send one over please. ;)
I'm still missing the word "Europe" in the announcement.
I hope I can get mine before June 8th or glass will miss out on a 4000 mile motorcycle trip +Project Glass could have otherwise gone on. 
#ifihadglass I would run around the teen library which I run, show it off to teens, encourage them to make movies, photos, etc, and document their lives in the library.
F. Rob
I look forward to seeing the innovative design and development of glass. 
So excited to hear this news! Have you sent my invite to purchase yet? How about now? Maybe now?.........Now? :)
Google needs to give me a glass instead of celebs.
Do an explorer program in India please 
I never got mine :-(  Got the DM on Twitter that I won but never got the next message about how to get it.  Granted, I'm not in the position at the moment to pay $1500 for this contest "win"...I can come to NYC though, as I'm on Long Island. 

Either way, hope it takes off and we see Glass in stores soon.
I'll be eagerly checking my G+ notifications every time it lights up!  
Ok, I'll be honest - I've been doing that since I was first notified!  :)
Can we suggest people?

I can think of several amazing, cutting-edge travel bloggers/photographers/vbloggers who'd be excellent, creative, brand ambassadors.
Very excited for my notification, and very grateful to be chosen for #ifihadglass  Thank you.
This is great news! I can't wait for the invite! It's a four hour trip to New York, I can leave now if you'd like! 
Awesome! I can't wait to see it in the future, and I hope to get invite on t #ifihadglass project later on.
I just wanted to say that Ive been using glass for a few weeks now and thoroughly enjoying the experience
you are eny Chantal quick not accepted very. taimed you. qusteen of Passwad I'm verry feeling that's pad your position I'm not happy 
Yes yes yes. ....come to mamma. +Project Glass I am so ready to start exploring. Thanks for accepting do this thing. .....
This is amazing! Really hoping for a chance to get my hands on a pair!
Im volunteer Firefighter here In my country And I want something like this to Take photos or record videos while working. this allows us to capture audiovisual material. Besides using GPS.
Thanks for the update +Project Glass and great job you all did with I/O!  Looking forward with extreme anticipation to visiting Chelsea very soon.  Think I'll stay at the Savoy on 23rd. once again.
If some of the successful applicants don't accept, will you notify new applicants to replace them? 
/me clicks inbox in gmail to check for new email every 5 seconds
Anyone notice that the vast majority of Glass users are all very pretty?  I don't see a lot of garbage collectors, IT workers (real IT workers, not certificate collectors) or short-order cooks got any of them to sport around.
It would be nice if they change the requirement to come to Mountain View or NY to pick glass up.  I prefer to have it just shipped to me. 
Looking forward to seeing more about the prescription Glass
Real sad. I like the API. Want to develop apps. But no glass. :(
#ifihadglass   I would create an instant replay application that would constantly record in the past 5 minutes or a set time where I could go back in time 5 minutes and capture that moment I missed and say "Ok Glass Save"

#ifihadglass  I would create applications that record health information like heartbeat and display it, it would let you know if you should slow down or run faster for an optimal work out.

#ifihadglass  I would create a kinetic energy side kick device that charges Glass with body movement.

#ifihadglass  I would capture all the precious moments im always missing in the time where it takes me to pull out my nexus 4

#ifihadglass  I would inspire my friends and my friends in my circles to get glass too with my glass experiences.

lastly, #ifihadglass  I'd probably be broke buying a pair, would love if the next phase of Glass Explorers will be like the CR-48 beta where a few lucky people get them for free to report bugs and report improvements.  

I love glass, Google and its future is an inspiration to me, hopefully I'll have a chance to let the world see my world through #Googleglass  

Thanks for everything you guys do at +Project Glass 
I know it's asking for much, but I'm leaving the US for a few months on June 10th. Is there any chance I could get my device before then? I would love to work on my app while I'm living in Paris!
These 3 gals .. U all look like idiots with those glasses .. Google junk
Awesome...  Looking forward to getting my message!  :)
Oooh - there is a glimmer of hope my timeline will match.. 
When will a highly passionate non-explorer get a chance to wear a google glass?
Oooh, pick me next! I am going to Disney World in 2 weeks and who wouldn't want to experience that through Glass?
I am developing an application to install on preventing accidents smarthpones between the train and the people. I would like to enter this contest. Google Goggles is a perfect tool for this app!
I hope it works like Santa's list and good little boys and girls get it first! I've been so good this year! 
Fantastic! You are added and double checked and danced around... Color me excited.
Short girl, tall girl
Google glass 
Can't help but wonder if they would work underwater. Still glass is changing the way we communicate forever. I can't wait to buy my pair. 
I can't wait, this money has been burning a hole in my savings account :)
Very excited to see :-) sadly I am not an explorer, but any development is welcomed in my eyes ! Great things will come #throughglass
Can't wait to get that message. 
When a Bluetooth earpiece isn't obnoxious enough for you...
Finally!! Can't wait to go to new York and pick up my pair! 
Can't wait to get my hands on this!
I am an up and coming software developer and student looking into the field of wearable computing. As I was not able to Google I/O last year, I was not able to place an order for Glass. As a developer, are there any other portals I can go through to obtain Glass or is it just a waiting game now?
I wasn't sure where to post this so I just put it here.
I wish Glass wasn't so expensive. I want one
omg i can wait, i'm drawing the line when it starts whipping my ass
I just can't see people walking around with that on their face 
#ifihadglass i would stop regretting not having entered the ifihadglass competition. glass is cool and i want glass.
#ifihadglass I would auction it on eBay, and donate the sum of money to starving Somali orphans. Still too late +Google ?
Nervous about missing your message in my notifications...I get over 100 per hour.
I love my life yes!
I will be getting my asap....
Just one thing to say. Ron Richards rules... That video is surely what many of us would do! 
Google glass is the coolest thing in the world! i want one!
You guys are really willing to pay for some 15k(add tax soon) camera glassframes? 
Exciting news! I was all bummed that I wasn't picked for the developer run but this news totally made my day. Pick me and I'll paint you picture from Super Mario Bros. 3 ;)
Holding My Breath! Really Want This!
A scary yet exciting step forward in mobile computer/interface technology. I look forward to this for all it's potential in documenting, sharing and learning, all on the go and hands free.
And with all the developments in bionic tech, combine these and you'll be unstoppable!
I'd use it as a convenient life logging tool. Might use it to control various devices in my room like the lighting, the fan, and the blinds.
...And this is glass , it will change the world !
I am looking forward to this thing...  wether I get it one from the +ifihadglass or I buy one, I will enjoy the potential this device has to offer.
#ifihadglass  I will use it to create the best in class in store experience for the company I work for, Walmart. 
If I had glass.. I would record my hunting trips to share with family and friends.
If all your wanting to do is take pictures you guys know you can get an awesome pair that even makes videos for like $300?

Still just remember guys there are laws already in place about these things so make sure you guys and ladies read up on it..
Dapino Watters, my project is only maybe 20% about taking pictures. It's more about finding out what it will do, and how easy it is to use.
Can't wait to get my hands on this thing. Great invention.. I'm going to be a cyborg..Lol
This thread looks embarrassingly like begging. :(
I have the API all sorted for my home automation control system and now I just need the device to get google api integrated.... Can't wait!
I still want one but have to wait for price drop

I think Google should not ignore student in university. Presentation and socializing with Google glass must be great in such environment. 
I cant wait to book my ticket to pick it up
looking forward to it, was hoping to have it for my trip to moab coming up, but hell, i have all kinds of plans for it besides that...
#ifihadglass   I would find a way to apply it in an industrial setting recording safety issues and sending and receiving instructions and technical information to employees
Take it with me as I dance around the country.
Very excited for Google's project glass. I'm certain Google has their complex, well thought out ways to determine who gets to participate in the explorers program, but how did +Marques Brownlee not? He's the one that gets me amped up about Android and all Google's products. #ifihadglass I would share It with +Marques Brownlee . 
I'm really enthusiastic about a google glass. wannabe a glasshole! I will develop a special notifier for my colleagues. #ifihadglass
Hope Google selects partcipitant from all walks of life. Randomly selected.
Should have had them at the IO conference I went to. Hopefully next time ? :)
Hope Google selects partcipitant from all walks of life. Randomly selected.
Wana get one can anybody tell me how
If I had a pair I wouldnt take them off I would use them n my everyday life
#ifihadgass I would LOVE them, and use them to take photos of my personal artwork to share with google+ communitys. I love to draw manga!!
This made my day. I was starting to get depressed answering the question 'did you get your Glass yet?'. Hooray!
I'm waiting for the chance to use Glass for tourism purposes and as a possible tool for individuals with low-vision.
if any beta stuff to try, let me in XDDD
Please extend the program to Hong Kong.
Is the person in grey t-shirt a celebrity?
i would like to watch shows and movies, if possible~
If we were accepted to project glass through #ifihadglass on twitter will we still able to be notified via g+? 
Just curious - what is the design consideration when you decide that the glass should not be an actual piece of glass with HUD, and instead should be what it is now? 
Make them waterproof and I can show you what's it's like to be a bad ass kite boarder... 
How do I get +goggle glass
I'm @chadvictory on my Twitter, I got into the program, and I can't wait for mine. Please let me know when I can receive further instructions! 
I didn't get into the program, but I'm looking forward to the next round of selections. #ifihadglass  
Wait. Is this photo reverse or are those girls really wearing Glass over their left eye?
я бы тоже ходил и улыбался в #Glass, а пока мир все такой же унылый.
I can't wait! I'm in NYC from June 20-24, if that helps you
If I had glass people would wonder what was on my face.
#ifihadglass I would be the first one in Cape Town South Africa to glass! Congrats to the explorers. Extend to other countries please.
It s great to see the technology is evolving fast. However it will hit the mass market if nice gaming applications are developed for free. What will be truly exiting if masses of users are competing head to head in one big augmented experience. City2city multiuser quiz challenges. True cultural exchange with technology as a tool to make this happen. A couple of years ago I was playing in google labs with multi user code and leader boards and realized that massive gaming experiences are the next hurdle for google. Glass will enhance the user experience and deliver a massive multiplayer framework which is unprecedented in the gaming industry.
Get more LBS info when looking at some interesting location. 
I want that to see more information!
if I had glass, I hope I can see what  others's eyes could see.
Just hope that I can have one
Would be trying high tech Lucida Glass soon!!!

it is quite simple to make it fit into my life, to record the the job-seeking for rookie, and the daily life in the strange city. moreover, it would record the adventure around china. IF I get one.
I can't wait to share my art through glass in real time!
Wow, glass is a project that is really growing fast.
Why are you commenting with pleads and begging for glass, yes I hope to get one too! Begging and pleading isn't going to get you one. Just wait and see what happens hopefully the outcome is great!
Oh my goodness, Can't wait to experience even more distracted, self-absorbed people living in an online world while the real world passes them by.
+Roger Phelps In your opinion, what is the difference between these "worlds"? Why is one set of experiences better or more valid than the other?
Won't wear them. I had been wearing glasses for 30 years, since my 4th at school. Last year I had an eye surgery to correct my shortsightnedness - and got rid of glasses at last, hooooraaay! So, I'm fed up with that kind of things for the rest of my life! I'm quite happy with my smartphone, thanks.
Please make it available in India too. Good job google 
Don't you think its a bit odd, talking to someone while he is reading his e-mails! Hidious!
A day in the life of 'insert job position here' for educational and recruiting purposes (engineer, scientests, etc...)
Didn't make the cut, but if any that did are looking for developer hit me up.
I know i wouldnt drive while wearing them. But you'd never see me without them on my face , even when i'm sleeping!
#ifihadglass, I'd be all keen to show the world what my university lectures are like from the lecturer's point of view, but the novelty would wear off and after a few bad experiences of shop owners telling me to take the #@$%! thing off or get out, I'd leave it in its box until it's obsolete, and every so often I'd take it out and reminisce wistfully about what I could have done.
very gud news, waiting to get one of mine in the future, plz expand to more countries +Project Glass
Nice. Hopefully I can use it at a wedding ceremony next month.
by "select group" do they mean "hot, young women"? best way to get non-geeks to give Glass a second look, give them something else to look at too.
Good going google.
Glass is great but I would rather wait for the second generation. 
Good ideas around , but not everyone can catch it 
I know what I am going to do with it
Need a good beta tester in Canada? I'm an IT engineering student looking for new technologies to try and eventually to develop on. Glasses are awesome and it could merge my passion for IT technologies and for music. #ifihadglass  I would definitely organize a show at work for summer party where i would record the whole thing live with glasses! Hope to see some awesome revelation with glass Explorers!
So excited that I am saving money to get one at the end of this year!!
is it true to have the glass help on relationships?
When the average person to be invited to experience the glass
Can anyone tell me how do I apply.
More psyched for glass than any other new tech coming in the near future. Xbox One, PS4, bendable LG smartphones? Forget all that and just give me glass!
I want most is the gift of glass.
I can't use glass until it is left eye friendly as seen in the photo above. I can live without 3d movies but if I miss out on Glass too because of my lazy eye I might have to go live in a cave for the rest of my life.
I want to experience the glass, you know what it can do to people like me.
When is the phase for "I DON'T GIVE A FUCK" ?
I'm eagerly awaiting further news! I got the message on Twitter so I'll keep an eye out there and here.
Sadly, I'll never be able to afford Glass. Been following this since it's inception and have great hopes for its future as I do everything Google. Anyway, if I had Glass, I would integrate them into our smart classroom experience at work.
Hey +Project Glass I got my unique link on twitter but the sign-up page isn't working.  I keep being rerouted back to the landing page.  Can you help? Thanks!
Um...Still waiting for +Project Glass to send me mine ;(, baby is coming in 3 weeks and I'd love to be the first guy using Glass in the delivery room! Contact me!!!
Will this support a left eyed user as well or is this only for right eyed users?
I think it will support both.  Google glass would be most useful for translation. You don't know how many times I see a poster or a book in a language I can't understand.
How did people get the beta Google glass?
I'm new to the Google community
Naturally as a physician I am interested in medical applications of google glass.  I would love the opportunity to contribute. 
Sadly I didn't get an invite. Living in Germany
I was lucky enough to be picked!  Can't wait to get my message to get them.  Thanks Google!
#ifihadhadglass   I'd add this commannd.
"Ok Glass, are you half empty or half full."
It would then reply the amount of storage it has left.

Too bad it is over.
Hey, um where do I figure out if I was accepted into the explorer program? Is there a website? 
I'm sorry, I don't know what to do!
Can anyone answer this question: Please excuse my lack of knowledge of this technology. So the Google glass can pick up orientation, correct? How accurate is the orientation? Example: Lets say I walked into a large castle and Google glass already had a 3D model of the castle programmed into it. At the entrance of the castle there would be an X on the ground, so I would stand on the X and let Google glass know that this was my 0,0,0 co-ordinates. As I walked through the castle how accurate would Google glass know what I am looking at within the castle? If I tilted my head half an inch would Google glass know exactly what I am looking at within the 3D model? Thank you, Charles
i submitted a comment never got anything.
even though i had some pretty g000d i deas
not to mention that im a HUUUUUGE google fan since the beginning  
Ready to do what I said I'd do #ifihadglass . Thanks for picking me. Just tell me what to do next so that you'll ship it to me!
If I were still alive I would like to try GOOGLE GLASS... but I died when I missed the If I win this I'll go to heaven and transmit my conversation with GOD... GOD BLESS ME PLEASE!!!
+Larry Page, you do realize that your Explorers experiment is skewed. You are not gathering data from a representative sample set. You are gathering data from a set of the population that is brave, foolish, and has $1500 in disposable income. I only bring this up because I am brave, foolish, and have $0 in disposable income. What will be the most interesting is if this device reaches an affordable price point. Then, and only then, will the experiment begin...
ITs development B of a new technolgy - Google is absolutely doing the correct sampling. We are technology adopters and leaders into the new world of wearable computers - We are a combination of creators - developers - big idea thinkers - change leaders in all our areas of work and play. And we are proponents in the use of social media tools for communication. There are user interfaces to be built - Apps to be built - developing and testing of numerous Apps and physical incarnations to be done before Glass goes to the general public.

Right now the form factor is too big and geeky looking - but I am sure that Google working with Oakley and or other major glasses manufacturers will have a very slick consumer version when it hits the streets in a year.
Would love to get them before the +tonyawards 
In the words of the great spongebob square pants....IM READY! IM READY! 
revolutionize life. if i had 2 i could make lower end techs drones so i dont need to be there to show them what to do i could look through their eyes and talk them through it.
On behalf of all the folks with my surname, I respectfully ask Google to change the instructions for the Glasses to turn on.
May I please have a pair of Google glasses?  I promise not to break them and I will report all that I do with them. OK?
The amount that I want to be involved in this is only numerally comparable to the temperature of a small star. Even then it's come up a bit short. 
Change your terms of service and I might consider this. What do you mean I can't load or transfer them? If I pay for them, I can do whatever the hell I want with them as I can with any other product. I applaud the effort to disable for reselling, this will help keep the cost down so people can't buy them and try and double their money. But to keep the right to disable the glass after I purchase it and try to let someone else use it without compensation back to me? Rediculous.
Thank You. Great news. Still excited and looking forward to your message. 
the fact that i have memory problems to the point that my life is like that movie 50 first dates for real, this would help me so much...
I would like to use google glass for war game that link with google map. 
I would explore it's applications in education.  I am a psychology undergrad now, but bringing technology and education together for the benefit of all students is where I am drawn in my studies.  I am interested in ways to make education an individual experience, tailored to the student, delivered in a way that crosses geographic and economic boundaries, and Glass is a forerunner technology in making this a reality.
we have an app for that too.. michael daly
Well I filled CAPTCHA . 0-1=-1 .now what.? I must have Google Glass before it gets official
Give me a glass of milk chocolate chips
Jason C
I'd like to have glass! Please send me an invite!
Give me the glass. I'm tired of typing and clicking and touching the screens mouse keyboards. Now is time for my eyes to enjoy
when is glass going to be officially released to the public?
Very excited about the product and amazed at what I have seen educators already share.
I'd like to have these for technical maintenance. Workflows, parts recognition, hangouts with technical suppoters. 
why ... what a lovely photo you guys have there! :)
Hey i Haven't received my message your in my circle. I was successful applicant.
we would help the deaf with augmented reality now@
Got my invite on March 29th. Waiting for further instructions...feeling like Charlie's Angel over here #ifihadglass  
Can wr watch movies with Google glass and play games
know exactly where I am in relation to Mars, fresh coffee, any regional volcanos and my parents' house
#ifihadglass   Unfortunately I have just had a life changing idea for Google glass.
Though, the project is amazing and probably not what you would expect from a glass project at all, it is a teaching app, but the targeted audience is probably not what you'd expect. The least likely to buy glass in the first place, but I need to experiment with the sound system. I'll be working on the android app ASAP, and unveil details, if my company wants to invest in it, or google could offer me a pair ? ^^
So excited for this. I can't wait for my invite to purchase. I've been patiently waiting trying to make fun posts #notthroughglassyet but now I'm just giddy with excitement. Looking forward to the future of +Project Glass and so excited to be a part if it!
Hoping to get my invite before I spend the money...
Can't wait for my message, and the subsequent trip to New York.
I wish I could have recorded my recent workshop with glass... Would have been useful to share with colleagues... #noglass
i wish we had then to augment deaf into transparency
7 weeks left until my century ride. I hope Glass is here by then :) Patiently yours, Ben
I will play a hockey game playing at center as the position you will see for more also use it starting june 14 till july 7 builthing and at the site every day for the Canada day Stage...If you send it !! It will work !!! :-)
Is it a mirrored photo? I thought device is on the right side on Google Glass.
I got the link the other day to pay for the Glass. I'm getting cold feet on the $1500+ purchase. And I'm afraid they won't last very long on the Appalachian Trail. Ugh, decisions!
+Andrew Ferk please get it. The world needs to see the Appalachian Trail from your perspective. It may be the only most people ever get to see it.
I'd love to show you guys what I would do #ifihadglass , but haven't received any new information since you told me I was selected. :(
Do it +Andrew Ferk i just bought regrets. Cant out a price on the future. ...think of the chicks lol
Gawd, I can't wait to see Google Glass available for everyone! I guess the question I have is will it only support Google+ or will it have Facebook connectivity? How open will the platform be?
I hope to be able to get one very soon
Dutch documentary TV program......wants to shoot our Glass ART project......... waiting for pick one up...........#fingerscrossed
Yes! Can't wait to know when I will be able to come pick up mine! Please please let us know!
Waiting, waiting, waiting :)  Well, and doing -- just got shipment notification for the first prototype for my prescription Glass frames.
looked it post, nothing... come on!
Still excited to receive Glass. Looking forward to receiving my PM!
Sean X
Oh Project Glass. I wait so patiently for my invite as one who was chosen. To not see that little message in my inbox yet... Oh how it pains me each day it does not arrive. ;)
I'll be willing to die to get a glass! NOW GIVE ME ONE!
I won't lie..I really wanted to have it. But how? Imagine how cool would be using Google Glass to watch captioned movies in theaters since I'm deaf. Also if it could convert captions in different languages. Thanks. 
i see few people wearing this google-glass, i will like to be part of that to be involve in this program?