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Hi Southern California Explorers – the Los Angeles Glass team is hosting an Explorer Beach Run #throughglass tomorrow morning (Saturday). Sign up below to join your fellow Glass Explorers for an invigorating 3.6-mile jog down the boardwalk from the Venice Google Office to the Santa Monica Pier.

Check in at 9:30am to meet the team and set up your Strava Glassware – runners will take off at 10:00am. We'll have some snacks for you when you return. Don't feel like jogging? Hang back and enjoy a cup of coffee with the Glass team.

Space is limited, so be sure to RSVP using the link below.
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California is beautiful... should visit my sister again!
Sounds real nice over there in California, shame that #googleglass do not seem to be able to get any over to #Europe how long will it take before somebody creates a similar #system, with the big market of languages available. There would be a massive #demand. If the #software changed to a different b #interface and the concept design where c #manufacturer had a big European d #designers name behind it. The #result would not be very good for Google Glass!
If I weren't in physical therapy currently for my knee I'd totally be there. :(
We need have one in Atlanta. Who is with me? I will find a place. 
Don't think I'll be running, but I rsvp'd anyway. Will there be any tours/activities on the campus? Anything for my kids (4 and 1) to do? +Google Glass 
Kez bych vedel jak si zazadat o praci u vyvojarskych firem
Kathy D
Will be expecting to see some great Glass views! (and a few scraped knees!) Y'all have fun and be safe!
Super cool, the SF Glass Team should host a run too!
Sepertinya bagus.. Dan andai saya bisa ikuut serta wooow...
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