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Putting on some tire chains and heading to #Atlanta

Since October, we’ve been taking Glass on the road to let people try it first hand, and Atlanta is up next. 

Now... we know the weather has been pretty rough lately, and we thought about postponing. However, we’ve been reading all the stories of local heroes helping each other out and we realized that when the going gets tough, the people of Atlanta get going. 

So if you’ve been feeling some cabin fever, come on over to The Foundry at Puritan Mill on Saturday, February 8th and Sunday, February 9th to try Glass, chat with the team, and warm up with some treats on us. Remember to RSVP at so we can save you some hot chocolate.

Edit: Yes, we'll have some frames from the Titanium Collection with us. Thanks for asking!
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Will you have the new versions of frames and lenses?
+Google Glass 
Is it possible to mount Google Glass to a frame for normal glasses? If not, is it planned to add this possibility? I would like to use my old and familiar glasses with it.
Sean S
Will you guys be coming to smaller cities?
Comes to Dallas,TX please, I want to try Glass so bad.  
+Christian Bischoff Honestly, the lenses on the glasses in your profile pic would probably be too small. I wear Glass over my prescription frames without a problem, but it works because I wear lenses with thin frames. The frames are thin enough not to get in the way of Glass, and the lenses are large enough that the lens is between my eye and Glass.
+Zakery Kates There's plenty of Explorers with Glass units already here in Naperville. ;)
+Brandy Ellis  Yup, we'll have our Titanium Collection frames available to try on. 

+Christian Bischoff We don't recommend it, but we've seen it done. Our Titanium Collection frames are specifically designed to support Glass and its available features. We don't have anything to share about future versions of Glass, but thanks for asking! 

+Sean S  We don't have any info about where we're headed next, but stay tuned!
I'll be there on Sunday with my own pair of +Google Glass if the team on foot needs some help! I'll be having questions of my own. :)
Looking forward to meeting everyone!
Probably won't need the tire chains, it got up to 50° today.  It was only a problem because no one here owns tire chains. :)
Boo be there tomorrow gee.. I want it but I think I rather try it first. Will there be a hardware redesign before final product..
Google glass is very impressive but I think the new beta glasses will dominate the glass wear technology for now, at least when it comes out
Are you going to let people under 18 try on glass this time around? Bringing a friend along that is 17 and is itching to try them out
I bet the glass team wishes they had a quarter for every time they heard that question.
+Google Glass 
I think it would be cool if you could add another battery behind the other ear to improve battery life as well as balance it all out.
Wrong technology. Two inches of snow and warming temps call for all-weather tires at most.
Come on down to South Florida after Atlanta for a quick warm up!
I hope you guys come to St. Louis or Chicago in the future.
Steve A
Was down that way.... lol might need to again....
Any chance for Barcelona? Perhaps at the MWC?
Can you tell me how many Glass Explorer's are out there now? Last I remember you opened it up to all Access users. 
I'll say it again, I am very very very VERY excited to get Google Glass. Am patiently waiting for its commercial announcement.
Did you already stop through Florida? If not, any idea if you will be soon? Im eager to try glass before I invest in the explorer program
If your tour will continue through October this year you should think about bringing it to Albuquerque, NM for the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta. Its one of the worlds largest hot air and gas balloon events, and would make a great backdrop for glass explorers! Not to mention the exposure opportunity for foreign visitors to see Glass up close.
Jay R
Nice wish they were a little cheaper
Hi +Onaj Tamo, thanks for being a fan, but we don't give Glass out for free. 

Hi +Conner Thurtell, we always love to see some familiar faces. You're more than welcome to bring your friends and family to come hang out and enjoy a cup of hot cocoa with us next weekend. Try to RSVP to the event to help us with planning, but if you forget, don't worry.

+Juan Rubio Thanks for the suggestion!

+Evan Risto  Thanks for being a fan! We don't have any numbers to share, but you can sign up here to stay informed about openings in the Explorer program:

+Garrett Stewart We haven't made it to Florida yet, but keep an eye on our posts to see where we're headed next!
Come to Houston, Texas! I'm really looking forward to being able to go to one of these events! :D
C'mon you guys. Just prove to me, once and for all that someone can talk to a hard of hearing person wearing a pair and they can SEE what you are saying. There are a billion people out there waiting for this.
Please bring glass to somewhere in the D.C. Baltimore area.
Can you come to England/Wales? Come overseas!
Not just the US
+Google Glass please add another day! I received my invite to the explorer program the day before Atlanta was snowed out. After the insanity my family went through, I had to push out the purchase for quite some time (pipe burst in my apt, had to move, then fell down a flight of icy stairs, a bit of a rough January).

Add another day? Accept a few more registrations? Visit Atlanta again VERY SOON!

If not, welcome to the ATL and enjoy some southern hospitality #throughglass during your stay. ;)
Will you be stopping by St. Louis any time soon? We've been testing Google Glass for a few weeks now at Parks College (engineering) and would love to see you guys around town!
I missed it. :( Not a happy camper. The ATL needs another day.
When are you or have you already come to california?
Will you ever be coming to Houston? I can't wait for them to be available to the public!!!! #Glass
I couldn't make it to Austin 
Please bring the Glass demos to Miami ... I have been approached way too many times of people wanting to try my glasses on, etc.
I´d would be nice if Google ´Glass could be tested by everyone who´s interested in this new wearable technology. In Austria it´s impossible to get one for testing :(
+Google Glass I wanted glass but it's 18+, will you guys make another one that I can enter in?