Putting on some tire chains and heading to #Atlanta

Since October, we’ve been taking Glass on the road to let people try it first hand, and Atlanta is up next. 

Now... we know the weather has been pretty rough lately, and we thought about postponing. However, we’ve been reading all the stories of local heroes helping each other out and we realized that when the going gets tough, the people of Atlanta get going. 

So if you’ve been feeling some cabin fever, come on over to The Foundry at Puritan Mill on Saturday, February 8th and Sunday, February 9th to try Glass, chat with the team, and warm up with some treats on us. Remember to RSVP at http://goo.gl/AwgbYX so we can save you some hot chocolate.

Edit: Yes, we'll have some frames from the Titanium Collection with us. Thanks for asking!
Glass in Atlanta
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