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Right here, Right now 

Another month, another dose of Glass goodness. Here are a few of the new features we’re releasing...

Now on Glass
As you go about your day, Google Now delivers helpful cards with information you need, before you even ask. Now, when you swipe backwards on the touchpad, you’ll find even more useful information like: 

Restaurants, hotels, events  - Be reminded of dinner reservations, hotel bookings and concerts. You’ll see these reminders for places that sent you an email confirmation.
Movies - Find showtimes and movie information for nearby theaters. 
Emergency alerts - Change your plans on the fly when severe thunderstorm or flash flood warnings are in effect.

These new cards join other useful Now updates, including:
Traffic  - Get traffic conditions and alternate routes before you leave for work.
Weather - Know how to dress before stepping out the door.
Sports - See live scores for your favorite teams.

New voice commands
You can now add voice commands from other services to the main menu. To kick things off, we’re introducing two new voice commands: “Post an update” (first supported by Path), and “Take a note” (first supported by Evernote). Updates and notes are just the beginning; soon you’ll be able to use your voice to trigger all sorts of services. We’ll keep you posted (pun very much intended) as we roll out more. #canttouchthis 

If you’re a developer, check out how to enable these commands for your service. Details here:

Video Player: Find the right moment
Now when you’re watching your videos or video updates from CNN, you can tap to pause, play and swipe to fast forward or rewind, letting you skip to the moment you care most about. 

These updates will be rolling out automatically to your Glass over the next couple days. Find other improvements in our Help Center (

Until next month...

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Wayne May
Google Now is useless for me without Google Apps support.
Exciting! My first update after getting Google Glass! :D
good job guys!! this is great news to start off a Monday =]
Time to walk around the building with Glass plugged in to a battery pack... Good to be an Explorer!
The update sounds awesome! One request for a future update would be for a new voice command to launch a longer video (in order to circumvent the 10 second default time limit without having to push the camera button).

Maybe like 'OK Glass, record a long video'
Updated with a few problems.  I will open a support ticket.
Thanks! +Timothy Jordan  I hope they fixed that Google Now bug where it ignores the "reminder" setting of a Google calendar appointment! I get a LOT of Glass alerts for Google calendar entries titled "UNAVAILABLE" and marked "No Reminder". I should never get an alert for something marked as "no reminder".
volume control?!?!?!?!? niiicecccceeeeee
Mine pushed! Remember to be charging and on wifi for the update
Mine is downloading now! Rebooted, now glass is updating... do not press power button... 
I think mine just pushed! Rebooted automatically. Nice!
Update installation in progress!!! Looking at the progress bar
Wow, you guys buried the lead here!  Hashtag support, add caption by voice, and in-navigation voice commands.  Great looking update!
Did.  Captions still do not work with sharing pictures on twitter... 
Any way to force it to update?  I'm plugged in and on WiFi, but nothing happening.
It will upgrade automatically when it's been charging for 20 mins unattended.
Allen A
Sweet Action! I'll have to update at the house - I'm SO lucky to be a Glass Explorer - Thanks +Google Glass 
+Cade Roux I believe Google placed the update on your Glass during the day, as you are connected to Wi-Fi, then installs it during the charging cycle. This fits the behavior I get, plus my free memory just increased.
I think all YouTube partners should get a massive discount for Glass. Mainly because I am a YouTube partner but I could never afford them. Would make sense though I could film all my videos on Glass instead of with my Android phone.
+Philip Sempers We don't know what the full price of Glass will be. Some say the $1500 price tag of the Explorer Edition was just to make sure that only people who are genuinely interested in wearable technology would buy it. The retail price will likely be far more reasonable.
+Keith Barrett Do I need to free up space?  There is only about 1.8GB free.  I left it for 30 minutes and nothing.  It says it's fully charged and has WiFi data.
+Trevor Howard  Apparently it is going to be $300 if you believe the rumours, with 3 kids though even that's beyond my price range :( 
+Keith Barrett Looks like it's finally updating - I heard a beep and the update is spinning :-)
Just got the update. Thanks!
awesome!! can't wait until it is released to the public
Yay XE8!! Can't wait for a QR code scanner and Instagram, Foursquare, Yelp integration!!
This is so dope Lol let's get a "Home User interface" like Jarvis from iron man going
Mine updated automatically, just checked and it says XE8....can't wait to see what's new.  Any tips on how to tweet with Glass using iOS?
Great! Can't wait to test these out!!
Great! Can't wait to test these out!!
I so still want a Glass. Waiting.
I hope Google will realise that no one uses Path...
+Padmanabha Hosmane We don't have an update on when Glass will be more widely available, but stay tuned for now.

+Ryan Mott We're glad you're excited about hashtags & the other additions to XE8. 
Hi +Trevor Howard and +Philip Sempers, we don't have any info to share yet on how much the next version of Glass will cost. We've heard the same rumor as Philip, but it didn't come from us and we can confirm it's not true (it will be more).

+Albert Lee No updates on iOS right now, sorry!
+Google Glass any plans to offer the Glass explorers a complimentary production release of #Glass. It would be greatly appreciated by the community, I'm sure of it! ;)
+Google Glass can you update the guest mode menu to include some of these new features? A guest mode stability fix would be helpful too. Guest mode seems to freeze up when I demo to three or four people at a time.
3 problems with glass. 1. Current price. 2nd. Breaks easily. 3rd. Short battery. Improve these +Google Glass and I will totally get these!
+Google Glass why in the world does the "take a note" command activate Evernote? I gave up Evernote when Google released Keep. Don't force me to go back to it.
sounds like one of the better updates. yea! but can you release an iPhone My Glass app ASAP, please? i have tried to borrow an android phone to use with it for awhile but to no avail.
i am excited about the #hashtag , an improved google now (i hope for what i would want to use it for), volume control and more. So thanks. I don't use Path enough or Evernote, but I will check out the update when my Glass is charged again.
I'm so excited that its another month closer to being released to the public. I can't seem to get an invite so I wait with $1500 just learning the value of wanting but can't having 
Wishes it wasn't too late to get a set of Google glass. Would have applied the first time but I just didn't have the funds at the time. 
I will have to wait until it's released to the public. Consider yourself lucky explorers! 
What if +google opened it up to whoever had the $1500 and wanted them could get them. There wouldn't be a huge rush as the price tag is still high but there would be enough +Google Glass junkies who can't get them that would then be able to and might help utilize them in a way not yet though of. Come on +Google Glass get proactive on this I know it's an exclusivity and wanting the best app developers right now so out of box they are awesome like my +chromecast I just got but what about rewarding loyal google purchasers my brother is an I.t. Directory for a company that works in art and you would know the artist. He uses nexus phone, has chromecast has some nexus tablet as well he would be someone to reward with glass as he could help utilize them in the art world by utilizing mobile museums possibly
WHEN CAN I GET GOOGLE GLASS!? I'm super psyched and ready. 
Uggh.  I'm still on XE7.  Why won't my glass update? :(
+Google Glass I'm not getting the update. My Glass has been on WiFi for days an even had it plugged in all day yesterday. Anyway to force manual update. 
Same issue here, Arash.   It doesn't even see that there IS an update, which is the part that concerns me a bit.  They said to just wait it out, and if it's still not there (no timeframe given) after, to contact them.
Thanks, I'll try that again.  Maybe I'll be luckier this time!
I am waiting for google glass team to begin the public testing phase for using google glasses on prescripted glasses. I'm just waiting and thats all we are going to do FOR NOW :)  Hey Google Glass any news so far on that yet???
It took like 3 reboots, but I got the update ^.^
Nick: That's cool, but I think livescribe would meet your needs a bit better.  You still use paper with it, but not nearly as much, because it records the audio and links the audio to the timing of your text.  Otherwise, just having a camera in the room and sharing the video with whichever coworkers/classmates need it works pretty well.  Glass would catch each time you look away and start daydreaming, and it'd eat the battery.  In any case, when you're recording audio, legal issues pop up.
I wish I could afford it.ill probably never even see google glass.they give it away to people that don't use it.i would