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One of the questions we hear the most is whether there will be a prescription solution for Glass. The short answer is: yes! 

The Glass design is modular, so you will be able to add frames and lenses that match your prescription. We understand how important this is and we’ve been working hard on it. Here’s a picture of +Greg Priest-Dorman, a member of the Glass team and an early pioneer in wearable computing, wearing one of the prototypes we’re testing. 

We’re still perfecting the design for prescription frames. Although the frames won’t be ready for the Explorer Edition’s release, hang in there – you can expect to see them later this year.

Edit 12/5/13: We're still working hard on prescription frames, but we don't have a release date to share just yet.
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I hope there will be a sort of modular setup. I wear contacts during the day, but nothing or glasses in the evening.
Question: is Glass going to be integral to the frame -- so that you are limited to the frame style(s) and costs that Google endorse -- or will it be something that can be added on to any prescription frame?
(hoping desperately for the latter)
I'll hold off on getting new prescription glasses, then. :D
Can we use the explorer edition with frames after the frames come out? Or would we need to get another Glass unit?
Woo hoo! :D This is why Google blows the competition out of the water; they think of everything! If they miss something they're never close minded, always listening to opinions and suggestions! 
Dani C
great news guys!! I'm looking forward to attach +Project Glass to my lenses!...keep up the amazing work guys!!
Toi Soh
So we can assume that Google Glass will safe for long-term wear for those that do not need corrective lenses?
Also hoping it can be added to an existing pair of specs.
We  have a lot, a whole lot , of questions about project glass. for example, how sensitive is the mic ? is it going to pick other people's speech who are talking to me ?!
One more question. Every version I have seen has the screen on the right eye. will the "modular design" allow it to go over the left eye instead?
Cable ties and gaffer tape to the rescue! Just kidding-- looking forward to developing for Glass!
so a person chosen for Explorer Edition won't be able to use it if he/she is wearing prescription glasses? That's sucks!
Excellent, I will continue to get very excited and throw my name into the hat for whenever you start testing in the UK (and whenever I have the spare cash sigh )
So what do you do when you want to put sunglasses on?
+Lindar Greenwood if you watch the verge video recently, the whole thing comes off with 1 screw.
this is important!
but the appearance could be better~
The Google glass frame should be able to add optical elements and it should be replaceable. Otherwise it is pretty much useless. Everyone wears sunglasses at least.
Great , can't Waite to get mine !!!!!
Put those on my Maui Jim's in a heartbeat... Sign me up. 
Wow awesome news, and what about connectivity ?
Hi +Toi Soh, we've been doing a lot of testing for safety and comfort, and so far we don't have any reason to be concerned. But we'll continue to keep an eye on it.
It's my birthday today... do I get a free Google glass?
Like many people (ahem) over 50, I wear reading glasses.  I've wondered how you handle the incredibly short focal length when the Glass display is less than an inch from your eye.  Would it just appear as a blur to me?
All the ones I've seen are mounted on the right side.  Will they be reversible   I have a friend who lost his right eye in an accident.
That's really great news! I don't use glasses and I have really good vision but I'm happy people who use eye prescriptions may enjoy this new technology.
Doug H
+Trevor Schadt That's going to be tough, especially for frames that would normally be in the exact spot that Glass needs to be in your vision. Obstructing it. You'd either have to compromise by having glass more in the center of your vision rather than up and to the side, or you would have to use different frames. You can't have the glass halfway inside and halfway outside of the glasses lens either. Think of all the different shapes of lenses that just wouldn't work with this. You have to be willing to change if needed because Glass won't magically work with every frame.
Oh good, will specasavers do a buy 1 get 1 free offer? lol jk :p
Is it just me or does it look better with normal glasses than the stand alone glass?
This is very exciting. The whole project. 1500 Us is too rich for my beta blood. But I'm still looking forward to the release. 
Great, but I'm curious about the battery life, tell me more about that
I'm throwing $1500 at my screen but nothing is happening...
I am studying Japanese  and wanted to know if there are any plans to create an app which would translate another language by looking at it, I also suffer from dyslexia ( so learning another language is also very hard for me ) so if possible then it may help me to read normally.
Adjustable prescription glass, one glass fits all prescription...?
Waiting on pins and needles for these :D
Doug H
+Darrell Jones I think it would be cool if they made it possible to use clip on prescription lenses too. Seems like the simplest solution, as long as people are ok with the look of it.
Hope it fits my monocle, I wear it on the right eye!
Is this finally a total hands free, complete access set up for my quadriplegic son?
Doug H
One thing that I'm super curious about is if, eventually, Glass will be able to re-calibrate the focus manually in settings, for users who are farsighted. If I am guessing correctly, the image is already a bit out-of-focus so that it appears in focus when you're looking some distance out, through it. If that focus could be adjusted, that would be amazing. So that it works perfectly for every user, nearsighted or farsighted. Seems doable.
+S. Sanchez You sure he's quadriplegic? Correct me if I wrong, but doesn't that word mean that something has 4 feet? Like a deer?
Since it's easy for a thief to steal Glass from one person wearing it (hit&run). Have someone thought about getting Glass blocked automatically if it gets out of the paired phone radius. This will make the device useless and nobody will want to steal it. It's one big concern about using Glass in public.
I hope this is not google's idea of an april fools joke seeing this is march....
This excites me.  Wouldn't you be able to just make Glass snap onto nearly any existing prescription glasses frames?
Disappointing.  Was hoping the Explorer edition would support glasses.  This was not clear during the #ifihadglass application  process...
The optic seat is utterly amazing, the distance and depth are sureal! BRAVIDO.... 
Does this mean optical shops will be the one offering the google glass since we need prescription glasses
Another question, people's eyes are various distances from the side of thier heads and at different heights in relation to their ears and nose. How does glass cope with this? 
Thanks, guys.  All of us glasses-wearers appreciate your attention to this problem!
Question....It's on the right lenses..what about anyone whose right eye is the bad eye and can see better out of the left eye? Like my right eye is not as strong as my left
And here I was going to get eye surgery so I didn't need glasses so I could wear google glasses.   :)
Will we get our money back when come to our senses? 
yay a question ive asked for ages answered
+Sarah Price The frame looks reminiscent of ic! berlin designs. Did you guys collaborate with them?
i am so excited to hear this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now i know im getting this as soon as it hits the market!
Sean S
I hope you guys can design one that don't need frames.
+Project Glass Can Glass be moved from the right eye position to the left eye? My left eye is my strong eye so this wouldn't work for me on my right eye.
Thank goodness.  I was very disappointed to hear there may not be a "glasses" friendly version of Google Glass.  This is great news! #googleglass
Brilliant concept, as soon as its available i'll buy. 
Awesome... I need a new pair if when I get them, I will be decking them out with Glass as well :)
+Doug Hawkes Maybe in the possible upcoming GlassV2 which Google filed pattents for bi-occular Glasses with mechanical adjustment.

One thing that continues to stagger me is that we are looking at the built in solution for prescription lenses right now, the sunglasses attachment. I don't see a especially good reason not to (eventually [soon?]) provide a option to grind prescriptions into the sunglasses attachment and a non-tinted version. Granted, that's not the same as being able to attach to all prescription glasses but they're kind of stylish on their own. 

I suppose the question embedded in this is, is there a problem putting a prescription in the attachment? Or did everyone look at Glass after attaching lenses to in and ask, now, how are we going to make prescriptions work?
All the pics show the display unit on the right. Has any thought been given to people (such as myself), who have significant issues with focusing the right eye on close objects? Putting the display on the left?
It's about time for somebody to develope this
I also will need glasses thats really good to hear..good work google ;-)
+Donald Ham The display on Glass appears at a comfortable distance, as if you were reading something a few feet away.
+Paul Stead +Robert Novak +Danny G This prototype is just on the right side, sorry. If your left eye is stronger than you right eye, you can still use Glass. My right eye is nearly twice as nearsighted as my left and I don't have any problems (I wear contacts). As far as I know, my teammates who are left-eye dominant also are able to use Glass just fine.

Unfortunately +Steve Marquis, if you are blind in your right eye, then this prototype won't work for you.
we are Borg! You will be assimilated.
+Sarah Price Yes, in my case the difference is significant; when I was a child I had lost 80% of my vision in my right eye.
It's better now, but still significant, due to a malformation of the lens and other issues.
I think an inner version would be nice for sunglasses. The screen behind the glass or on it.
I still can't imagine what I do if I want to put on sun glasses. +Darrell Jones how would clip ons fit over the arm? +Project Glass the pictures suggest you need two pairs, or you get out a screwdriver when you go outside. +James Pakele transitional lenses are a pain. They don't change fast enough if you go into a tunnel. I'd also be interested whether the display would work through Polaroid lenses, since this is something that really annoys me about my Nexus 7.
I know what my next glasses will look like! 
Will glass be available internationally this year? In Germany?
My question is: will the insurance companies cover all the accidents caused by this "king of distraction"? I like the idea of innovation but this is another solution to a problem that doesn't exist; at least for a trendy usage. A complete different discussion on people with disabilities.
I see a time when wearable computing does more than help correct vision.  There is so much which can be done to help those with special needs. Looking forward to helping with the vision.
Glad to know you guys at Google are actually attempting to make the device aesthetically pleasing.
Will it work with my android watch/smartphone for sending commands/content to the glasses?
Just getting used to my i-phone, now this?ok I'm in take me into the future "kicking and screaming" 
Google just remember that we don't all use thick armed glasses so please be sure that the solution is versatile enough for use with smaller tubular style frames etc 
Ótimo eu mesmo uso óculos e com certeza eu quero um Google Glass.
+Sarah Price ...darn, that's something I have been wondering... As far as vision goes, my right eye is fine, but my right eye is my lazy eye...its a little more difficult to move it upwards than my left eye...guess I will have to deal with it though... Maybe it will improve the muscles in my right eye
This is the best news about Glass since it was announced. For people who don't wear prescription glasses all day, Glass would be something you wear part of the day. For those of us with glasses, Glass would be something we wear 100% of the time.

Think about that for a moment. If being a cyborg means wearing an augmentation that enhances your abilities beyond what your mind and body are naturally capable of, then wearing Glass 100% of your day every day will mean you've just become the first wave of cyborg.

You're doing it, Google. You're making us The Borg. And I'm definitely OK with this.
I don't need them, but would surely if I ever need to! "THEY ARE SWEET"! 
I'm thinking about growing my beard out now.
+Paul Boldra The shades that you see in those images attach to Glass -- no need to change the frame.
This thing is wayyyy to damn expensive. Google can't possibility expect it to trend like an ordinary gadget around the world. Should be $300 tops!!
And if someone doesn´t see with the right eye, like myself? I have a condition called Retinitis pigmentosa, and my right eye barely see anything. Will Glass have a left eye option?
the great question when will the glass come to the tores and can we count on it here in germany?
So whats the application running on the glass?  and how easy is it to download new apps?

And what's the Battery life on that thing?
A great piece of technology. .. but just wondering if it'll be a distraction while driving other than that I'm all up for it n hoping it'll be affordable , last time I wanted to buy Sony's personal 3D viewer but the price almost gave me a heart attack. 
My fancy spectecals will get a nice addition soon, thank you :)
What about people that can't see from the right eye? Will there be a way to change the side where Glass will sit on?
Make sure to add prescription sunglasses capability
Hey them glasses are the must have better than gucci prada etc for real
I just want to use my existing glasses.  From this it sounds like you're going to make me spend even /more/ money on this.
Its well worth the cash i want 50 pairs lol ima make the boot leg version haaaa
+Zach McCullough i'm taking away a totally different reading - "The Glass design is modular, so you will be able to add frames and lenses that match your prescription."

that seems to me to say that they're making it flexible ("modular" if you will) so that the hardware can fit on different frames.
So were would you purchase them online
I say this every time, but is +Project Glass looking into voiceless communication as a method of user input? Something like they have at It would stop all the people complaining about having to talk aloud in public, and worrying about noise interference. Is it just too expensive?
Whats the price 500 or more or less
When are the contacts coming out? = )
Well distracted drivers will be a thing of the past when Google cars are driving for us...
By the holy gods of the net! Who do I gave to sacrifice to be blessed with a pair of these? Cook? Zuckerberg?
I am left eyed.Low vision in right eye. Will you make a version for left eye people?
+Project Glass  How will this work for people that are left-eye dominant, and (legally) blind in their right eye? Are there plans to support a version that has the camera on the left side?
At last! I knew +Project Glass would come up with a solution for us real "glass wearers" sometime but didn't know when.
After watching the new commercial and looking at the product I think its clear that Google glass won't be what we all had hopes it will be.

If you note in the 2nd commercial; different from the first, all of the info being displayed is located in the upper right hand corner. Even with animation such as taking a picture it is still limited to the upper right. One can only conclude from looking at the device itself that it will not be shooting the image into your eye like in the first commercial where there were sprawling features such as weather and in coming calls taking up the whole field of vision but rather the image will be displayed in the clear plastic screen that is attached to the "glass" itself.

This is no breakthrough in technology, its a mini transparent display, something that Samsung already has but has yet to use.

I hardly believe this is what they set out to accomplish having put out the first video that clearly is a different technology. This is a compromise and a compromise that defeats the purpose.

If you're not going to change the world with this technology Google then don't make it. 
Wow i think im in love with how technolagy is evolving
This will be tricksy for the places that are already popping up, banning people from using Glass. It's easy enough for a muggle to take off their Glass and put it in their backpack or whatever, but for those us who need their prescriptions glasses to see, we won't be able to very easily take the glasses off and go into a bar, etc. 
+Sarah Price Amblyopia - Lazy eye ( affects 1%-5% of population, the bad eye usually have very poor vision which can not be corrected with prescription glasses.  My twin brother and me have this problem in the right eye and can not use Glass as in its current design. (I actually tried a co worker's Glass, and indeed i could not use it properly)
That's a relief then, I hope they'll be available at launch with the explorer edition :D
what dpi equivalent will the graphics on glass apear. And can it be used for the most simple apllications such as allowing the boss of google to read his speech from the glass. If so why didnt he?
Will the Explorer's version be available before Google I/O?
Awsome i can't wait to get a pair now that i know they will also be for glasses wearers.
Phil B
This is gonna cause cancer
Here's another one...can they accommodate or incorporate safety glasses?
Just stupid, why would you want this? Is a phone not enough? The rate of people getting knocked down will sore. :-P 
greg i am almost certain you would wear safety glasses over them as you do with perscription glasses.
We actually get prescription safety glasses made...would like to do the same with lenses for the G Glass
Is there a projected price point? Because God knows I won't be able to afford this AND college.  And I don't want my parents to be disappointed if I don't go back next year.
I am really anticipating the arrival of this and other glass-like devices coming out in the near future. My only hope is there will be one affordable among the lot.
It appears that these are designed to be used with the right eye. I have retinal damage to my right eye so this wouldn't work for me. Is it very difficult to re-jig to be used with the left eye?
Will a version be made to attach to existing glasses, I love my frames and won't buy new ones..... but these are awesome!
The day google glass is released, the four eyes will rule the world!
I just want my hover board and not crash into manure like McFly.
Can't wait to get my eyes on these
You may need prescription because this device will potentially effect your vision.

Not saying it will, just saying one never knows.
Jason D
Google Glass is now the item I want the most
Mom once said, don't sit too close to the TV or you will go blind. I wonder her thoughts about having a potential TV on your face.
make the screen full lens size!!!!  it can still deliver content to the corner but can also adjust the rest of the lens into ANY prescription. no more visits to the doctor just recalibrate your glasses whenever you want to update your prescription
Can anyone say the consumer price for these yet?
Doug H
+Ron Ruble You don't focus your eye on the glass (the close object). You look way past it. The image is in focus when you're looking for than a couple feet in front of you. If you were staring at the glass an inch away from your eye, I think it would actually look out of focus.
These look so cool, does anyone know how they affect your vision? I had Lasik done and my eyes are already bad after a day looking at laptops, and cell phones, will looking into glass change /cause nearsighted/farsightedness?
+Thomas Urbanak 1500 for the early dev Explorer, yes I know. But I'm looking for the actual price for it when they sell to consumers. I hope it's not 1500, but then again they're selling the Pixel for that much and the Nexus Q was expensive too.  I'm sure for that price those products will not be candidates for my tech purchases. 
Is there a plan to have Glass some degree of modular in terms of lenses? For example, I would love to have a dark lense for walking around in the summer, then switch it out for a yellow lense for better visibility on the drive home.
+Jason Diaz would be nice if they do the same thing they did with +Nexus 4 price point. The phone beat the competition almost 2 times at $350. The glass would be attractive to many at sub $500 price point and even more attractive if bundled with Nexus 5 for .... $700
Major problem with privacy here geeks... There is nothing cool about this... Maybe I'll buy a 400x zoom camcorder and walk around with it and film everyone... Not like it'd be creepy...

As a fellow specs user hear. I approve. Now how about some announcement of that #ifihadglass competition?
Can easily see this replacing my prescription frames + lens! So want one :/
+Alex Leykin Can't cost more than $200. For that price it be a hit even with non geeks and it would help the culture shock seeing them around more often. If not, Glass will get the Brookstone treatment.
Ming Er
A pair of eyeglasses for people with high correction and astigmatism via a traditional optician can easily run $300.

I hope Google can make this Glass clip on to our choice of frames--or at least a subset of frame types we can buy anywhere.

Tying Glass to opticians is a huge hassle.
I want one, how much would it cost? 
--so we can expect to see them in focus later this year? 
I saw a rumor a week or so ago that Google is in talks with Warby-Parker for some cool frame designs. This would fit right in with prescription Glass.
Did anyone else think that was a picture of Bill Murray for a second?
Alex C
Just. Can't. Wait!
Maybe I'll actually start wearing my glasses once I get these xD
If you need someone to test one of the prescription prototypes im your man!
Google please -- Take my money already and quit teasing me!
looks better with prescription lens.
Does anyone know if Google have looked into and mitigated potential eye related risks (eg strabismus, phoria, ocular dominance etc) as a result of using these? 
Quick summary:

$1500 is too much! : $1500 is the price for the Explorer Edition. The Explorer program was announced and seeded at I/O last year and a second round via #ifihadglass competition just happened.

How much? : They haven't said what the consumer version will cost; less than the Explorer edition. My 2¢, it will cost what it costs and people will buy it or not.

I hope this will be ready for the Explorer edition : It won't, that's at the bottom of the post the frames won't be ready.

Are there nonprescription sunglasses : Yes, it's a attachment

Left eye version : They know it's a problem for some people and are working on it

Will they clip onto my current spectacles : Unclear, probably not well, believe me I'm going to make my Explorer edition work with my glasses! One way or another.

When will XYZ be ready : No hard dates. My 2¢, are you kidding with them? Of course there are no hard dates right now, is folly to give dates you're not sure you can deliver on and +Project Glass is too high profile to drop the ball on a date. Maybe something at #io13.

Disclaimer: I am not (though I would be open to the option) affiliated with +Google or +Project Glass in any way. This is what I've read and interpreted this far. Absolutely add a correction if I've gotten something wrong, please.

Another thing that would be great for the lens is if the lens would change the shad of the lends when sunlight hits the lens causing it to darken the lens and the lens changing back to its clear lens when there would be less sunlight 
+Luis Hernandez assuming the solution ends up being Google partnerships with glasses designers I can't see a reason why any normal treatment like Transitions couldn't be applied.
Tomorrow I have a big decision... Spend 900 + airfare and board to register for Google I/O or pray that I get selected for +Project Glass #ifihadglass explorer program. I'm really shooting toward the latter 

Looks awesome
May be Google should give this to volunteers for testing and get feedback
+Keith Hammond Check the registration page I recall reading I/O refunds would be available into April. It might be prudent to try to get your ticket regardless.
I will love to have one of that. The price today is completelly crazy but I think this is something that everybody will have in the future.
i'm still waiting to hear... my hopes dwindle every day. i could have really used them hang gliding today in #rio.
Can see this, if it is successfull, becoming very valuable to the police service. Whether it is to flag up wanted persons or simply to record crime as it happens. This could be a great bit of kit.
Ok Heo
날 가져요 구글글라스
I didn't like how glass was looking so this changes everything! 
12 years ago i imagined using glasses as a viewer for camcorder on outdoor video shows. I'm sorry to say I have had several idea come to life without my impute. 
I wouldn't mind being a Guinea pig for prescription Google glass!
Nice. I wonder if there's Glass for sports goggle. I want to wear glass while playing Saturday soccer with my group. 
I hope I can get one soon I love these things.
スマートフォンの次はメガネフォン ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ
Honestly I work security and this will just end up being a tool used by law enforcement if it takes off... Just like Facebook or text messages... People are so nieve 
Phil B
I think Google may think of all that b4 they release these
I doubt the guy in the pic pays any taxes.
They look better with glasses than with just the nose-bracket-looking things
Will my vision coverage pay for them?!
i'm still waiting for the left eyed glass, for those of us who're left eyed cyclops
Lol +Jeff Gosse , Using a gps in a car is a bigger distraction than using google glasses. Also, why would anybody be surprised? Google glasses are nothing but a smartphone attached to your face, so you can bring google glasses anywhere you can play around with your smartphone.  
Dear +Project Glass : Please be water-resistant, I know P2i and a few other companies have nano-coating solutions :)
+Jeff Gosse Bluetooth 2.0 edr has 3mbps. Bluetooth 3.0 has 24mbps. My nexus 4 has bluetooth 4.0
Is strabismus a possibility if you wear google glass for too long? I say so coz of the positioning of the lens towards the corner of the eye? 
+Jeff Gosse , Like +Project Glass said, the image appears at a comfortable distance, like if you're reading something a few feets aways. Also, establishments are banning google glasses for publicity. There is no sane reason to ban google glasses if you're not banning smartphones. 
thats so coll iv got to get 1 to see for my self

Is there no way to control prescription by Software? ^^
+Hyeonseok Jo Haha most likely not, but that'd be pretty sweet though! Maybe 30 years into the future we might have technology like that!
I still dont know how to get them. Just shut up and take my money! !

Will it be acceptable in junior high school ? Will kids get bullied for them ?. 
Oh why did i get Lasik done??? Lol
Will it work for the left eye as well as the right?
I imagine more subway videos being recorded and new pardons for traffic accidents. For example, "I had a pop-up and I didn't see the stop sign officer". It blurs reality for those who already have a hard time, maybe I see it as a glass half full. 
+Peter Ng-Qui-Sang interesting perspective :) I guess like with any invention those who use it will determine its positive or negative reputation. I can see it as a great research and organizational tool, but you're right too that just like cell phones were once for emergencies now they are a distraction for a lot of people. Pros and Cons on both sides 
I will not be signing up for having a monitor/mirror a few cm from only one of my eyes nor having a radiation source mounted to my head for long durations.

People need to consider the long term health impacts of this device.  At least with a smartphone I can put it down.
+Jay Fuerstenberg radiation source? Come now. What part of an led backlit LCD is radioactive. The few cm thing worries me too though. If they don't get the lens right it could cause problems. But that's what engineers are for
This is the future I dreamed of (I'm 40). PLEASE make me a flying car Google and I will get my butt tattooed with your logo. 
Added cost. Sounds like you'll hafta buy your glasses thru them. Movie theater 3d glasses fit over mine so why can't they do the same? That's really quite dumb. 
If it's prescription lenses, would my insurance company cover them?
+John Triolo All communications devices emit radio waves. There are safety inspections placed on all cellphones that certify them as healthy or not and the design of device (antenna placement etc...) plays a big role.

But with cellphones you only hold it up to your ear when you're making a call.

With glass you'll have it mounted to your head for possibly as long as you are awake I would assume. This means more exposure to these radio waves.

I don't see many people talking about this and I'm concerned by that. I just see "Take my money!" level reactions.

This is more than a product, it's a lifestyle, with all that this entails.
+Jay Fuerstenberg I think it's more a Bluetooth device. Bluetooth devices stay in your ear for a long time. I also remember when the verge did a story on this the girl from Google mentioned that the piece was removable (probably to charge). 
I would prefer a daft punk helmet with full view overlay display.
Please make it for the LEFT eyes too, all picture shown it wear at right eye, but my right eyes have a really low vision but my LEFT eyes is perfect..maybe not the only one In this situation?? 
+Jay Fuerstenberg that is true. I didn't think of that. I think google is dreading somebody mentioning that. But I think the concerns of health problems connected to radio waves have been slowly disappearing over the last years. 
I got the idea from before that the electronics were something that could be easily clipped on to whatever you wanted to wear on your face.
Will glass be flippable? As someone with poor eyesight in my right eye, I'm hoping it will be left eye capable.
This is great news!!! I wear prescription glasses and this was my concern too.. hurray, not any more
Very cool, but I am still wondering about the severely left - eye - dominant among us. Will we be left out? 
It can be attached to real glasses. Awesome ...
The way he wear the glass is not correct...he wear it too high. Check it out
Steve H
I hope this is some 'generic' form of clip connection to the existing prescription glasses and not restricted to particular frames from particular manufacturers. Otherwise, I can't wait!
i think the eyeglass it small for his face 
One questions:
I'm wearing glasses. I have to wear them all the time. Is it still possible to use Google Glasses?
The device sit on the top of your eye ball. You want to see info you look up. Is really tired to do that. Frame must be special made. I 
Don't know why Google doesn't make the arm so it is compatible with a brand or a number of brands of prescription glasses. That way I can just change an arm when I didn't want to wear them.

I can see the benefits particularly for Maps when driving or riding. I would turn everything else off except Maps when driving or riding. 
I think its a very useful piece of technology for a practising dentist as its very cumbersome to take an intra-oral photograph at the same field of the dentist and show it to a fellow dentist for a quick opinion during the procedure. also the benefit of NOT having to use the hand for taking the snap is tremendous.
Waiting for glass to roll out...

Being a prescription wearer myself this is great news.
I am going to be walking 15,000km from Beijing to London whilst doing live Google+ hangouts in every village and city. Hopefully I can get a pair shipped out to me at one point so I can take the world with me.  -
Now only if I could jack mine to couple with my current glasses. Time for 3D printer.
Yet putting your phone next to your balls / vagina just seems that much more logical.
is it possible to connect Google glass with any type of spectacles?
7 months later .. question is when ...
Like you can mount them on your existing frame, or have to buy a google frame?
How will these work with trifocals?
Can these be at any help for people like me who have Retinitis Pigmentosa with tunnel vision and trouble seeing in low light?? I often use my iPhone to look through because the camera is more light sensitive and you get a "wider" vision field when looking at a smaller display. I hope this could be a good start for developing similar glasses for vision impaired...!! And of course with the options left, right and perhaps both