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♪♫ Please don’t stop the music ♫♪

Jump to one of your favorite music channels or start a new one if the mood strikes you. +Pandora's bringing the music you love to Glass. Name a favorite song, artist or composer and get the party started. Head over to the MyGlass app or website to get it on Glass now: 

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Can we improve Google play music? Thumbs up or down on songs and add to library and playlists via glass too?
Cool addition, I still prefer Google music though.
im sorry google glass, but you referenced a song in your status, im gonna have to report you and all your ad revenue will now go to the company that owns the rights to that song
+Xin Jiang Both the Shazam and MusiXMatch Glassware will display lyrics sync'd up with the music for popular songs.  It's great for singing along.
+Timothy Jay Use the Shazam or MusiXMatch Glassware.  I don't expect Google to bring back their less capable song search now that there is Glassware for song search.
+Robert Vorthman nice, I'm using Musixmatch on my mobile devices, but don't know Shazam can display lyrics now. Good to know that, thanks.
+Robert Vorthman isn't the sound search function a way to promote music on Google Play? It takes me to the play store page after search, then I can add the song to my library very easily.
+Xin Jiang That would make sense, but Google never integrated their song search with the Play Store.  All it would do is show you a picture of the album and name of the artist and song.  You couldn't even save the song name for remembering to buy it later.  Then they dropped the feature completely in favor of 3rd party song search Glassware.
+Xin Jiang Yes, the phone app will take you to the play store and you can easily add the music to your google music library.  I sincerely wish this feature was available on glass.
+Xin Jiang You can't extrapolate phone features to Glass.  For example Google Maps for Mobile has a ton of features such as alternate routes and avoid tolls.  Google Maps on Glass is a very simplified version that only allows you to search for an address then you only get one route option.  Navigation on Glass is incredible, I wish they would add more features.
It's also worth mentioning that I welcome the addition of Pandora, but I'll probably never use it because it's bound to be a battery-killer.
how's about we make google glass the equivalent of bluetooth headset instead of pulling music over your phones data connection through the glass app.  it seems like it's twice as much data being used and a battery drain on both devices.
Awesome. . Excited to try it out on my run tonight.. 
Anyone else experiencing problems with the Pandora Glassware app.  I provide by voice command the name of the artist---Passenger, Madonna or song---Let Her Go, Argentina, etc and I get the reply ''No results'', try again...and I get into an endless loop.  Any suggestions? Thanks
How about try to create something instead of copy and paste from retarded facebook!
It seems the app is not responding properly. I will wait a while to activate it again.