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Heads up for our #glassexplorers  (literally).
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RRP please! Or at least estimated retail release? 
Thats the kind of app Google Glass is the perfect hardware
+Google Glass, fantastic! Quick question: Are the audio settings (Notification sound on/off, Speak what?, Speak when?) device-specific to Field Trip's services? In other words, if I disable these features on my mobile device (iPhone or Android), are they still enabled on Glass?
Awesome - the perfect app for Glass.
This is what I've been imagining for Glass since I first heard about it.
Glass keeps getting better and better!
Just downloaded the newest Android version but don't see how it links to Glass, yet. EDIT: Whoops! Found it at the link above (which I assumed was the video link).
Apple seems to be far behind, in Google's rear view mirror... 
Field Trip by NianticLabs@Google.... now everything falls into place :D
+Diego Bao and they also run +Ingress which, oddly enough, is all about identifying interesting real world places and objects and telling Google about them.... :-) 
One challenge I'm going to be facing: the GPS on my Galaxy Note 2 is crap - often inaccurate without WiFi on, and to tether my data to Glass, I need to turn WiFi off! Catch 22...

Hence, Glass (Field Trip) is not getting an accurate read on where I'm physically located downtown Louisville... :-( 
This app was meant for Glass
+Prem Suraj I don't think it is meant for glass. You use this application in any smartphone and it has an option to use it with Glass.

Next week some friends of are coming to visit me from the Netherlands and I'm so going to try Field Trip. Let's see how it works in Barcelona!! 
Some thoughts, the popup appears on the top-right, which means you will not see road signs easily. I am not convinced this is good for driving/biking. The application might be interesting if you are traveling alone, but when in a group (unless everyone has it) it would probably get people to ask you constantly about landmarks or make you as the Glass user very annoying when telling all the information you get. I also expect people will assume it works on anything, for example, using Glass on an object purchased in a market in Jerusalem, assuming it will tell you something, anything, about it. The amount of text given is too short for useful information, but too long for reading via Glass. You cannot be thrown into the water with the Glass on. Being the only one with Glass, you look separate from the group, a problem in human societies.
the driver wasnt wearing GLASS
+Neil Capper exactly my thinking! in drive mode it ought to be on the opposite side, but then you do not see oncoming traffic, making overtaking a bit dangerous. +John Cicale but he/she could :) - best solution might be overlay on the street itself, but this isn't possible with the current Glass
How very odd.  The link wasn't visible in my post. I've removed and re-added it.
+Genc Kastrati, +Neil Capper All these are mock-ups and don't show that if you're wearing Glass properly while driving the Glass display does not overlay any of the windows in your car at all! For me, the display is above the windshield over the right side of the folded-up sun visor. When I sit on the right side of the car (as if driving in the U.K.) it's still over the right side of the folded-up sun visor.
+Scott GrantSmith cool, good to know. Of course these comments are based on non-usage of Glass, and thus remain just thoughts. Glad to hear from someone that has used it (don't break the law man)
Sure wish I could have had Google Glass for our class reunion.  That would have been awesome.  Instead I did a Ustream which wasn't very good at all.  Maybe in 5 years I'll own my own pair of Google
This is creepy, you cannot experience the place when you have a digital screen in your face. At some point it says read more, are we insane? How will you read more while you are seeing your friends and participate on the action? Are we cyborgs? Don't thing so
Can you please let me buy your product now! So excited!
J Fuchs
I used Fieldtrip over the weekend to check out local landmarks.  I really enjoyed it.  I have it installed on Glass and on the smartphone I am tethered to.  My only gripe is the Glass notifications were a little slow coming: I was several blocks past the Central Library when I got the notification.
Anyway, I discovered the "historical" plaque for the Battle of Santa Clara(Mexican War).  Its right next to a store I've shopped at for years!  Cool stuff.
Ok all I want to know is when I can buy a pair

So why is the resolution so bad on this video? Is it that the glass resolution is so low or the video was altered which reduced the resolution? Either way, the basic idea I got from the video was that the guy in the Glasses was on a trip of his own in his own much for a day out with friends.
Basically, like Bluetooth (meant for sharing files but found a place in audio devices), Glass will find its place, and it probably won't be the idea in this video. I would like to see Google show us other contexts, like a call center, or a pilot, or a factory line, or sports events, or hiking, or a day in the office (i.e. how it works in conjunction with my computer infront of me), or building legos, or reading a book, etc...
I'm daring the people of Google to have this available in my country which is poorly developed when it comes to IT Infrastructure. 
For a second there I thought you were going to track your calories from the wrapper...which would be AWESOME for glass to be able to do... I hate counting calories but it's super useful...
For all those consistently confused geographically.
The more I see about this the more I don't want it, lets just keep taking from actual communication and interaction with the people around us. Technology 1 - humanity 0.
How do people get the sound effects loud enough to hear on these videos? I need these Google Glass sound effects so I can make a parody video about how Google Glass ruined my vacation lol. Someone help!!
Nevermind I found the sounds through hard work! 
+Leslie Fabello I had to send my #Glass back because the optical block was peeling off. They're going to send me a new one, I think. Since I'm now using it instead of my male colleague, how do I go about getting tangerine instead of black?

Oh, and have I mentioned how much I already miss it? I had grown accustomed to photographing sunrises (beautiful in Phoenix) and dogs (beautiful to me).
+Google Glass Oh wow that is nice! Thank you for sharing, makes me want Glass even more! I am waiting for v2.0 ;) or whatever is the next release though ;) Google really needs to buy the Meta spaceglasses and work in that kind of technology into a version of Google Glass. One for more outdoor use and one for computing. :)
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