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December #GlassUpdates: It’s the most wonderful time of the year

You’ve shared your wishes, we’ve made our list and checked it twice, and now we’re closing out 2013 with some of your most popular requests.

Lock Screen

We get a lot of questions from Explorers about ways to make Glass even more secure, so this month we’re adding the ability to lock your screen. Just like with your laptop or phone, no one can use your locked Glass until you enter your secret Glass handshake using taps and swipes. You can set it up in Settings.


You’ve told us you love video calls on Glass, but you’ve made it clear that you want Hangouts messages on Glass too. Well now we’ve got it. Chatting with your best friend, messaging everyone from your ski trip at once, sending picture messages… all of it is now possible on Glass. You can enable the Hangouts Glassware and update your messaging preferences at MyGlass. 

Upload to YouTube

Some of the videos you record through Glass are pure gold, and worthy of sharing with other people. You can now upload those must-share moments by enabling the YouTube Glassware on MyGlass. Once you’re done recording, either tap on the video and swipe to the YouTube share card, or say “ok glass, share with YouTube.” So go on, share that video of you at the zoo, #throughglass.

Glass is about helping you look up and experience the world around you without getting bogged down by technology. Based on this philosophy, we've got a new setting that lets you quickly and easily capture the moments you care about with a simple wink of the eye. Whether it's capturing an amazing sunset on an evening walk, or photographing your receipt for the lunch you'll need to expense, you can now stay in the moment and wink to take a picture instantly.  If you want to turn it on, just swipe over to Settings.

We’re starting with pictures, but just think about what else is possible. Imagine a day where you’re riding in the back of a cab and you just wink at the meter to pay. You wink at a pair of shoes in a shop window and your size is shipped to your door. You wink at a cookbook recipe and the instructions appear right in front of you – hands-free, no mess, no fuss. Pretty cool, right?


We recently introduced music and it really is the gift that keeps on giving. +Google Play Music All Access subscribers can pick between their playlists and radio, or try "I'm feeling lucky" to create a radio station based on previous listening history. In addition to using voice, you can also tap on "ok glass" and then "listen" to choose your favorite songs. 

iOS App

Great news iPhone fans, the iOS app is ready, but we need you to have this month’s Glass update first before it will work. We know we spilled the beans a bit too soon, but we’ll let you know when it’s available for download later this week.

As always, you can find the rest of our updates in the MyGlass Explorers Community.

#glassupdates #nocoalforyou
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Happy holidays +Google Glass team! Great stuff!
Now relax for a little bit; you've earned it!
2014 is going to be a GREAT year for Glass!!
Hangouts... about time. Some thrilling updates. I'm sad to see Guest Mode leave us, as I probably won't hand off my Glass to others to try without it.
Cool that the iOS app is ready before Glass even officially hits the international market ... UPSET
+Google Glass You DID read my Christmas wish list! Everything I ever asked for in the survey! Alas, my device has been delivered to you this morning! Here's to hoping my v2 glass arrives in time for me to wink family holiday moments into amazing memories!
Thanks for listening to our requests! Amazing update!
Ugh! I JUST shipped my Glass out to exchange for the upgraded version. I want to try this now! :(
That great can wait till they are available for the public!!
For the wink, what happens if you accidentally wink?
Wonderful stuff, this is my first XE update as an explorer so it's really cool to see this!
I wish it wasn't so prohibitively expensive!
$1,500 is a bit too steep for my blood.
"Glass is updating
Do not turn of Glass"
I knew there would be an awesome Glass Update!  Thank you so much!
+Google Glass how far are you from the breaking device management:
eye tracking+wink as selection (or a simple brain signal recognition) ? Just like a phone managed with a finger but much faster and more accurate device management than with a finger
it must be very easy for you :) you have discussed that for sure, what are the reasons you won't make it?
That sounds great... Except I wonder if the convenience advantage of wink to take pictures is out weighed by the fuel it will give to the privacy scare mongers. People like +Robert Scoblewho defend glass always make a point of how obvious it is you're taking a picture when you speak or tap, to allay the fears of the nervous. I wonder if it is worth taking that defence away.

Can't say how much of a convenience benefit it is mind you as I'm in the UK and have never touched a pair. 
Interesting new error message. "Glass must cool down to run smoothly". 
I'll be out winking the day away. Been looking forward to this!
Thanks for reading my survey and listening!
This looks sweet! Can't wait for Glass to charge so it can update! Happy Holiday's :)
Man I can't wait to open mine up I've been sitting on it for almost two weeks. 
+Nikhil Vootkur +Google Glass good point, Google glass can afford just rich people now, therefore the test is distorted because:

1) rich people have usually a lot of activities (simply because they have money) but don't need perfect tools for the each one, but
2) common people (95%) have less activities but need much better tools to manage the each one

therefore the Google glass will not be much convenient for us because Google glass is under the test by mostly riches :)
this problem is a very visible characteristic of almost every Google product now
"If you want to turn it on, just swipe over to Settings." - wink detection not located in the Settings menu . Help?
Allen A
Aww, my Glass was sent in yesterday, but will come back with more surprises!
Now if only Google could just make the hardware affordable so more people would have a chance to experience it.
Allen A
+Roman Kasal A good majority of us are FAR from rich. Hell, I just scored my very first salary job
"So go on, share that video of you at the zoo." Ha! Clever reference, +Google Glass

Hangouts is an awesome addition, now if only one of my friends had a pair of Glass to test with.
+Google Glass just got my Glass today at my door. Ready in time for the update tanks a ton. 
+Noah Fisher a blink and a wink look very different. A blink is fast and fluid, a wink tends to last longer and involve more obvious muscle movement near the eye. If you accidentally wink sometimes, that's just like accidentally tapping your phone when you don't mean to. There's no real way to fix that from Google's side.
This has to be one of the most shared G+ posts I have ever seen.  I have it like 5 times on my home page.
Can we get Android Device Manager integration next? :D
+Simon Harbour Yup! Stay tuned for more details soon. 

+Roman Kasal We don't have any information on that type of interface, but thanks for the suggestion and for your feedback on the Explorer Program. 
+Google Glass
Like the updates that are in XE12 but noticed I can't use the wink one because my hardware is before October 28th.

I notice people who got Glass after me haven't gotten their emails about the swap out. So trying to find out where mine is since I've had my Glass since June 14th. Please assist :) 
Oh man, I can't wait for these updates..
+Shivian Morgan +Robert Warren You'll only be able to toggle wink on a device with the updated hardware. We're working on getting it out to you as soon as we can :)

+Noah Fisher We've worked to make sure Glass can tell between winking and blinking. If you find yourself accidentally winking, you can always turn Wink off. 
Got my glass yesterday and now this so soon. Awesome! Thanks for the iOS app esp. :) 
+Jason Anderson We're still sending them out, but we'll make sure we didn't miss you. If you're still without your email in a few days, let us know.
+Google Glass - does play music on glass work with GApps accounts?  Mine keeps telling me to setup a play music account even though I have one setup with all access.
It would be great to beta test #googleglass . I just can't afford them. :-(.  If there is anything I can do to help, I'm always up to help out!
All I want for Christmas is the privilege of being able to buy Glass.  Any idea when/if you will let me?  I'll put you on the Christmas card list and everything. :-)
Just curious. I'm getting my second generation one around the 30th. Is the update already installed? 
love the wink function! and can't wait for iOS app - Thanks!
I was just calibrating the wink function... now I'm wondering what the hit on battery life is going to look like with it watching me all the time :) regardless, great update!
+Rob Bazemore if you meet the requirements and are serious about purchasing one I have an extra invite. Send me a hangouts message if so.
+Lee Casey If you are serious and meet the requirements, send me a message - I have an invite available.
I don't see the MyGlass Explorers Community. Do I have to be invited? Also does XE12 add WPA2 for tethering with my iPad?
I'm more excited for street view's G+ integration.
+Ahmed Bawany I messaged you on hangout! I would really appreciate it.Thanks so much for making my holidays amazing!
Think: industry; forget the consumer market.
I have couple invites left...send me a hangout message if anyone would want the invite 
Thank you Google[x]/Glass team for the early Christmas gift!  Can't wait for the iOS app.
I am so blessed that I am able to be a Google Glass Explorer!!! Can't wait to show Glass off to the family for Christmas
A friend sent me invite. Today I received the email from google with  glass invite. How many days do i have before the invite expires?
I also have some invites left if anyone wants one.
How are we supposed to turn on wink detection for photos? All the other new features in XE12 showed up but there's no option for wink detection in settings. I'm using a v1 Glass running XE12.
+Lee Casey Send me a hangouts message. I have a few I'm willing to give away for anyone able to pay the price of entry.
I want to be able to send a photo attachment to email or SMS!  Please add this.
YAYYYYYYY! I just got my #glass yesterday- SO PUMPED IT WILL WORK MORE SMOOTHLY WITH MY iOS device!!!! Thank youuu!!
Agree that iOS and wink both great news. Also look forward to the new version with headset. Now instagram integration next?
Can anyone comment on whether it's useful for placing or making calls successfully on a consistent basis?
Dear SantaGlass, I was selected as an Explorer, but could not purchase due to family issues, oh, like cancer, homelessness, sick service dog - minor things like that. But I'm one hell of a UX designer and want to continue developing Glassware - with the actual tech. Maybe you will leave me Glass beneath the tree so I can work my way up again. If not, maybe just leave me some good luck for 2014. xo ~Jennifer 🎄🎅👧
+Mario E Hdez useful depending on what you're doing at that time. Can always place and receive calls successfully and consistently, I find I have to speak louder though which isn't always useful depending on my surroundings
"You wink [using +GoogleGlass] at a pair of shoes in a shop window and your size is shipped to your door." I would love to learn more about the thought process that was going through the author's mind when he wrote this sentence.

But don't worry I will offer my interpretation of it.
So basically Google are you telling me while I am in a mall browsing through different stuff, I should wink at a product using my +GoogleGlass and then you, Google, will "with all your kindness and do no evil attitude" find an online retailer, on behalf of me, and place an order, on behalf of me, for that exact pair of shoes with my shoe size and ship it to my house?! 

And I will do this because walking into the store and buying it from them is preposterous?! 

Oh wait you didn't say anything about how things will get shipped to my house. You just kept it a black box. Very well played, Google.

But if you are seriously thinking of placing an order for those pair of shoes with another company than the company where I saw those shoes, then you are practically saying the following to the hundreds and thousands of retailers out there. "Thanks for renting a place out, buying inventory, storing it [probably on a different property] and putting it on display! Now sit back while we make the buying process seamless for the end user and along the way, we eat into your margins?" 

And if you are thinking of telling the store where I saw these pair of shoes, then I would love to see how you make this process seamless as people working in retail are generally very busy serving real customers in their shop, not ones who just peek in, look at stuff and walk along.

In either case, I am very certain I will be seeing a lot of ads on shoes for the next few days.
That's brilliant Google, however you need to act fast your competitors are on the verge of releasing their own products.  We need to know the price and availability that is the most major thing we need to know about the product to date, surprisingly your team said it was going to be released sometime next month.
The consumer edition needs to cost less than $/£/€300 and it needs to hit the market soon.  I'm starting to lose interest; it's taking so long that for me it's already become something in the background, like the driverless cars.  When it eventually comes to market, it might just become a "meh" product.
I was going to return My Glass due to the lack of compatibility with iOS, but looks
like I am keeping it now ;)
WOOT WOT I cant wait!!! i almost downloaded the IOS app but wasnt fast enough :-P
Prescription Glasses Compatibility, PLEASE!
+Noel Arzola thanks, I was only able to make two calls on xe11. No one can ever hear me and I hear lits if static and noise. Will have to tests further on xe12.
+Google Glass good work glass team awesome world changing product you have created this year, have a good Christmas :) next year glass will replace mobiles

Fixes for when your back in the office in order that need to be made before Glass mass release;

1. Glass battery needs improving (2nd battery on other ear/redesign frame on the right to hold a larger battery or double its current width)
2. 2 uncomfortable areas while wearing glass that need improving (Bone Conduction extrusion, make it rubber & where the battery pack comes out from the frame is uncomfortable on the ear)
3. Edit glass introduction tutorial video on glass first open
- add ability to skip
- make video explain everything. How to fit glass, how to use it, best charging practices, tips on operating, tips on how to keep it clean and safe, more useage tips
4. Add abilty to swipe up on any timeline card and instantly deletes cards
5. Touch pad on side facing users head add a strip of heat sink to ease user concerns of radiation/heat
7. Add to "ok glass" time homecard the date, temp/weather, battery, wifi/bluetooth status, an icon showing new cards are available
8. Volume settings add otions to; - mute clicks/scroll
9. Video clips add options to share to all options/volume control

Ill list more as I notice them.

+Google Glass I'm still waiting for the Waffle Maker Add-on, but this will do.... This will do.... THANKS! =]
5 days invites are gone. Anyone interested leave me a reply!
Hi , I have got glass delivered on first week of december. To Upgrade to XE12 , do I need a hardware replacement or will it be a software update only?
+Avinash Sangurmath is a software update. Make sure it's plugged in to the charger and WiFi is enabled. It will update automatically.
One of the best and most long awaited features ever and I have to turn it off.  If I can no longer send a text via Google Voice, Hangouts are not worth it.  I don't have a SMS plan, and I don't want one.  My GV number is the only number people should need.  When I turn on Hangouts, all of my texts are going out as hangout messages.  Don't know if it's because Hangouts doesn't support GV for texting or not, but please fix it ASAP! 
So many comments!!!
But I'd love to have one of those.
This is good if you are in US, but sad for the rest of the world who don't yet have access. Is there any news on UK testing for instance? Go on #Glass team, give us some seasonal hope and cheer! (I have put top of my list for #Santa too!)
wants it but can't afford it right now lol =[
Let me know if anyone wants an invite. See my post above for details on who it is available for.
Great news! Christmas presents from google! Thanks guys!
I wink with left eye, does not google glass care about which eye?
Can you wink to extend a video past the 10 second clip?  Right now, videos beyond 10 seconds are not really hands free because you have to tap to extend them.  As a surgeon, it's important to me to make this a completely hands-free process.
I want to ask how i can give an Idea i have for Google Glass that will help people..sorry that's all i can say as i want to make sure no one takes my idea.
Addmission open for TWO YEAR FULL TIME AICTE approved PGDM and UGC recognised in this no:9339064061 or
you want your MAT this no:9339064061 or send me sms (roll no:,form no: Dec MAT)
+Mario E Hdez I would love one! I messaged you as well. Please let me know! I have desperately wanted one from day 1.
+Sam Khavari Google Apps accounts aren't fully supported on Glass yet, so it may not. Just to be sure, your Google Apps account is the one you have signed up for Play Music All-Access?

+Kristen Marie Leary There are more details about the iOS now that its available for download, but for now, Glass can pull music from Google Play Music and places on the web. 

+Scott Zerby You can access the MyGlass Explorer's Community by clicking "Explorers" at the top of the MyGlass website. 
+Darren Mansell +Indulekha Nanayakkara +Justin Sharpe  +MD RAKIV Ahmed We don't have any information to share on when Glass might be available in the UK or anywhere else, but we do hope to make Glass more widely available. You can sign up at to stay informed. 

+Mark Katerberg +Rob Bazemore +Nico Reynaldi We're glad you're as excited about Glass as we are! You can sign up at to find out if a spot in the Explorer Program opens up. 
Thanks +Google Glass I thought I was already signed up from day 1, but I signed up again just in case. Would love to try developing for it. Looks incredible.
+Ryan Pankoe +James Farhat +Scott Leonard  Thanks for the suggestions. We'd love for you to show your support for them in the in the MyGlass Explorers Community. Just click "Explorers" at the top of the MyGlass website. 

+Eunes Harun We hear you and we're working on it. You can see the prototype here:

+David Schwegler We're always experimenting with ways to make Glass better for our Explorers, and we want to focus our efforts to do that. 
+Google Glass I don't think that sentence was intended to answer my question about what happened to demo mode ("Guest Mode")... :)
+Daniele Cruciani We care, but the Glass Explorer edition is right-side only.

+Matt Rice We're glad you're excited about Glass! We don't have anywhere for you to submit sensitive suggestions, but we wish you the best.

+Jennifer Tackman We're sorry to hear 2013 has had some bumps for you. We don't know if Santa has any Glass devices that he'll be giving out, but we certainly hope the new year is kinder to you and that you keep fighting through. 
+David Schwegler It was—we just pressed send a little too soon :). We've edited our last response, but it was getting tough to keep guest mode up-to-date with all of the new features each month, so we decided to focus our efforts into those features.
Thanks +Google Glass - I'm resilient and never give up! I think maybe 2014 will be a better year. In the meantime, I'll keep working hard on designs. Merry Christmas!! 
Apparently I have a big goofy head. After getting the new v2 i wanted to try out the new music feature with the ear buds at the gym. I see my cheekbone must be high and pushes on the connector. There's a little pressure and it lifts glass up to the right a little. +Google Glass will I damage the port with my confounded big face like this? 
+Google Glass did you guys notice all the comments around the net that hangouts breaks SMS messaging selection? Even under my glass when you select for a contact to use SMS for messaging it doesn't do anything, it still sends all messages through hangouts to that contact, major bummer as in some cases for users who dont use hangouts I have to go back in timeline to find a text to reply to as that's the only way, any idea on a fix? Hopefully can be done via the glassware. Going to have to disable for now unfortunately (hangouts):( beyond that awesome update and have a good holiday!
+Eddie Daniels We've responded to this on your other post—we'll keep the conversation going there. 

+Craig Finnegan Thanks for bringing this up. Our team is aware of this and we're working on finding a possible solution. We're glad you're enjoying the new update and we hope you have a happy holidays! 
Is there any way to use Google Voice with hangouts? I don't use my real phone number so it would be a huge hassle to change to my phone's number. Sorry if this is the wrong forum but I don't know where else to ask
+Mark Katerberg FYI, glass uses voice # automatically if installed on the phone you're using my glass from, I use voice as a secondary and ended up removing for now as everything was sending via that so think you're good!
+Google Glass Right on and thank you!
+Google Glass
I wanted to check. I got the invite email to swap out to v2 of the hardware and I submitted the form to accept it. Curious how long it might be before I get the box to ship my v1 back and get v2? 
+Jason Anderson  We don't have a timing guarantee on when you'll receive the box, but we'll be doing all we can to get you your new Glass as quickly as we can.