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Sometimes a photo just looks better with a filter… or maybe after cropping out that guy who photobombed you. Today we’ve got a new photo sharing update for the MyGlass app for Android. 

Now when you take a picture on Glass, you’ll see it instantly on your Android phone when you open the MyGlass app. Tap the image to open it, apply your filter du jour (or wave the #nofilter flag), and export it to the photo-sharing app of your choice – Instagram, Facebook, VSCO – whichever strikes your fancy. Oh, and did we mention you don’t need to be connected to Wi-Fi? 

We know, we know - what about MyGlass for iOS? We’re working on it. Stay tuned.

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Patiently waiting for my staged update glass team. and just like that. Can't wait to try this feature out with my family! Thanks +Google Glass for helping me capture priceless moments with my loved ones I wouldn't have ever captured otherwise.
I would love to get in on the fun but my Glass has been broken for 5 days. I opened a ticket with you guys on Sunday. Do you have any pull with getting someone to call me to setup my advanced exchange? 
turn your face to industrial coins Google, bit coins will destroy it but only for any people, we need industry, climatic one, but we will need it.
This is great. Can't wait for the iOS update. Nicely done.
Leon M
Awesome addition! Anyone else notice that recent photos does not include vignettes?
+Google Glass How do I apply the filters? Whenever I tap on the photo displayed in the MyGlass app, all I get is the picture and an "i"-icon that shows me the image details...
You guys are doing this to me on purpose because you know my Glass is bricked....LOL...
Where in the myglass app is this feature?!
I have been waiting for something like this ....YES!
Isn't the point of glass that you don't need to check your phone? ::confused::
James C
Thanks GLASS team!
James C
+Shaun Bailey No, that's not really the point of it. Eventually that and many other innovations will be fulfilled. For now, the point is Discovery through Exploration. That's, at least, my understanding.
James C
Hmm. Nice. America rules! And... so does English. Hope that's not discrimination or politically incorrect. 
+Pete Stergion Yikes! We're looking into this and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks for bearing with us.

+Gettysburg Gerry We wouldn't dare! Checking the status for your case as well.

+Roger Kappler In the MyGlass app, tap the photo to open it in your phone's photo app. You can use the "share" icon to move the photo to a different app to apply filters. For example, in the Google Photos app, tap the pencil at the bottom left to apply filters.

+Yoni Mayeri Working on it, but it's going to take a bit. Stay tuned.
Us Canadians would like to play, too. When can we expect them in the Great White North, +Google Glass?
lower the price to $699 i think glasses will be more prevalent.
Ёшкин кот, два года дополненную реальность продвигаю, времени на океан нет:) 
Just integrate two finger tap launch of filters on Glass once a photo is taken and use the touchpad to swipe through and select a filter. Get the phone out the way.
+Mike Muranetz Thanks for being a fan! We don't have any updates on when Glass might be available outside the US, but sign up up here to stay informed:

+Serge Berig Thanks for the suggestion!

Hi +Kris Kitchen, we're sorry for the delay. We look at each issue individually and some cases take longer than others to process. Our system shows that you should be receiving your new device soon—let us know if you have any questions! 
Hello, i have been looking for a left eye version of google glass but i did not see any, if you have made many and many of right eye version then why don't you at lease make some for left eye as i am blind from my right eye and can only see from left...
Hi, i wanted to have a Google Glass for free, is that possible?
if possible please give me an email.
I want to have Google Glass so that i can research and instant picture for free,.
But i want to have a google glass, so that it can be sure about photos and videos.
Is there's a possibilities that i can have a google glass free?
Hi +Hamad Alshehi, this prototype has the display on the right side only. We don't have any info to share about future versions of Glass, but let us know if you have any other questions! 

+ron soria Sorry, but the Explorer Edition costs $1500 + tax. We're here if you have any other questions.