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Ok Glass, get directions to Seattle.

We’ve already taken Glass on the road to Durham, Detroit, Austin, and Atlanta and now we’re headed to the land of Seahawks, Starbucks, and the Space Needle. Join us in Seattle to try Glass for yourself. We’ll be at Sodo Park on Saturday, April 5th and Sunday, April 6th. We’re looking forward to meeting you and chatting about Glass.

To attend, please RSVP below.

And as always, stay tuned here on G+ to find out where we’re heading next.
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will google glass direct you to the UK any time soon at all?
Waiting for it in Paris. Because IM NOT A GLASSHOLE !
Come to my house, I'll make you a nice cup of tea. 
The Durham event was awesome.  If you can make it to Seattle... Go.
Hey, just get it rolled out to the public & I'll be happy to give it a shot. $1500 and not being able to sell it if I don't like it aren't cool with me. That aside, I tried it here in UT at an Ingress event. It's pretty sweet. 
Wisconsin... At least Chicago.
Atlanta event was a blast. Thanks again guys. Those shrimp and grits were top notch~
+Chris Samuelson Check out the RSVP link above for details. We hope to see you there! 

+Brent Edwards Shouldn't be a problem. Just call us sometime this week and we'll set the details. 
Im still waiting here in México...
Unfortuantely I'll never get to try Glass; I didn't even know about the Durham, NC show. One of the reasons I'm holding back from getting Glass (I've been invited) is not knowing what it feels like.
OMG. I miss the Pacific Northwest SO MUCH! Wish I could make this one especially!!
I'd really love to get glass but I don't afford it at $1500 . Please come to Europe soon. 
yo quisiera que publicaran también en español, al usar el traductor lo hace de mala manera. cuando estarán en México.
I have glass, but I can certainly learn more. Can I attend?
+Google Glass
Count me in!
My one question is will be there be someone I could speak with in regards to working as a Glass Guide? I love everything they're about. Their purpose and mission is great. 
Please tour Europe!!
Houston and Los Angeles 
+Google Glass any chance you are planning to come to Canada? You've got some big supporters of Google Technology here... cough cough City of Edmonton.... show some Canadian love
+Shaun Guthrie We've got some logistical and regulatory issues now, but we hope to make Glass more widely available in the future. Stay tuned!
When are you coming to Columbus Ohio?  i know some seniors who are interested in getting Glass...
+Google Glass not asking for them to be available but you can at least come here and show us. There is nothing against bringing technology into a country as long as it's not for sale
+Lizzy Miles You'll have to stay tuned to hear where we'll be heading next!

+Shaun Guthrie We hear you. We can't make any promises, but we know you're interested. 
+Google Glass thanks again for the follow up, glad you guys respond and are listening. Standing by :)
4th & 5th? nooo.. I can't come. Why out all the days pick those days? :(    Come to Portland, OR +Google Glass  
You should come to Minneapolis!
i live in Spain, my biggest dream to have a Glass to test my app's
Any idea when glass will be available in the UK? I've received invitations and some of my buds have glass, super jealous!
How much does it cost to go to the event and please come to Denver, Colorado 
+Demetri V.S. Sorry we'll miss you! Can't say that we'll be making a trip to Portland, but let us know if you come down to California.  +AL Corona Jr We'll send you a private message. 

+Jackson Huether +Jack Lange +Ajay Borra Stay tuned for word on where we're heading next.

+Vanesa Juan Manuel +Nicky Strachan We hope to make Glass available outside of the US in the future, but we can't make any promises. You can sign up at to stay informed about Glass.
Thanks so much for replying, great company google is definitely buying glass ASAP!
I believe you need to make GOOGLE GLASS available for entire world now. I am from India waiting for a first look of Glass. Let see how innovative Google is /w logistics. let it be available on internet we will buy. 
Thank you so much +Google Glass for responding to my comment! Haven't known any other company to do something like that and so fast
Still waiting for the glass in Africa when will you guys ever come!
I'm hoping to make it to Sodo Park this weekend with my three boys. It's a bit of a drive for us (lots of gas $!) but they will LOVE to see it, esp my techie 16yo.  :)  Have a great weekend!
Just got back from the Seattle Glass event. VERY impressed! Even better than I thought they would be and the Glass staff were extremely helpful and polite. Nice job Google.
Awesome! I can't wait until they come to Minnesota.
+Joseph Carrasquillo Only your right eye, and it's above your eye too so it's out of your way and you don't see it when you don't need it. 
+Ethan Johnson-Barbier Sorry, but you must be 15 or older to wear Glass at the Glass events and accompanied by an adult if you are under 18.