Congratulations to the +Seattle Seahawks and to our very own #glassexplorer  Golden Tate on your #SB48  win.
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i noticed this last night and got a good chuckle out of it.  it was when the trophy was being delivered to the stage.
To the moon!  I bet they tipped all the after party strippers with dogecoin too. 
He didn't have #GoogleGlass  on when he was on the field, did he? That would be truly momentous! =)
Holy shit! Someone found a way to make me give a shit about the superbowl!
…I genuinely want to see any on-field footage he may have taken.
Woo Detroit News!

That's all I got.
GoogleGlass is so good for sports events. I desperately hope it's released worldwide before July as I want to use it when I cycle the length of Scotland.
I would think it would be damaged. Then again those Broncos didn't do much tackling yesterday. lol
I didn't know Detroit could afford the news.
I started yelling Google Glass Google Glass but no one at my Super Bowl Party saw it so they thought i was just having an explorer moment lol
When I saw Glass last night, I paused and rewatched the section like 5 times just to make sure I wasn't seeing things.
Can't wait for the #glassrevolution  which won't be a hit against privacy, but a change in how we look at it
I would like to see Usain Bolt run the 100m (or 200m) wearing +Google Glass and watch the race from his perspective.
I'm interested to see the apps he's "developing." :/
Get of my f___ phone and fb. I'm not a fb type of celebrity.leave me allllone.
I finally purchased Google Glass. 👓 
Google Glass, its not for bother or anything like that, but, i send a glass program shedulle with my name on it from mexico and id like to form part of the progeam GLASS EXPLORER for envovle in technology world and if you accept me, i will give thanks a lot.
Noticed that is a Detroit newspaper... (They are still in the area? :D)
+Chris Murphy The Explorer Program isn't just for developers. We have Explorers who are artists, parents, businesspeople, students, professional athletes, and a host of other things. If you're interested in finding out if a spot opens up, you can sign up here:

+Luis Alexis Sánchez Cruz Thanks for being a fan! The Explorer Program is limited to the US now, but you can stay informed at 
+Google Glass I'm waiting for the user edition, that's going to be a worldwide product or just in the US too?? (I'm from Mexico too)" 
I thought you had to have a creative way of using Glass to get one. I'm sure doing a POV hands free video is pretty creative for these guys, though. Oh wait, didn't the Explorers cost something like 1.5k each? So chump change for an NFL baller. 
+James Watt not to mention it has great resolution. I'd wanna play that moment on a big screen. 
+Thomas Brandt I'm happy to give you my glass key code since I won't spend $1600 for a glorified camera
+Ashley Sommer I know, right? I want to see like teachers and creative types using it in innovative "why didn't I think of that" ways, instead of some footballer using it as a handsfree camera. Come on. 
+Steve Scott I can tell you how it would look. Shaky as hell. If they stayed on his head. Look at the slow motion replays of his face. 
+James Watt Yeah, I don't have 1600 to my name. I'd cut a check in the next five minutes if a zero were sliced off the end, but even though I have a half million ideas in my head, I have neither the means, the time, nor the skills to build these ideas. And no, the half million ideas are not all good ideas. But at least I can think of something better to do with it other than take crappy video. 
+Google Glass thank you but I've had sing in already, guys I really hope to get one, it doesn't matter the price, just make it available for Mexico City please!! 
Fantastic !!! Is it possible that we see the video made ?
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