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Our first Glass at Work Certified Partners

We’ve been searching for developers who are creating Glassware to help businesses reach their goals. We heard from hundreds of enterprise developers and today we’re excited to announce our first round of Glass at Work Certified Partners. Congrats to APX, Augmedix, Crowdoptic, GuidiGO and Wearable Intelligence. You can learn more about the Certified Partner Program and our partners here:

If you want to see some of the work our partners are doing, check out how Augmedix is working with Dignity Health so that doctors can spend less time on their computers and more time with patients:

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Way to go! ..I am hoping for more highlights like these that overshadow the prevailing stereotypes of glass users
somehow I cannot see the view. It says "this video is private"...
Needs more option: "uninsured, next patient", "no cash on hand, next patient", "has sort of a butter face, next patient", "she has got Betty Davis eyes, next patient"
What's that old saw? "When all you have a hammer, everything looks like a nail." Another high-tech solution in search of a problem. Within a sector where it shouldn't be hard to find real and obvious problems.
Hmm.... Google Glass, Google Fiber -- that's a lot of fancy glass.  Corning must love you guys as customers / end users.
+Lee Bruner imagine how great a world it would be where you don't need insurance or cash for healthcare..
Can't. My imagination's not that vivid. 
+Zachary Moon wow... why? You know the app featured in the image above is for doctors and irrelevant for people not using that specific office or provider. So to just an average explorer the Glassware is not even available NOR would it even work in any Watchdogs-esque sense. Read the post...
+Lee Bruner it's not hard to imagine.. There are a lot of countries that offer this. 
+Zachary Moon Clearly not. A QR code needed to be scanned for in in the ER Glassware shared the other day... In the Augmedix app there is no mention of facial recognition software or anything along those lines. Glass is used more for addressing the issue of doctors taking notes and not talking to patients. Nowhere is anyone just looking at someone and getting info.... Read the article.
+Zachary Moon Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.
I would like to see something similar for schools, where student data would be available on demand to qualified users. An emergency, someone picking up the student during school hours? 
Glass can have many applications to assist us. Like most innovations, it grows one step at a time. 
Remember tape drives in the TRS-80's, the 80 column card & super serial card on Apples, the Palm platform, cell phones, etc? Everything has started and has grown a step at a time, to either succeed, be replaced, or obliterated. Betamax? Let's be patient & continue to be open minded.
+Lee Bruner +Ryan Martin Wouldn't it be an even better world if we didn't need cash or insurance for anything? I can't speak for you two, but I get hungry if I don't eat all day long, but fortunately, my food insurance pays for my three squares. And when I can't get water for three or four days, I'm just DYING.
I love the potential for this new technology, but I wonder how much small talk will eventually be replaced by computers. Imagine two people going on a date and nobody ever bothers to ask, "So, did you grow up in this area?" or "What kind of work do you do?" or anything like that because everyone will already know the answers to these questions.

Maybe the most popular question will be, "So, tell me something about you that I can't already know because of the Internet."
Unlimited potential in healthcare!
As a pediatrician I have been trying to consider what are the best workflows. What would be included in the cards view able in Glass. For electronic health record users we battle with information overload. How will Glass help aid us a hands free tool.
+Ryan Martin
 That world where you do not need cash or insurance is called Canada, the UK and so on.
Can I just say that the picture makes a great business card lol
It is thanks to glass that doctors are now finally starting to get involved with patients more than being on their computers. I have heard that glass has helped save a life said a doctor...

I hope before the public hardware is released that glass capabilities are expanded via software capabilities...

keep building developers ;-)
The product needs to have a longer battery life and move features. Please!
So how does this help?
You don't look away as much?
Come on-- if you engage with your patients, looking down at notes whilst consulting is a very small part
I as a patient would be more concerned about confidentiality issues
Not sure where you all went to should stay in your own field!!  Advantage is a nurse or doctor being able to verify a patient for pharmacy drugs.  Error rate in hospitals is almost 20% for patient drug delivery...facial recognition eliminates this issue with an extra savings of malpractice.  Also, most nurses carry pharmacy in their pockets....they touch everything without washing their hands....this includes drugs to be delivered.  Lastly,  Most nurses are over 45 years and wear glasses to read...again this system validates the patient for drug delivery for those nurses who wear reading glasses.  Whew!!
£1000 in the UK this last week. Can't wait for it to come down to a more affordable price for consumers!
The Future, would add flexibility and lower cost of Scribe America type service.
Can we apply Glass at Work program from Japan?   I thought this program was only for companies or individuals those work with American company , wasn't it?
Hi +Yuji Ueda, Glass at Work is only available in the US for now, but you can sign up at the link above to see if that changes down the road. 
When will Google glass products be available in Australia?