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OK Glass, we’re coming to the UK

Probably the question we’ve heard more than any other is: when will Glass be available outside the US? Well, we’re starting out by dipping our toes across the pond. 

Beginning today, we’re extending our open beta Explorer program to the UK. The world sees the UK as a center (actually, a centre) of innovation. It has produced some of the greatest technology inventors and inventions of the last century, and people on the ground are always excited to explore new products and ideas.  

So, if you are here in the UK and fancy a demo, RSVP to try Glass at our London Demo Days on June 27-28th at or join the Explorer Program and get Glass at

We can’t wait to see you in a few days. In the meantime, get a glimpse of London life #throughglass in this video.
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Already proven fake. 
Lol the glasses are not fake I have a pair they work great love them 
Seriously, this program is not ready for expansion.
+Jeff Earls +Gareth Cook it is extremely buggy on Kit Kat, many of us are having tons of random reboots and extreme battery drain.

I'm taking mine to IO this week and we'll try having it reflashed there to see if the issues can be resolved, but I don't believe in its current state that the program should be expanded.
Nice one! Now I have to decide whether I can face the price tag or wait for the official release at a (hopefully) more affordable price point. Shame it wasn't a week earlier, literally got the notification for this post as I pulled onto my home street after a family holiday where I kept thinking how useful glass would be for filming kids
I agree with Marty, the past few months have been giant leaps backward in stability and performance. 
Now if only I could afford a pair 
When it has passed its beta phase and comes on general sale, I'll be shaking my money, Fry-like, in the face of sales staff.
Good, they can can take a picture of they huge dissapointment when Costa Rica beats them 2-0 in the world cup!!
+Marty Ballard I have to agree with you.this weekend was the first time in months everything went smoothly. No reboots, no over heating and no lag.but normally I'm lucky to take one pic a day before they lock up
I have had one for the last 4  months.

Battery: Poor. 
Sharing via: G+, Twitter, (send to email) works perfectly.
I used it in UK & France, NO Problem whatsoever.
Price: It's the price to pay to become a  GLASS pioneer (Guinea Pig)...
Regrets? NO
The only people allowed to record me are people who only have my best interests in mind, like government officials and megacorporations, and NOT anyone using Orwellian police state glasses. No everyday people will be allowed to record or photograph me (unless it's with a technology equal to smart phones or earlier, since those technologies don't steal my soul when used to photograph me like those Police State glasses do). Physical violence is the only justified and acceptable manner to deal with such issues. I will refuse any help or aid brought to me via Police State glasses... Case in point: A suspicious person recorded me using his Police State glasses while I was getting brutalized by a policeman, and instead of accepting his recording as supportive evidence in trial, I beat that asshole's face in. (The Police State glasses wearer, not the policeman. A good citizen obeys policemen, and accepts being recorded by them, because that's what good citizens do, and a good citizen is a happy citizen.)
given the bugs the price point is high to avoid some average bloke from getting one but not understanding it is still beta and getting all whiny and bitchy about it not working right. you want a polished Glass wait for the consumer release, you want to be on the cutting edge and deal with reboots and issues but have ideas on how to develop for it then pony up the £1000.
Yes, beta testers pay developpment and industrial fine tuning. Will it become an habit ?  :(
In another way, you're responsible as you can afford it...
The world sees the UK as a center of innovation. Muwahahahahahaaa!!! Yeah right right... =D
OK everybody, quit calling it a pair. There are only a few people who have a pair. Most people who have Glass, only have one. 
I have whisky glass and a beer glass, can i call them a pair?
As much as i love the concept of Glass I'll pass - at £1,000 I'll wait for the consumer edition.
Awesome; looking forward to bumping into another explorer soon then!
Does this mean I don't have to send mine back to the US to be repaired? Result!!!!!!
+Charlotte French
Why would anyone even want to record you? Judging from your profile you appear to be a very boring male using a feminine name. So... who would care enough to even glance at you, much less waste their Glass battery life or even their cellphone's battery life?
I really thought they'd drop the price when they went international. A grand is simply too much. 
I have poor vision in my right eye so Glass is no good for me unfortunately. I'm sure I'm not alone and a lot of people won't be able to use this device due to being left eye dominant.
+Google Glass Is this primarily a "find out more" session, or a "come and buy" session? Are attendees expected to buy, or is it cool just to come along and try it out?
For all you freaks out there worried about us photographing or videotaping you, I have not found a single instance the entire time I've had Glass where I have wanted to record a random stranger for the sole purpose of recording them. I do NOT find you people interesting enough to waste my battery on. My young, beautiful children however, I have thousands of amazing pictures and videos of them that I would not otherwise have, had I not been wearing glass at the time. Pictures most people only wish they could take while they're struggling to get their phones out of their pockets.  I wish you'd just stop it with that nonsense, none of us even want to do that, and you know it. 
+Chris Radtke I wish I could +1 your comment another thousand times because what you're saying is so spot-on people just need to get over it and relax. I don't know why people feel they'll be recorded more with Google glass when people can do the same thing using a camera on a phone which more people have. Smh 
for double the cost - okay glass get fucked
Anyone know how to get prescription lenses with Glass in the UK? 
Google is innovative, I want to stay in my cave, suffocating from the carbon monoxide of my campfire.
+Torben Buck you are not presenting any arguments and you are insinuating I am against innovation. Well this is an emotional medium, so do as you like, but I am open to a debate where we can discuss more than appropriate concerns.
"I will slapp it of from your fucking face If you film me!"
already disqualified you from any debate.
+Torben Buck this is not your cute looking neigbor but its Google, you can't say: excuse me you lost your spycam. I argree to debate it in a civilized manenr with you Torben, but not with Google. 
For all the times I posted on your posts "When in UK?" I'd just like to say:

Anyone know if the tax man will allow this as a work expense? 
James C
Google should probably fix ours before sending them across the pond? Enjoy UK! Hopefully you mates will ignite an update (a "good" update.) I love being an Explorer! Even better when GLASS works!
I was in London last week. No one knows about glass:)
Fred H
Google you are one satanic spying piece of shit company you know that!Between Ray Kersweil and his matrix man into machine type deal and now a giant ugly ass spying device on your face.I promise you one thing if I see someone with this on their face they will go straight to fist city.Assault charges or not.
Google - is doing themselves an injustice by not opening the sale of google glasses to the world. By the time they do launch its going to be ho hum. I hope another competitor comes up with a similar device. Because I am really angry that they treat everybody that's not in America as bogongs. Come on Sony, Samsung, realise a device to compete.
Can't go to io this year I'm in Germany right now
Can't wait until you get to Australia! 
Slight downside to this announcement is it makes it feel much less likely that the full commercial release is coming imminently - I was kinda hoping it would be at io, but that would be weird now 
There are more cameras in the uk then anywhere in the world. As far as privacy hoes google glass is nothing compared to uk surveillance 
I put mine through the business +Lee Casey

Why do so many anti-glass fanatics follow this account and more importantly why do they think that people want to film them, are you also anti-smartphone? Do you throw then to the floor if someone is taking a picture? No you're just jumping in the bandwagon.

Lol'd at the irony of that guy with the sarcastic post about UK being a centre for innovation, you know you posted this on the internet, which was creation of a Brit.
Shouldn't the device with the camera and projector be on the LEFT side of the frame? You know, it's the UK, they tend not to do things the right way... ;)
+Dan Root no the internet was a creation of America. The only thing you guys created that led to the internet was the telegraph but technically you didn't invent that either because it's predecessor is a French invention which used light to send signals. I remember the story of you guys "inventing" the mechanical clock. When an English man presented the technology to the Chinese emperor at there time her laughed only to find out they invented the same thing 800 years before you.
+Andres Reano ... hmm, there might be some claim to say the Internet wouldn't exist without the programmable computer, and that's generally accepted as being the child of Charles Babbage (depending upon your definition of "programmable computer").  If that's not acceptable then Sir Tim Berners-Lee is definitively accepted as the inventor of the World Wide Web, which is what most people are talking about when they say "Internet".  I'll happily admit though that the network concepts developed from DARPA.
Can't quite work out why people are so concerned about the possibilty of being being filmed by Glass users? In the UK on average a person is filmed by cctv over 70 times per day almost entirely without their knowledge and certainly without their permission. Whether you are in the supermarket shopping or sat in your car at the traffic lights picking your nose, chances are you are being filmed. 
+Marty Ballard maybe that's because it's expanding. So more people see these issues and work together to solve them 
"Probably the question we've heard more than any other ..."

What. More than, when are you going to release the commercial version..!?!
I was still thinking that one day the glass project would officially enter China, even it seemed not that realistic today...
I will admit that it is cool but I don't know if it is fashionable to wear half glasses around the place
+Bill G. Bennett London Demo Days is absolutely a "find out more" session, though we will have Glass available for purchase if you decide you want to take it home with you. 

+Mattias Hemmingsson +Gökhan Yılmaz +Andreas Krogh +Hardik Jariwala +Karyn Hogan We're getting started with the UK, but we know people all over want Glass. We can't say where Glass might be heading next or when it might get there, but we do hope to make it more widely available in the future. 
Sure sure , Blame Canada! We are right next door but you'd rather cross 1,770 mi to visit the Queen.
+Google Glass its the foil that scars me the most.the last weekend at home in fla at Disney it raind a few times.. But then got hummid.lucky I found a seat at the bar and waited it out .
I will be so wrong to ignore all that InstaPhamous has been doing to my instagram! 
Great to hear it's in the UK.... but I'll keep my £1000 until there is a left-eye version. Can't see well enough with my right. 
InstaPhamous worked well for me
+rick sare Thanks for sharing.

+Martin Long We hear you. This prototype has the display on the right side only, but Glass does work with prescription lens too. 
Please say hi to London for me, I moved to California so I could buy my glass :D If only I could have scored an IO14 ticket  then the world would be complete. 
Dude, didn't i tell you InstaPhamous really delivers!
Awesome, INSTAPHAMOUS really does deliver on their followers! 
+ClipJumpers try out INSTAPHAMOUS you'll be happy like i was it works better than these videos!
Any plans to bring it to Ireland soon? Or can i buy it on the UK or US site for a friend in Ireland? i would love to buy it for a friends birthday, or if its not going to be available for a few months would i be able to buy a voucher so he can get it when it is available?
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Hi is there anywhere in London where I can see google glass before I buy ?
Went to the event, and I've got to say that even as a bit of a fanboy, I was left a little underwhelmed. The screen image wasn't as large or as clear as I'd been led to believe, and the screen pivot had to be just right in order to see the whole of the screen. It overheated easily, and was a bit laggy with handling input.
It definitely has a lot of potential, was was quite cool to play with, but without seeing how useful it would be hooked up to my own device, with my own apps, it didn't blow me away.
£1000 would be madness to spend on the explorer edition. Do the world a favour, donate it to charity, and teach yourself patience instead.
mj sg
Very good
And also when is the consumer edition coming out ... Last year u guys say that it is coming soon but it has been already 6 months
+Millenno kho We don't have any updates to share on where Glass is heading next or when  it'll get there, but we're working on it and we'll share more when it's ready. 
I was gonna say that it looks to ridiculous to wear, but now i know it can be worn on shades and other glass frames, totally fashionable
Google why dont you lower the price?
+FrankB00M This is the right price for this version. We don't have much info on future pricing now, but we expect Glass to cost less down the road. 
+Rory O'Donnell Thanks for asking. We'll double check and share a private post with the answer shortly. 
+Google Glass so its been 3 or 4 days and still no message simply telling my the name of the song? so much for "shortly"
+Google Glass
Great job with the Advert; what is or who is the artist of the soundtrack? :)
Doesn't say in the stats at the moment.
+Yoo HanSol We added you into the post we mentioned above for Rory & Benjamin. Check that link. 
Hey! What is the song playing in this ad? I have been looking for it for two weeks and I am going crazy ^^. Thanks!
Noooo. Did you manage to get a name of the band or anything from the private post that the Google guys copied you into?
You know that's great and all but why aren't they available to Canadians yet?
Hi +Myles Vanevery, we have some regulatory and logistical limitations right now but we hope to make Glass more widely available someday. You can sign up here to stay looped in:  
+Google Glass Hey, may I please ask what the name of this music is? Also, what price is this in the UK?
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