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Today we’re announcing the DVF | Made for Glass collection, a collaboration that brings chic eyewear designs by iconic American fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg to the Glass Explorer Program. These new designs build on the style choices we gave Explorers when we launched the Titanium Collection in January.

Starting June 23, you can purchase the collection exclusively on +NET-A-PORTER and, which includes five new frames and eight new shades to give you even more ways to make Glass your own. At that time, you’ll also be able to purchase the Titanium collection on +MR PORTER

In 2012, we gave you an insider’s view of the +DVF Spring 2013 runway show with DVF [through Google Glass]. We’re honored to collaborate with her talented team again. Like Diane says, “technology is your best accessory.”

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+Google Glass Are there any plans to make frames that will allow the wearer to switch prescription lenses without disassembling everything? Are there any plans to create frames to hold lenses that are narrower, top-to-bottom than the ones you've produced so far?
Can we exchange existing Glass for one of these? 
When does this stop being the explorer programme and start just being glass is for released? I'm struggling to see the distinction now it's available to buy (in the US)
Can you do a reverse version of the glass ? I'm left handed and though I do a lot of things with my right hand, I would feel a lot more comfortable (and I would have a lot more move possibilities) if I could have it on my left side.
23rd June!!

Just one day before Google I/O event
Sean Im
Sweet!  It's awesome to see +DVF support GLASS.
I really don't care any more. I'm from the Uk and the wait has been too long.
Can this new frames get prescription lenses, like titanium?
If so, is the recommended limit (-4 +4 and 2D est.) still the same?
+Google Glass is Glass definitely coming to market for consumers across the globe? I've heard rumours of it never extending pass "experimental data gathering". 

The new lenses look good by the way :)
sounds like Apple logic (non scalable solution), why not to make google glasses that can be fit to any type of sunglasses
What I really would like to see was a frame with the lense angled and cut directly into it to move away from the attachment feel of Glass and let it be part of frame itself.

Theoretical possible with the correct positioning of the top frame and the lense at an angle instead of the current vertical position. 

But I guess it would have already made it into the options if it was "that easy"
Will these be as expensive as current frames? I'd like to see $25-$50 options.
I'm sorry, the aesthetic of the frame does not meld well with the electronics casing.

I would like to see what designer Tom Ford could bring to the project.
Have you looked at making a module for a baseball caps instead of glasses? 
They still need to correct the Asymmetrical look as faces need to be symmetrical when looked at or they invoke a reptilian brain response.
Dear +Google Glass ,
Shut up and take my money!! ;-)
Lots of love,
People outside of the US that want Glass now!
Will these shades make my phone look like the rainbow color that other shades do?
These would be great if it was all internal.

hi i'm Egyptian student and i have many patents about smart glasses. i need help from the company .   ‏
I would like to see +google glass be made so you can attach them to any pair of glasses.
I don't want to come off a a troll here, but there is nothing "chic" about either of those sunglasses. I don't know anyone that would wear any of these sunglasses. Not trying to be a jackass here, but the blade glasses? Really?

At least a pair of aviators or something. 
I'm with +Chris Lang, except I believe Glass should be completely internal to the glasses. My 2k.
+Chris Lang you are right it is mostly women styles if not all, the great news is that other companies are adopting glass and we might get more frames. I am still waiting for RayBan to release their styles
I will say, that Glass is absolutely the greatest date bait there is. You can be fat and old like me, and every girl in the bar will want to talk to you if you have GLASS on. 

If I was still young and single, I would be all over this but not with the blade shades, unless I was in a NASCAR bar.
from just glasshole to ultimate glasshole with this 
Sweet... Still $1500 though. Any hint to when this will be released and at least a realistic price range that we can be ready for?
Wouldn't wear any of it yet. When I look at google glasses I see exactly the same thing I would looking at nerd glasses with white tape in the middle. Too goofy for me. I'll probably wait a generation or 2 before getting google glasses (or competitors glasses) with more internal and discreet parts. 
Cute, but I still think they need to innovate past the idea of building glasses and start building something that can attach to any pair people want to put it on. BTW, as someone who wears glasses all the time, they need to balance the attachment so the weight isn't on one side unless they want to cause headaches.
Hi guys is there anyway for us to get hold of one of these for in Spain or any beta api that we can begin to create apps on ready for launch ?
Also look at distributing if you have information available for that yet thanks.
Hey guys, it looks better than the current futuristic look. As a design feedback, I think the biggest issue is that the device part is still too noticeable, because it makes the face not symmetric by putting a big element on the right side. Not sure if there is a way to make it smaller or more symmetric. However, great job and it's improving. We are from Toronto and we support you! Other than that, we are hosting hackathons here in Toronto to create apps for Glass. If anyone here is interested please visit . Cheers!
There goes the last resemblance of privacy
I really dig the idea of a heads-up-display but... I just dont think people are going to buy what we see in these pictures in any great numbers.
make it look like the saiyans' and your target audience will buy em

Need shatter proof lenses and audio enhancement
+Google Glass, I have a second idea : what about making it possible to slide the glass screen out of the face ? If the body of google glass could slide back on the glasses' frame, it could give more space to the user and also almost disappear from the face of the user, so that we don't look like "glassholes" because we have this on our face all the time.
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I need a way to adapt glass to work with my black wafers . What about that google?
And I wear the classic ray ban 2140 blues brothers style wafers . There is no substitute!

A big step in adoption for the masses! Even prescription lenses?
Damn I just need the glass then I could look sheik in them
Ricardo Zamora . When can I get some black waferers? Any idea?

hi  yoll doung too day I would like too now what yoll talking about
work number  804765531522
how are we gonna use it if google is blocked? do you have a pre-installed vpn inside? :D
+Spencer Kleyweg We're not sending out trial pairs of these frames and shades, but thanks for asking!

Hi +Thomas Schwartz, thanks for the suggestion. We don't have any info on future versions of Glass, but feel free to add this design request to the Wishlist in the Explorer Community: If this request has already been submitted, feel free to show it some support by giving it a kudo! 

+Lee Casey +Barry McCauley We don't have any info on when Glass might be available outside the US, but we hope to expand in the future. You can stay informed about Glass and its availability here:

+Mehdi Zakaria Benadel Thanks for the suggestion! This prototype has the display on the right-side only. We don't have any info to share about future versions of Glass, but we appreciate the feedback. 
I'm gonna say this and it's gonna seem rotten. I think those of us who paid $1500 for this program need to be considered for a significant discount when glass 2 comes out. So when everyone else has to pay $500 we get them for $100...who's with me? Altheer is coming out with something that is pretty advanced. You guys need give it a look see.Chime in people! Now that being said google . So far. Everyone I have made constant with ,wants a pair. It seems I am selling these . So not only are we in the beta program but we are your sales people too. Next ...I'm a student pilot . And I really need an aviation HUD . HOW BOUT IT? And google sky map...

Daniel Pullan ...YuP! We paid too much and deserve it. But it's not free since we are beta testing and selling these.

DVS adds nothing to the tech save $$. What a waste. 
Listen - I don't care how nice the glasses - you still want people to spend $1500 on a product with a 3 year old processor and horrible battery life. And which will be obsolete when the final product gets released. No deal.
Tell Diane that the human face has symmetry and the glass should also. Put a dummy device on the other lens and then design the glasses.
nice, still cant do the $1500 pricetag. yuppie gadget.
+Veronicca Lakewood The Israelis have a HUD for aviation that is available on the commercial market.  Don't ask me who produces it, but the IDF all fly with them.

I would contact a flight school there to inquire.
My glasses are mirror lense they said no tinted mirror only im like whatever .......?.,,.,.....gjdifjjdjfif
Okay so Ariel's . I want an aviation HUD on my google glass. And yea I know a lot about avionics HUD there Ariela. But I am talking about google glass ...get it? So yes I fly planes . But I need my google glass to have an aviation HUD . Do you even have a set of these? I fly g1000 I fly other things . But when I fly I have my google glass on. So in front of my face I need a HUD I getting through?

Dump this and get us some aviators. All the female stars are rockin em, why still keep making this ugly stuff only nascar fans and school teachers would wear?
Yea and as an aviator I do wear raybans. But also like my wayfarers

Still waiting for a whole next generation before I buy into it. Also an inclusion of Android Wear would be nice. 
Hoa Ho
+Google Glass  I actually have a very simple idea of how to make the Google Glass fit on every sunglasses. I will share it with Google if they actually contact me. 
+Hoa Ho Thanks for being a fan. We don't have a way to accept confidential or sensitive suggestions. We can't wait to see what awesome things people build for Glass. 
The DVF frames are pretty close to the aviator style I like. The angle they connect to the glass at though is a little too straight up and down. Not sure if it is just mine or the whole batch, but I think would be slightly better if the tilt angle had the bottom of the lens come closer to the face. Right now the bottom sticks out about 2 inches off my face.