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Wow, lots of questions! We'd rather "show" than "tell" so here you go: the mono earbud, and the Glass that Explorers will be getting when they swap later this year.

Edit: More questions! The earbud plugs into Glass, so you can choose whether to use it.
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I can't wait to swap out!! My glass has been useless for phone calls and nav because I can't hear it well enough and now my camera is blurring out all my pictures in weird ways.  Yay for updates/upgrades!!!
And this will also be compatible with prescription lenses? 
Ivan Yudhi
How is this going to work with prescription? It looks the same.
anyone have a comparison image? Other than the earbud, it looks the same to me.
Interesting. Doesn't seem to be much of a design shift, at least visually. The earlier post mentioned that it would be compatible with other frames. Is that still true?
I liked the bone conductor for mowing. When you have ear plugs in and the mower running, you hear Glass crystal clear.
Alex C
Curious if there's any other changes?
The main difference other than the earbud appears to be the counterweight/battery 
Joey Heck
Is it removing the bone conducting speaker, or just an addition?
So rad, I'm just trying to get an invite now.  WOOT!
Looks totally awesome, can't wait to get mine! Also curious about the prescription lenses/alternate frames.
I need better friends.. Still no Glass Invite.. :D
Wow, pretty similar to Glass1!  Looks like accessories will still work!
Does the earbud mean the bone conduction for sound no longer functions? 
It looks like the earbud is an accessory that plugs in to the USB slot.  Those might not be the new devices.
+Google Glass Ahhh, I see, so you'd merely need to detach the screw holding the wrap-around frames to the right hand portion of the Glass and attach it to the compatible frames. Clever!
+Google Glass do you mean this upgraded version will work with prescription frames? If so I'm ready to trade up now.
Looks fantastic!
+Google Glass, is there a timeline on when international customers can get their hands on Glass at all?
I've had the money since day one but you won't allow me to buy them because I'm in the UK.
I need an invite to pick up these anyone willing to share? 
Can't wait. I needed an excuse to make it back to Los Angeles. And now that we'll be able to use them with prescription glasses, they'll be glued to my face. 
It would be interesting to use Glass when recording guitar and piano. Would give a new angle when posting videos and it would make remembering to start the cam a lot easier. I'd love to own a pair!
+Google Glass. What prescription frames will this work with? Will you be working with specific manufacturers or will it work on all frames? 
+Marques Brownlee dude I'm hoping you step up and offer the glass invites to some followers. Like me for ex. 
I hope I can either use a regular earpiece that can go around to my left ear (deaf in right) or I can continue to use the bone conducting technology as I have been able to hear with my right ear with Glass.
+Google Glass Does this picture actually show the new hardware revision of Glass? Or just the old version with the mono headphone plugged in? Just asking because it looks identical.
+Google Glass Other than the mono earbud and the new lense compatibility the design looks very similar. Any chance there are some under-the-hood upgrades going on? A bigger battery would be much appreciated! :)
Finally! I can not wait! :)
I am not an Explorer and therefore I have no idea how bad you hear things currently. Still, a microUSB plugged earbud makes things worse and not better - I think.
If I'd have Glass I wouldn't want to walk arround with this earbud all the time. That means I need to plug it in whenever I need it. And here is the problem: Using microUSB I need to put it the right direction. More importantly I will probably need to "press" the plug into the slot, like I need to do with my smartphone, so I will need both hands as well or it'll take me longer to get ready for a incoming phonecall.
It would be nice if the connection could rely on something else than microUSB and be magnetic somehow making it way easier to plug in the earbud .. 

Think about riding your bicycle and getting a call. I guess you'd need to stop. 
+Ivan Yudhi The frame is detachable, so you can remove it and add custom frames I imagine.
Hmm. The earpiece doesn't add to it visually... I take it it's making up for some deficiency with the bone conduction from the positive responses on here. Never touched a pair myself so I wouldn't know. 
+Thomas Schmidt It's not permanent, it has both bone conductor and earbud. Earbud is just for when on calls/listening to music I guess.
Sounds great.  What's pricing like on this new unit?
Neat didn't even enjoy know there was a refresh coming... Really wish we could try these out in Canada :(
+Jordan Fish Right, still it will take a longer time to get ready for incoming phone calls, if something like this seems necessary.
The other one looks a bit cooler, to be honest.
+Google Glass Thank you for answering my questions. Just one more, when can I get one (I'm in the UK) 
Awesome upgrade. I hope the earbud actually stays in my ear an/or will allow me to use yurbuds which is a proven technology that will stay in ones ear for 26.2 miles :)
Nooo, I don't like that. That earpiece better be an accessory and not part of the unit. Glass looked much more streamline without it. 
Very very cool, +Google Glass! You guys have been awesome answering questions. Maybe you could give us a hint as to the hardware improvements? ;-)

Regardless, I'm definitely trading mine in for the new version. I'm a sucker for new stuff. :-P
I can't wait. looks interesting!  
Earbud: instead of or in addition to the bone conduction?
+Google Glass So happy to hear the earbud is an either / or option. We like not having to plug something into our ear. 
+Google Glass cant wait for my invite to come through so I can jump on a plane and come get my Glass!!
In coherence with my previously posted critic, why didn't you put the slot on the upper side of Glass?
Ironic... if this mono earpiece was all white, would appear similar to the original iconic iPod earbud...
any of current Glass owners can invite me?
When will this be mounted onto something less dorky?
This is for the original explorers or you'll include new agents in the field? Still just US?
Other than the earbud in the USB jack, this model looks identical - in these photos, nothing looks different from the one I have.  Can someone tell me what I'm not seeing here?
I'd really like to have a pair for work to document stuff with video and pics. 
I do not understand how my Glasses will fit on this. I wear Glasses. I also have one on order now. Please urgently advise.
This would've never happened if +Hugo Barra  was still around.
+Google Glass I wish I could be chosen as one of the new Explorers for the new Google Glass! I'd love to record cool research laboratory stuff that I do everyday for you! Please choose me so I can help you! ✌️🙏
Naw! I thought the bone conducting speaker was really innovative! Shame they took it out, I wanted to hear it first hand, because apparently it sounds like someone speaking inside your head, owell! Probably to keep the cost down...
+Google Glass I would love to be a Glass explorer because I am a Coach and it would be great to be able to capture things while coaching as opposed to only being able to ask others for pictures and video that may not be what i was looking for or important to me !
OH man I have such OCD I was thinking about switching color at swap but now I stay with cotton to match the earbud and charging cable
I was thinking the same thing +Antony Woodhouse . I really don't like the look of that mono earbud not that the whole setup didn't look a little cumbersome already. I will still take one :P
Is anybody else wondering how that chick grew facial hair in the second photo?
What are the new color pallets that will be available at the swap?
Honestly, I wouldn't have noticed any hardware change.  I was expecting the 2nd gen version to be at least 1/3 smaller and less noticeable.  
If someone would be so kind and refer me for this. It would be pretty sweet for my class since I'm  a student for medical lab, and showing what we do in terms of microbiology, hematology etc. 
I'm outside of the usual urban hotspots. No Glass Explorer v2 for me! The price to be an alpha tester is also a little steep. I may have to settle for vicarious-Glass until the price point drops (though the addition of prescription support is welcome).
So... you've made it look even MORE awkward?
*slow clap*
+Vance McAlister Until the energy density of the battery increases, and until prior complaints of durability are addressed, I'd say shrinkage is unlikely: unless they design them out of carbon composite or inert non-allergenic metals like titanium (or maybe aluminum?)
is this an optional extra??? looks even more nerdy and therefore worse
It needs to be steampunked or 'Borged out...
If you receive an invite now will you be recieveing the updated version or the original version?
May want to edit your original post to mention that the earbud is optional...people aren't scrolling through the comments to pick this out. They also won't pick out the prescription lens comments.
+Google Glass ohh they still have the bone conduction in them? But you just have that mono speaker aswell? That's ok then, can't wait to get my hands on these, please announce a public release, I've been waiting 2 years now!!! 
Makes no sense that this keeps being marketed for people with prescription lenses though it doesn't. 
+Google glass can someone invite me to Google glass. 
Is there any chance i could borrow google glass for my convocation ?, I don't mind paying for it. I only need the google glass for roughly a week. Starting 14 Nov to 21 Nov. Please pm me your offer. I'm in Malaysia.
Looking good, can't wait to get my hands on even an original here in the UK
Does your face get electrocuted if you sneeze? Will my life insurance company pay of a car drives through a mud paddle and splashes water in my face? What if I fall asleep in the pool on my raft or what happens if the battery corrodes iny ear? These are too dangerous for me? 
Do they have to pay for the update?
+Google Glass which frames will this new version work with? Any and all frames or specific Glass frames?

Where can I get the cool black frames with Glass that you linked to above? Will they come with the swap?
what are the odds i could get one of the old pair of glass?please
I love the concept.  But I think I'll wait until these are even less obtrusive.
I'm so disappointed if you decided to abandon bone conduction :(
+Esa Edvik see above, earlier in these comments. Google Glass confirmed bone conduction still there. 
Looking forward to this! Outstanding design!
Well as always I live Google so I'm going to buy two.
These look great I just hope I can finally get in the explorer program being a disabled veteran this would help with so many things on so many levels
Swap later this year? Were we suppose to receive a notice about this swap already?
Great,... to me as a "normal" glasses wearer it would be nice to be able to clip it onto my regular glasses, which seems to come, but ... unfortunately I am not one of those lucky people that has a Google Glass or will get it near future, because I live in Europe and don't know any Googler in person ;-(

Playing Ingress with Google Glass could be a nice combo (thinking of the future, when finally everybody is allowed to buy one) - and if Google should search more volounteers: here I am^^
Any eta for when I can swap mine?
I'm thinking we'll finally be able to make and accept phone calls again! I can't wait!
If only G+ showed more than one comment in notifications (or even highlighted +mentions you were notified of) wouldn't have to repeat yourself a million times.
Why is the default frame still one piece? Hinged frame, please. Being able to fold them up and put them in a pocket sized case when not in use is a necessity.
Ben Liu
Does the mono headphone mean there will no longer be the cool "Sound through your jawbone" thingy anymore? If so, then the new one sucks.
#googleglass I am using my swappatunity as excuse to come back to see y'all in NYC again. 
Wish I had more friends with glass.
+Google Glass excellent! Since i have prescription lenses, this update will help out a LOT! You guys are awesome! 
So, are these ever going to be available for us common folk?  Otherwise kind of sick of hearing about it.
How can I get my hands on a set?! I work in the video game industry and have ideas on how it can be used to create completely new gaming experiences. I would really love to experiment with Glass
I want in too I'm a firearms dealer and trainer I can only.imagine what cool things I can do with reviews and first person training views.
James S
+Google Glass so how much longer until I can buy one? The longer I wait, the slimmer the chance I will buy one!
awesome!! I wanna test it lol
not loving the earbud but im guessing it could be a big help in some cases. i just hope that i get an invite now to find out
+Google Glass logs like a great addition to help users in high noise environments.

My question is whether or not you will be making a left-eye version for the left eye dominant folks out there like myself. Would certainly love to try a pair, and I'm local to the Bay Area.
+Google Glass you are definitely a "show" rather than a "tell." I love that we have a choice now; earbud or speaker! I love being a Glass Explorer! 
And when will I be able to adjust the display so that i can actually see it? The nose stems do NOT allow for proper adjustment. I'm 100% confident about that after about 4 hours with glass guides trying to adjust it properly...
Excited for the new version. The ear bud will be nice for noisy places. Fingers in the ears-- a thing of the past!
looks bulky..Not impressive, especially considering how simple and light the previous version was.
They will look so outdated in a couple years.  Come to think of it they look outdated to me already.
These are amazing looking, I am very interested I live in Minnesota and have not seen a live pair in person. 
Please some lonely Glass owner with only two friends let me be your third. I'll love you forever. 
Nobody invite people in Hong Kong.... never see Google glass there ? It can be pretty people ! Woav !
I developed an app call "One Power Guard" for saving the battery, it is the best for phones, I also want to develop another app for Glass to save battery, I am wait for it sells.
Can't wait to see the design evolve rapidly!
Is this a standard 3.5mm audio connector? Can I hook up to my Bose noice-cancellong headset?
Eu quero isso rápido nem posso imaginar os App e programas para desenvolvimento deles :)
Like many in this thread, I'm still hoping someone will be kind enough to send me an invite. I haven't seen anyone in Phoenix with a pair. Can I be the first? Please?
Can I be the first in the Democratic Republic of Congo? Please? 
Just when i thought it couldn't get uglier... I don't even know why i am surprised Google would do this. Looks absolutely terrible!
I thought Glass will be using bone conduction?
EDIT: Ah, I see. Both.

Wonder when it's coming to germany trough...
Maybe people at google have Myopia .... and not only in design.
Hmm . . . how come I haven't seen anyone walking around with this?  I guess its still only for elites and hipsters (who I don't meet in my daily life) who have disposable income that quite a few of us can only dream of . . . 
Thank goodness that earbud is optional. It's like the evolution of the early Bluetooth headset. 
+Lola J. Lee Beno I'm far from a hipster, I classify myself as more of an overweight old grey haired fart. I wear my Glass all day, every day. The only exception is when I go to the gym (and the shower). Tonight I'll be at Target, Lowes, and most likely Walmart. During the day I spend my time in hospital Datacenters working on networking and power issues, and on the road traveling between them. If you see me, stop me and ask about Glass.
The Glass Explorer numbers are growing everyday and we are everywhere. In the next few months the number of Explorers should double. When you see one of us, ask us about Glass. Most of us will take Glass off and walk you through it. Then, once you understand the hardware, we'll ask you if you'd like to try it. Don't be one of those socially correct people that says "Oh, no I couldn't", seize the opportunity to try Glass. Take the time to do a Google search. Ask Glass how to say something in another language. Record a video, then play it back and listen to the audio.
Statistically, you should see one of us in the near future.

Invite me too, please! I really believe this is a game changer!
We have to swap our Glass devices? Where can I read more about this? I like mine... I actually don't have a single dead pixel. :)
For me the mono earbud seems like an unnecessary addition, surly you could just let GLASS connect over Bluetooth to a smartphone?  Then it is up to the user how he listens to the sound.
I'd love to be the first person here in Frederick, MD.  Show Baltimore and DC they aren't the only cool cities in the area! :)
+Google Glass when will glass be available for the public? This is getting out of hand everyone is kissing ass to get an invite... Make it available!!!!!! Thats not cool 
I want..... I'd give my left pinky toe for a pair..
I can't wait for this accessory. I would like to use it as a replacement for my bluetooth while driving but the road noise ALWAYS drowns the call out making it really difficult to use as a primary bluetooth device. This will solve my biggest problem with glass!!
So need an invite. Very cool. The earlier lack of prescription glasses was a killer to me.
I can't wait until they're on the market. I'm not a developer but I can see hundreds of uses for this in sales. I sell cars and sometimes need to take a quick note that I misplace most of the time lol
That earpiece is a dealbreaker. Perhaps if it wasn't so massive and obtrusive I wouldn't mind it, but it looks absurd.
Why won't you let me give you money! Want these!
Oh, I really want a pair of these. When can consumers get a pair of these?
The concept still primitive for the base being reduced to glass, again you forget the real life elements and left out the limitless potential, it is all about design, how can I help, contact me.
HAHAHAHA... Oh man, nice one Google! April Fool's, right?

((looks at calendar))

+Google Glass can the earbud & the bone conduction be use simultaneously for better sound
or will actually ruin the the sound clarity if use simultaneously ??
Shany G
Yeah, would love an Invite too!
+Google Glass Will the dimensions of the unit be the same?  Eg, if I'd made an STL model of my Glass, would I have to adjust certain dimensions? If so, is there a way to get that info?
Any chance on more invites going out anytime in the future?
Will glass work for persons with replaced eye lenses, as in RLE multifocal.
I just want to know when glass is coming out and how much it cost because I have been wanting one since I got word about it. 
+Google Glass when are you guys letting the new invited explorers get their Glass?  Any time frame?  I have to start saving up! ;)
I'd just be the happiest person alive if I could get an invite. Don't you want to contribute to global happiness? :D
But seriously, when can we get more invites pllllllllllllz?
+Niels Bosch Now, would it be better if no one did such a thing? See it as a start. Nothing started perfect. 
+Google Glass will the shade attachment be the same as the Glass v1 for those of us that will swap up? Or will it require different shade attachments? Thanks!
+Google Glass When we swap, will we be able to swap for one that works with prescription glasses?  It's so kluge right now!
I thought invitations to Google Glass were closed.
Looks awesome, still waiting for an invite -
Come on Google, are you even trying to be subtle with the design.  A 10 year-old hearing aid is less obtrusive.
Will you people shut the hell up about the goddamn design and pay attention to the functionality for once? Not every company places product design ahead of actual function and reliability like Apple does.
+Derek Pegritz a bit aggressive donchathink? I daresay that design is a tiny little bit more important with a device that you wear on your face all the time than it is with a handset.
Also, the entire point of a beta is to address as many issues as possible. So what if those issues are with the design as often as functionality? 

That being said... +Daniel Nehring they are deliberately not being subtle, that's half the point. You're never going to make an eyepiece look natural, so they're trying for the new-age android look and getting people to double-take at every gGlass they see. Many people (myself included) find it very attractive in a sleek, techie sorta way.
Did you think about peoples  who can't hear the right ear ? My GF present this trouble. With this solution, no Gglass...
Hey Google, 
Make external audio pickup on the mic and replay it into the earpiece so that it doesn't hinder hearing out the right ear. I'm sure also depending on the type of microphone you use you'd be able to even use it as a device to aid one's hearing.
Looks like this will be a nice update. Wish I knew someone in the Explorer program who could give me an invite! 
Thanks +Google Glass . Do you know if the explorer trade-in will include the bud, or an option to buy one?
Chris W
Hey Google guys (and gals)...I will be happy to take an "old" pair of glass!!
I would really love to get involved with this, if anyone is feeling generous. :-)
+Google Glass are they plugging into the micro USB or has it moved? Just wondering because on occasion I will use a portable Anker charger to keep my battery alive while recording for extended periods of time. I suppose I would have no use for an earbud while doing so but just curious. Also will we be required to send in everything that came with the original package or just the Glass unit itself?
I have a friend that is an explorer, and he invited me to the explorer program! I'm pretty stoked for the chance to play with them and start looking into making a few applications. When will the invites actually start rolling out so that I can put in an order? I do a search for 'google glass invite' everyday waiting for someone to say that invites are starting to be delivered. 

As most have mentioned, the earbud makes them stand out a little more than I would like. They're already going to be obvious without a large bud in my ear. I'm happy that Google didn't take away the bone conduction due to complaints, but rather gave another option to the user. The earbud will be nice in a rather noisy environment, but will obstruct my hearing in that ear somewhat unlike the bone conduction. I'm guessing this is a somewhat temporary fix so that they may upgrade the bone conduction hardware for better quality on the mass production unit. 

As for the target market for this kind of accessory, that's what the explorer program is all about. I'm sure Google has no idea who will actually want to throw a rather large pair of 'glasses' on their face, and walk around talking to themselves. Privacy is somewhat a concern, especially with the NSA/PRISM squabble that's been on peoples minds, and also the chance that some creepy person may be taking pictures or videoing you without your knowledge. To the people concerned with the NSA/PRISM issue, who cares if you have nothing to hide? Sure, there might be some weird guy (the guy monitoring the video feeds in SouthPark S16E01 'Reverse Cowgirl' comes to mind) monitoring what everyone is doing, but as long as you're a law abiding citizen, not doing anything stupid, you have nothing to worry about. The only way of fixing the picture/video issue would be to make some sort of shutter to hide the camera from view when not in use. If there were to be a light that would turn on (like on some laptops) when in use, it would look rather silly in my opinion. 

All in all, I'm excited to see where this technology goes. Everything will be wearable at some point, this is just part of the first steps to bettering this kind of hardware for normal and everyday use. I feel like the smart watches will have more of an appeal to most everyone starting out, but I'm excited because all I can think about is Dragonball Z and the Scouter that the Saiyans wore. :-D
am I the only one that thinks these look ridiculous without lenses? I don't care if you don't have a prescription, get some blank lenses in there or sunglass lenses. Having none at all looks utterly silly. Also the earbud, not a problem but the device itself, far too bulky and obtrusive, it feels like it's pointing at your face when you look at it. 
Here's a question: Has the camera been upgrades to 1080p recording quality? Or is it still 720p?
^ I wondered about that too. I'm sure we will find out more before too long.
I am willing to pay $1500 for glass i just need an invite from someone....anyone! Please and thank you!
Hope I don't have the dumb question of the day ( or week) but how do we invite a friend to buy Glass? I work with someone who's verrrrry y eager to get Glass and need to get 'er done for him. 
+Lise Dominique you should have gotten an email from the Glass Team a few days ago. If you didn't see it then it might have been misfiled by the horrible ridiculous annoying Gmail Categories... try checking the the "Promotions" tab.
oh God...I think I cleared that the other day when I finally made it into my gmail after a hectic 90 days. I'll check and thanks for getting back to me!!
Wondering about battery life? And are there any new worthwhile apps?
Really Cool! Might get one for my b-day :D
Hope it comes out for public before christmas!
Anyone has a spare invite to send me ? Many thanks :)
Rio Lee
Anyone can spare a quota for me?
I really want to have one~!
Thanks in advance~ :D
I assume v2 glass is still 1500?
I hope earbud resolve the sound problem, because now it's impossible use my glass to talk with anybody in the street.....thanks google to improve them so quickly :)
No one ever pays me in Google Glass. : (
+Google Glass I have a friend that invited me to be an explorer. Is there any sort of date set yet to start sending out the official invites to purchase? I want to know how long I need to save this money. :-P Also, the waiting and not knowing is slowly killing me. :-D
I'd be interested in an invite too. I work at an interesting research campus/hospital in the Midwest and would be interested in doing the virtual tour for people. See the sights and all folks, without ever leaving your desk in other timezones. I also winter-bike, and having glass might incentivize me to do more of that. I'd also show my friends in the warm southwest what "winter is like" and how beautiful fall is followed by how depressing an upper midwest winter really is. Fargo, without the accents?
OK, I'm just another of hundreds begging for an invite, so what makes me different? NOTHING AT ALL. But, I will ask anyway and for anyone willing to help me gain an invite, you'll get my sincere appreciation, it's that simple. YOU LOOSE 100% of the chances you never take.
Hi Glass Team!
I'm currently looking to get Glass, but invite are only for U.S. if I understand right. I'm living in Canada and I want to know if there is a way to be part of the Explorer Team from outside the U.S. You have in your '' How to get one '' page possibility to choose Canada as a country, those this actually means that people outside U.S. can be part of this magical Program?


As an addendum to my above begging for an invite; I live in Minnesota (in case the Fargo reference doesn't give it away). Not quite as cold as Alaska, but if it works up here it will be a good test case for people further north. Bear in mind car batteries are cold-start tested in MN for a can test Google Glasses up here too!
Anyone got invited and heard back from Google yet?
+Stefan Winter Yes, some invites have rolled out, but not all. My friend just got hers, but the people I have invited haven't received invites yet.
when will glass becoming to the uk
krin w
Ben, hopefully for the better.
Huh? I don't have Google Glass, and I did not type that previous entry. This is creepy.
Would love an invite. Tried my connections but no luck...
#glassinvite please!! Would really love to get a pair. If you have an invite please let me know! 
+Dawn Martin Did you ever contact the Glass Team about it? when i was having problems with my device they sent me a new one
Nice desing.I cant believe where technology has reached today.Also do you connect with your phone network in order to use services that require internet?
Still haven't received my invite. :( I'm so impatient. I've been refreshing my email every 20-30 minutes. :'( I was invited October 28th and I still haven't heard anything even though people have already received their invite and ordered a pair.. It's somewhat frustrating. I thought I got in early and would be at the front of the line for an invite. :/
Do they still incorporate bone conduction? or is this merely a downgrade?
+John Gomeringer Yes, they still have bone conduction. The mono earpiece is just there for when you're in a noisy environment and can't hear the bone conduction.
Just received my invite! Ordering tonight. :) Thank you +Google Glass for giving me this great opportunity!!!
My god.. $123.75 in tax added on. :/ That's painful. Ugh.. Guess I'll have to get over it lol. 

Thanks +Mario E Hdez ! I was invited on October 28 pretty late central time, and received my invite at roughly 6:45pm today.  Hopefully that can give you an idea!
So does only the original explorers get 3 friend invites, or does the "invited" friend get 3 as well after purchasing +Google Glass ?
+Justin Hillstead Only the original (I think 8000) explorers have the ability to send out 3 invites. The invited explorers do not have the ability to invite anyone. 
sad day :(  Their goes my dream of inviting 3 of my friends and starting a Google Glass clique....
+Nicholas Baio sorry I was lucky enough to get invited. I don't have the ability to invite others, nor have I actually received anything from Google directly yet.
Does anyone have any information about when the prescription lenses may become available and how Explorers might be able to order them?  I haven't seen anything on that yet, but it would be good information to know!
+steph lake you saw that this new version will, or is on the way, to allowing for prescription lenses right?
+steph lake +Google Glass said they are "coming soon" but that they're not quite ready yet. I'm guessing that they'll be available in the Online Store with the accessories.
Or maybe that mysterious barge they have floating around.
yes +Dawn Martin & +Steven Mautone thank you both for replying I was just wondering if anyone had more information on when, my husband is one foot into lasik and one foot into waiting.  I think if he knew that he wasn't going to be able to order them for 6 months or something he would likely just get his lasik done.  
+Colleen Luther ... needs to be a Google Account, not a Google+ Page or Profile. You're confusing a specific service with the greater Google.
+Colleen Luther I understand you now... I believe that Glass will only post to the Google+ Profile associated with the Google Account that you sign in with. I'm not aware of any Page support yet.
Keep checking my inbox and no invite yet.  (fingers crossed still)
Just checking; new explorers getting invited now will get the new version of Glass?
Yea... They are amazing. :) I feel a little self conscious to talk to myself in a public place though. I guess I'll have to get past that like I had to do for the first bluetooth headset I had. I can already tell though it's going to take some getting used to.
would love one too... but i be a canadian and we're shunned by google
+Sarita Graham I've already done all the name-dropping I dare do for the day in my earlier message to +Mark Dewey but I missed my chance for explorers at IO 2012 because I missed that year (went to 10,11 and 13) but I have the means (financial and travel), the motive (hell, I was at the glass after party this year) and just need the opportunity. I think I'd be an asset to the community and I don't think anyone could be more enthusiastic and still mentally healthy :) I'd love to give you more reason in a hangout if you'd consider me. I think I also have at least a couple Glass explorers that would speak up for me. Thanks again for looking out for me +Jeremy Reger 
+Sherri Wieczorek Sure:)  I have one left and I will give it to you. Are you in the U.S.? If so, I just need your email.
+Sherri Wieczorek Sure:)  I have one left and I will give it to you. Are you in the U.S.? If so, I just need your email.
Wish I could get one (but in Canada) 
+Ryan Moore Keep in mind that this isn't a lottery or competition, it's a business project that allows Google to do R&D with real users. This would be impossible to keep secret so they don't even try but this type of project is normally kept as quite as possible (users in confidential focus groups for example). I'm sure there's a marketing aspect to it also since they must be public about it, but there are serious business (and safety) implications here which is why it's limited to those who can be managed (prosecuted) successfully; US citizens. Google is largely restricted by the legal issues that other countries present which is why so much of their offerings are restricted outside the US. Blame the politicians.... or become a US citizen :)
Anyone have a spare invitation that they might be willing to share?  I am in the US.
I wanna Get A Google Glass ...I'm In Egypt !!

How can I get one?!!
I wanna be The first person in Egy to "Showoff"
The Glasses
Anyone with an unused invite? Thanks for your consideration. 
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE invite me!!!! i have signed up for the invite for months now!i cant wait any longer! i will buy them! just please invite me! i've waited so long!
When do we get to swap our GLASS for V2?  Havent seen anything and want to make sure I dont miss it.  I thought I heard November? 
I want to take GLASS with me to London to do a tour of the Globe, Tower of London, the Tube, etc. How can I get one?
I've got a spare invite. I know I've seen these invites sell for $400+ on eBay, but I'm not comfortable with that. I just want to give an invite freely. If anyone wants to be friends and convince me that you'll do good things with Glass, send me a private message on Google+. Keep in mind that all Glass Explorers must be a U.S. resident, be 18 years or older, purchase Glass (probably $1500 plus tax and shipping), provide a U.S. based shipping address OR pick up their Glass in New York, San Francisco or Los Angeles.
When somebody like me (non US resident) could try some of these Glasses?
After getting a phone call in the wind and wishing I could join a HOA - I would definitely want to hear better than I can in the current form factor.  Can't wait to swap.
I'm worried that I haven't yet heard that the friend I gave the invitation to hasn't yet heard from Google about his #glass invitation and I haven't heard that he's received it, either. He's one of my managers so I don't want this to get screwed up!
Mine took 3 days, from invite date to email receipt
Yikes, now I'm really nervous cause it's been at least a week. I'll contact support tonight. Thanks for the feedback. !
I've got a spare invite too. Just send me a private message. You must live in the US, be 18, and be willing to buy Glass. Oh, and do something really awesome! :)
Ugh, I wish I had these :( I want them!
When are you rolling these out to Explorers? I don't want to miss a notification. 
Can't wait, next (facial recognition and other tactical applications) I would love to test a pair in an urban and chaotic environment.  Imagine a world where everything is recorded.  Crime would drastically go down, people would feel more secure, you can share things in an instant, communication will change forever.  This is the stuff of my childhood dreams and now it's reality.  Not to mention the research capabilities and applications as a learning device.  If it becomes everything I hope it will,  it's going to change humanity,  the planet, and everything within it.  I want a couple.  
Anyone have a spare invite?  Im an AR developer and looking to develop applications but have been unable to get the hardware
What happened to the bone conduction system?
+Finn Junker Nothing happened to it. :) The earbud is detachable and Glass uses the BCT speaker when it's not there.
HI, Have some of you saw the SMART from Pivothead ? Those are glasses running android apps. I'd like to find few explorers so we can compare the 2 devices.
Also looking for invites; am working with connected kitchens and am looking to create smart cookbooks and kitchen appliances controlled via Glass - and push instructions via video/audio. Would appreciate any chance I'd get! Thanks! (my apologies to those who'd consider this post/request as spam)
NOT Awesome..
Design is.. worse than google glass explorer..
Ok, these have grown on me. I love that you can have two ear phones on to listen to your music WITHOUT wires!!!

if any of you are explores would you mind if you invited my dad to get a glass, he's crazy about it, and he really really wants it. I just want him to get it and stop bugging me about it. Please, Anyone
+Google Glass Thanks! Already there and keeping my fingers crossed. Have some great ideas I'd like to try out and itching to turn the ideas to reality.
That's exactly what they're planning to do. It's not out yet!
I've been invite to the Glass Explorer program but I don't have the $1500 on hand. Anyone wanna help a dude out?
Pass the invite please!
What about the other ear and why not make them wireless as well that'd be cool
+Rebecca Macmillan I think wireless headphones are awesome. Did you see the new Toq smart watch? It comes with wireless head phones. Great concept, but their's looks stupid.

As far as google glass is concerned, why does it need to be wireless? The glasses are already sitting on your ear? :-p
I don't think I like the idea of an earbud. It blocks the ear canal, meaning that you'll be less likely to hear things around you or spot where they may be coming from, and will hamper with conversation efforts in any sort of noisy situations. Bone induction or something like that wouldn't block out the sounds around you and I'd much prefer that.
+Nita Vesa With Glass you have options :) The earbud is detachable and the BCT speaker works when the earbud isn't in use.
Will there be some sort of attachment to allow the use of any ear buds? Had just bought some when I saw talk about the stereo buds and I'd love to use Glass for Google Music on the Go.
+Google Glass Are you still getting through explorer exchanges?  I haven't heard anything yet about my pair.
+Ryan Loebs I just received a code from Google. I want to try them on before I buy them though, and, honestly, $1,500 is a bit steep for me. Want my code?
+Zakery Kates Thanks for the offer!  I've already got a pair and was under the impression that we'd be getting the earbuds and the newer model as a swap-out for what we have.  I haven't heard anything specifically and just wanted to be sure I didn't get passed over by accident ;)
+Daria Musk they are supposed to contact you when you can swap.. seems like they would get to Google+ royalty as yourself faster than others :-)
+Daria Musk the trade-ins haven't started yet. I believe Google was focusing on getting things into the hands of new people (to increase the explorers) before swapping out the current explorers.
Wow. How's this for timing? Google just said the trade-ins haven't started yet, but should soon. +Daria Musk 
+Keith Barrett where did you see that? I really want my phone headset back. It was so nice when it worked.
Ugh! It's so hard to find anything in the Explorer Community.
I didn't say community. I said the forums - the Google Glass internal forums.
+Phillip Hagger The Glass Earbuds have been designed specifically to work with Glass and plug in through the micro-USB. You'll receive the mono earbud when you swap your device to the updated hardware, and stereo earbuds are available for purchase in the store. We hope this helped. :) 
+Phillip Hagger The stereo earbuds are worth every penny! I spent my first full day with them today and one of the unforeseen advantages is being able to swap ears when getting use to the new devices. When one ear becomes sensitive, I just pull the earbud out and use the other one.
Sound is great and battery drain is minimal. They are actually much less of a battery drain than the internal speaker. Having the ability to place calls through Glass again (something I haven't been able to do since early August) has allowed me to go back to juggling phone calls, texts, and multiple screens. Ha, and now I can even listen to Nazareth in the background while I do it! LOVING IT! Thanks +Google Glass! 
+Gregg Lantz sounds great. But I just went through a round of buying and trying ear buds to find the sound I liked best. I'd hate to have a special pair just for Glass (read wife will surely say no) :-)
wish i had 1500.00 to get one :( , just passed on my invitation .
Same here.  I'll respect google by not passing along the invite to others, but perhaps once my fiscal situation improves...?
Can not wait until Switzerland can try it...
Rens dG
Can I give google glass commands without other people hearing me? E.g. in crowded places?
+Rens dG Glass also has a touchpad you can use to activate some commands. 
hello... I am a little stuck... I just boot my glass today... But I just got stuck in a windows that said Glass... no other menu or action happen... dod somebody know what can I do? I even checking in the console don't get response...
+Ariel Vernaza have you tried a hard reset? Hold the power button down while you slowly count to 15. If that doesn't work, tray a factory reset from the MyGlass app or website.
I will try the hard reset with counting down slowly.... I was hopping this device at least come with the debug mode on... XD
hey guys is tht google glass work 100% in explorer(gps) n other stuff....cause im think buy it...or the glass only work in NY.....
My idea....or we can say My need...
Google Glasses is awesome Technology...

But i want something else that will help to vanish the long distances between people...
We have video calling facilitythrough cell phones
but it should be real time calling facility..
that can be achieved by Google Glasses and fast internet...
so that whatever I can see in real word, same i can share instantly with my mother, friends; wherever they may be
They can see through their Glasses or any other device that will be developed for ease of this process.

(I just want that whenever i will feel like sharing real world scenery, within a moment i will be able to share it on-line with them.
Cause i share pics, videos with them, but there is something what i feel like missing.)

And I am sure that this technology will be there in near future, And we will be enjoying it)........
What is the name of the female model with the dark brown hair? 

M Hill
I would love a pair of these exciting glasses. Me and my dog drove across country to explore all the wonderful regions of the United States of America coming across I-70. It took us from VA to CA and now live in Las Vegas, NV.....I need a pair so I can explore the vortexes of AZ and the deep redwoods of northern CA...Best regards, Ms Mariette to be contacted at 888-881-9795
M Hill
Thanx, and look forward to an "experimental" pair!
M Hill
I'll wait until you make them better, lighter and cheaper...I give it about two-three years! Hahahahah!