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As of today, developers can now do more with Glass. This means that the people who build the services that you love can create even more robust Glassware. To give you a taste of what’s possible, we're launching 5 new Glassware from Strava, Allthecooks Recipes, Word Lens, GLU and GolfSight. These were all built on the new platform and have transformed some of our favorite activities in really exciting ways.

The new Glassware is available to Explorers on MyGlass, and you can see what’s new on our website: 

We can’t wait to hear what you think.

P.S. You can watch the Glass Developer announcement here: Glass Development Kit Sneak Peek
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One of the things I've been looking forward to most was more functional apps, especially simple ones like a timer, to-do list, etc. So excited to see the true potential of Glass with this development kit! Can't wait to try out these new apps!
Glassware page fails to list what developer apps come from. Apps like Compass and Stopwatch have no cited developer, leaving customers unaware who's code they're installing.
OK Glass, when are you coming to Singapore?
+Google Glass Stating the developer name somewhere on the app card should be a big deal. Those should specify they're from Google. These new third party apps should specify they're from whatever other company. (EDIT: Just saw your second line edit. :))
The translator and word scramble game just begin to show the true potential of Glass. They did a great job! Only issue is Glass almost catches on fire and drops it's battery so fast when using them, it almost defeats the purpose.
When will these new apps be available to load/subscribe?  I can't wait for Strava and Word Lens.
Fantastic news. The software engineers will be excited to hear this!
+Google Glass it also seems it would be nice to have a clear indicator if a app is native vs. Mirror API while browsing the list.
+Morgan Lake I agree. That would be huge. I will be selecting my apps by which ones work offline and don't route data through Google servers NSA listening taps.
Very nice! I want to google glass
+Michel Michelon When Google decides that enough You Tube stars, bloggers and those with "interesting" lives (like someone showing us how to make cookies) have the device. 
I LOVE the sign translation app, looks like it works well too! I LOVE the golf app. I LOVE the bike app and the cooking app.

Great stuff guys!!! Can't wait to get my hands on one!!!
Love the new useful apps but they also highlight a future prob/opportunity. The actions list is getting too long and complex when tapping. Also, what will myglass on phone look like when I have 50 or 100 apps. Beginning to remind me of an endless 1995 webpage.
very nice updates! i'm glad WordLens made it over as a Glassware! <3
Too easy to steal glasses. Grab and run. Give glasses bio sign in so they are useless to other than owner. Save a lot of people a lot of pain and product resentment. Render the glasses junk to anybody but owners.
+jim gaffney They're only grabbable from the front, really. Also, they're trackable, wipeable, and I'd be willing to bet Google can disable their serial number as well.
Any idea when we'll see PEAP support?  It's what my school uses, and not being able to connect to wifi really limits my glass' functionality...
Suggested next dev feature: let us European developers at it! :-P 
Yes, when will there be eu support?
Hi, I am a 14-year-old Chinese child and I have lead a technology studio in China. I'm working on a amazing project about brain wave, dream and human sleep.  My project is now complete with some features such as a sleep aid, flexible alarm clock and dreams intervention. I hope I could develop some interesting apps base on google glass and our product and devices. But unfortunately, Google glass is not release in China. I'm hoping to get some help or advice about the problem. How can I get a google glass and working on it?
Amazing new apps. Great job glass team and fellow developers!
I like the addition of a stopwatch and timer, but I was hoping that you could use these functions strictly through voice recognition (e.g., "OK Glass, start a timer . . . for five minutes").
+Philemon Vanderbeck, +Mario E Hdez particularly since "OK Google, start a timer for five minutes" is legitimate on your tablet/phone. "OK Glass, Google, start a timer for five minutes" tells you about a online stopwatch. There are a lot of seemingly obvious Google Now features that don't work on a device that is intrinsically about Right Now. :-\ 
So excited for the immersion! Its going to make productivity extremely useful. I want to be in glass explorers so bad.
Is there any talk of giving friend invites to new explorers(not the original group)? I love my Glass, but i have a lot of dev friends that would like to own a pair as well, considering the SDK is coming out soon...
+Jake Weisz On My Glass site  it says Compass and Stopwatch were developed by the Glass Team 
+Bernhard Friedreich as an iOS user and Glass Explorer, I am glad the apps are on the Glass site and not in the Play Store....perhaps that has something to do with this choice. 
+Yoni Mayeri It didn't say that when I commented. As I know the official Glass page acknowledged my complaint, it looks like they made an interim step to clarify. Hopefully, eventually all apps will list a developer name clearly.
I can't wait to get my hands on a pair of these. I was involved in a huge motorcycle accident 18 yrs ago which left me with a paralyzed right arm and not needing to hold a camera in my one and only functional hand would be awesome. :)
Hey, so I just got my Glass invitation, but it keeps taking me back to the Glass home page, I can't make my purchase, how can I contact you guys to get the ball rolling on this?  I really want my unit!  :)
+Miguel Nunez If you're out of the country, like I am, you will have to use a VPN tunnel to make your IP address appear to be a state side IP.  Try

If being outside the US is not your problem, try opening the link in an incognito window.

good luck.
I got glass purchase invitation and it takes me to the home page again. What's going on? A little help please?
Thanks +Joseph McCrocklin it's just my luck that I lost the email and I'm sure with the holidays and all it must have been over a week already. Waiting for the next. Hopefully soon I get it.
+Bipul Dutta the link expires after 7 days, so you will have to request a new one even if you find it. Good luck mate.
Convincing them that the price is worth it is not so simple though. :/
+Joseph McCrocklin I dug-up my deleted mail from the Tartarus, just one more day left and went on buying the Glass, unfortunately my color wasn't there. Next time!
I don't understand the out of stock message. If I'm going to spend $1500 on Glass as a developer, I've already waited this long and am spending enough money; instead of telling me it's out of stock and not letting me buy it, can we just have a "Low stock; may take longer to fill order" message with a disclaimer that said color could potentially take up to X weeks longer? If I'm paying $1500, I want a color I wont mind being on my face all day while I test, and I definitely will not mind waiting a little longer for it.

My invite days are ticking away while I wait and hope my color becomes available, and I'm not sure if as I wait more will become unavailable or if the one I want will come back. Le sigh!
+Google Glass I hope this is the best place to pose this question so hope this gets visibility. For newly invited Explorers, what will be our opportunity to upgrade to the soon to be upgraded GLASS? The current restrictions state its for those who purchased before October. Will those joining the journey now be offered a similar courtesy? Thanks in advance..
I have been waiting to see if my color becomes available; as stated above, if I am going to spend $1500 I would like to purchase a color I like, even if this is mainly for development purposes. I am 25 years old and still in college and a for me, $1500 purchase might as well be a million dollar one. If my code expires I will not be able to obtain a new one? Even if the color becomes available, getting $1500 together in a week is somewhat difficult for me. I would love to develop for Glass and have several ideas, and not being able to dump that much money immediately is by no means a reflection of my development abilities, but I wish I had a bit more time considering I just purchased all my books. I'd give anything to be able to finance one, sigh. If it takes me ten days to come up with the money I'm out of luck, then? I was excited beyond belief when I saw I'd be able to develop for a new technology that I've been practically obsessed with since I first heard about it, and now that excitement is quickly turning to crushing despair as I realize I will not be able to purchase one in time unless I drop out of college for a semester. How will I ever get a job at Google if I do that? :(
+Anthony Tomasino +Bipul Dutta  We know this is frustrating, and we completely understand. You can give us a call at (800) GLASS-XE and a Glass Guide can help you out with this. 

+Joseph Bowers Sorry for the confusion! New Explorers will be receiving the updated hardware as well as the mono earbud. Let us know if you have any other questions. :) 

+Miguel Nunez As +Joseph McCrocklin mentioned, this typically happens when trying to access the purchase site outside of the US. If this is not the case, you can give us a call at (800) GLASS-XE and a Glass Guide would be more than happy to help you out. :) 
Glassware. Very catchy name for Glass apps. I like it! 
+Anthony Tomasino We understand that Glass is not in everyone's budget. If you're unable to purchase at this time, you can give us a call when you're ready and we can try sending you another invite at a later date. 
+Google Glass to try the sample apps, must I use Ecliipse? Is Android Studio supported?
+Mohan Jayaraman We're only accepting Mirror API Glassware for distribution at this time, as we're still previewing the GDK.
+Google Glass Thank you for this fantastic project, for these amazing and revolutionary glass. At the moment I do not have the financial ability to do Explorer although I would have loved seeing the work that I do. I hope to succeed him to buy as they become available in the global market. Thx Thx Thx
+Fabio Guerrera Thanks for believing in us! We understand, and we hope you'll be able to join us in the future.