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Since the beginning, filmmakers have been telling us how they would use Glass for storytelling. Now that the Explorer Program is underway, there's a lot of directing, producing and exploring happening, and we're inspired. Filmmakers from the Glass Creative Collective, our partnership with top-notch film schools, will be sharing more in the coming months. In the meantime, here's Catch, a short film by our very own +Tu Uthaisri.
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yeah it totally made me sick to watch but it was an awesome video. Great intuition
Clever, I love it! 

Great work guys.
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You lost me +Google Glass, I'm tired of your videos. We get it already what your glasses can do in case you don't know. It has been WAAAAY TO LONG, when are the rest of us gonna have it. You shouldn't have revealed it so soon if it was gonna be available anytime soon. stop teasing us and giving us a middle finger at the same time.
Nice, but like a lot of stuff we are seeing in Google Glass posts: it's really just derivative work with a POV perspective.
Really funny... New type of artist will conquer the web with Google glass :-) 
Google, it would be helpful to some extent if you would reveal what part of 2014 you plan to make your release. Some of us are getting bored and caring less as time moves on...
I would buy glass today if it was released, its taking a long to get this going and I could easily lose interest before you get around to releasing.
+Nick Garcia +Ben Mason Congratulations on your short attention spans. It's a good thing that the people developing this technology are in it for the long term.
+Phillip Wright
And the low attention spans of the general populous...
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I just want to know if they'll ever come out with a model that can record video in 1080p.
What incredible fun! That would be perfect for me...I never got into photo on a phone much because my hands shake too much. Glass looks like a blast.
I would like to use google glass. 
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While there are, indeed, unlimited avenues for creative use in film... I'm interested in opening the dialogue about Google Glass and live performances (dance, symphony, theater, and others).

The industry has walked itself into something of a corner over the years by establishing union rules that protect an actor's image or a designer's work. Recording devices for both audio and video have become smaller and less obtrusive, and the idea of simply saying "you cannot use these devices in our space, turn it off" could continue to be part of our pre-show speeches.

But doing so misses out on all sorts of potential that 'could' be available to us... if we are at the table as development and discussions happen. For instance, the ability to choose to tag paid events as access controlled... such that an audience member could record a show they viewed, but it would not automatically be available to all viewers... only those who purchase an access key. This would open up the potential for wider markets for live performances, it could allow for segments to be freely available for marketing and review purposes. And down the line, it allows live performance to integrate the use of streamed media (through the Google Glass) as part of the production experience.  

Of course, none of that can happen if the live performance industries simply take their usual stance on technology... which is to respond too late and with a blanket refusal to allow its use in our shows. How do we go about having that conversation?