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Wow! We’re thrilled with the feedback we’ve received since last week, so thank you. Tons of great questions and topics for us to talk about as the project continues. We’ll start with this one about people who wear prescription eyeglasses. +Isabelle Olsson, an industrial designer on the Project Glass team, shared some ideas.
I really enjoyed reading all of the comments and questions about the design photos we released. Here’s a question I saw a few times: "I use prescription glasses. Will this work for me?" We ideally want Project Glass to work for everyone, and we're experimenting with designs that are meant to be extendable to different types of frames. Many of our team members wear glasses, too, so it’s definitely something we’re thinking about. Here’s an early mock-up to show how the device might work with prescription glasses. Please keep the feedback coming.
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so does it just snap off and snap onto the glasses frame?
Any thought toward teaming up with frame manufacturers to build project glass directly into frames?
Interesting. I actually think this design does alot more justice to the idea. Looks markedly less nerdy, fits better as a whole.
I'm super excited to see what's in store for #ProjectGlass! If you need any extra testers....just let me know! ;
Like everyone else, I'm most interested to know even a rough estimate of when I can buy this!
Will be able to have apps that say "It is over 9000!" when looking someone?
It'd be nice if this could be made to work with any type of frame. This would also allow the 3D printing communities to come up with interesting frame designs.
I like this idea as well, especially if you want to use Google Glasses with sunglasses, reading glasses, etc.
The idea that the device could just be added on to existing glasses frames is VERY helpful and would definitely be a dealmaker for me. Thanks for the new image!
Great concept... now about the lawyers and the possible problem of impaired judgement as a result of using this and then having an accident. What are the present ideas to overcome this possible problem?
Awesome. I want to know how you navigate through it. I know that voice works but does it track your eye or what?
Thanks for following up with this. I don't wear glasses, but I know this was a big question everyone had.
When can we get a stereoscopic version with depth-sensing camera? Augmented Reality devs everywhere want to know...
Good to know you're keeping that in mind.
Yeah how do these glasses access the internet? Through cell or wifi?
Is there a sign-up form for those interested in beta access?
I would rather get a fake (non-prescription) pair of glasses to snap the Google Glasses onto.... no offense, but they're REALLY dorky looking normally! At least with the hipster frames they look somewhat chic!
Awesome, now I know I can be part of the cool kids club someday!
Ala D
awesome. I want mine NOW :D
Do you think you'll have a way to input data from other devices/services? They would be awesome for things like cycling or running to show performance data or texts without having to touch a device.
world-wide high-speed internet should be google's next project.
I love this project! I want a pair so bad!
Michael, I'd assume other services could write apps on the G+ API to integrate data.
that way, you can use your google glasses anywhere, literally.
+James Booher they're working on that, in Kansas City, If you search for Google Fiber i think its called?
I can't wait to get this awsome technology diamond. It'll feel like being Borg! Or something like ... "It's Over 9000!!!"

Oh well I want my HUD like a videogame... don't forget to give chance to show current HP :P
+Project Glass: I'm still not clear on how the system will work. Will the glasses act as a standalone computer or will it be more like a supplement to an Android device? I personally think it would be a better choice to do the latter.
Anyone find a reference to how they deal with the impossible focal length?
Looks good. You guys should also explore the idea of integrating the glasses with other wearables, like smart watches. I doubt voice control is sufficient for making this a serious contender for replacing smartphones. And using it with smartphones is nice, but somewhat defeats the purpose.
hmmm, now it just needs to be wireless. (of google fiber I am speaking.)
I don't want them to clip onto my glasses. I want them to totally replace my glasses - with zoom capability!
+Nathaniel Fremd +James Barrow They are most likely just an accessory to your mobile, just as headsets are. Connect them via bluetooth to your android and you're ready to go.

The hard part is the display technology, battery might be an issue. The rest is software and can be done by the android smartphone in your pocket.
I would be very interested in a simple Car mode, especially for navigation and finger-less calling/searching. I am using my Nexus S with the Car Home right now, but it just feels wrong to use a touch screen when driving...
+Dave Cline I imagine they project an out of focus image, which can then be sort of.. virtually made into a further away object by your iris which will focus it instead :)
It looks like the actual device can disconnect from the frames shown in the original shots and connect to frames of glasses? Just thinking for people like me who go back and forth between glasses and contacts, is it just a snap off from frame one and snap on to frame two?
consciously immersed virtual reality is next.
Very interesting . . . that's a lot of abilities in such a tiny device. Is it blue tooth transmitting to something larger you are carrying that has met the needs of this device like a smart phone?
I'm wondering if the update to google goggles with continuous scanning came from this project.
I wear glasses. I thought Google might have forgotten us [people with glasses] when they introduced this application. I am glad Google makes this one compatible with glasses. Nice.
epic is the perfect descriptive word for this.
I'll bet they come with a huge disclaimer "Not responsible for your death or injury due to inattention while using device." - step off the curb BAM! Then nothing but Google oglers standing around the unfortunate Google goggler.
I'd be curious how functional they would be without an internet connection. clearly, less interactive, but... hopefully still usable/useful. That car HUD mode sounds fun too, since it's hard to find a HUD in a car I want =D
Is there a dual screen/camera version with integrated pico projector in the works? Perhaps using the dual cameras to sense distances? I can't wait!
+Jørgen Hunstad Next is contacts of course! I recommend Rainbows End for those interested in the possible future of wearable computing.
First time I saw these I thought, "Oh dear, people will never communicate with each other, this is the end of civilisation", then I thought, "Yeah... this is pretty terrible.... but they would be kinda cool".... Now I'm at, "WHEN CAN I BUY A PAIR!!??"
What sort of gaming applications do you foresee this having?
If the unit needs to process all this data, it will generate heat. This is going to be a big problem.
sadly, we will have to wait, maybe for a whole year!!! (They've gotta have these in heaven!) (Drops dead)
I'm a little confused. I love the concept video you guys posted on YouTube a week or two ago, but it seems like these new photos show that the real thing will work nothing like the concept video. I was expecting cool Google features anywhere in my field of vision, but this just shows one tiny piece of glass in the corner of your eye. Will anybody please explain?!
+Dylan Bishop well it's not in the corner-- it's above, so that you're not actually blinded by whatever it's putting in front of you. You can just look away from it whenever you want.
the original video was how they want them to work, not how they work exactly.
How is the data presented on a transparent piece of "glass"? I am an engineer, I am curious to find out more about the actual details of the technology of creating a HUD.
It needs to be smaller... thinner, and not as obtrusive...
+Dylan Bishop I suspect that it's designed to to refract the light (either through the glasses themselves or the little bit of perspex next to the device), in such a way that it can cover the whole field of vision, without the DEVICE covering the whole field of vision.
Ideally by the time this ships the product itself will be much smaller. As it looks in that picture the device's arm and screen take up the entire top half of the frame of the glasses, and a quarter of the frame is totally obscured by the arm. If the device's arm bended at the same point the glasses's arm bends, the screen could extend over just a top quarter of glasses's lens. That way vision wouldn't be obscured, since the device's screen is translucent.
I think it would be really awesome to be able to use the glasses to play games where other users wearing the glasses could be highlighted. The highlight could appear as a column of light extending from the person in 3d space into the sky. Like this: Could be pretty cool for laser tag. :)
it's a great thing to know, because i wear prescription glasses.... one thing... i think you have been watched the proyect glass' gags videos like people using it would be in danger if it doesn't let them to see where they are walking about (sorry for my english, i'm not english speaking)
I was thinking it'd use some sort of hologram, yeah... Just didn't know what it'd project it on (Note that none of the prototypes use lenses...)
bring it to life. This is a fantastic idea i will buy one. Hope the glasses are connectable via bluetooth or wifi with Android phones. i dont want a umts version for incoming calls.
Or maybe it's a holographic waveguide material like in the Vuzix display glasses... I want the resolution to be better than this 640x480ish size that a lot of small displays are stuck at though... pretty please...
The sad thing about the project is that the users eventually will be bombarded with adverts related to their location, what they are looking at and what they are hearing. Its googles business model, targeted advertising.
They should have an option for it to project on to our glasses. That would be awesome
+Karl Brauneis Whilst that is true, look at android. You don't get popups every 5 minutes on your phone suggesting a local restaurant etc. Yet thats Google. I believe that Google will be satisfied with you buying this product, and won't advertise on it. Much like they don't really do on Google+, Android or Docs
Awesome concept. I wear perscription glasses and the thought of having something like this available to me is amazing.... Hope to hear more about it soon!
It would be good if they didn't require voice activation and control and it slightly worries me that they might be very good at breaking concentration.

If it performs eye tracking then then I think that could be used to detect good moments to show alerts. Also, I'd rather pay a usage fee than have adverts beamed to me constantly.
the thing with the lens on it, it would be great if that came in different colors.
Are you worried about the ergonomic issues around having a weight on just one side of the head? In some ways it seems like it would be more comfortable to double the weight by wearing a Glass(tm) on each side.
A device that you can lock on glasses would be awesome!
Maybe allow people to have information about their accuity.
If you need people with glasses for testing in France, I'm available :)
+Karl Brauneis True that Google's business is advertising, but they work pretty hard at making the advertising useful, relevant and above all not annoying. It would seem fair to assume that they would apply that approach to +Project Glass .
Many people may get the wrong idea with this...but I saw this and IMMEDIATELY wanted it for my motorcycle helmet....I don't need to be doing things like checking in, etc. but it would be immensely beneficial to have super imposed directions, speed, elevation etc. as I am a sportbike rider....any possibility of this being possible fitted to things like helmets or something of the like?
Love the concept, but what happend if you are saying an order and someone else speak at the same time?? or maybe if someone says "erase all my contacts" or something it would recognice only your voice??
and about the look! I think it looks weird only the frame without glass, I think it's better with frame and glass!!
hope to know more about!!
That metal thing looks awkward. Could there be a model using sunglasses or something?
+Rob Wheatley Nothing like seeing someone you haven't seen in a while, or even worse, just met, and forgetting their name!
That metal thing looks awkward. Could there be a model using sunglasses or something?
Google should think about incorporating the new PlaceMe app to Project Glass. Something to think about.
I think the initial design concepts look good. I would have questions about balance/weight. If the "screen" is on one side of the glasses then how is the other side balanced? Also what kind of battery life may we expect from a product like this? If the battery dies can i remove the screen device to have my glasses back? Bluetooth/Wireless connection to my android phone? Another issue as an individual who ditched the glasses and went to contacts because of wanting to wear sunglasses when out side. Could this also be attached to sunglasses as well? Will I be able to see the screen in the sunny light in California or Arizona?

Love the style and idea. Would be a very interested consumer.
Can we have a small, optional peripheral that syncs with it - like a watch/band that can override the voice controls?
It looks pretty nice with the prescription glasses. However, as a glasses wearer, I already feel like my glasses are too inelegant (I loved the elegance of the standalone Project Glass). Adding another thick layer and lots of weight to it could be too cumbersome.
I hope there's some thought of right and left side units. If only one side is available it disenfranchises half the folks with only one good eye.
Might I recommend a limitation for safety?

Many states have laws that prohibit screens in the front seat of a car that provide potential distractions to the driver.

I'm assuming the glasses use an Android device through Bluetooth (though I could be wrong and the glasses may do their own processing, though I doubt it). What if the glasses checked the GPS of the Android device and disabled themselves if they detected movement over a certain speed?
Someone commented about getting this for both eyes. My question is this:

Will it be available for either eye? Not just one side.

I question because some of us are blind in one eye and if you make it for one side someone who is blind on that side wouldn't be able to use it. I hope that makes sense.
+Nick Tuttle Yep. Once the internal sensor detects temp. X it could send some work to the phone/offload device.
Most important question: Will the batteries last all day?
Secondmost important question: We all know you're going to put ads in it, how do you plan to keep that from being annoying?
would it be possible to switch sides?
some people may only have one functioning eye, or maybe they'd just prefer it on the left
This seems like a powerful tool to help those who are partial sighted or who have eyesight problems such as chronic eye twitches.

What software or adaptations do you intend to include for these users? Will the glasses take pictures of text, for example, and read it aloud? For that matter, why not translate it too?
+T. J. Brumfield A simple check like that would make them not usable for passengers in cars, buses, trains, etc.

Something like this could potentially be used for a heads-up map or virtual dashboard, allowing you access to information you currently use while driving, without having to take your eyes off the road, which can improve safety.

The raw technology isn't a problem so much as how it's used.
This was one of my first questions, thrilled to see Google answer so quickly!
Debería mostrar la posición exacta de dónde estoy actualmente en el maps.
I really just want to know what the user actually sees when using this device. The current demo video doesn't count since it makes it seem like the user's entire field of view is overlaid with a screen, which can't be true.
All of the examples I'm seeing are monocular. Is there going to be a stereo option, as well, for creating 3d graphics?
If I poop on an apple store, can I have one to test? :D
can you give any sort of projection as to when we'll be able to test the product. I know it has a long way to go, but I'm anxious to interact with this technology myself. also would information be displayed on the prescription lens itself or on a different layer of material?
the glasses are amazing , and hope they will be on the market soon ( 2-3 years max)
I like this solution. In fact, I like it better than the non-classes design concept..
Some thoughts and opinions:
1. It's needed so invented... there should be a reason. for most of new age technological developments, the reality of having a new easy and funny way was the real reason of accepting these gadgets by people. So it should make a new way and funny way out of what is needed. In people new age day, a common place is the virtuality itself. A computer is accepted as it makes a virtual funny calculator, a virtual funny book-reader, a virtual funny sketchbook and most of demand the virtual world called games!. GG should give us a whole new brand of virtual funny ways or at least a higher level of those we have now. So now i consider my opinions as:
1.1. Consider a whole office virtually in front of you. 3D walls of monitors, which can move closer to your eyes... objects flying and ordering. it is funny for me and whole new way of keeping money in my pocket.
1.2. You need a Tablet, then you have. You need a bile, then you have. just as you need it will be held virtually in your hand. i don't need a fully message in front of me to understand it. i just need a new way, funny and most important secret way to read all my data. i need to type words but don't want anybody hear me my words!!!. moving eyes for typing would be so bad painful at last. the hand and nerve system of human is capable of this. so just think a word and it appears. 16 nodes way of reading brain is invented, google can do better.
1.3. I am not fan of games, but it is really the most important way of wasting time and really funny way :D.

i need time to think more...
Looks like a geek with an elastoplast on his nhs frames. Sorry......
they have cars that pop up info on the windshields,how about glasses that can read potential driving hazards ahead that the driver might miss themselves, Pot holes,Black Ice,ect...The next obvious thing would be to have night vision glasses with these things attached with a on off command, and a motion sensor that can detect your movements? This would come in handy if you had medical issues and were prone to fall, pass out, or are forgetful about medications and when to take them? The sky is the limit with this technology, and its just scratching the surface,thats the exciting thing!!!
+Isabelle Olssen I like the look of both concepts. I take it the Device comes with the HUD removable from the "eyewear" part so one has the option of wearing them with or without prescription glasses? As someone who only needs to wear my glasses half the time I'd like the option of using the product both ways.
+Isabelle Olssen Is there any chance of a release date? Or any information about how far the developement has finished until now?
It would be cool if it layered your friends avatar when you see them. Augmented reality at its finest
Makes me really think of Deus Ex ;)
So i live in Croatia,will these maps and all of it work anywhereon Earth or just in USA?
I would like it to work underwater so I can watch videos and read web pages while I'm swimming
I think the desing shown in this picture is very nice .
But how does it work ? Are the glasses connectet to the smartphone which sents informations to it?
I think a nice feature would be a permanent goggles scan to recieve as much information from my environment as possible . This would be very usefull to Tourists .a driving mode would be helpfull to keep the driver concentrate on driving . This implements a head set mode and a navigation mode where only the direction is shown you have to drive to .
Maybe these fetures are some good ads :)
Can't wait to get some of these glasses .
For me it would only make sense if i can adapt it to my Eyeglasses Frame, i've been using Oakley Ones for 12 years now, i wouldn't use it if i can't adapt it to my frames.
I suggest you patent everything around Project Glass before crApple does...
How about Google arranges some special discount deal for selling this glasses through LensCrafters or similar. I think that would be win-win...
I'll so be getting this. Release it now!!!
For those worried about driving, yes, these can be a distraction and I expect laws to limit their use, just like texting. Keep in mind though that military aircraft pilots have been using HUD displays and helmet-mounted displays for years, and find it quite useful. Cars are simpler than F-18's, but info like mileage/rpm, travel condition warnings, and even simplified directions in a transparent holographic display that lets you keep your eyes focused on the road could be beneficial assets... at least until self-driving cars make the issue moot...
Also it will be awesome if you see information about a monument that you are viewing at this moment (mode turist) or suggest you the route to arrive a site but not only outside (google maps) also indoor builds, new sites that you visit and you don't know where are places.
Given that in the picture the view screen sits outside of glasses. Is this meant to be flush with the glasses or does it cause reflection so others can see what the user sees? Also, what about glare interference and eye strain?
I'm also concerned with the heat vs weight vs processing speed capabilities. Ideas that keep floating around about augmented reality and image identification are computationally complex applications; pair that with a processor to handle things to make entire application useful and now we have heat to consider, put in a heatsink and weight creeps up.
It's a very intriguing technical challenge to make this work well and I'm excited about the potential like everyone else.
Hold up a hand and you are holding a virtual lightsaber. Lightsaber app of the future...
if you could make it so when you dont want to use it the thing can electronically fold back towards your ear...then it would be "out of the way" when you dont want it. otherwise id feel like an idiot wearing it
I am blind on one eye (left) Are you taking that also in concideration?
Glad to hear that! Already REAL excited about this. Dreaming up lots of scenarios already, like integration with nearby devices via bluetooth/wifi/whatever so I get a speedometer in my car, caller id from my phone at home, paramedics get vital signs of the patient, all handsfree.
Also remote assistance with overlayed markers ("No THAT button over there" - Red Arrow on glasses)
Oooh the possibilities.

Also: Whats the plan for the Operating System? Android derivative? Maybe even Open Source? That would be amazing and could make AR applications really take off.
will there be a way to customize the interface? i mean like it would be nice if u can personalize it with ur own colors, icons & etc.
I want a pair of these... Willing to trade my soul.
Hmmm...what's next, is Google going to invent SkyNet?
what about when I'm swimming... lol. You can give me a map of the sea floor and help me avoid reefs!
I like it. It doesn't look bad at all
I don't have a 20/20 vision on my right eye.
Will you also release a version to be used on the left eye?
Or one will be able to switch like, for instance, using it 2 days on the right eye then using it for 3 days on the left eye and so on...
If they are clipped-on type, they should be easily clipped on or taken off and light weight.
I am longing for being a tester of them... even if they are non-working units I would look so cool...
This has incredible potential, just I don't wanna be the guy who looks at the weather forecast, looks up, and stares into the sun by accident lol
A number of sunglasses manufacturers make frames with user-interchangeable lenses.
I'm a certified optician who also wears glasses, so I'm super excited about the possibilties. I've already been talking about this to patients. I'm with +Dave Chandler on this about teaming up with frame manufacturers on this. I think Safilo or Marchon would be good partners with this project.
Wish I could test this out for myself! Please make a beta sign-up!
+Dave Cline I believe it's a series of prisms. Contact lenses are also being made with similar technology. Contact lenses are going to be much harder to make, but they've actually already made one. A very, very basic version.
Looks uncomfortable. I would prefer if the white thingy was the right arm of the glasses. Maybe a screw or something. Or it would be really cool if you could make an attachment that built onto the lens itself. Just saying. Thanks.
The possibilities for someone in college would be amazing. Class schedule, study groups, labs, professor's office hours, dining hall hours, class syllabuses(syllabi?) important dates...all organized in the calendar. Not to mention navigating big campuses, letting Google Nav find the fastest routes from building to building. One could take snapshots of notes in classes (a problem I had was keeping up with the notes while I was in school). Meeting up with people for dinner, for studying, could all be made easier with the location sharing and check-ins.
Please keep in consideration that some of us don't always need to wear our glasses so we'll need convertables
Not bad...perhaps work with glasses designers to build the components right into the frame and lens itself as an option. People could have the choice when picking out a new pair.
I want to see it working and buy it, I don't want to see the silly pictures with laughing models that make the whole thing look even more like vaporware. :|
I'm very anxious to get a hold of these. To get some that can have prescription glasses and/or sunglasses would be perfect.
I wanted to comment on the issue of recording someone without their permission. I'm sure that Google will implement some feature to indicate that recording is in progress, but that is beside the issue.

Even if Google Glasses never make it to the market, it seems inevitable that many will use the ever-shrinking camera technology to record others without permission. People are already doing it, and it will just become more and more prevalent. And there is absolutely nothing anyone can do to stop the phenomenon. Sure you can enact laws that limit their use or whatever, but that would only delay the inevitable.

But I can't help but think, so what? Surely certain things that get you in trouble now will still be unacceptable in the near future. I can't imagine someone getting away with up-skirt shots any more than they do now. The only thing that will change is the ubiquity of recorded every day life. And while that can be a bit irritating, I do not see it as an objective wrong. At least no more wrong than society's irrational obsession with privacy.

There was a story of a middle school kid who saved his fellow students by taking over the wheel and parking the bus after the driver lost consciousness. I looked at the video accompanying the story, and I couldn't tell what was happening. The bus is full of people, and they're all blurred out!

I say a new paradigm for privacy is due.
I guess the biggest issue is to make sure individuals are able to focus the device that best fits them, I'm sure that wont't be too difficult. I would like the device to be able to integrate with my car and motorcycle so I can get HUD of speed active turn signals and if' i'm using turn by turn navigation system I would like it to let me know what turn is coming up and street since on a motorcycle I don't want to look down at a small GPS device I would rather keep my eyes on road. If I can just call up the info when I need it that would coolest thing ever.
Perhaps a way to work it into the glasses frame itself? Not an expert, but is there a way to shape the electronics to fit inside the rim of the glasses?
Are there any plans to disable inputs while travelling faster than 10 miles per hour? I'd hate to see people crashing cars because they were looking at texts.
I'm a little bit concerned about the way we are going to interact with Google Glasses. Let's suppose you are using medicated glasses (or sun glasses) you must be able to move the device from one pair of glasses to another very quick or make them extremly cheap so you can have one for each pair.

Right now some people are using bluetooth earpieces, so i think maybe reusing this concept and make the Google Glasses work like an accessory would be helpful and useful.

This has a Huge Potential but, as you guys know, there are going to be some situations that (in case you don´t know them yet) i would like to share:

* I noticed that theres no ear piece, so the feedback recieved from the device is going to be heard by everyone. Something that nobody will accept with sympathy.

* Let's suppose I dont want to talk to my Google Glass to send a command. Maybe I want to send a private message. A virtual Keyboard would be great. If we go further (maybe a daydreamer approach) it would be possible to use some kind of neural signal analysis to analyze pre-speech thoughts (

* What happend if i want to take a picture of myself? it would be funny to take off the glasses pass them to a friend and make him take the photo for me. Maybe a mobile device (used as Processor and/or support machine) can be useful.

* Privacy... Lets assume someone is wearing my glasses without my authorization, he will access my reality and, in some way, my private view of the world. Here also appears the need of a cloud oriented operational system that let the user login into their own augmented reality...

Kant metaphor is going to a new level because "everyone is looking through their own glasses but maybe, in a future, i will be able to see the way you see your (augmented) reality"

Sorry about the mistakes im making writing this but im not a native english speaker.

- Google Please keep making dreams come true. !!!!
I really think the next phase of a project like this would be to integrate a Kinect-like sensor into the device - so that the virtual objects created can be aware of the actual environment. Virtual objects that are reality-aware would really take the augmented reality concept to the next level.
If these things are ready in time, I know what I want for Christmas.
+Project Glass similar to the sportiiiis (, there should be a base mount that can be mounted to the prescription classes. this base should be sold separately so that the user can mount a base mount on every glasses (reading-glasses, sunglasses, sportsglasses, etc.) she has. then the google glasses could get taken of from the glasses for battery loading and switched from one frame to the other quickly.
+Carlos Bernal +Timothy Hestenes Lehnen I just happen to read "Daemon". There they have some HUD-glasses similiar to Google glasses. You use your voice and hands to interact with the HUD, means kind of "data gloves" or kinect-like hand-motion-detector. Privacy is ensured by the HUD through iris scan. Plus, they seem to have some high resolution positioning/bearing system.
Thank you for paying attention to the ones of us wearing glasses. Hopefully it wouldn't be a problem to have an ametropia.
Yeah that was a question I had also. I really would love to see this idea pan out.
I am SO on board with this. I figured you guys would figure it out.
+Sören Köhler Can you provide a link? im seaching the web and i cant find anything. Privacy through iris scan sound awesome and will assure you are the only one authorized to access your own reality. Its quite weird talking about access your own (augmented) reality!!!
If you make this I'll give you as much money a you want. Say a number and I'll type it into a machine that gives you that much money
i am so excited about this! when can i get it? lol
From a technical standpoint: I don't see any earpieces. The video has the guy video confing AND listening to mood music ( i loved that reveal by btw) so where are the earbuds? Secondly, its clear to me that this is not a standalone device. This headset MUST connect wirelessly to an android handheld. My only question is: How? Does bluetooth now have the bandwidth to handle video and graphics? Are you using some other standard like DLNA
I would give some feedback but I honestly can't think of anything. I assume you'll keep it open source so people can write applications to augment things like video games, tv shows, movies, radio, and pretty much everything else people could interact with.
This is a great project but, how will works? With a smart phone or independent?
I think this might cause a lot of car accidents simply because people will be too busy reading whats in their glasses instead of whats going on around them. Another curious thought:

Will this do harm to your eyes? Video games a few feet away from your face harms eyes, I could only imagine what something a few centimeters away could do to my eye-sight.
From what we've seen in the video, Glass is really only a series of small images. I don't see how that could harm your eyes, really. And it doesn't really give you much to read. If you're using the navigation, it reads the directions for you and shows a little arrow, that's about it. If people are using this to actually read things, then they're being just as irresponsible as people who text while driving, and that's their own fault, not the product developers'.
I would really like to beta test Google Glass, I was a beta tester for the CR-48 and loved the opportunity to be one of the first. I still use my CR-48 as my daily driver and it just keeps getting better
It's really cool. I think everyone here wants to do beta testing:-)
I just started working the day the video was launched, and even if this is just a concept right now, Im already saving for it!
+Edwin Aquino Another thing to note, is that if it uses the methods rumoured or at least has a focus point a meter or two ahead, then using this as a Heads-Up-Display for driving will actually make it safer that glancing at your car speedometer.

The reason is that the time it takes your eyes to focus far ahead on the road, then near to the speedometer, then far ahead again, means you can actually miss something critical - and your brain typically "tunes out" that delay/time so you generally don't notice how long it actually takes.

If the HUD is set to a focus point that's distant, then there's less refocusing for your eyes, and as a bonus less fatigue.
Will it be possible to plug shortened headphones into them so I can listen to my music without a cable running down my side?
and if the big picture plan goes over, everyone will ride around in Google's robot cars and not even need to look at speedometers!
So you guys are going to make glasses that are going to be like a cell phone or some thing 
No, they are making epic Augmented Reality glasses so they can blow Mac out of the water.
Please please please please start a pilot program like you did with cr-48! I would love a chance to test them.
The people that uses glasses can use the Google Glasses? Is my big preocupation
Can your eye really focus on sth that is not even 3cm away from your eye?? 
Jack H
You can refocus it further away artificially. That's how glassless-3D works.
Looks a tad uncomfortable for the ear. I wonder if it'll drag a pair of glasses down on one side. Also it looks like it'll block peripheral vision somewhat.

Please make sure Google Glass will come in both left and right eye variations to accommodate those who only have vision in one eye. #accessibility
+Glenn Stephens that would make sense if a majority of drivers even look at their speedometer; most good drivers know how fast they are driving. The point of the matter is it's about reading text messages or doing a bunch of commands on their google glasses while driving which can be a huge hazard. Taking your eye off the road would be more common than not. Unless of course this gets released with all those autonomous vehicles google was working on :P then I wouldn't care if I have a robot driving me to the right places carefully lol.
Any thoughts on partnering with Transition Lenses to make non-prescription and prescription glasses for this? This definitely look a ton better on someone who is actually wearing a real pair of glasses.
any possible issues with contact lenses ?
I saw a device a few years ago that affected your perception of balance, which the inventors wanted to integrate into walking directions and help you avoid cars. It'd be cool if they sold add-ons like that.
I could see this being used in my medical practice if applied correctly. It could also be a great tool for procedures or in the OR depending on it's capabilities...too hypothetical right now to tell how functional it will be...
Just to get this clear: Are you looking through the glass like with old AR-glasses or is this an 'retinal display' (projecting the image directly on your retina) like the Brother Airscouter? I hope it's the second one seeing only this small glass piece :)
I just wanna know how can I wear this when I driving car?Does sunglass can use this?
I think good if this product is distributed free to all. Ad is displayed.
Yup, I agree +Edwin Aquino - Reading test (eg. an eBook) while driving is a really stupid idea - but it doesn't make the technology used at fault, and it shouldn't stop the technology from being developed/deployed

(I know you didn't say it that, but I thought that was what you were implying - on re-reading I recognise I was a little hasty now.)

Automation in systems used to transport the general public has only improved safety. (Think Aviation, Rail and Elevators) - I think the biggest thing we can do for safety on the public roads is have more - properly maintained - automated vehicles on it.

We can't rely on automation to replace a qualified driver/pilot - but if used and maintained properly automation simply saves lives.
As a firefighter/paramedic I can think of many ways I can use your device to support me in my job. Keep up the good work!
I like that design. Particularly because the light source for Project Glass is on the outside of the lens. I would also recommend you consult Gunnar Optiks.
Awesome! So, how does it display things? Does it project it out over the lenses using a special light? This is a Google X project, so it's not out of the question.
Wonder if there will be a type for the left eye or both.
Sid C
I really hope you guys can make a one that's switchable or on the left eye... I'm blind in my right eye....
I'm not blind in my right eye but I AM left eye dominant. Would be nice if you could pint in an accelerometer to allow the screen to flip.
I think this would be great for presentations. It would be like an instant telepromter (that no one else would see). As a pastor it would be great for sermon delivery.
I think project glass should include seperate glass for doctors/veterinaries of a thermometer feature inside of it and an automated heat sensor in order to recognize any possible illnesses that humans or another animal specie that they may contain. It would be a scientifical breakthrough and it would also make doctor's jobs easier!!
One thing I'd be really interested in is the camera being able to provide input directly into a search feature. This could have some amazing possibilities in the work place, or in retail environments. For Example, if it can read bar codes, you could price compare while at the store when something catches your eye as a future purchase, or say you are at a hardware store, someone asks for assistance finding something, the display could give you an inventory listing, and a location listing without having to go find a terminal.
si pierdes a tu hijo en un aeropuerto, por ejemplo, encontrarlo con la ayuda de todos los que esten usando los anteojos reconociendo la foto
Hi. I am from Hong Kong and I have some suggestions.

1. Can I use my tablet or phone to remote control the Project Glass? It is more convenient to type message, search on the internet and find friends in my address book. And it is perfect if it can sync apps, music , movies with my tablet or phone. I believe Google can build a app for mobile devices to control the glass.

On the other hand, let the project glass connects to a server just like 'iCould' to share music and files due to the glass seems to has little memory.

2. Not everyone speaks in English. I speak in Cantonese. I hope the Glass supports different language so that I can control in my own language.

3.How about the security? It is so small that easily to be stolen. Can I make password to protect it? Can I track the Glass like iPhone and iPad if I lose it?

4.Just for fun.Watching 'Dennō Coil', every children has a Digi pet. It is fun to raise a pet in the glass. What is more, imagine if two or more glasses are connected in one space, it is extremely fun if we can see each other's pet in a augmented reality space. The pets may be running around :) It is also good for teaching and sharing purpose if we can share things like this.

thank you!
I'm sure some of these have already been mentioned but:
- Alternative interface methods eg hand gesture recognition or even something like Sixth Sense - Pranav Mistry
- Being the user interface to mobile devices / laptops / desktops (if they still exist)
- User controlled tinting of glass, akin to changing the brightness/contrast on your monitor
How will the audio work besides the mic. will there be an audio jack as well as speakers or will it be like a bluetooth where the earpiece is already attached to it?
I have seen a lot of posts talking about Bluetooth connection with our Android phones, but the problem is, not all of us have Android phones. I particularly have an iPhone does that make me ineligible to use these? Also, i use contacts because i have horrible vision, will this hinder my ability to use that? I am very excited for this project, and would absolutely LOVE some beta testing :3
Can the eyepiece be switched from left-to-right (and vice versa)? That will be important for anyone with mono-vision.
Will there be a motorcycle rider version that fits comfortably while wearing helmet?

I can see a lot of benefits in that, especially for riders like me who commute on a motorcycle almost everyday.

I use Google Nav alot to 'tell' me where to go via earbuds. It would be great to be able to see traffic report on the go... in addition to speed.

Then maybe a connectivity to the bike via Bluetooth OBD reader for a more extensive readout when needed.
Compatibility with eyeglasses was something I was initially worried/concerned about. It'd be cool to see Project Glass integrated with prescription eyewear in the future. A non-obtrusive HUD-like interface is definitely something I can see being commonplace in the future....
ok here is the deal. I delete my fb account and you send a demo glass to me :-)
This looks much better than the default frame. I suggest hiring someone to improve the looks of the normal project glass frames. Because I would definitely rather buy non-prescription glass and wear this. 
Kiet Le
my glass frame has a pair of magnets for shades clipon. A really great way to make use of existing frames as such is to have an arm that will fold out of the "glass" unit and clamp on to the magnets. I got my frames from wally mart (wal*mart).
Kiet Le
Google Glass as my bifocus? One in each eye!
How about stopping with the concept stuff and sit down and make this thing a reality. Give us a time-frame for when this can hit the market, will it run on LTE and who will google partner with to provide that? This can change the world in a few yrs just like the iPhone changed the phone market, stop wasting time, google's execution has not been up to par lately, good ideas but failed execution, don't screw this one up please.
This idea is great and may change peoples lives. I will be happy to test if ur looking:)
not sure it's about positioning and being able see through your lenses...more about being able to adjust the focus & zoom on the Project Glass end product. Rathlike on the old cameras when you twiddled with bits while looking through the hole?
I met two googlers at a work function this week and was very disappointed to see they weren't wearing these glasses already...
Google Glass for construction workers? Architects show exactly where to cut, attach, and install things without the workers having to squint at drawings.
Maybe it should be like the scouters in Dragon ball Z.
Looking forward to seeing more of Project Glass ..
so its basically an attachment. how is this going to fit all styles of frames. I hope these can record video too.
Just make sure that these don't cost too much... please?! I beg you!
Hoping to get a pair of these. Also just recently had to start wearing prescription glasses, so I'm glad to hear there's going to be a version for us too :D

Hoping I get to be a part of the beta test!
Does it compensate for head movements well? Is it usable when riding a vehicle on an imperfect road, walking/running etc?
If people are trying to surf the internet wearing these while driving then they're equal to the guy that tries to read the newspaper while driving and hopefully Darwinism can sort them both out. I'd imagine running a GPS speedo would be pretty handy as well as turn based navigation. Then you can see what speed your doing and where your turn is without ever having to take your eyes off the road. I think all this concern over wearing them while driving will be quickly dismissed when people actually wear them and realise that they're not actually walking around with a computer monitor taped to their faces.
Why do not integrate a OLED Layer in the glasses, so the screen would be much bigger, both eyes could be covered and through this even a 3D-effect could be achieved.

The OLED screen would be in between two glass layers to protect it from everything ...
Use a smartphone or anything like that to do the computing of the information and send the video-output to the glasses via Bluetooth/WI-FI or whatever does the job !
Also think about, what you could do with some tilt sensors in the glasses ...
Hello, I wonder if there is already some provision for the project launch. And if they are allowed to comment on, the images will be seen in the crystal so that it would be in front of the eye to the screen, or the images would be projected on the retina in some way?
Thanks, hugs!
Make a lens that is no different than our normal sight
I dont care how stupid it looks, I want one
+allen majewski, my guess is they will say "read the fineprint" that comes with the product. Love this project and I hope to see the a final product before the end of the year :)
i have a question about the glasses , what happens if a person has to wear real glasses for sight ?
Thanks !
This project is going better and better! Can't wait to have mine!
How will the sound work? I hope no dangling earphones :) Major decisions dealing with this. Maybe small speakers to channel the feedback audio towards the ear canal without blocking real-world audio?
What about people that see with only one eye? All of the photos above show that the actual device is on the right eye, will it be possible to change sides?
I'm sorry to destroy all of your dreams but this just wont work like its supposed to as its to close to the eye and wont ever get focused by this way. Go figure and ask an eye doctor or your next eye shop.There are ways though by using prisms and mirrors (DMD) but the display rather looks like OLED so that doesnt seems to be the case here. And has anyone other than the project team seen the glasses in action with an active display? Me not and i wonder why.
BTW such a near distance also might be harmful for your health!
Excuse me, Revochen Mayne, but did you take into account that there might be a streamlight project technology. This means that all visual data might be projected to the retina and the image will be delivered directly to your brain through the retina for processing. This is my opinion.
Revochen Mayne i'm sure google figured something out, i mean, that's like the first limitation that they have to fix before they even show a prototype, they must have figured something out, technology can amaze :)
As a paramedic, if this project was ever gonna come out, i'll start working on a project to integrate that HUD display into a Copilot system, you know?

Like, make the BP/Heart-rate/Respiratory Rate etc... be sent from the measuring device to the gadget, and the gadget would show possible symptoms, keep monitor on the vitals, and alert the paramedic immediately.

for example, i'd say "give me the dose of naloxone for a pediatric kid weighing 10kg" and the device will bring that data from a database, calculate the dose and show it ON-screen, that would be Revolutionary!
I look forward to the final result! one question, who wore glasses, he is the lens it can to give?
Good luck, Omar Al Matar! Looking forward to seeing your new project in the future!
I have been following this with interest as I see the potential to be used in my research. I am currently putting together a PhD research proposal to do a comparative study on how people process cultural information (museums exhibitions, objects info, architectural history) if delivered via Augmented reality. It's in embryo but I really believe it has potential. Any of you guys willing to talk to me about it? Are you exploring the potential to be used in a virtual exhibitions context?
+Samantha Hammell Yeah, i mean, most people find this things very boring because the presentation means we use today are dull and gray....AR would be like timetraveling! i'd like to know more owob
Thats exactly what I was thinking... though maybe a bit more integrated into the glasses maybe?
Where the !'s are?

Hello Владислав Шедлевич
Yes i considered it being a VRD but this is even a higher potential of harming your health then so not the best argue.
Kind Regards
Maybe. But I think that it's not a problem for guys from Google. About a 50 years ago we didn't have touchscreens and maybe it seamed to be impossible. This is a question of time and technologies.
Are these glasses going to be durable? I can imagine my 4 month old grabbing on to this and destroy it, or me sitting on it accidentally.

Also, think about our Law Enforcement Friends who could use this for their day to day duties. I can imagine an officer pulling someone over and just look at a person's ID and/or using face recognition and determine if the person has warrants or just killed someone. This could potentially save lives.
Will these glasses require their own data plan or will they be tethering via your smartphone
One question i would like answered : In the Video it showed that the UI was controlled Via voice. Is there any plans to have a back up control system eg augmented reality were you touch the icons or even if you could control it with your eye movement? Thinking for people like me who have a speech impediment that means technology does not often understand us for voice control or even every day person in a busy and noisy environment.
Maybe those glassess could use sign language (finger language)
I absolutely love the idea. I definitely think that the best idea is to control it with eye movements, not voice or anything.
We have been hammered by our beta testers who are asking use if we are going to make a version of our app for Project Glass. Our response: as soon as we see a developer kit, we will start...
I use glasses if you need a betatester for italy i am here
I'm from Panama, in latin america i'd like to know when ths technoly'll be available for us...???
Also... What about ppl whit cntact glasses??? And the part of th project for ppl that dont have precription glases'll have a version in contact glases???
Remember one animation named as "Mars Need Moms"
when there used to be such animation everyone might think about such glasses and technologies and Now Project Glass might make that Animation go real
Thumbs up!
i would prefer to have it fully intergrated in my glasses/optics and not as the add-on component.. it looks elegant but still too visible
I'm going to be greatly disappointed if this turns into a purely marketing tool.
looks good I'd hate to miss out on the technology because I wear glasses.
Why the Geordi LaForge half visor? There are companies like Oakley and Pivot head that have successfully intergrated the tec they have into the frame of glasses. Form follows function and if you want people to actually use the product it needs to look good...In it's current iteration there not cool. I just dont' understand why you wouldn't just include the tec into the frame.

then you wont' have to look like your wearing a brick on the side of your head. Not all people have transitional lenses most people have glasses and sunglasses. ( or wear contacts ) Creating something people ( the masses would want to wear ) like an ipod for your eyes would go a long way to move more people to google+ which is the endgame for this project...
This is amazing! Could I use it even if I dont need glasses?
well if you need a live market beta tester... I could be persuaded :)
I think it's neat technology, but whats with all the hipster bull crap imagery and pics? I'm not going to buy a product that makes me look like a flippin douche bag
Coming from the construction industry, technology like this would be fantastic. The ability to go onsite and view a 3D model overlay to the job site and then walk through would be a tremendous boost to the efficiency of any building project.
Wow, but WHY NOT ALREADY MAKE A DASHBOARD IN THE GOOGLE+ APP with all the features shown in this clip. My iPhone would never leave my hand again!
it would be awesome if it was a device that worked with my current phone and not a new stand alone device, I really do not want to get a new phone that will not have all my games on it or a real way to play touch screen based games
Will it come in different colors?
I am amazed that the unit is so small. Amazed. I have my doubts about voice recognition though .. never yet seen vr that works in real life. I would even be happy with a normal android phone, with just the visual output piped to the glasses. We have to be realistic about the limitations here. I cannot wait to for the world of Charles Stoss's Accelerando to become reality, and pretend to be Manfred Max. Lol!
This is totally awesome I can not wait to try it. My one question is.. How do you bring up the tagging feature? In the video when he gets to the mobile food cart. The tagging feature just appears. Does he click a button or something in the frame?
Will they work with google maps (I mean to show us directions and places, etc.) ? Because Google has still old maps for Morocco. I think it should be better if Google update his Morocco google maps so it could suit actual Morocco maps, then we could be able to use those fantastic glasses too.
Thank you !!
BTW, gentle people, I would not think of this project as "cool gadgets" This is big, as significant as the invention of the printing press. Our children will be learning about this in history (assuming formal education still exists or is needed) as the start of the great upswing of humanity .. the dawn of the post- human. Believe it.
Will the glasses affect our eyes or tamper our brain in any way? A person I know believes that it might diminish communication.
this is something that is so amazing! I hope to see it to fruition soon!
Would it be legal to use it while driving? Not for chatting ofcourse but to use it in map mode and take advantage of the turn by turn directions?
This is great, augmented reality always is. I did not have time to read all the comments, maybe someone already suggested this, but how about in addition to voice command, it also accepts "eye gestures" as commands. For example it is kind of awkward to stand in the middle of the street seemingly talking to yourself "take a picture of this", instead it could accept the closing of the left or right eye for 2-3 seconds as a command to take a picture. This could work with some internal camera or sensor. Other commands can include close both eyes for 2-3 seconds, blink left, right, or both eyes for a certain number of times, look left/right for 2-3 seconds, etc...
With prescription glasses this looks much better! I think the whole world wants this. So my message to you: Don't try to produce them fast, try to make them awesome like all of your products. It would be great if you make something like a 'Project Glass API' or a 'Project Glass SDK' because then we could create our own programs, like the play market! However, i really like this project, it is the future and if you guys need Beta Testers all over the world, I'm in Austria and I'd love to help you!

Keep on working!
Benjamin :]
Can't wait for Google I/O this year. Project glass should be tested there!

So far as questions, it seems that voice and eye tracking are the main ways to navigate and use the device. It also seems to he doing a lot in the background so that its ready when you need it. However, due to its small size, how will a person power this for long periods of time?

Will there be a seperate battery pack?
Will the battery be part of the current design, in which case how are you thinking of weight?

This device is really exciting me.

Thanks Google for making our future, today.
This better not be some elaborate April fools joke that lasts all of April.
This will be an easier transition for me. I am already wearing glasses.
This has put some of my fears to rest!
However, I'd like the option of using the entire area of my right lens as a head-up-display. This would be able to show me all kinds of cool information. Perhaps some kind of gesture-toggle
Could a pico-projector be included?
This was one of my dream. A computer that get our signals and make computer work. So my dream is coming true. I love this project and like to develop my dream :)
I am interested in a virtual keyboard like Manfred Macx had in the short story "lobsters" in the book "Accelerando" (Charles Stross). Could a ring set or a wrist device provide this so that I could type with my hands in almost any position?
would be intersting for the developers to read Daniel Suarez book "daemon" and the sequel named "freedom TM" they both include ideas which could change the way the internet is used...expecally with glasses like this
would the glasses have the google goggles app built in? like when someone sees a building it puts a label of the buildings name?
Is there a way you could implement an augmented reality keyboard on the palm of the user's hands? In case the wearer is not able to use the voice commands (noisy subway?), he will need some way to access the features on the glasses.

The way I envision it would be, the user holds up his hand in front of his face, the glasses would detect the surface area of his palm and then display a keyboard onto the palm. At which point, the user could press the keys on his palm to start typing.
is this anything more than an idea? is there an actual product yet?
I don't know if this was answered at all, but what if the person that wants to use the product has no glasses at all? Will they have to resort to sunglasses with a spotty image or will there be a mock-up for those who don't wear them?
This design reminds me of Cookie's glasses from Ned's Declassified.
i think it would be cool too to have an app store for them, like BioMonitor (shows heart rate, chemicals in your body etc), TrajectoryViewer (shows if you hold something, or have a gun, it will show where its aiming and what not), ItemInfo (shows a brief description on the item your looking at and a wireframe of its internal components, i.e pencil - 4 grams, comprised of wood, graphite, rubber, steel, [view description] the pencil is used in many applications, from writing long exam papers, to drawing... etc) there'd be tons of other ideas like that too.
the main concern i have is, how are your eyes going to focus on something like 10mm away from them, what would be the tech that would go into it that would make it so youd be able to make everything out clearly. (and another app i just thought of, Scouter (from dragonballZ, only it would tell you the persons estimated height, weight, and build)
Please add rear-view capability and the ability to see around corners to defend against the Zombie Apocalypse.
Ok this is an awesome idea. Will this maybe have potential to help out visually impaired? I am asking because I am visually impaired. Legally blind to be exact. There are devices on the market to help people like me see better to drive. Could this maybe implement this technology? Also, is it dedicated to only being attached to right side? This would not work for me since i have only very little vision except some peripheral vision. I also wouldn't mind helping out with some testing of this product. As a visually impaired candidate.
Can't wait to get my hands on one of these
Para controlar as aplicações do óculos seria legal uma luva equipada com arduino, assim as aplicações seriam controladas por gestos das mãos.
i want it now!!!! jajajaja i'm brilly exited for that new... and when i saw the video i chost... like "españoles" says "flipeeeeee!!!"
It would be nice if you added Google Goggles into them. For example, you are on a vacation and you see a sign in another language that your own. But the glasses scan the text and translates it for you! Or you scan a barcode and you will know where it´s cheapest!
-Google Translate:
My premium does not have 1 eye of birth, instead having a glass prosthesis, can wear glasses?.
Also notice that in all pictures, the glasses have the lens on the right side, will there be any model with the lens on the left side?.
Mi Prima no posee 1 ojo de nacimiento, en su lugar tiene una protesis de vidrio, ¿podra usar las gafas?.
Tambien noto que en todas las imagenes, las gafas tienen el lente en el lado derecho, ¿habra algun modelo con el lente en el lado izquierdo?.

Thank's 4 All.
I have to say GOOGLE has been the leading in new technologies and ides ive seen in a long time and i dont wear perscription glasses but i do wear maui jim sun glasses and if google comes out with something for sun glasses as well then I'll buy 50 of them anx sell them to my friends. Screw facebook. Google you have my support 100% all the way.
This is awesome, I was not looking forward to going back to contacts. Although I would if it allowed me to use a product as innovative as google glass.
+1 for rx glasses support. For some of us it's the only way. Looking forward to the day when I can stop glancing down at my phone.
They look great, I see battery life being an issue though, maybe augment that with a small solar panel or kinetic charge system since they are going to be on your head anyway.
Can they help me remember names?

Sample process:
Detect a new face
Hear them greet me
Hear me greet them without name.
Show me their name.
+Cary Pool I believe they have the capabilities, but they were told not to include that function by the government or something. I think they are worried about peoples privacy.
+Cary Pool Awesome and exactly what I want from AR. I am TERRIBLE at remembering names though I always remember faces. Having floating names over recognized heads MMO-style would be the best feature that I could ever ask for!
just contacts list then? Yes, I have too many contacts.
Can it be scanning the bar code or QR code in supermarket to check about the product or can scan the objects that we see and show what is the things we see like checking the phone model and how much the phone battery life left?
Will there be a stereoscopic version for full 3d interactive user interface elements, or is there a reason it seems to be right eye only?
For someone who's looking for a sweet pair of glasses, like myself, I'm curious as to what the price range will be? Also, will Transitions be an option? If I'm going to buy a new pair of glasses, I really want it to be these.
well "abort" would be a good command for that...
If you have to run around in public yelling "abort" at your virtual reality overlay system things could get really #awkward really fast. just sayin.
Yeah, even more awkward than hash tagging. I hope that gets fixed!
I loved the project, but the design must be thought also to those who, like me, wear glasses all the time!
First, I would like to say that I can't wait for this to be released: I WILL BUY ONE. Anywho, I have a few questions. 1. Will there be a way to watch movies on your glasses that takes up your whole vision (that would be AWESOME) 2. If you don't wear perscription glasses, will these work with sunglasses? 3. Is there a way to search the Internet? 4. Is there a way to do this without speaking out loud all your commands loud. Like maybe a mic near your mouth, or a sensor for where you are looking to expand things (Like Stephen Hawking's machine)

This is kind of irrelevant, but if it can put things in our field of view, 1. can others see it, and 2. can we put something like a dragon on a sidewalk for fun? (2 was silly, but I'm curious)
You guys thinking of putting augmented reality games in the glasses? 
For those who are wondering how can we see/focus that close, we don't.

The glasses will project them to our eye, just like how it has been with pilots (try Google Apache pilots helmet system). And we all know those pilots have 20-20 visions. :)
I'll definitely be picking these up as soon as they hit stores.
I'm excited that Google are working on hardware. Not just hardware, but the kind of hardware that only science-fiction can conceive. I don't see the current form of Google Glass taking off, but then what do I know...?
I'm studying to be a hardware engineer, and I hope one day to work on such exciting projects with a forward thinking company!
just a thought,
but most frames use the same hinge to join the arms to the glasses frame, you could just replace the r/h arm rather than figure out how to make some universal clipping system
or make your own frames....
i don't know might be something to think about.
I think there are some must to haves to be added:
1- Face recognition
I am awful with names, I always think oops I have seen you somewhere, now imagine if this glass can run face recognition based on my friends in Circles or Facebook, that would be great
2- Location recognition
Looking at a place to give information about it, reviews and products ...

Keep on the great work and change the face of earth, it is getting boring!
The only thing that concerns me is, what your plans for people that already wear glasses? I think an attachment or a certain lens would be sufficient.
This is so cool! Its a game changer. I have not been this excited about programming since I got my hands on the first iphone sdk's back in 2008. How can I get my hands on this?

Will code for food :-)
I think the actual computer section looks a bit big and asymmetrical. I think it's possible to make it a bit smaller and low-profile.
I think that Google Glass could be very useful to help the visually and hearing impaired. For example; creating subtitles for speech, and reading/identifying objects.
< the face of a rabid consumer and techie

Gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme, get over yourself Apple, you'll never be truly innovative (inventive) as Google. Gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme.
incredible! it's really cool to get Google to everywhere! I wish I could buy today.
eu só quero saber o óculos do google é real ou uma farsa ?????
If u need any beta testers for project glass, PLEASE let me know i would be very interested in trying it out
very interesting, please let us know do Google need any public tester ^^, I am looking forward for the products
This stuff is really cool.. Can I be the beta Tester for the Product Back home in India :) Wish wish I get to have the first taste of it :)
I can't wait to try this out! Have you looked into command based Photochromic lenses?
Do you have a beta program? And will it have any open api, so we can add to it?
Maybe you should make the device itself into a kind of prescription glasses
What size is the browser? I design mobile-optimized smartphone sites for a living. This going to kill that for me?
Can I help you to make this work? (like Software Enginnering, etc...)
will it be able to connect to keypads and other similar devices if you dont want to say your test aloud?
never seen a good reason!! to throw my iphone in to the trash xD until today!!!!!
"We think technology should work for you—to be there when you need it and get out of your way when you don’t."

Funny choice of words for a device that's raison d'etre is being constantly in your way and from a company whose own raison d'etre is pretty much the same. This thing is just an offshoot of that.
Sk Chan
that's great for me!!!
I've been waiting for this day for so long! Heres a use:
Auto-scrolling text for chords and tablature, for learning songs. So one can look at their riffing hand and the sheet music at the same time.
+Warren Plotkin Wait, what? This thing is there to make it easier and faster to take photos, notes and keep in touch with other people. If you're in a situation where it gets in the way, you can litteraly just take the glasses off. How is that getting in the way?
I have wanted a heads up display forever I will be getting one of these the second I can.
when they get out?
These glasses remind me very much, from a design perspective, of the glasses I currently wear when not wearing contacts. I have a pair of Oakley Boomstand Prescription'em: I think this concept is aweome and am both curious, as well as anxious, to see where this project goes.
On Behalf of Pair O Dimes MagEzine, I offer any service my staff can supply with the promotion of such a wonderful idea. God Speed
How much will these cost, when will they be on the market and where can I get them?
Thank you Google! I've been waiting for this technology for YEARS! Because I want to play games.

Imagine going to the park, putting on the glasses and seeing large monsters roaming around, you run up to them and hit them with your virtual sword (or gesture-based magic) vanquish them, then you run after the next one. Just like video games now, but finally - FINALLY - in a way you can get lots of exercise (and not fake Wii exercise, but real 'running around for hours' exercise).

Imagine a life-sized pac-man game where you run around and pick up the dots - running from or chasing the ghosts.

Imagine joining several other people in a park - when you put the glasses on, you're all staring at a giant dragon. You work together, running away from it's attacks then charging after it. Constantly trying to circle behind it.

Sure, people would look at you like you were crazy till it became public knowledge what you were doing. But I don't care!

I have been waiting for the day this conversation could happen:

"Say, you're in really good shape"
"Thanks, I play a lot of video games"

Social networking and navigation be dammed. Give me games!
Phil, I totally share your enthusiasm!

I would really enjoy developing games with this technology! Gimme!
So when can i get mine? i hope there is a Blue tooth version so i can just use my current phone with its unlimited data plan and not have to get a new connection for network use
You know what would be cool? Google glass windows for buildings... You could have a giant interactive window for your job or for fun
What if, instead of making a product that goes over your original glasses, you could simply team up with places like America's Best and Pearl Vision, and make your own Google frames? That way, the HUD display would actually be in the frames, not over it. You'd look like you're wearing normal glasses.
One thing that would change classical music forever: Sheet music displayed in Google Glasses. I have spent a lot of time trying to get someone to manufacture a music-specific tablet for reading music, mostly so we can use it in Spectrum Brass, but nobody seems to understand how far-reaching this technology would be. How many tons of paper wasted each year on sheet music? How hard is it to mark cuts, dynamic changes, etc into every part? What if someone loses their music? These are all serious issues and expenses in the classical music performance and education world and I am anxious to find a solution!
I know it's a long shot, but I'd love to see this come out as a hearing aid compatible thing. Because the elderly are not the only ones who are hard of hearing.
I think these are awesome! But, if they were made and sold, wouldn't there be a problem with driving, crossing roads... everything! If there's text and pictures popping up in front of your eyes? I don't really know much about them but I have watched the video on YouTube and it just looks a bit dangerous. Still awesome though!
Can i make a design/ marketing and advertising suggestion ?
I think it could be beneficial to out source the design process. Have designers or members of the public offer design mock ups and templates for project glass. Maybe even offer it as a prize incentive Marketing opportunity.

People love to get involved with brands they use, love and admire etc. adds a personal touch to the process and product identity. Plus motivationally incentives work for this kind of thing, especially when we tech lovers are involved.

Would love to hear your thoughts on this.
make sure they have cornings gorilla glass thats the best glass in the world
What about the battery life? Seeing as it is relatively small and compact and uses several sensors, no matter what battery you'd choose, the battery life would be short... How do you plan to overcome that problem?
With deep Google+ integration this could be a social network game-changer in the making. - Hopefully this project sees the light of day...I'm very excited to see the outcome. -- Also, regarding the product; Hopefully their is a camera in the back of the frame-wear so that you can see backwards. Instant face recognition with names next to people in the street would be pretty cool too :) - Then I would wear the shit out of them 24 mother f'kin 7.
Im totally agree with Michael Lee Johnson but only those who were the glasses has the chance to see the other ones names and they can use their names to send messages between them and you decide if you want to allow the message or deny it... It will be the best Social Network EVER... Google you still been the best...
This could be a success, however, it is necessary to include people who really need glasses to create a device fully compatible with their mounts. So far is remarkable, but perhaps could be better if we also include the style and fashion. Perhaps allow international designers make some designs of frames?
The initial success can only be overcome by the success of continuity, why to do something just for the moment when you can do something that makes a definite trend?
Please Send me a Google Glass. If its not possible, comment on this post.  :-D
How can i get a Google Glass? I would try them in Italy! Anwer me as soon as possible ! :D
I cant wait for these to become available for everyone...
Last comment! (until someone deletes its comment).
The weight is going to be an important factor in how comfortable it may be to wear the glasses for extended periods.
Hallo, Is it possible to obtain the proto-type? How and who to contact?
Hi Guys, seeing as the glasses are functional this means they must be ergonomic and least intrusive,what will you guys do about the weight, are you looking at working with the tiniest and lightest components available or not? and what about the ever present problem or battery life ?
I wear glasses sometimes, but not all the time. is there any way you could make glass work with frames and without them?
I've recently taken up rowing with my wife. One of the challenges with this sport is that you periodically need to check behind you for obstacles.

The most common solution is a mirror, however a variation on the glass that also had a rear facing camera would provide better vision and a record of what is going on behind you.

I'm sure there might be plenty of other uses for eyes in the back of your head. :)
Does it capture in HD and how does it connect to the internet? How many frames per second does it record and how many megapixels is the camera?
I haven't read everyone's comments so please forgive any duplication.  Would it be possible to get an early feature list so we know what they will do and maybe planned future updates.  I've seen the video so I know you they will feature message alerts and mapping using the outstanding google maps app, but other than that we've seen nothing else.
i can't wait till these things come out being a person that wears glasses!!!
+Project Glass have there been any design considerations made for a lens that is compliant with ANSI Z87? Glass can start a revolution within the construction industry.
<-- Wants in on Beta testing! Love to use them at my shop showing customers what is wrong with their car before the work is preformed, and after work is done. With Visuals it is so much easier to explain to them what is going on, also help them to know their not being ripped off. So many applications for their use! Love it. Strang Tire Co. Oelwein Iowa 50662 Look forward to hearing from you. 
Just a little duct tape and you're set to go.
what a disgusting lot.  ypor star fleet credentials are effectively terminated. as of now.  get them out and lock them up