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There have been a lot of firsts for Glass. But it all started with Explorers who took a leap of faith with us. They signed up to be Explorers before anyone really knew what Glass was. Since then, Glass has gone all over the country and made its way onto roller coasters, into classrooms, on stage, and so much more.

As we continue to expand the Explorer Program, let’s pause to take a trip down memory lane. Every Explorer’s story is personal and unique. Here’s to you, your first Glass, and what’s coming next.
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Awesome. It's been a lot of fun and a great experience being a Glass Explorer. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be apart of the team. 
In the next step, it would be great to provide Glass for those with very limited vision or unusual prescription lenses.  I have -13.0 eyesight in both eyes, and leads to many limitations.
+Google Glass While this is nice, you really should have reached out to some of the more active users/artists. ie, why did't you contact the artists who you asked to make artwork for the googleglass instagram, etc??? Also you never told us what you did with the V1 units. Other than that cool idea but could have been more cohesive.
debe ser una experiencia increíble el poder disfrutar de este grandioso dispositivo!!
+Google Glass Well the professor who was in charge that I spoke to on friday (don't want to name drop) told me google provided them with a list... so perhaps I misunderstood or he misspoke. Eitherway What did you do with the V1 units I think we all would like to know.
Thanks +Google Glass! It's been a hell of a last year. Thanks for the opportunity to participate in a completely new platform.
Thank you so much +Google Glass !! You brought a childhood dream of mine to life in the form of the most amazing piece of technology I've ever had the pleasure to use & integrate into my everyday life. Each and everyday I am baffled still as to how I managed and got by without Glass ! It has become a part of me in many ways and an extension of myself to which has holds no bounds! Anything is possible with Glass. Thank you again so much, the Explorer Program has so far been and I know will continue to be a driving force into the future of technology. But that only scratches the surface, and I'm sure every other Explorer agrees! The journey with you has been magnificent, and is an honor & privilege to be a part of such a wonderful community of incredible people all along the way together. Cheers to you and your incredible Glass Guides, The Team, and everyone else involved at Google with Glass! Here's to a bright and fantastic future to come in the journey with Google Glass + The Explorer Program !! :-) !!
+Google Glass this has been an AMAZING experience.  I'm looking forward to growing our community!  I loved the video.  +Joe Sterne Cleveland's so far!!!
I put some many smiles on faces letting people have try, I'm glad :)
+Shauna Mork Wanted to jump in and clear up any confusion. After selecting a random group of Explorers, we shared the list with the students of the Stanford Design School. At the event, I noticed several Explorers smiling and nodding while watching the short film. This made me very happy that the students were able to highlight emotions and scenarios that some of you had experienced collectively as early Explorers. 

A few Explorers asked me on Friday why your Glass isn't on display in the Computer History  Museum. While we know and believe there are great things coming for Glass and a long road ahead, right now it's still a bit early and presumptuous for us to put Glass on a pedestal… literally. Let's give it a few years and make history together first ;)
+Becca Samson Thank you for the clarification that makes more sense now... A few other people I've been speaking with had similar concerns so its good to have this cleared up. So what are we doing with the V1 units? Still not clear on that. Cause the original invite said you'd be telling us what you were doing with them.
Chiming in again. Who knew a 60-something woman (non-developer) would be chosen for this +Google Glass adventure. I have a whole new community and as diverse as you could ever want or imagine.

I didn't need a new community but I'm so glad I stuck my toe in the water and gave it a try. I wouldn't trade this adventure for anything. 

Of course I have to give a shout out to my mentor +Cecilia Abadie who has kept me in the loop from the beginning and a few others who are near and dear to me +Scott GrantSmith, +Libby Chang, +Noble Ackerson, +Keith Achorn, +Alexander Hayes and lately  +Ivan Yudhi +David Callaway +Michael Rickey +Seana McDuffie +John Wright 

Love you all!
My mom is trying to sign up to get a pair. I tried as well but I don't qualify for certain aspects. :( I hope she gets a pair so I can try them on!!!!!!
As a 66 year old techie I have wanted a truly practical wearable computer for 20 years.

Google has created the transformative technology of the 21st Century and a technology civilization. The exponential benefits about to arrive driven by Googleglass are going to end hunger, make us immortal, and take us to the Stars to join the other advanced technology civilizations #Outthere!

The ten months that I have worn #Googleglass has been life changing
As an ambassador of the Future I am always aware of the incredible faith and responsibility that Google has bestowed on all of us #glassexplorers 
Such a privilege to be part of this program ... 
You guys have a honored privilege to be able to afford and be selected for the +Google Glass program. Now, since I am not, I would like to assist in the development (less specifically) by means of quantum algorithms and a type of machine (wearable device) learning in an open environment.
What do you have in mind?

All of our apps have high speed algorithms embedded as design feature.

John Zowine

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Love how much it has been improved in the past year. Looking forward to future updates! 
Im a US Citizen living in another country and I got the email from +Google Glass saying that they are only offering the glass explorer program to US citizens with a US address. And even though my projects with UAV drones was something that the glass was going to be used for, and that it was of interest. Because I am living in New Zealand they could not approve it.  Thats all good, and understandable. BUT! After looking deeper into Glass I found out a few things. For one. Its a bluetooth extention of your phone. The camera and VR tech actually all comes from your phone. You have a limit of options you can choose from in the HUD of the glass, and other then the GPS map and the take a photo or take a picture option via voice command you are very limited.
    I am starting to understand the privacy concerns with it because other then recording from the FPV and uploading to the program, there isnt much more you can do.  The fact that it has to teather to your phone to function makes the $1200.00 price tag a bit much. Glass has a long way to go, before it can be really useful (Being a developer my self.) in a consumer way.
   They want to keep the first run in the USA  so they can keep the tech behind the HUD "in house" so to speek. Once it gets out of the USA you can bet that clones from China will be knocking on the Ebay door really fast. So right there you know the Bluetooth link and using voice commands to operate what you see is really basic.
 I do the same thing now with my Plantronics blue tooth headset. And I dare say my personal VR software for my development lab, really puts Google voice recognition to shame. 
So the short end of the long is this. Wait. Wait for Google to really advance this prototype because I think they are on the right track, but until you can really add to its abilities its just nothing more then a glorified bluetooth with some small graphics.
Go Google!
+Aaron Chadd I find it perfectly reasonable that it tethers to a phone. It doesn't replace a smartphone in any way - just think of typing. Also everyone already has a phone anyway, at least the target group of the glass does. And lastly, having the glass duplicate many of a mobile phone's hardware and functionality would be stupid.
I think it is much better than talking into your wrist or you finger wearable tech.
+John Zowine What do computer and humans have in common? What arises out of the most revered subjects available to the human mind - Number? Have you heard of Quadrivium? It consists of four classical liberal arts of number, geometry, music, and cosmology studied from antiquity to the Renaissance as a way of peering into the nature of reality, synthesizing number, space, and time. Geometry being number in space, music being number in time and the cosmos being number in space and time. The study of Quadrivium was started and taught by Pythagoras and once secret and only studied by nobles; yes even studied by many philosophical giants of old. Now comes to my theory: to inculcate the study of Quadrivium into machine by means of algorithms to recognized in all instances in everyday environment. (Machine/wearable device learning) These are of my own originality. Quantum Quadrivium + Wearable Device Learning. I am working on my own quantum programming language.
+John Zowine "It's technology married with liberal arts, married with the humanities, that yields us the results that make our heart sing." - Steve Jobs
+Shauna Mork The devices were returned before I started on the Glass Team. I believe the devices are safely in storage. 
+Becca Samson  Ah.. well hopefully we can see something really cool done with them :) Can't wait for that!!! Perhaps something around a super secret floating showroom lolz heheheh ;)
Loved my first few months with Google Glass, but realized I wasn't using them enough because they didn't have prescription lenses.  Finally bit the bullet to buy the lenses yesterday.  I was so excited to be able to wear my Glass all the time now!  My excitement was ground to a halt when I realized the frames are now offered for free with a new purchase.  After calling Glass support and being told "nothing could be done" despite the $245 purchase being done less than 24 hours ago, I'm so disappointed in this brand I've come to respect.  I thought some good customer loyalty would be rewarded...but I guess not.  
Hi +Abigail Kiefer, thanks for sharing your feedback and we're sorry you feel let down. We're making improvements to the Explorer Program all the time based on what our Explorers are saying. Here's what happened: we heard from a lot of Explorers who are not using their shade because they also purchased a frame, so we decided to try giving them a choice between either a shade or a frame. We're continuing to listen and keep Explorer feedback in mind—let us know if you have any questions. 
Google glass has changed the way I use technology in my life. Since my language translator app, I've never had to worry about not understanding anyone speaking a different dialect! Simply because glass is always there, I no longer have to get my phone out to carry on cross language communications
+William Morgan Glass was completely out of my price range too (and, being unemployed, still is). I wanted to be part of this program so badly, I made it happen with the help of 34 other people and an amazing travel sponsor. A few of these people, as a result of their kindness, are now #GlassExplorers themselves :-)

I can't believe it's been almost a whole year since I started exploring and using #Glass4good!! I'm happy to say I'm STILL using my Glass to tell the stories of great people and causes (as recently as last weekend! I do not have money to travel around the world like Chara or a developer's brain like Keith Myers, Jeris, Noble or Cecilia, but I do know a lot of great people. Being a Glass Explorer and telling their stories is an honor.

+Monica iBroadCast It is possible! My Glass has been purple since last year thanks to +David Lee & #GPOP! 
Everthing I do with Glass takes longer than other computing methods due to the constant rebooting and unresponsive track pad since XE 12 disappeared. Yup, already done the hard reset and 17.2 thing. 
+Douglas Stone Thanks for the info. We know there have been some bumps in the road since we switched over to KitKat, but we're working hard to find and fix all the issues related to last month's updates. As always, if you'd like to speak with a Glass Guide, you can reach us here:
Glass guides do not respond. I was promised a callback after the 16 rollout. That was weeks ago.
But don't worry, I got my lawyer on it now since I'm getting the run around 
+Douglas Stone We're sorry it took some time to get back to you. We've got a resolution for you and we'll send you an email shortly. 
+Google Glass  +Douglas Stone Doug, I've also been having same issues, and keep being told they are looking into the problem.  Let me know how/if you get your problem resolved cause I'm not getting anywhere. Myself.
+Shauna Mork We haven't forgotten about you. We know you're waiting on a fix for the issues you've been seeing., and we're working on it. We've got a Guide checking your situation, and we'll get back to you as soon as we have some new info. In the meantime, keep sending us feedback so we can pinpoint the issue.
i am trying to download the app to pair with my device. am a non US resident. Please help.
Hi +Karim Assad, the Explorer Program is only supported in the US, which is why you might be having trouble downloading the MyGlass app. Let us know if you have any other questions.  
Bummer. is there a way around this? When do you expect to enable to non US. My GG are useless now.
+Karim Assad We don't have any updates yet on when Glass might be available outside the US, but we hope to expand in the future. In the meantime, you should be able to access the MyGlass site, but some features on Glass won't be available without the mobile app. 
send one for me...
im from Indonesia...
Life has never been the same since I started wearing Glass..thank you Google for changing my life.
+quantumhdtv Aww! Thanks for the shout-out and we're happy to have you on this journey with us. :) 
I have bought one and still unable to use after 2 months. I am a non US resident but I have friends here in Saudi who were able to download the app and pair with their Saudi registered device. Would really appreciate some help because my glasses are collecting dust right now.
+Karim Assad It seems like your friends found some sort of workaround, but we don't know what they might've done. We can't promise this will work, but if you're having trouble getting Glass set up, you might be able to address that by visiting If you can access the site, there's an option to continue setup on the computer. 
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