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Take me home tonight

The smell of roasting turkey, the sound of a crackling fire, and the inevitable mayhem of Black Friday…the hustle and bustle of holiday season is here. And so, for this month’s #glassupdates, we’ve got a couple of lifehacks to help you get through it.

As you zig zag about your day, you can now pull up your agenda by saying "ok glass, google" followed by something like "my agenda” or "what am I doing in November?" This will help you get there on time, keep track of what’s next, and avoid double-booking.

When you’re done running around, Glass now makes it easier to get back to work or home. By popular demand, you can now say “ok glass, get directions to home” or “get directions to work.” It’s almost as magical as three ruby-slippered heel clicks.

As always, you can find the rest of our updates in the MyGlass Explorers Community.

#glassupdates #neverlostneverlate
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A feedback note: When you use weird titles and intros to these announcements, a lot of us don't even see what you're saying, because Google+ cuts off everything else under "Read more". There's no way from the initial three lines of the post to tell that this is an update notification.
For someone who hasn't had Glass long enough to experience the monthly update process: do I sit back and wait, or can I induce the update?
how about the agenda from the corporate Exchange server I'm stuck with?  :/
+Claudio Ibarra Usually you just sit back and wait. Most times by the time I've finished reading the update post my Glass has already gotten the update, if it's been sitting on the charger.
+Claudio Ibarra Connect to Wi-Fi and a power source. Scroll back in your time line to settings, tap to select. Now scroll to your OS version card and click then select "induce update" or something like that.
You can force Glass to update.
I was reading the release notes for the XE10 update just 15 minutes ago and here there is a new update already :) just in time
Ok glass, ok google, ok glass google, ok google now... awesome
So now I don't have to feel bad about having my own apps intercept long press, right? ;p
+Google Glass 
Why is "navigate to" not supported?  This is one of the most annoying things about glass. It is built on Android, we have been trained in android that "Navigate to" means get turn by turn navigation, while "directions to" is simply a list of directions.  Why not support both in Glass?

You have spent 5 years training users to use a specific voice action and now you are abandoning it for a voice action that we have been trained means something different. Supporting both seems like the obvious solution.

Saying "navigate to" on my phone and then requiring "directions to" on Glass to achieve the same outcome is poor user experience. Considering these are both products coming from the same company and built on the same underlying platform is disappointing.
+Aaron Kasten I would ask the same question.

Literally the first thing I did with Glass was at the Big Android BBQ (I got it the day before). "Navigate to [address]" and I got a MapQuest link. I nearly laughed myself silly.
+Aaron Kasten This has been a constant irritation of mine, lol. I feel that in a lot of those cases, people are still looking to navigate either way, but they should support multiple voice commands to get to the same things, so people can say what feels natural.
Just updated, did: "OK Glass • Google • my agenda" and it brings up search results...?
+Aaron Kasten the official response given to that a while ago is that users would confuse it with navigating to a web page.
wait, what if I like long press?
+Jake Weisz right, when I say support both in glass I mean support both voice action in glass to get turn by turn navigation or in this case directions.

I don't think anyone wants a list of directions on glass, making the choice of voice actions that much more confusing.
did XE11 break Launchy? +Mike DiGiovanni  I get Launchy to come up and open other apps, but not Glass Settings
+Rob Aymett that is the dumbest response I could have imagined.  I am constantly reminded that the people behind this project consider the users of this device complete morons.
"You can't surf the Web... people will confuse that with surfing in the ocean!"
+Rob Aymett on top of that, "Navigate to" DOES NOTHING, including navigating to a webpage.  So they abandon the voice action they have trained people to use for 5 years all together, based on the excuse that it would be confused with another action that is not even supported.  So Dumb.
Hey, I get it, I'm on your side.
It's the same group that took away long press to search, what I considered the most useful feature of Glass. They could have made it opt in in the settings.
Sweet! I have been waiting for this! Now I need hangout (messaging and SMS) integration and I will never have to take my phone out of my pocket!
+Google Glass hi there, I still did not get my email during yesterday's invitation wave. I was invited last week at Tuesday, how long do I still have to wait?
If nothing else, let it confuse users, after the first try they will know the difference. or explain it during set up. Or have a system that can handle both websites and GPS via "navigate to".
Um, have we always been able to search our photos with Glass? (Ok Glass, Google My pictures of the beach)
Question: Anyone seeing the Screencast Android drawer that is supposed to be in the update? Also how do you enable private search to let the search calendar work?
+Google Glass i did a factory reset to try out the new google setup and am now stuck at seeing my Glass ID ... no option to do anything else. Advice?
Explorers - is there an update to the MyGlass app? 
+Tom Emrich I haven't seen it yet, but someone had it yesterday, I think. Because I assume the screencast-from-notification-tray bit requires a MyGlass update. Maybe it's on a phased rollout?
+Allen Firstenberg  ah this makes sense why i must be stuck on the setup and also as to why i can’t see the screencast in the Android drawer
All good - updated via web and am back :P (good to know that new MyGlass app is required to go through the setup and see the drawer change)
No, +Tom Emrich - I'm not seeing the new Screencast option on the "Connected to Glass" message, either.
Ugh, really, no more long press? I used long press all the time. It allowed me to do a Google search while in a conversation with someone. We could say "so, (long tap) what's the average sale price of a 2013 ford f-150" when talking to a salesperson and get the truth while listening to the salesperson lie. Three long taps is not a good idea. Why can't we use two fingers sliding up or something? +Google Glass 
How about a beginners mode and an advanced mode?
Like the agenda but why can I not pick a specific day ?
it would be a perfect Christmas in they release it the week of Christmas. Who else thinks they should do that.
+Demetri V.S. Nobody has any money to spend on Christmas week, because they've spent it all on Christmas shopping. Not a great release week. Why do you think most holiday launches take place in November?
Can't wait to get home to connect up the WiFi and get this update. 
I didn't give that much thought, good point. It would be nice though if they release it at the end of November or middle of January +Jake Weisz
I'm like +Jake Weisz and saw this but didn't realize it was the XE 11 announcement until I saw news stories.
+Jake Weisz +Aaron Kasten Thanks for your feedback. We'll pass it along to the team. 

+Claudio Ibarra You got some good tips about updating here. So long as  you're plugged in and connected to Wifi, Glass should take care of the rest. We're always just a call away if you hit any bumps along the way. 
Have we always seen a "charging" message in settings when our android phone is plugged in? Does this mean that Glass is Charging? +Google Glass
+Tom Emrich I've noticed a bug where Glass believes it's charging when it's not. It's not charging, Google doesn't have a way to wirelessly beam power to Glass.
Yes +Tom Emrich, the charging message has always been there. Sometimes my Glass sticks and says charging even after it's unplugged. Eventually it catches up and reads correctly. 
+Tom Emrich Sorry you hit that issue with setup, but we're glad it got fixed. Sit tight if you can't screencast from the notification drawer—it's coming soon. We can't think of any reason your Settings card would say charging if Glass isn't plugged in. We'll have someone check in on that later today. You can call us at a time that's convenient for you.  
+Michael Nardi can you comment in the actual Glass community too? We need them to bring back the long press.
+Michael Nardi Given that Glass doesn't even give us the option to turn off sending our private photos to the NSA (also known as Google's servers), it's hardly likely they'll give you an option for a minor UI difference.
+Thomas Tenkely I'm just setting reality for them. But I have to ask, do you seriously think it's okay for Google to mandate that your private photos all be routed to their servers?
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE invite me!!!! i have signed up for the invite for months now!i cant wait any longer! i will buy them! just please invite me! i've waited so long!
The screencast is showing in my drop down from MyGlass app.....nice! 
G. Kras
Can't wait for it in Switzerland...
I can't wait until someday when I can get Google Glass
I want it really bad I can't wait until I can get one. 
I've said before if be willing to sacrifice my left pinky to get +Google Glass .. I'd be willing to throw in the ring finger as well for an invite.. Ppppp-leeeease Google??
Does anyone have an unused invite they can give me?
Me: "OK Glass, get directions to..."
Glass: "Directions not available.  Connect to MyGlass App on Android for GPS service" ....says Glass to iOS users:(
Please help! When I say "Ok Glass, get directions to work" it gives me other people's address random ppl that I don't know. Not my actual job. I have added Google Now but it doesn't seem to be picking up any of my info.
+Jake Weisz yes! Btw that is a pretty cool link! Didn't realize all that info was there! Freakishly cool!
+Carms Perez It's actually freakishly creepy when you think about it. ;) Google's watching you.

Um... very strange that it's correct there and not on Glass. Never heard of that happening.

You may want to ask the Glass Guides. A factory reset might not be a bad idea either, but I'd check with the guides first.
+Jake Weisz 3 factory resets today just to get the contacts going. I still can't do a Hangout on it yet. 
A HUD panel with speed, track, gps info would be my pratical use for sailing and cicling.
+Google Glass why is it when I do the "okay glass my agenda" nothing shows up? It keeps staying on the list of commands screen. 
+Fred Lechuga It sounds like Glass might not be hearing you properly. We'll share a private post with you to get some more information.

+Carms Perez Sorry to see you're having issues with your Glass. One of our Guides will be in touch a little later today. :)
+Fred Lechuga from your description you are missing a "Google" -- "okay glass, Google, my agenda"
Yeah that is what I am thinking that may be what I missed. I will try in a couple hours. 
+Google Glass can you confirm that I received an invite? With all the hype around this great technology I don't want to click on a link that isn't real. Thanks!
Ask on Glass' "How to Get One" page.
+Ross Jurewitz We're sorry you're running into this issue. You can take a look at this link to get some basic troubleshooting info: You can also try power cycling your Glass (hold the power button for 15 seconds). If the issue persists, you can give us a call at (800) GLASS-XE and a Glass Guide can help you out with this. We apologize in advance for the possible wait time—we're going through some growing pains. 
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