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Want to try the newest DVF | Made for Glass frames and shades? Get them today on +NET-A-PORTER and, or check them out June 28-29th at these +DVF stores:

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It's official Glass is now being sold by a third party. Now we know why the box and frame markings were changed. Congratulations +Google Glass on taking the next big step!
Personal Opinion - they are not attractive frames. Come on +Oakley step up the game...
So do the shades fit over the glasses? If so, do they only fit over the DVF glasses frames?
Um, use a hair stylist next shoot?
DVF frames look classy...that is.....until you stick that dorky looking block of plastic in front of DVF's eye wear, then they look like crap!
Hi +win barker The Explorer Edition is $1500 +tax. We hope you have a great weekend. 
Fashion meets glass .. doesn't get any better then that
$1800 for boring frames ON TOP of the $1500 cost of Glass. I'll stick with the $250 frames from Google.
Are these located at the DVF in Las Vegas?
How can I get Gerber File to develop Google Glass prototype?
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