Hi developers, we invited some of you to join the Explorer program first because we wanted to see how your feedback and Glassware could show everyone even more ways to use Glass. We've just announced a new program, Giving through Glass. In collaboration with Google.org, we’re trying to show how nonprofits can use Glass to spend less time with technology and more time solving big problems.

We’re reaching out to give you a chance to build Glassware for one of these nonprofits:
GiveDirectly: http://www.givedirectly.org
DoSomething.org: http://www.dosomething.org
charity:water: http://www.charitywater.org
Samasource: http://samasource.org
World Wildlife Fund: http://worldwildlife.org

What you would do:
- Get up to speed with Glass Developer Guidelines
- Interview your assigned nonprofit to learn more about the specific problem your Glassware will solve. Your Glassware could help solve problems related to database access, communication, project management, social media and donor relations. 
- Consult with other professional developers from the Explorer community. Your Glassware will be due around mid-January, with some interim due dates along the way  
- Review designs with technical liaisons from the nonprofits 

Interested? Reply here by end of this week to let us know, and we'll figure out the details together.
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