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Some of the most exciting experiences that our Explorers have shared with us are from their travels with Glass. Glass has become a favorite travel companion because it helps you enjoy your vacation without getting lost in your technology, and now we have new Glassware that will continue to help you discover and explore with ease. 

Go to MyGlass today to add new Glassware from +TripIt, +Foursquare and +OpenTable. You will also find our travel favorites: Field Trip, Word Lens, Google Now, Search and Maps. Whether you’re trying to find your gate at the airport, the best coffee shop in Austin or a reservation for 2 in New York City, Glass has you covered. 

We’re excited to hear what you think. If you’re traveling with Glass this summer, send us your photos, videos and vignettes with the hashtag #travelthroughglass. And if you live in the US and don’t have Glass yet, you can visit to get on board.
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+Google Glass Thank you for the adds on MyGlass.. I can't wait to test out the travel apps on a trip from way to hot Arizona to sunny and cooler California in two weeks. 
Some nice additions. I'm definitely checking this out. My company actually gave me a +TripIt Pro account. Maybe I finally have an excuse to wear Glass for work.
And Concur too!! Woohoo!!! This might be good!!!
And don't forget about Video Voyager Glassware.  Great resource to watch videos taken in the places you're traveling and contribute your own.
These look useful. I was just checking out the Glassware app, perfect timing in your post +Google Glass thanks!
The Concur app still doesn't work though. When I say 'Share with..' it didn't give me an option to share with Concur.
One thing I can't understand about Glass: how can i see my preview image before i'd like to take a picture?
i hope google glass can become a far more interesting way of augmenting reality than migrating functional info from my phone screen in front of my eyes,  providing addresses and transport information. Where's the "virtual graffiti" that William Gibson envisioned, where are the far more fascinating creative layers upon reality that people can co-create and leave behind for others to see? This is a good start but there's so much further to push and explore.
Now if only it didn't take forever to have Glassware approved...
This is awesome +Google Glass... Can't wait to try this out. I wish Fieldtrip or Ingress was available. 
+OpenTable +Foursquare and +TripIt all added at the same time, wow, what a great batch.  I've been waiting (Especially for foursquare) since the beginning.
How to take a picture like there is a glass screen at the corner?
+Field Trip guess that means you've transitioned from Mirror to GDK?  (you were using Mirror when you first launched weren't you?)
This is perfect +Google Glass as i told +Becca Samson about my adventures with Glass in San Jose Costa Rica back in March During Spring Break Now i can add the # to it. Also im returning in July Also. This will be great!!!
Dear all
On Thursday the 22nd of May, between 2-5pmthe Royal London Hospital and the Barts and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry will host the first live-streamed surgical procedure in the UK, via Google Glass. Additionally this will be the first intra-procedural live-streamed surgical teaching session in the UK, using such a device to broadcast to trainees and students beyond the surgical theatre. Trainees and students from Europe, Australasia and South America will also be participating in this live event making it international. 

Consultant Colorectal surgeon, Mr Shafi Ahmed, working with medical students from the Barts and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry, will be performing the procedure.

Mr Ahmed will be performing a right hemicolectomy and partial liver resection, this will be the first point-of-view surgery broadcast in the UK. The procedure will be streamed to trainees and students across the world and we believe that such techniques will become key to future undergraduate and postgraduate teaching. The surgery will take place at The Royal London Hospital, the same site as the National Centre for Bowel Research and Surgical Innovation (NCBRSI). The NCBRSI is housed in the Blizard Institute, the largest institute of Barts and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry and aims to deliver excellence in all aspects of research, teaching and clinical service. 

Mr Shafi Ahmed is an Associate Dean at Barts and The London Medical School and will shortly be taking up a seat on the Council of the Royal College of Surgeons. Follow him on Twitter here: @ShafiAhmed5.

Barts & The London Medical School is the oldest medical school in England and was recently ranked 4th in the national league tables*. St Bartholomew’s Hospital is the oldest in England, having been founded in 1123.

*Complete University Guide 2014

Below is the information we've put up on our eventhere on facebook


+Google Glass when will +TripIt start showing on Glass, do I need to arrive the airport for the card to show up? My Google Now cards is here but no TripIt cards yet.
Hi +Caleb Wong, once you toggle on the Glassware in MyGlass, there should be a card in your timeline that prompts you to "tap to confirm" for TripIt. After you confirm, you should be able to see the info to the left of the home screen. Let us know if that does the trick! 
+Google Glass   I am headed to Hong Kong in just under two weeks.  I am excited about some of the new travel Glassware although I see some that require location.  Will that drain the battery more on Glass?  I know that having location turned on will drain my phone battery.  I bought an external battery to carry with me, but I'm really MOST excited for using the camera/video features mainly so I don't want add anything that will reduce my ability to film first person.  Thoughts?  If I expect a camera/video heavy day, should I turn off wi-fi on Glass too?