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Thanks to you, Glass just got even better 

The Explorer Program has been an exciting ride, and as a result of your feedback, we’ve picked up the pace on making more improvements. In the last year we’ve made over a dozen software and several hardware updates. For example, we’ve improved battery life by over 20%, made voice search 10% faster and brought you frames, shades and prescription support. With I/O about to kick off, we wanted to share some of the most recent improvements we’ll be rolling out. You asked for…

an easier way to frame your shots, so we bring you viewfinder. When you say “ok glass, show the viewfinder” you’ll see white L’s in the four corners of your Glass screen. You can then either take a photo by saying “ok glass, take a picture,” with a wink, or by pushing the camera button.

more Google Now cards, so we launched two new ones to remind you where you parked your car and let you know when packages are coming your way. Stay tuned for more to come.

better performance, so Glass will now start shipping with 2GB of RAM.

We can’t wait to hear what you think – let us know in the comments.  
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Ram!!! And something besides the poor ti would be good
How well will Glass updates in the future continue to work on the 1 GB flavor?
2 gigs of ram?! Nice. Jealous of the new guys. 
And how do we upgrade our Glass? Is it a free upgrade?
Are you going to be replacing everyone's Glass with the new version like you did last time? 
Cade Roux
Any fix to the foil mirror design defect?
"white Ls".. just in time for Android L.. Teheee
scott Jones
I think we should get a free upgrade to the 2 Gig Glass. I hope Google steps up on this one. 
Well there is the fix for random restarts. I wonder if they plan to get us updated to the 2 GB model 
Wow, talk about a pleasant surprise! This is amazing stuff. 
Suddenly, my 682MB of available RAM is sounding awfully miniscule :/
+Google Glass will there be a trade-in process for the updated 2 gig version? Even if it's for a minor fee... 
How about accessibility for the visually impaired users that have been asking for support for a year now ?
That 2GB RAM should solve the sloooooooooowness Glass has often.
The Verge is reporting current explorers will not be upgraded to the new 2GB model
Huh?  Battery life is not improved by 20% - ever since the KitKat deployment it's been down significantly.  I have not talked to a single person that has experienced battery life improvement over the past few months - everyone is consistently seeing significantly reduced battery life and significantly reduced stability.
So the devices you started selling yesterday in the UK, do those feature the spec bump?
Being able to clear old cards would be more than welcome, I think. 
Are the 2GB units available in the UK? Mind a little bit blown that I could soon be wearing 2GB RAM on my head!
Free upgrade?? I better have one!
Allen A
Guess this is why I haven't received my Glass back yet... 😊
+Allen S'quard If defective Glass units get free upgrades to 2 GB, you will see a lot of "defective" models this month.

Either they have to provide free upgrades to everyone, or they have to ship replacements such as yours as the old model.
I hope google doesn't forget us early adopters.
It would be cool but I can imagine the number of units they would be upgrading. If there are several more hardware updates occur it wouldn't make sense for them to upgrade us each time. Getting a final consumer version would be swell though. 
+Eddie Daniels That was a thought I had. To not offer anyone upgrades now, but confirm a final retail model upgrade instead.
Does that technology seriously cost that much? Or is it intentionally priced to detract most people? 
I've rejected two invites to the explorer program because of one major issue.
Left. Eye. Support.
I am functionally blind in my right eye, rendering Glass useless to someone like me.
Will Google continue to upgrade existing glassware owned by Explorers who invested and developed for Glass early on?
Google, is the Glass rollout going so well that you can afford to anger all current Explorers? You need us as your brand ambassadors. Come up with a published policy for future upgrade paths and stick with it. Don't believe me? See Adobe Photoshop upgrade nightmares.
I thought the huge cost covers free upgrades. If the original explorers don't get a free upgrade, then I am definitely not tempted. Will be even worse if the UK versions being sold are not 2gb, but that's very doubtful with this announcement.
Wow my 1 year Glassiversary and I get informed we want be getting the new, faster hardware?! Sigh. 
If all the upgrades is due to the input of current Explorers, then why aren't the current Explorers getting the upgrade? I feel I got gypped being an early Explorer.
2GB will definitely help with performance a lot!!! I just really hope +Google Glass takes care of us explorers who've actually helped spread the word and mold Glass into what it is today with all of our input and suggestions. I think it's only fair to take care of the ones who countlessly spend time helping Glass get the recognition it deserves and reporting back to you guys so you can fix and make glass better. I know that +Google Glass doesn't have to upgrade us to this new unit, but I think that it would be the right thing to do. A little goes a long way and upgrading us would be an amazing thing. Please don't forget about us. I know you upgraded the people who had the 1st version to the 2nd version which was nice but I started off with the 2nd edition ones and would be nice to have the new ones as a courtesy for being an explorer. Thanks +Google Glass I think I speak on behalf of all #GlassExplorers 
Explorers should be upgraded to the 2gb model no charge. Don't leave us out in the cold Google.
+Kris Kitchen Read the Verge article, and realize that The Verge always gets insider exclusives on Glass announcements.
Alex C
Yeah...I'd be OK to wait for a final special retail upgrade.

Think the Glass replacement deal was mighty premature...I can imagine a few other improvements prior to retail. Battery life still is crap. Very very bad.
+Google Glass please give us camera autofocus, so we can scan  normal barcodes on retail products (not possible now).
Do we explores receive an upgrade? I'd hate to spend 15 hundred on a new set instead of another graphics card.
I really don't think google has any obligation to upgrade current explorers. They didn't ever promise that they would. 
At times, my current Glass feels unusable, it has become so sluggish. So some type of upgrade program for those with the current versions would be well appreciated.
I know they didn't but I think it would be a really nice thing to do since we're like their babies who helped mold Glass. It's not about what they have to do but it's what should be done sometimes that makes a world of difference. 
+Jeff Fullerton they should if they plan to keep people especially if we have to pay full price for consumer version and newer upgrades of glass 
+Jake Weisz considering they haven't been mindful of it's limited specs for quite some time, I assume they won't care too much. Oh well, Glass will continue to sit on my shelf collecting dust.
Will the UK models shipping this week include the updated RAM? 
How can you check how much ram your Glass has? I think mine is one of the newer ones. 
I'm with +Danny Sullivan. Having written about Glass from the get-go, I still very much believe in the premise and many parts of the execution. But now, between the already v. short battery life getting worse and increasingly slow UI performance, I'm hardly able to use Glass at all. (This is coming from someone who would wear Glass every day, when that becomes possible.) 
Nice updates! Good to see Glass shipping with 2GB of RAM as well. I wasn't expecting another free upgrade so have no problem with this, glad to see them improving Glass.
Wow..they really went out of their way to say white "L's".... Nice hint team Glass. Hoping to see android "L" very soon. :)
+Kris Kitchen, what happened to you? You've mellowed over the past few days. You're being nice to people. 
+Kris Kitchen I'm like a doctor's office on the weekend... No patience. I feel like such a stooge because I don't get it. Lol
+Kris Kitchen I was looking way too far into it. I was thinking it was related to the hardware upgrade not software. Lol. 
So maybe eBay is our only option. Get some of our funds back and then order the 2GB version. Score!

Hopefully 2 GB means that reboots take a few seconds faster? You know, those few seconds can really add up when you consider my Glass reboots around 7-10 times per day.
+Larry Lima Jr. yeah and violate our TOS in the process and get our device remotely bricked...sounds awesome
+Nick Starr you can check on RAM via ADB:
adb shell cat /proc/meminfo
first line contains total RAM available. I have one of the "new" Glass versions, and total RAM is still at 0.5GB...

MemTotal:         596116 kB
Offer a free swap for current Explorers. Considering you just started publicly selling this, it's the right thing to do.
My bet?  Google is floating a "trial balloon" through an article in The Verge that says "no upgrade".  They want to know how mad it will make current explorers.  +Google Glass has over 700,000 followers.  If everybody says they want the upgrade (I do) then I'm sure they will come through.  
Why would they wait? This sounds a bit uncoordinated, to say the least... Everyone with just a little bit of a clear mind would have been able to predict the reactions we are seeing now....
+Joshua Ciesla and i can understand your strife, But i do believe in +Google Glass and im sure with the Final retail Edition for Consumer this will be addressed, dont give up on #Glass  just yet
+Teresa Zazenski +Google Glass can you confirm that the 20% improvement in battery life is in reference to the new model of Glass with 2GB of RAM? Or is that 20% number referencing the hardware + software updates over the last year?
I always thought that the high price point was to justify trading us the new hardware as they came out.  I sure hope that is still the case as more memory and better battery are my biggest glass needs
Hi everyone, thanks for sharing your thoughts with us. We're constantly working to improve our Glass hardware based on feedback from Explorers. Throughout our open beta program, you can expect to see us make changes here and there. We won't be swapping devices, but you'll continue to see improvements with our software updates. 
What about us explorers? Curious as to how long until our (my recent) purchase is obsolete because the software outpaces the slower 1st gen...
2 gigs of Ram.... That would solve so many problems yo
+Kris Kitchen you better be right this time :)
Just read this post again, how cynical the title sounds after the latest news: "Thanks to you, Glass just got better" - +Google Glass you should add to that title: "... but not for you existing explorers!"
I would say the extra RAM is due to production of the 1GB RAM being replace with 2GB RAM now kinda how the raspberry pie changed from 256 to 512mb of RAM the cost was just better
So Glass is upgraded past the capabilities of the hardware, and we're out in the cold. And to think the 2 Glass units I bought would run great if I could downgrade the software.

Describes every Google product I've owned. 
Queue the mass butthurt of early adopters. you knew what you were getting into buying early. This is no exception. Deal with it.
My +Google Glass did NOT just get better. 😕 So, the software might, but the hardware won't. So in other words, it's gonna get slower and slower because the new software will be supporting 2gb ram and my Glass will just be crawling trying to keep up. Nice. 
I've now learned a valuable lesson.  Never become an early adopter and good things come to those who wait.  I'm am extremely upset at this and I'm getting really irritated that my current unit cant even stay on for 10 mins without rebooting
Thanks +Google Glass for basically saying you don't care about the explorers who've helped you push glass to the forefront and making people understand them and see what potential they have. We're not asking for a lot but some love and it looks like you've just slammed the door on us current explorers. I'm more upset because I thought you guys would've done better then this. You weren't obligated to do it but doing it would've shown and said a lot. I want to get rid of my Glass now and I'm sure you're decision has burned a lot of your faithfuls including myself in the worst way. At least the option to get one upgrade would've been better then 0. 1st time explorers got an upgrade I'm a 2nd edition explorer and we've all just been shafted. Thank you very much very appreciated. Doing the right things in life equates to a lot more beneficial things in return and this doesn't show good in faith for those who might want to get glass now. A lot of people will hold off now from your current decision. I could understand if we purchased final editions then a new one came out later on, but that's not the case. Smh
+Google Glass While it's understandable due to the affordability - not even a paid upgrade path?  I mean, aren't Explorers supposed to be the ones pushing the boundaries of the device - and we either have to pay the enormously high "explorer fee" a second time (if we even can) or be stuck with an outdated device?
Let's just hope that there's a total redesign coming in the not-too-distant future and we will get swapped to that. If that were the case, it would be awfully expensive and time-consuming for Google to swap all of us out just to do it again months later.

/wishful thinking
Well +Vito Vizziato , we don't know their official response to us yet. We should probably reserve any final judgements until after I/O and everything is on the table...
Wow guys, do you not understand how beta tests work? You get an inferior product out the gate. If you aren't willing to deal with the consequences of that, don't sign up to be a tester and wait for the finished product.
What about the old version without 2GB rams? You should consider get the earlier explorer to upgrade theirs as well!
Dang we can't even swap out. I'm not feeling that at all. 
So... Glass will continue to get software updates but those without 2GB of RAM will suffer a different experience than those devices with the added RAM. Isn't that counterproductive to the explorer program +Google Glass?
+Corey M it just shows that +Google Glass really doesn't care. They aren't even trying to meet us half way. they had to know that a lot of people would act and react this way but they don't care obviously.
Congrats on the hard work, but it would be really cool if you offered a paid upgrade route. I bought Glass after you did the first hardware swap under the impression that you would do something similar down the road :/.
This decision by Google to exclude the original Explorers from the hardware upgrade after 1) explorers helping them with a unique beta program and 2) paying a hefty price (3 to 4 times more) to participate is unfortunate and will make the majority of Explorers be unappreciated by a company who they supported. I don't think this is a good decision. Hopefully Google will recant.
Great job on the beta updates, but it would be beneficial for the Explorers to receive similar upgrades from the first beta to the second beta.  It just makes sense for Explorers to receive the 2 GB version as well.
I wonder if the 2GB of RAM indicates a different CPU?  The reason I say this is the OMAP 4430 Cortex A9 CPU in the 1st and 2nd gen Glass have a dual channel 400MHz memory setup and most chips used in devices on the market had 1GB (or 512MBx2).  I am finding it very hard to find any mass market devices with the OMAP4430 chip and 2GB of RAM.  There are a few OMAP4460 and OMAP4470, but those also have faster memory channels as well.  The 4430 was also a chip that was available on the market in Q1 2011.  They could get a big increase in battery life going to a much newer CPU on a smaller die.
Technology progresses so fast now that you buy a +Google Glass and it becomes obsolete in 2 months. I would appreciate an upgrade plan for current explorers. Feel free to upgrade Glass with Project Tango 3D sensors as well. :)
Honestly, I don't expect +Google Glass to upgrade all of our old units. Until an official announcement is made, us "old" explorers will have to deal with constant reboots, lag, and the number of other issues our current unit suffers which seems to have been fixed in the newer version. The most we can do as a community is politely ask for an upgrade, but if this does not happen then so be it. Lesson learned. I'll still use my Google products as i normally do, but my view of Google as a company will definitely change going forward. If we really want change then we have to ask for it as a community. I can't wait to see how this plays out. Hehehe.
Can I add more RAM to my glass...just joking :) Wow! That's a big bump...hopefully somehow we'll get some sort of update.
"Technology progresses so fast now that you buy a +Google Glass and it becomes obsolete in 2 months" This a million times. Wtf, +Google Glass . Was the public sale just to clear stock?
+Google Glass thats very crushing to hear! :( wow you just destroyed a lot of people with this announcement. I'm sure you'll see a surge of Google Glasses on eBay once this becomes public knowledge. I pray you guys change this policy.
Maybe not swap, but maybe a discounted upgrade? like send in your old pair and pay $100 and you can get the upgraded version?
Google....shame on upgrade path for current explorers. Meanwhile, we are out there everyday demoing to interested people, working to integrate your product into our lives and careers, and counter negative PR. I'm more than disappointed. 
I just a new replacement Glass today. How can I tell how much RAM it has?
Alex C
Software Updates will only tax older hardware. For example, DOS to WIndows 95 caused huge hell for it's requirements. Hell, old android/ios devices can't run recent OS versions. Might sound really extreme but this is a big jump in RAM, not to mention possible un-announced hardware improvements. The retail specs will be what developers will consider when designing and making software, not the early beta models. So eventually, sooner rather than later, our devices will be dust collectors and we'll have  to spend whatever amount the retail version is...and that might hurt. Hell, I'm still jealous recent Glass Explorers got free frames if I remember correctly...those are pricey alone. ANYWAY, boo on the lack of swap/upgrade. REALLY disappointed.
So how do I turn in my 1+ year old glass for the new model?
watching and waiting..I wish people would stop reporting one sites clickbait as Google fact.
I became pretty disillusioned with the notion of the "Explorer Program" over a year ago when I got mine. Now I sit back and eat popcorn as I watch all the newer people join me in my bitterness.
"Hi everyone, thanks for sharing your thoughts with us. We're constantly working to improve our Glass hardware based on feedback from Explorers. Throughout our open beta program, you can expect to see us make changes here and there. We won't be swapping devices, but you'll continue to see improvements with our software updates. "

ok +Google Glass  I am officially not a fan and will be selling my glass if not putting a well aimed bullet into them just to make myself feel better. Totally pissed and I feel like there is nothing more I can do. Glass has been crap for months now and the solution is to upgrade the ram and oh by the way "screw you guys that helped us build it". I thought your  company motto was "don't be evil"!
+Zack Ervin Read earlier posts please at 1802 MT  +Google Glass  posted
 "Hi everyone, thanks for sharing your thoughts with us. We're constantly working to improve our Glass hardware based on feedback from Explorers. Throughout our open beta program, you can expect to see us make changes here and there. We won't be swapping devices, but you'll continue to see improvements with our software updates. "
Yes they did, +Zack Ervin . "We won't be swapping devices" is in both Charles' post and the +Google Glass post above. Perhaps they will clarify for you?
+Charles Tendell I digress, I guess what I should have added was a never to that statement. I wouldn't expect them to upgrade everyone on every release cycle. What I would expect is a final upgrade on the final product. It would have nothing to do with money, and everything to do with the beta program. And I would be very careful with how you "read" Googleize. We won't be swapping devices, could very easily mean, well just be sending everyone new device because we don't need the old ones...
I have a bridge to sell you.
+Zack Ervin Dude, if you believe that last sentence, your fanboyism is limitless.
This is right on track with the way most announcements have been coming thus far from Google.  Is there actually anyone employed in the PR department?  
1: Hey, I know lets announce that we've appreciated the Explorers, give some details on software and let them know that we're upgrading the hardware too.  They'll be excited for us.
2: Don't you think they will ask if they are part of the upgraded hardware initiative?
1: Nah, they'll just be happy that we're making strides in development, we'll mention something about improved battery life...Hmmm, what else...Oh, how about framing the pics they'll like that!
2: I don't know, they may go back to the whole upgraded hardware thing.  Shouldn't we mention that upgrades are not included in the initial announcement?
1: But...parking reminders
2: Are you sure?
1: Google I/O
2: Really?
1: F*&k'em

Google...I am constantly defending this negative Glasshole shit-storm that you have somehow managed to get yourself into.  I'm demonstrating YOUR product to all manner of people and staving off this negativity as best I can.  I show how they ACTUALLY work, not the way the press has convinced them that they work.  I read and defend blog posts against Google Glass, not because I have them but because I know what they're capable of and how they actually work.  I try to show everyone that just normal, everyday people use Glass and try to laugh-off and agree with the obvious Glassholes that appear in the media (you know who you are - ugh and you're so annoying).  I've even used the term to help regain public trust that they are a subset of the frenzy.

You don't really owe me anything but it is nice to be shown appreciation now and again.  Having said that, I am, however, keeping score.  I had to choose those god-awful shades when I got my Glass when later it was announced that others could choose between shades or frames.  No considerations made - Strike 1.  Glass RAM doubled on new Glass being released.  Will hinder future software releases for current Glass users.  No considerations made - Strike 2.  Let's not get to Strike 3 shall we.  Turning a product ambassador isn't good business and my allegiance is running thin.

Yours Truly,
Scott Enriquez
Glass Explorer and Product Ambassador
+Google Glass 
+Jim Munro Again I could be wrong...but hours before they shower IO folks with freebies, they announce they are going to shaft people in the middle of the program, and just tank it going forward. I don't know about you, but I have tech history, participated in a hardware or software paid beta program, and not received a heavily discounted or free final revision. But only time will tell...We are not swapping devices, from Google, could mean ship you a new one and give the old one to a new explorer. It has never been about the $$$, but the experience and community. Google, of all companies, doesn't need out $1500.
...taking names for humble pie orders or demands..depending on how it turns out. And come on guys, keep it clean.
+Charles Tendell same here, I'm just talking it through. I personally think its WAY to soon to be screaming the sky is falling and fsck google. Simply offering a different interpretation of the information.
I thinking you might be harking back to the  Google from last century, +Zack Ervin . These days the management layer is essentially the Goldman Sachs school of management. The techies are a different breed of people altogether but they don't control the purse-strings.
The Glass experience as we know it on current hardware will inevitably be sub-par compared to whatever the latest hardware spec is once it's available. It's a shame that Explorers will have to invest more cash (presumably) for the continued privilege of using the device they helped shape. It's also a shame we have all these generations of a device that's not even in consumer form yet; no developer is going to want to waste cycles supporting older, pre-consumer variants of this platform. It's a safe bet many of us will be moving on to the consumer version once available, whether or not money is required. Google is clearly banking on this; just a question of how nicely they will continue to treat their beloved Explorers. If the OP is any indication, we will get the cold shoulder.
Seems to me since Google allowed people to purchase Glass without requiring an invite; basically opening the flood gates, it would be far more difficult to manage swapping out units on that large of a scale.  Also, the UK release was just recently announced.  I'd wager that while the innards are being upgraded there won't be any noticeable change to the external parts thus no one would be able to tell if you're wearing version 2 or 3.  My biggest issue with Google making hardware improvements and adding new features to Glass before they've really solved the existing glitches is that it's like adding on rooms to a house that's infested with termites.  Get rid of the infestation first.
+Jason Ives I agree. It was money well spent. And I will pay for the two problem. But I hope they don't forget my upgrade in July to fix the issues I have with this pair
Not even a paid upgrade path? Way to abuse your best Evangelists, Google. Highly disappointed. Wishing I had not encouraged friends, family, and colleagues to purchase in the last several months. Getting a lot of flack over it.
This is a calculated scam and they got thousands of people to fall for it. Google does NOT need your $1500, we all know they cost a mere 10% of that to produce. Fire sale to dump old units before releasing new units that are better? With no path for explorers currently? Scam. Unit wont work at all? Scam. Reboots and overheats? Scam. Software "updates"? Scam. not giving 2 shits about a years worth of feedback from several thousand people? Scam. This was a long shot program they decided to market so they didnt have to pay for it, or do all the programming research themselves.

Like I said in the explorer forum: this is what they meant by scroogled.
Ok, made my mind up. I can't afford to be an Explorer. It's one thing finding £1000 somehow if that gets you a device that tides you over until consumer (read affordable) release, but the truth is it won't - not in a useful way anyway. Software is a gas, it expands to fill the space available. New firmware and 3rd party glassware will increasingly make use of higher specs leaving older specced devices getting slower and slower in practice. That's true of all tech, but when it's £1000 and it's not going to last me until the affordable one, i can't justify that.
All you guys are fcking stupid! Does Google give out free Nexus devices every time they come out with a new one? NO. What about Apple - iPhone? Mac? NOO! 
Met M
Google's strength, great products.
Let's just all rest our anger until I/O, there is a reason Google havnt responded to the 'Upgrade Path' solution. I'm sure at I/O they will announce the plans going forward. They may say that in 6months the consumer version will be available and we will be entitled a free/discounted upgrade. The future of Glass is normally talked about in posts which they haven't so thas the likely Google I/O announcement. Just be sharpening those pitchforks if they explain nothing at I/O.
Wow, so much entitlement in here.  No one here is OWED anything.
+Jose Reyes The primary anger here is that many of us have devices that are <2 months old, since that's when they opened up the gates to sell them.
I had to send my Glass back because XE17 bricked it. Do I get an updated replacement?
They should give the early developers such as me, a free upgrade. very disappointing. :-(
Can't wait for them to be released global. I NEED them glasses ;)
I think just glass shouldnt use in UK for being demo... I live in Turkey and we want a glass for using maybe google can send for Turkey.. Google should find some user...
In Turkey People have no information abouth google glass.. If Google sends for advertasing..

Shouldn't the title be "Thanks to you Glass just got better...for everyone EXCEPT you"
+Google Glass Very annoyed it looks at if though you have just cheated me. I am very annoyed; i have just recieved my glass; dipatched two hours before you released the news about the update to the RAM. My memory through meminfo reads 596116kb. I am in the UK and this was only released a few days ago; so why would you not send the newest version?????

If you are really trying to fob me of with an older version then you can have it back; as this is an outrage. Unless i need need to wait for another update to be able to take adavantage of the memory then I will be very unhappy. What is the point of releasing the device in UK yet not providing the latest version to people buying it. 

Please can you confirm that the google glass shipped for UK people in the recent days is actually the newest model. My box says the model number is XE-C; or is there a newer model number.
Very sad.  The public will just see a boat load of Glassholes who got Scroogled.  They won't care.  But it's bad PR for sure.
It seems like the high-ups at Google have decided not to swap out current models that current Explorers have. I sincerely hope that this changes.

The people that joined the explorer program did so because they trust(ed) Google enough to drop $1500 on an experience they couldn't get anywhere else. We wanted to be the individuals that brought this experiment to the masses. We gave our honest feedback to help improve the product because we knew it would make a better end product that everyone could enjoy.

Now there is a gap that has been created and those of us that helped shape Glass into what it has become are left out in the cold. We only ask that Google reflects on what it really asked of people when the explorer program went live.
"thanks to you, Glass just got even better."

i get it now.  you think if you say it enough times it will be true and people will believe you.  you just bilked your customers.  SHAME
I'm still having a hard time finding a legitimate source from Google stating that existing explorers will not be receiving future hardware upgrades. I don't consider the verge to be valid.
Check this comment thread. There is a statement from Google Glass saying so.
Will the chipset be moving to a Qualcomm instead of TI?
+Google Glass "hi everyone, we really care about your data i mean money i mean feedback.  as such, we'll just shine you one by being super nice but not actually solving your issues"  
I'm also loving that when i call in your robot girl tells me they no longer recognize my unique ID.  can you guys find a new way to screw this up?  I have an bet i want to get in on.
Why are you people even complaining? You signed up to be early adopters, and you got what you paid for. Google has no obligation to upgrade Glass devices, and as early adopters, the huge price was part both of the exclusivity, and the fact you were the first to have such a gadget in the planet, nothing else. Quit your whining, you got what you paid for, don't expect any other cash presents other than software upgrades, research on Glass doesn't pay for itself giving away every new hardware update to adopters that comes out. Some people still don't get what "early adopter" means and the problems that allways come with it...
How can you tell if you  have 1 gig or 2 gig? I traded in on June 10.
The problem is we purchased into the beta program as an explorer, not as a consumer. I don't have a problem with Google coming out with a better version, with increased ram and battery life, but we are not allowed to sell our existing glass. And Google is expecting the explorers to continue to beta test for them, while rewarding the newbies and not the senior explorers. When I picked up my glass in March of this year, they told me at the NYC Basecamp that this is the final version and will be identical to the consumer retail version later this year. Apparently they lied to me. That's okay. If you're not going to upgrade the explorers that recently purchased their glass a few months ago, at least give us the option to sell it so we may buy the current version or opt out. Thanks in advance Google.
Google forced a KitKat update on us and on a device that doesn't seem able to run it.  My suggestion:  Roll us back to something stable or give us some hardware that's able to run the new software.
Ouch this thread isn't going well. Are the new people "customers" vs. "beta" 
I think it sucks that we are all just considered "tester" and not real people. Feel like more of a stat then an actual person. With recent updates they have taken things away or just killed the actual battery life of our glass. Lets see what comes out of the conference.
I feel cheated by +Google Glass, and might not only stop wearing it by stop promoting it to people as well.

"We won't be swapping devices, but you'll continue to see improvements with our software updates."

So basically, you don't care about any of the devotion I had to you before? Yeah, I'm totally fine no longer caring about you guys either. Truly upsetting. So very deeply upsetting. I would have even shelled out some cash to help get the latest model. Ooh well.
To be frank, I have had a great experience with the explorer program and will continue.  That said I will be a little perturbed if there is not an upgrade option (free would be great but I don't mind shelling out a bit) as the more ram always helps.    I am waiting to see what is announced from Google but hopefully something.  the one caveat is that I would prefer any upgrade be near to the end version or at least one that allows me to use as many features as possible.  Yes, I don't mind being in beta.
This sucks, I've had my Glass for 37 days.  Customer support won't let me exchange or return them.  I've had Apple and HP allow me to exchange for the newer products if it was within 60 days.
+Calvin Ko 30 day return policy seems cast in stone.  Ouch.  That really sucks.  Hopefully everybody who was duped in the last 30 days does a return quick.  
Feels like when Glass went from invite only to a public sale they were trying to get rid of old product before releasing a new model.  They should have at least discounted the old models.
At least Apple let me return my iPhone after 45 days when they announced a new model even though the policy was 30 days for returns.
Extremely dissapointment. I WANT THE NEW VERSION OF MY GLASS!
"OK Glass, Show the ViewFinder" command isn't working on XE18.11 (the newest update).... Which version is this referring to??
+Google Glass Could you add grid lines in the view finder? I know I'm old school, but I can't live with a VF that doesn't have grid lines.
Had I only waited another week to buy mine. 34 days ago. hah, it figures. :) To make matters worse, we bought 2 on the same day. I even had to exchange 1 of them 5 days later. Got both of ours at the SF Base Camp. I wonder if they are any more lenient at the Camps with their return/exchange policy considering the circumstances. Anyway, here's hoping we at least get some decent software updates!!
I'm hopeful Google will offer an exchange to the final commercial product when that becomes available.
+Chad Cooper I have this problem too! It's so random it will work for days fine, then just death spirals for 24 hours!!
I just got a replacement Glass in on Monday. It came with 17.1 installed. I assume this means its an old version. Sure I'm a bit disappointed Iit most likely isn't the 2 GB. Hopefully this replacement doesn't have reboots and all like the last.

The problem with a replacement program is what happens next time if say they upgrade the processor? What if they make the next version one where u can clip it onto any shades or glasses you want? Are we expecting Google to constantly ship us Explorers the next one? I don't think so.

I purchased Glass on the one day special as I figured it was a rare opportunity. Soon after they opened up to everyone. I soon didn't feel so special. The harsh reality is now sitting in that this, like any piece of electronics or software, is quickly old technology. Within a year Glass will be upgraded again.

Moore's law applies to Google Glass.
+Sam DeJong agree! I suspect they will release comercial version in the year and will provide explorers and upgrade plan based on there time with glass. This would be the most fair solution but hey we will have to see.
+Calvin Ko You should then stick to Apple products, maybe they'll invent something similar and call it the "iSee"
Glass 1GB gone into bin ... so much for "don't be evil" 
Where is the car finding card? I could really use that one.
ziqi li
If you want to change the new Google GLASS(that have 2GB of RAM)for me?I will pay some money for that.Because the hardware configuration of GLASS is very important for me! I hope you can listen to the suggestion of an explorer
+Google Glass  two of your +Google Glass guides told me my new UK pair received has 2GB - is this true? If not can you clarify so I can return under the 15 day agreement. Thanks.
+Google Glass Really disappointing that there's no upgrade at all. I just bought my Glass < 2 months ago and to find out that I have no meaningful upgrade path after shelling out $2,000 between Glass and RX lenses is just downright wrong.
I wonder if +Google Glass  has also included a fix for the foil-wrinkling issue that occurred on V2 units.  Also, I'm really hoping that either +Google Glass  or one of the other vendors will release more prescription frame options for Glass.  None of the current frames are really my style, plus the price tag for the current frames is too steep. 
I really hope Google changes their stance on upgrading the Explorer's Glass.  We have paid handsomely to be able to participate in the "beta" program and would really want to be using what is closer to the version being launched.  It just doesn't feel right.
Hey everyone, thanks for letting us know what you think. We're here and we're listening. We're always making improvements on Glass based on Explorer feedback. Software updates are familiar, but we make rapid changes to hardware too. Instead of waiting until consumer release, we're sharing those tweaks as we go so we can get feedback and continue to make Glass even better. 

We're committed to building software for all versions of Glass during the Explorer Program, so all of you will see Glass grow through our regular updates. 
+Google Glass yes I have also contributed to the thread. It is a weird one. We all get mixed results using the commands, although only different factor is firmware version by what we can see. It seems as soon as we get to 18.11 it reports back the lower value, some people claiming to be on 18.3 (is the latest?) Report they are fine however a couple have got mixed results. Mine are consistently 600kb~. A lot of UK explorers are clutching at straws in hoping its a software issue, please could you look into this to take some strain and confusion away. 
+Google Glass yet another situation where proper communication first would have avoided much heartache and woe from many of your already worn-out, long-term Explorers.

It's not like the entire Glass team didn't think "gee, I bet current Explorers will be upset that they can't upgrade for free... or at all..." - because we all know you guys likely had that worry before pressing submit on this post.

For many of us, that is precisely why we're upset. It's not because we can't upgrade, but because you knew it'd make many of us upset, and your intentional omission regarding it showed the Explorer community that you don't  have any concern regarding our feelings. In fact, you continued to pretend like it wasn't even an issue until you were finally faced with so much community backlash that you practically had to respond. And lets remember, this is not the first time this has happened from your own Explorer community, either.

My advice: Now, and into the future, be honest with us. Even when it's "bad news," don't hold back from mentioning it up-front, and directly, before the community lashes out. The Explorers have had several (several!) instances in the recent 6 months where the lack of compassion towards the concerns of long-term Explorers has been extremely worrisome. So much so, that many of us continue to feel less-like the co-creators of this journey (that you always say that we are), and more like consumers who paid money to a company who values their own pocket-books over doing the "right thing."

The Explorers wouldn't speak up, get upset, and raise a fuss if we didn't love Google, and this project. In fact, many of us delight in owning & using Glass! The Glass Team needs to start treating it's Explorers with the same love that we are treating you with. The app updates are awesome, no-one will deny that... but cupcakes and ice cream don't heal a broken heart.

Come back to us, Google Glass team. Start showing your Explorers some legitimate love again. Make us feel wanted, cared for, and part of the process. Don't try to placate us with wiz-bang apps... instead, simply show us that you really, truly care.
+Google Glass the replacement glass I received today is the XE-C does that mean that's the new 2gb version? =) , definitely is running lightning smooth but still is at 17.3 is there a way to force an update?
I just skimmed most of these comments. I am sure I missed plenty and if this is a repeat I apologize.

Since glass got updated to kitkat it has been near unusable. It crashes, freezes, slows to a crawl and the screen stops working, its ridiculous. Ever few weeks I have to reimage it just to keep it stable and useable.

One example is when my wife and I where revealing the sex of our unborn baby glass restarted several times. Then when right before the big reveal POOF restarted and I missed it . I know its beta hardware and what not and if it was that important I should have used something more reliable. However before kitkat this was never an issue.

My point is if Google is releasing this new version barley 6 months after the 2.0 version because the extra ram make glass run better I hope they will give the explorers a free upgrade because my glass is almost unusable day to day.  Also lets not forget the huge mark up Google put on this to make sure we were "serious" developers.

Please Google do the right thing for your customers.
I was sure this is why we all spent so much and were so excited to be explorers. wearing a beta product that over heated on the side of my head getting funny looks and then it was dead in a couple of hours. But in the end we would help +Google Glass desighn a great inovative product that they upgrade us to. Hence why we spent so much... If not then this is were the power of the explorers comes into play I wear mine every day as my regular glasses. Peaple ask me about it all the time and I mean all the time. Right now as I'm sure many explorers do I gladly talk to them let them try em on play some tennis, ask Google how far it is to the moon... They are always Leary on them and I usually have them persuaded at the end of our conversation that it's the future and Google is making great strides in innovation. If we get stuck with a bare bones beta device that barley works right now with the small battery and low ram and that we spent around 2 grand for. Then the conversations I have with peaple will be going in a much diffrent direction and if all the explorers don't get an upgrade we will all be walking around having peaple ask us the age old question "oh is that Google glass what do you think about it?" And the response we give will not help you sell more so is it worth pissing off the loyal explorers when we are out there selling your product? 
Listen everyone, if you want to know if you have the latest hardware(2gb of ram\15% more battery) look at your nose pads, if they swivel, then they are version 3, if they are flat with no swivel, then they are still version 2. They have been giving out the version 3 for some time, they just announced it recently.
ziqi li
But do you have ever think about the explorer who has have the Google GLASS for <2 months? I have kept it for 6weeks,when I bought it,I don't know you will change it so fast!I bought it for 2000$,that's not a small number of money for me!So please consider those who buy within 2~3months of free or pay some money to change the old into the new Google GLASS.
Thank you very much
I bought my Glass just 3 weeks ago in New York (I don't have them until this Sunday, as I live in Spain). Should I have the new version or not?
Thanks in advance!
Since glass will be running Android wear just like the watches, and the watches have 512mb of ram, and run great, when glass gets updated to wear 1gb should be plenty. 2gb might work marginally better now during the transition phase, but it really seems irrelevant in the future. 
+Eddie Daniels I guess the 2gb is then just a step to counter the current issues. And in the next couple of months we shall android wear on glass which should run smooth for all devices. This is now making sense as to why they would not swap atall; as it is only there probably for the new UK release just to keep us posh snobs happy :P
Most people probably have the newest version without realizing it, just look to the nose buds, if they swivel its the latest hardware, if they are flat and don't swivel they are the older version
+ziqi li you probably have the latest version, do your nose buds swivel, if so you are running the latest hardware
I don't have it yet (until Sunday that my aunt comes from NY). I hope you are right!!! Thank you.
+Eddie Daniels Perhaps, but it's nice to have extra ram not just for the OS but the apps.  As the Glassware market increases the need for ram will too.
Oh I know it would be nice +Jonathan Morley and I wouldn't complain, but I'm not going to let 1gb ruffle my feathers. 
Remember this explorers, we are still in the beta program, they still have to fix the infamous foil issue(which they are working on) why would they replace 30,000+ units when they will have other changes, they will take care of us explorers when the finalized version Is ready, just enjoy the ride. Glass On!
+Google Glass you have some balls increasing hardware specs and not offering an upgrade to the rest of us, paid or unpaid.  Either provide more information about that choice to not do so or expect that those who ponied up the exorbitant fee you requested might feel a little pissed off....and might quit supporting Glass
+Chris Holly you need to remember that we are still in beta, their are probably 40,000+ units floating around now, does it make sense that every change Google makes during its beta to constantly swap everyone's units, that would be ridiculous, we are still testing it, when the unit is finalized, and ready for retail, then, and only then will they offer a swap of "your beta unit" for a retail consumer ready version. JUST REMEMBER THIS IS A BETA DEVICE. 
+Tim Younan Then +Google Glass should share that that is the case, rather than risk a significant backlash.  Unless you are psychic or have special information, you don't have any proof they will offer early adopters a 'retail version'.  I don't have to just understand anything...they need to be forthright and provide more information.
Why is everyone up in arms about this? We didn't buy into this for unlimited hardware upgrades for the rest of time, we bought into a glimpse of the future with hardware to help develop ideas that would not be possible or practical without the hardware. The whole purpose is to give people who are not just coders, but are teachers, medical professionals, electricians, law enforcement, and everyone in between, the tools to make something cool that no one else ever thought of... And as of this morning, 1gb of ram is not prohibiting me from doing that. 
I couldn't agree more +Eddie Daniels.  Android RAM is controlled by the OS, and current XE18 versions limit RAM to 1GB (See +Brian Buquoi's post in the official Glass Community: ).
Android loads apps as needed. It flushes memory when an app isn't being used and another app requests the RAM. So, in theory, the more you use your Glass the better it will become at managing your memory.
I think the Glass team has shipped 2GB versions just to see how the increased RAM will effect battery life for daily users. Loading an app from storage is harder on the battery and takes longer than opening the app from cache.
The 2GB's of RAM is going to be used in some future test and I'm betting it has more to do with battery life than fixing any performance issues. I agree, this isn't something to get "up in arms" about.
I am fine to accept software in beta... I don't care if it looks ugly, constantly reboots or is generally dysfunctional. But nobody said that if you wait, you'd get better hardware. I paid for the hardware and the access to beta software... If it's no big deal to add twice the ram to the hardware why do it at all? I simply want answers, not some cryptic G+ post to explain a major change. Bad enough that they sell the unit now with a pair of glasses... I bought mine separate. 
Really hope android wear comes through soon and runs well. My Glass is having more and more issues with every OS update. 
+Tim Younan I hope your right but I honestly don't think so with the way they are releasing them now.
+Allen Potts I'm almost positive this will be the case, there is a lot more issues they have to fix, especially the infamous foil defect, their will be a lot more changes to come, I doubt it will even release this year. Watches will be this year, glass will be next year. By that time they will have done a lot of changes to the unit, if they had been replacing them every time that would equate to about 6 glass replacements per owner vs just replacing it once with the finalized, bug-free/defective free product, because as of now, this unit is beta unit.
Phi Ka
Two suggestions for Google Glass.
1. Add a slot for changeable micro-mini SD ram cardss the end user can decide and use as much ramas they wish for Glass. I'm sure that's a simple enough solution to ram issues.
2. External battery pack you can clip on a belt or pocket or whatever. With a simple cord that can plug into the charge port. Glass still remains portable but battery life is extended greatly. It could also be used as portable charging device when Glass is not in current use.
There you go. Two problems, two simple solutions. I'm sure Google would go for this. Especial the batter pack since it most likely would be sold separately as an accessory which means more money for them. The micro-mini SD ram card slot is a no brainer. Apple screwed themselves by not having any external SD slots or USB ports on some of their devices. I won't by Apple simply because of that reason plus they simply over price their products.
Think about my two easy solutions Google.
Anyone else think these are viable solutions here? Please let me know.
+Tim Younan I'm curious- on what do you rest your confidence about a retail version swap? I mean, I hope you're right but I don't want to get my hopes up about having a +Google Glass that, you know, folds and stuff. 
+Rommel Feria I'm curious i would like to know that too! please message back if you receive any answers on that topic.
Phi Ka
Please pardon my misspells. It's this stupid spell checker. If I don't check the spell checker it changes my words and it's often wrong. Sorry folks.
This just seems super underwhelming at this point. How hard is it to add L brackets? That's not a noteworthy feature on a device that lacks so much other essential basic functionality.  Lets refocus those resources on the big stuff! 
As Tim Younan said look at your nose pads, if they swivel, then they are version 3, if they are flat with no swivel, then they are still version 2
Is there a clear, direct, and defined method to force Glass to check for updates?  My Glass unit is still showing XE18.11 as being up to date.  I've plugged it into the charger.  Rebooted.  RePaired it with my phone.  I've tried all sorts of tricks but either the update isn't being pushed or my Glass isn't checking for the updates.  Maybe my Glass is faulty and I need the V3 version.   ;-)
Our latest glasses are overheating and crashing until we let them cool off. Battery life is worse then ever. Hoping for some improvements in the near future.
Really disappointed that my Glass is experiencing the bubbling issue on the foil. Am still awaiting for an answer regarding the RMA...
If Google is set on not upgrading early adopters then they should have the decency of unlocking our Google Glasses so we can sell our slower devices. Technically are we even a part of the "explorer program" anymore when we are "exploring" with a device that is no longer at the apex of the technology?
Agree. I'm sitting on 3 of the old klunkers at $5000. I guess early explorer == help fund development costs and get stuck with old junk.
+Shivian Morgan We're sorry for the delayed reply. We appreciate you sharing your thoughts and we hear you. 

+Danilo Napalan +Burhan Sarfraz We've been shipping out the latest hardware for a little while now, so if you've ordered since we announced the update, you'll have it. 

+Jonathan Morley XE 18.3 should be to you by now. We roll out in waves, so sometimes you won't receive the update for a few days. We can't share any tips to force an update besides be patient and plug Glass in while it's connected to Wi-Fi. 
I'm glad I returned mine and got my refund. The value of the Second version just dropped dramatically on eBay.
+fernando urrutia This prototype has the display on the right side only. We know this won't work for everyone and we're sorry. 
Well that's kind of a disappointment... I guess I should thank all the owners of the previous version of the prototype because I'm going to enjoy a fully finish product on a couple of years. 
I just received my google glasses about a month ago, when they opened the explorer program again, so I invested 1500 USD plus taxes for a version outdated in less than two months? I think google has to do something about this, the proper thing to do is upgrade everybody's glasses to 2GB.  
+Nestor Orjuela We hear you. We’re making hardware and software improvements pretty rapidly in response to all the great feedback we hear from Explorers. Instead of waiting for the consumer version of Glass, we’re releasing those updates as we go, so we can get feedback on the changes and continue to improve Glass based on what we hear from you. We’ve rolled out tons of new features based on what you’ve told us and you’ll continue to benefit from our regular software updates. 
+Tim Younan I totally understand tour comment, bit what ensures you that they will update the explorer's hardware once they reach the final versión?
+Google Glass I don't see how that answer can satisfy my concern, I bought glasses and in less than a month I get the news that there is a ram upgrade, I understand this is a beta version but I think the right thing to do for the explorers that support the program is to upgrade their hardware or at least ensure that we will receive a replacent when the consumer version is available. Otherwise it is possible to interpret that Google used our money to develop a product to be commercial and then forgot about the explorers that supported the program. that is a pretty bad image to transmit.
+Nestor Orjuela for one thing, every unit out right now, including the updated hardware unit, which you probably have, has a foil issue, where the foil on the prism will bubble up, renduring the unit useless, they are working on it, it will be finalized for the consumer version. If your nose buds swivel then you have the updated version
Wow. I had to exchange my first pair of GG  due to the silver mirror coating peeling and flaking off. Got the new pair and now my firmware IS XE18.3 and it says memory has 12.3 GB free... I thought they were only 2 Gigs...
I am very disappointed to hear they have not addressed the foil issue. I only had my first pair since February.
+Tim Younan Thanks for your reply Tim, I appreciate you took the time to answer. Unfortunately my nose buds don't swivel, I guess you refer the ones on the glasses the ones on the separate frame do swivel but I don't think those are the ones you are talking about. In any case I'll enjoy what I have, tomorrow I'm visiting the Hagia Sophia in Instanbul and I'll will be using GuigiGO APP with the glasses : ).
+Michael Wysong Hi Michael, the 12.3 GB free you see refers to the available space in your glasses, in other words like the hard-drive, the 2 GB we mention are the 2 GB of RAM memory that the glasses will use for processing. Hope this help to clarify.
Does this mean anything for the camera hardware in this device? Such a promising technology... but the last gen was basically useless outside of novelty.  Needs better camera, that has focal or hardware zoom and focus. Also why cant the the camera view finder just be tuned to take a picture of what you are looking at... (not looking up and to the right at a teeny tiny video feed that you cant even see what you are trying to snap.)
+LOVELY ANGELS Thanks for being a fan. You can find out more about how to get Glass by visiting

+Weston Weems No hardware tweaks to the camera to share, but we're always working to improve Glass. We appreciate the feedback. 
Al Stan
I appreciate the new changes. one thing google detractors seem not to notice is that gg is a heads up display, not like a watch heads down. It allows you to continue with life uninterrupted. which is very important at times. as opposed to a watch, which interrupts your life, as you look down and walk into a lamppost! (there's a lovely tv ad for you). among the things on my wish list is: right arm for prescription frames when I have to be a bit dressy for gg.  the ability to lock into a card by choice, like speedometer, elevation etc, so i can see them whenever i look up, that also monitors speed limits (like some gps do). the ability to xray vision through peoples clothes (LOL not really). oh, and the ability to save battery by being able to turn off wifi when i want to.
Omg why should it be free?
When you have the galaxy s3, you dont ask "can I get the s4" brcause its a better version...

Would be amazing if Google did this differently though...

same goes with the VR headset Oculus Rift developpers edition
My number one request would be improve the sound interface or add an extra connector for the headphones so I can wear the device and charge it at the same time. With only the one micro USB port I have to choose to charge or have the earphone/headphones plugged in. Wireless charging would be nice, a inductive pad on the opposite side from the touch screen that would comment magnetically or similar hook up.
I have a small skull so for the bone conduction feature of glass to work for me I have to press it harder to my skull in order to get a perceivable volume.
Wow. No hardware upgrade/replacement for us early adopters? That hurts. Seriously. :(
Al Stan
i think it happens automatically, once released, by plugging into the charger and connecting to wifi. Sometimes it's released in phases, i believe, and not everybody gets it the same day.
Thanks, Al Stan.  I thought it was automatic but wasn't positive.
Seriously, I am a second hand owner of Glass. How do I tell the onboard RAM? Is it 1GB or 2 GB?

The nose pads swivel. Can u believe it? LOL
Will we be able to trade in the older version for the 2GB model?
Hi +Theresa Davies, throughout the Explorer Program you can expect to see us make changes here and there. We won't be swapping devices, but you'll continue to see improvements with our software updates. 
Great idea. How about hiding everything and making glass look more like just glasses. I think the technology used with a HUD could be applied here and that Glass to the next level. Just a thought.
Al Stan
I agree. while it's hard to find the lens, maybe the hardware can be better distributed by putting the battery in one arm and the processor in the other, with a removable battery so it can be swapped out during the day.
+Google Glass, any plans on reenabling Hangouts for Glass on your way out the door of the Explorer program?  It was a nice feature that many of us enjoyed.  At least give us the option to add it back since we are all pretty much left to our own devices now...literally.
Hey +Scott Enriquez, we hear you. Nothing new to share on that front, but we'll pass your feedback along to the team .
Al Stan
then wear your glass to NYC. Just kidding I was there the other day to a play, cocktails, dinner, public transportation. no problem. Not even the usual "Oh, is that google glass!"