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Wayne May
How many people signed up today?
+Alvaro Esquivel why didn't you get yours? Money problem or you tried during the open-to-the-public sale and still couldn't?
Kathy D
+Google Glasscould You check to see if my invitation is still valid? Use my Google account for my email .,I needed to wait till thks week to redeem. You checked for me when other day but wanted to make sure that all was ok with my pair thanks for checking...again !!
Wonder how many fools paid to be beta testers. $1,500 is ridiculous
what a bloody joke, seriously - and you expect the rest of the world to want to give a rats arse (read: developers), when it's AS USUAL, US-centric. We've asked multiple times and wanted to pay to be early adopters outside of the US and bring to the fitness industry - but jesus christ, what a completely retarded "USA USA USA" approach on your part?

The reason you're failing in the marketplace on wearables - and you are failing badly on PR - is that this continued and sustained US-centric approach, grates. You also have done a piss poor job at educating the masses on how their privacy won't be violated with the camera. You can bleat all you like on that point and labour it massively, but you know what? Noone believes you. And companies like us that try to advocate freely for you, have finally got the arse: Your deafening silence on helping us to help you, finally stuck.

So listen; Developers like us? Yeah, we'll stick to Microsoft, Samsung and Apple thanks - at least the SDK's and the hardware IS forthcoming for companies that WANT to develop and add value.

Google Plus is still too hard for the average Facebook person to get started, hangouts absolutely suck at hogging resources STILL, and your company is being driven always by techs - not end users who will be using it. 

So yeah, feedback FIRMLY squared at your doorstep, although as usual, the very platform you created for this feedback, will be met with some tepid or non-existent fucks being given on your part.

I'm out. My company is out. Apple development will now be our sole focus.
It is a fools purchase, in my opinion, but if you feel it's not branching out to the proper audience then create something that caters to your population. Can't do it, then begin a startup that will be bought out for millions of dollars by any of those other major companies. 
action speaks louder than words +Sowande Brown-Lawson - and to date, noone in my circles in the UK or Australia can be bothered anymore, to try and develop for this - ESPECIALLY as Apple iHealth platform is imminent and is a lot more "public-friendly" than wearing Glass. Google have royally fucked this up in my opinion, and the technology, ASSUMING it's batteries don't suck, will be relegated to specific industries - but the general public will shun it. In droves.
+Nathan Hague I cannot wait to see how wrong you are. Whenever I wear it in public, people are always excited to try it out and cannot wait for it to come out for the general public.

You have an awful lot of bellyaching for someone who thinks it's going to fail because it's not "public friendly" (whatever that means). If you truly believe it's going to fail simply because it's not "public friendly", why even mention anything else?
Only way I would buy is if it came with a garentee that each new version I would get for free for life
If you can take off your rose-tinted glass(es) for a minute and understand where this is coming from, that would be great: you're not developers, right? I'm not stooping to troll bait comments, but I've actually been an advocate for google through the years, as per my post. It's when they shit on the rest of the world, and the world goes, "meh" that you have to ask yourself if the market is going to accept it. Right now, they see a barrage of negative publicity originating from the US, and because they can't see it themselves or get familiar with it BECAUSE GOOGLE ARE MURIKA-ONLY, that's what's pissing previous advocates off. Like me. It's hard to develop for a product, if, you know, it's made too hard to get it in the first place: we'll simply develop for the platform and hardware that IS forthcoming. Rational comments only please, I can't be fucked with buzzfeed-level faux-intelligence.
+Nathan Hague "you're not developers, right?"

I am.

"It's when they shit on the rest of the world...[etc...more bellyaching]"

It's like you've completely ignored the post from Stephen Lau. Good job. Read it, then come back with an intelligent remark.
I read the post, and saw "something something australia too small to warrant release something". When you've developed something more substantial than a java port of flappy bird, then you get to speak to me in condescending tones. Until then, your argument is (null). I'm out though, I'll leave you commentards to flame on. 
+Nathan Hague it's the us only because it hasn't been approved for communication and public use that's why it's for explorers in the us only. So instead of whining like a child you should do research they never made glass to compete in your imaginary Google vs others wearable race; the purpose of Glass was to prove the technology was possible just like the nexus program back in the day with the mobile alliance.

The fear of glass comes from the same illogical fear people have had since the 19th century with camera's and the coming of camera phone's. Google plus isn't hard to learn my mother who never owned or touched a smartphone jumped from an old blackberry to a nexus 5 she learned how to use the phone and all Google services in a day loving the launcher loaded on it.

Hangouts doesn't consume much resources so quit making claims that hold smoke. Their company is pushed forward with the billions of people with Google let me tell you the Android platform alone has almost 2billion users and covers almost 90% of global market with plans to bring 4 billion people who don't have phone's and internet connected you can see those numbers growing and that's just Android now count all their services ;3 and the ones that use aosp.
+Ryan Martin Europe is ready for it I've traveled to France Germany Italy and Spain Poland Romania etc and they all get giddy for it saying in as much as I can understand "an American invention that I don't have to pull out of my pocket" saying they get tired of pulling out their phone having it up there and unintrusive to them is great
I've hot no idea where this blind love for google's products comes from. Take chromebooks: hordes of owners believe they've got more freedom and their data is more secure, when actually they hang on google's leash. That's what I really don't get :/
+David Radkowski what blind love he came in with no logical or truthful statements on glass just flamed, raged, and left.
Way too much my friends. Glass needs to drop a few Benjamin's for me to even think about it.
You have to open the explorer program outside the US immediately. Because there are lots of people that developing apps, services and products for the people around the world which can help for the Google Glass to be better thing. So, take action please! 
+Google Glass it would be nice for you to open up explorer places globally - you know being a global company and all!
Just in time for the update to kit Kat
+Nathan Hague I suspect it has more to do with Google wanting to manage the support aspect of Glasa first. Nothing is worse than a distribution that is wider than what you can support. They are still testing the waters with this tech. I think you've got more of an anti-American attitude than a why can't I get Glass attitude. Whatever...
I wish I could have one, And develop many app for tht. But there is no chance for me to have one. Very g8 Product thanks to Google. <3 Google .... ... 
Best tech out. I am loving my Glass more everyday. Everyone has questions and wants to wear it. They ask to wear it and want one. When price comes down for consumers this Will be extremely successful.
+Samet Çelik they can't it hasn't been approved by the government for communication purposes and is being licensed 
I got only one question? Why should I give 1500$ for a product which is almost 2 years old?
+Google Glass, my wallet order has remained in a pending status since 7:23a.m. PDT when I got my bank to increase the daily debit limit. I have tried to contact your support via the email form linked from my order in wallet and received no response. Through me a bone here.
Someone get +Nathan Hague a tissue.

+Ryan Martin there are plenty of intelligent people who can make a difference who are down on their luck.  For example: I know a brilliant developer who had to pay out of pocket for his wife's medical expenses and cannot afford to buy the glass. That doesn't mean he's not the right guy for the job, take your head out of your ass.
I had a dream about buying google glass...
+Andres Reano that comment would be 10 times better with said phone number included ;) or maybe a link to where I could get this number? Thanks in advance.
+Nathan Hague haha, live in the USA, if you want companys like Apple, Google.... to sell you products before the UK or the rest of the world... 

hate us here in the USA, but love what we have and you cant, stop bitchin and grow up. 


btw, go to Ebay (another USA, American Company) and buy it for a premium.

one thing Americans know, Make products, make money
+Hiten Patel he just doesn't understand there's processes like communication approval before things can be brought internationally hence why there's beta testers
+Andres Reano you sir, ROCK \m/
Also, on my drive to work, I received an email from +Google Glass with my shipping confirmation! I'll be assimilated into the Borg soon enough :D
Absolutely FLOORED that this is finally starting to get out to more people! I can barely stand waiting to get a pair myself! It looks like a really amazing experience. 
So bad I missed it :-( Does anyone know if there's another way to get them?
If nothing else, a good way to dump inventory to put out V3 Glass!
So I had a glass code but when I try to buy glass it tells me that everything is out of stock? When can I buy it again?
I'm loving the glass so far, but IOS support sucks, now I have to buy an android phone, costing me a total of 2000 to get the full experience
Anyone else's order pending from yesterdays order?
+Mara Kopa Same here im still pending... Most people are having overnight shipping tonight and are  hoping to get it tmr :)
my order is still pending...  just make me crazy
James C
+Jake Wilson they sold out. Pretty sure it made sense. You didn't want to interrupt your sleep, really? I am glad that the GLASS you would have ordered if you were awake went to someone a little more psyched about it!
+Jake Wilson That is possibly the silliest, most illogical whining I've ever heard!

Most people are going to be up by 9 AM. Most people have jobs that run approx. 9-5. This was advertised days in advance. If you couldn't plan around it, then I really don't understand how you think you have any right to complain about it.
David M
Ordered Tuesday - Charging in my house TODAY!   Very Excited!
Not being argumentative or anything but I do see that +Jake Wilson is getting at something here. Consider the following points:

1) Google won't sell the beta test glasses to anyone outside of America.

2) On one of their recent advertisements they had the phrase
"From moms to mountain climbers"!!!!!

3) +Jake Wilson's point.

I love the idea of Google glass, I really do, but sexism and USA'ism is not very 21st century. And 9am!! Seriously?

+Nathan Hague after you've put on your big boy pants and realized the issues with international trade, patents, distribution and then the nature of what Google glass is at this time (a product in public beta really), perhaps you'll want to come back and delete your posts instead of looking like a whiny little kid. If you want the benefits of what's available in the United States, move to the United States. You don't see the rest of us complaining about how we can't get the newest coolest smart phones, TVs, robots, etc.. because we don't live in Asia do you? I remember a time not too long ago when I would have been happy just to be able to talk to someone like yourself from another country. You already take for granted what you have available to you elsewhere, but that which you take for granted does not entitle you. It's quite likely a very intentional marketing scheme behind the decision also. Maybe you in a few other developers will get the raw end of it but I can imagine it will help Google sales significantly in the end.

Anyhow, do exactly as you've said and go develop for hardware that is available to you. That will build your skill set and experience and when Glass is available, if you're still interested, you'll be in a better position to develop for it.

If you would have reached out to other individuals in the United States before yesterday, I have no doubt that someone would have worked with you to get you a set. After your little display here, I know I would no longer be one of those individuals.
+Tim Younan can you hear yourself? You're complaining that you have to buy a superior smartphone so that you can use one of the most bleeding edge products on the planet. In reality you should be grateful that there is compatibility with iOS. If roles were reversed, apple had created glass and you had an Android device, you would absolutely have to go buy a new smartphone because there's no way in hell Apple would be compatible at all with Android hardware. Now you have a phone that has more compatibility, more options and higher level of adoption which means that you'll be more interoperable with other people on the planet. You're also going to pay a lot less money for that superior platform. Where's the problem here other than the fact that all your proprietary adapters, chargers, docks and whatnot aren't going to be useful anymore ? Go sell those to someone else who stuck in that market and replace them with accessories that will be useful with most other devices on the planet (micro-usb). :-) 
+James Griffin You're missing the point. This is a beta product. It's being produced in CA. In the US. Therefore, to keep a controlled environment and to make sure that they can easily and quickly remedy any issues, they choose to only distribute inside of the US.

In addition to the logistical reasons, there are practical restrictions as well, such as the myriad government entities they'd have to register with besides the FCC in every country.

Once this starts being mass produced on the cheap, you'll see it pushed out to other countries.

And, finally, sexism?????? WTF?
Anyone else in Hawaii still have their order pending?
+James Griffin it's only in the USA because it's still going through approval like all product's made for communication in the USA also there's no sexism quit whining.
I would love to get one for my non-profit. I even got an invitation to buy one back in January. But, unfortunately, the cost was the deciding factor. We had a lot of really exciting ideas that we could use it for within a non-profit organization; and, one of my board members is a developer and really wanted to develop a software solution for us to use with Glass. But, again, the cost for one pair was a little over 10% of our total income for last year. (We are only in our second year as a 501(c)(3) public charity) So, unless there was a grant process where we could gain access to Glass to develop for and show how a non-profit could profit (like what I did there?) from Glass, it is sadly a no go for us. :-(

#Glass   #NonProfitBlues   
I spent the first 8 hours of having a glass figuring out that training its sit down mode makes it shut down the display constantly.  The only way to wake it was to reboot, and basically run to factory reset in 30sec or less before it shut down the display again.  After some trial and error after setup figured out NOT completing their stupid steps keeps it usable.

Now I can actually see what it does, as long as I ignore the "setup" steps.

Really guys, come on here.
Open the opportunity to non-us resident, like me :-)
Anybody else having problems after the update? My glass is non responsive
Interesting glitch with Glass?? When I tried to download the Glass app for my iPhone earlier, it froze all updates. Today when I scanned the QR code on the shades box that came with Glass, I was redirected to the Zoosk dating app and then something appeared to install in my Lifestyles group and Facebook appeared to be updating without my intervention, on my iPhone. Anyone had this problem?
+Richard Gil You might have the same issue with the "put down" sleep action I did. I'd upgraded almost immediately pulling them out of the box, and noticed the unresponsiveness then too.  I had to factory reset and avoid that step of the "setup" until Google fixes it.
+Mike Butash Thx for the feedback. I have my GG for almost 8 months now and is the first time I had a problem like this. I called GG support and they told me the update will take hours, to leave it plug in today and wait. I will update this post when done
Now that myGlass is primarily my newsource, it seems pretty important to have headlines transmitted to the Glass update page without loading the entire article.
do you have translate app can translate from english to chinese
+Google Glass Yes someone is in touch with me, to say I can't order it but might be able to sometime in the future.  I spent several hours on this, multiple phone calls, scanned documents, calling at weird hours and got nothing.  Two Google products that didn't work together!
If you'd just accept bitcoin the whole process would have been done in seconds - no security check, documents, declined transactions, phone calls or any other garbage required.  Coinbase and Bitpay will allow you to handle it with pretty much no effort.
Jake Wilson glad you had your beauty sleep and missed to be part of the explorer program (beta tester). I can picture you bitching everyday for every issue, not understanding that is a BETA stage. Go and buy 6 iphones made for i-diots.
Has anyone had issues transferring ownership? +Google Glass has not been able to fix this issue and even with it in my possession they will not give me the ID
James C
+Tina Hunt I would start a new post for this. It is not very likely to be read here.
+Jake Wilson Your complaints are far sillier. You were given weeks of advance notice and yet somehow the time takes you by surprise. That's the silliest excuse I've heard.

More and more excuses, no valid reasons.
+Jake Wilson "Never once did I complain, bitch, moan, etc."

Then what do you call the repeated complaints of "9AM is too early!"?

Google's process makes perfect sense. You just don't seem to get it.
+James C do you recommend I just post it on my page? Not many of my followers would have experience with glass. Ideas?
James C
Nope, maybe on Explorer discussion page. I'll post it and + you!
+Jake Wilson crying bitch. Wise and tuff behind a keyboard. Can't even put your picture in your profile. Just shut up
+Jake Wilson Then I guess you must think all rules to sweepstakes be silly, eh?

Or would you rather they just not choose a time to start?
I may be dumb but what is glass, If it something to do with a new technology that can work for handy cap people then I would like to be involved in helping in this area because it could be a grate tool for people with learning dissabiltys and this could help adults and children in school or in socializing activities and more. I'm not a developer of any kind but I think I can help you guys create asume tools for all handycap people and I believe you would like my Ideas on this subject thanks. DEBBY.
+Debby Sea Thanks for asking. Glass is a wearable technology we're building to help people get technology out of the way and focus on the world around them. You can learn more about what Glass does by looking at and you can see how one of our Explorers who's paralyzed used Glass to go camping with her friends here: Explorer Story: Alex Blaszczuk [through Google Glass]

+Jonathan Messer Thanks for being a fan! Glass is US-only for now, but we hope to make it more widely available in the future. You can sign up here to stay informed: 
I belive that Google Glass will allow people my age, in highschool to be more organized. I can see walking into school and reading through the daily anouncements with Glass. I can see powerpoints being shown and reminders that in 3rd hour I have homework. I cant wait, along with Ms. Debbie for the advancements Glass can allow. Being a student, needing to buy a car, and saving for a good college Glass, although it saddens me, wont be able to be a first priority for a few years(at the least). I am also super ecstatic for Google Wearables...I do not know what Google has said about these, or if its just a rumor. I cannot wait for the amazing medical achievements that are one their way, and are possibly already being worked on!!! I hope that Google will continue to shine and I can only keep trying to be a part of it. --Chris Patton
For folks like myself with Aspergers this would be great.