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Hello Austin, 

Meet Mark Strama, Head of Google Fiber in Austin. Mark shared his first blog post with info about how you'll be able to sign up for Fiber next year.

Check it out  here and stay tuned for more updates:
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Hurry up, we need you in Dayton Ohio!
+Mark Strama
What are the odds that your neighborhood is among the first fiber hoods?
This comes as I am looking for a place to live in Austin.  SO MUCH PRESSURE TO PICK THE RIGHT AREA.
Minneapolis/Eagan MN soon please! We need it!
I would love it if we could get a hint at where the fiberhood borders are going to be. I would like to start organizing my neighbors, and I need to know which ones to befriend.
Isn't it ironic to use Facebook to organize for google services?
+Mark Strama
Our great & wonderful community:

Avery Ranch is an 1,800 acre master-planned community with over 5000 homes (and it keeps on adding more houses every day and we are the fastest growing neighborhood in Austin) that have access to 17 hill country acres of amenity centers, tennis courts, pools, and hike & bike trails. This beautiful and historic community includes two public elementary schools, a church site, and is adjacent to an 8.5 mile regional trail. A 226 acre 18-hole golf course bordering a 60 acre lake will share natural features that include springs, ponds, creeks and dense vegetation that the entire community can enjoy. Immediately adjacent to Avery Ranch, the City of Cedar Park is building an expansive 140 acre community park complex providing recreational opportunities for the entire area. Avery Ranch is committed to incorporating the beautiful surrounding hill country environment into each neighborhood allowing nature itself to be a vital part of the community lifestyle.

We are waiting for +Google Fiber and willing to get all the services you can offer...

Thanks in advance & GOD bless...
Sounds like Ovary Avery Ranch already has enough to keep them entertained...

7 8 7 5 0

+Jeffrey Gipson

Yeah, I am always a victim and now I double check it before I send my rebuttal/comment.


AVERY RANCH can give them thousands of possible customers right away.

Have a great day
I feel confident my neighborhood will be part of the first wave... Hurray for downtown living.
+Carlos Ocasio

What you mean, hipster land?

Why Google fail YOU?

They are NOT here for FREE but to give us fastest internet for lower rate than other providers here.

But they need to choose locations that they will get MORE users not just YOU or some of your neighbors.

Have a great day
I didn't ask for anything for FREE. And I didn't suggest they cater to just me and my neighbors. The hipster crowd lives in the 78704 zip code where all of Google's current build permits reside. Which means there will likely be a large group of people who could get Google fiber and won't, just to be ironic.
+Carlos Ocasio

You answered your question:
"The hipster crowd lives in 78704 zip code"
"Which means there will be likely be a large group of people who could get Google fiber".

Google still a business and they have to spend hundred millions of dollars just to build all their services and those locations can help them to recoup their money.

(By the way, someone told me from +Google Fiber that after they installed those services on those places you said, there's still BIG possibility that they will spread it out to those places that really need it)

I know, it's sad BUT that's how it is anywhere in this world...

Have a great day
Waiting for any news on Google fiber in Oklahoma southern and northern areas of the state. 
+Jeffrey Gipson I saw +Mark Strama  speak at a startup week event in Austin recently, and while he was unable to give ANY hints as to where the first fiberhood(s) might be, he very strongly discouraged purchasing real estate in his residential vicinity.
+Carlos Ocasio We're ready in 78704!  Can't come soon enough!  Seriously, a lot of us home office workers will greatly benefit from Google Fiber connections.
chance of coming to 78746? That all we want to know. Let me down now... dont tease. I'm guessing no, due to terrain, and distance from
Dear Google Fiber and +Mark Strama:   I am making my pitch for Anderson Mill.  One of the least homogenized neighborhoods in Austin. We represent a wide variety of economic levels and every race.  We are blue collar, white collar, struggling working mom's and comfortable retirees.   We do lack people from the 1% - heck, even the top 10% - which I hope you won't hold against us.  We have award winning schools - awesome parks and awesome people - mostly awesome people :).  So if you are interested in bringing Google fiber to a broad economic spectrum packed in one small Austin neighborhood - please consider us.    Love, Tracey
lol +Tracey Bee..homogenized 
Maybe the milk but the populace?
to make uniform or similar, as in composition or function: to homogenize school systems.
There hasn't been a single update in several months about Fiber in Austin. I wish somebody would give an update.
Same here, had to sign up for cable while I wait. Luckily I had an option with no contract so I can switch when I want but others may not be so lucky.
The latest update is November 20th, really?
So I guess no fiber in 2014... patience will need to be rewarded.
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