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Announcing Google Fiber in 3 new communities! Read more:
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That's great! I'm excited to see some expansion starting. What about Independence though? Your first rally brings you to just a few blocks from my neighborhood on the other side of I-70 from the stadiums. Is that an upcoming addition? crosses fingers
/Fast Forwards time.......

Announcing Google Fiber in Portland, OR!!! Rally your neighbors. 
Are there job openings for fiber installers?
Wake me when you realize how great Fiber will be in Portland, OR!
+John Chavez : Portland does seem like a logical location. The core of the metro area has a pop of about 500k, it's dense, and it would surely be received with great enthusiasm by the public and local government. Also, Comcast has a monopoly if you want decent bandwidth. Centurylink is terrible. 

And +Google Fiber , wouldn't it be nice to be responsible for creating a real "Silicon Forest" in the area? 
I fully support Google Fiber in Portland and Mexico ... just as soon as I get fiber in north Kansas City. :)
Awesome! How about Lawrence, Kansas? :-D
I really hope this means you're in talks with the Merriam city council as well. I mean, the Highland Park fiberhood IS conveniently located right along the northern border (hint hint), and they're already halfway to their goal.
+Christopher Carr I agree. I believe Portland is completely ready for this. Let's hope the project grows successfully in Kansas City. 
+Google Fiber when you're ready, we'd love to see you in California's own Central Valley.
Is there any word on when google fiber will come into other states? Perhaps Georgia?
50 fiberhoods!  1/4th of the way there.
We need fiber in Portland, OR and all the surrounding cites for example Gresham :)
FIOS is crap...its not even Verizon's anymore it belongs to Frontier.
If you already have fiber to houses, I'm pretty sure Google's not interested. Crap service or not. 

So, hopefully Portland next, but no Gresham. 
Why wouldn't they be interested?   
Because Google is offering fiber-optic Internet and TV service -- which is already available if you've FiOS in your area. 

Portland proper does not. 
I guess that makes sense. I just think that if Fiber is already installed it is easier on them. They only need to come in and replace the current service with theirs.
+Google Fiber Please come to Portland!!!! I live in Milwaukee and Sandy, and I'm crazy for faster internet! My Sandy internet is a measly 10/2.5 and its 'Insanely fast' for my area and I'm less than 9 miles away from Gresham!!! PLEASE LOL I'M IN LOVE WITH YOU, GOOGLE.
+craig calkins - I think you are going to have to move into Portland proper, if Google comes to their senses and launches the next wave of Fiber here... 
If Google doesn't take their Fiber service into Portland next, it will be because of some sort of silly PC considerations.

It's perfect, and extremely obvious. Just do it.  
+1 on hopes of Google Fiber coming to Portland OR.
I am moving outside of Portland to Damascus, but I still think that the more expansion, the better. Portland would be an excellent choice. 
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