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We had a great time meeting residents at Hanover Heights/Spring Valley block party yesterday.

If you live in Hanover Heights/Spring Valley, remember there is an info session at Fiber Space today from 3:30-5:00PM, 1814 Westport Rd. 

Get your questions answered about sign ups, installation, and what to expect. Refreshments and tour of the Fiber Space to follow.
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Does this mean you'll work faster and get to Illinois sooner?
The day you come to me town I hope you need extra helpers on staff! I would be thrilled to work at +Google .
My family and I had a great time, thanks Google!
Very awesome! Can't wait until you come to the Northland!
Please come to South Bend, Indiana! I'm here and so is ND! Think how much your super wifi could help us and the ND university students!!
GOOGLE!!! We need you in Greenwood, IN and surrounding areas. Xfinity has a monopoly out here. Xfinity is the Devil, but only other option is AT&T 3.0Mbps DSL. Please help.
You NEED to get in The Woodlands Texas!!! Comcast is really a piece of crap... ALWAYS down and slow sppeds for their EXPENSIVE plans!
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