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Google Fiber

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27 years ago, the rock band Patriarch took the Kansas City rock scene by storm. They were on the verge of stardom, but after several record deals fell through, they dropped their rock and roll dreams and parted ways to live different lives in different cities across America.

This is the story of how high speed internet brought them back together for an encore performance unlike any other.

For more stories on why speed matters, visit
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I hear Athens, TX is a good place to visit this time of year.  hint hint
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Google Fiber

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Google Fiber has arrived in Kansas City North, and it's time to rally your fiberhood! Check your address and sign up today:
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So jelly! Hurry to Phoenix, please! 
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We're getting ready for TONIGHT'S special Google Fiber Kansas City event, 6-10pm at The Midland with special live performances by The KC All Stars and The Magnetics.

We had a chance to hang out with members of both bands at the Fiber Space, and here are some snippets from our conversation with the KC All Stars.

On how the Internet has changed how artists make and share music...

"It makes an independent artist here in Kansas City international at the end of the day. With access to the Internet, an independence artist or musician can put things online, which makes the world a lot closer to us being right here." - Jackie Michaels

"And with the gig and the fast speeds you have, you can hear and see music just as the artists wants to portray it." - Joe Straws

Come meet the band members tonight at the Midland! #googlefiberkc
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+Paul Bungard Yes, we are!
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Hello, Kansas City - thanks for joining us at the Google Fiber Expo at The Bordner over the weekend. We had a great time meeting you! As we approach the South KC April 10 deadline, we're hosting a Kansas City Rally Celebration that day, April 10, 6:00-10:00pm at The Midland Theater with performances by The KC All Stars and The Magnetics.

Want to get in touch with us before Thursday? Find us at the following locations this week:

Google Fiber Space
1814 Westport Rd, KCMO
10:00-6:00 (with extended hours Tues/Thurs)

Ward Parkway Center
8600 Ward Parkway, KCMO

Mobile Fiber Space
Red Bridge Shopping Center
11212 Holmes Road, KCMO

Hope to see you soon! #googlefiberkc
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Please, North West Jersey
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Today, we launched our Coffee to the Home (CTTH) program for Kansas City residents. We're delivering made-to-order coffee drinks straight to our users at fiber speeds—through the same fiber jack that delivers 100 times faster Internet. Want to be a beta tester? Sign up now:
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i see the April fools won't stop :D
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Google Fiber

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Every day, nonprofits and community leaders across America do inspiring work to help their neighbors learn about the web, build digital literacy skills, and more.

Today, we're hearing from the Kansas City nonprofit, ArtsTech about its work connecting tech-savvy teens with seniors who want to learn about the web. Read more on the Google Fiber Blog:
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We had a blast hosting an event at The Midland this week. Thanks to everyone who came out, and a huge shoutout to The Magnetics and The KC All Stars! #googlefiberkc
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used to live in Vegas no need for the fiber, but I would have done it anyway. Now I moved to the east to a little town called Vienna, WV. seriously google, bring that bunny to me! #googlefiberwv  
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We're gearing up for a special Google Fiber Kansas City event at the Midland tomorrow, April 10, 6-10pm with special live performances by The KC All Stars and The Magnetics.

We had a chance to hang out with members of both bands at the Fiber Space, and here are some snippets from our conversation with Kyle and Ryan of The Magnetics.

On what they think a gig connection with Google Fiber can do for music:

Kyle: For some of the songs we've recorded, we've been able to record all the vocals in my apartment, upload and send to Ryan who was able to mix them and put them together with the song. The speed at which you can do that can make or break your decision to use them.

Ryan: And when we make a music video, we can transfer large amounts of HD video files between us, which is amazing. It's so much easier for us to collaborate, and we can be creative because we aren’t hindered by the ability to transfer these things.

And on their favorite things about Kansas City:
Kyle: Oklahoma Joe’s, Chiefs, Royals, Sporting KC, Fountains
Ryan: And we can brag about having Google Fiber.

Come meet the band members on Thursday! #googlefiberkc
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Fiber is essential in losing weight. Copper phaties can find some other planet to graz on.
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If you live in South Kansas City, Raytown, or Grandview, you have 1 week left to sign up for Google Fiber: 

Share this with your neighbors and friends so they don't miss out! #googlefiberkc
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Jon L
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At up to 1000 Mb per second, Google Fiber is 100 times faster than today’s average broadband, allowing you to get what you want instantaneously.
The official G+ page of Google Fiber

Think it's crazy speak to claim 100 times faster Internet? Actually, according to Akamai's State of the Internet 4Q2011, the average American only experiences speeds of 5.8 Mb/sec, while Google Fiber offers up to 1,000 Mb/sec download and upload. Service not available in all areas. If you're already cruising mighty fast on the Internet, the actual increase in performance you experience may differ.