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Hey, Street View fans! We need your input and ideas for improving Street View.

We see a ton of Street View images shared on the #GoogleEarthSnapshot hashtag; now, help us make Street View better!
Thank you for offering your feedback to help improve Google Street View! Understanding your experiences and opinions is critical to making Street View better for you. Please take five minutes to fill ...
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"Hold the mouse down to steer" map fly-throughs would be nice
The survey should have included a field explaining reason for dis-satisfaction. Further the survey should have been split in two parts - Street View in Google Maps and Street View in Google Earth. My experience of Street View navigation in Google Maps is different and better than in Google Earth.
the Indian streets should be worked upon.......
i update my GE from 6.1 to 6.2 and it's horrible. GE 6.2 images are all fragmented. Moreover, the bottom of the image has US navy, State Dept, and many other federal agencies' names... whatsup?

I tried to reinstall to 6.1 again but it won't come back. I end up with GE 5.2 now, without streetview.
+Tavish Gupta The way bureaucracy works here, I have my own doubts that we will get to see Google Street Views of India in near future.

Last year Google had started photographing the streets of Bangalore but were stopped by police on privacy/security concerns. ( I don't know whether they have restarted the work or their case with police department is still gathering dust.
Google Earth needs to up date,street views are 5 plus years old,please update
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