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Notice anything different in Google Earth today?
We’ve just launched a change in the way we display imagery that makes navigating the globe in 3D an even more seamless, beautiful experience.

That’s not all! Download the Google Earth 6.2 update now ( and start sharing Google Earth screenshots to your Google+ stream! Check out the Lat Long blog to learn more about this latest update to Google Earth!
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um... no satellite imagery appearing below 1417km height cant find anywhere that switches on/off that satellite image layer. Just see blue background. labels road etc all showing fine. Build on Windows Vista
Hey +Dale Schultz. To see Google Earth without this new imagery rendering process, toggle on the historical imagery feature. If you're having issues with imagery displaying, try out some of these troubleshooting steps ( Still having issues after that? Check in with the Google Earth help forum! (
thanks switching atmosphere off did the trick!
Interesting, will this be added to Google Earth 6.1 as an upgrade? Using the "Check for Upgrades online" in 6.1 Yields "No updates Available"
When I try to share a Sreenshot in Google+, I've got this error message: "The requested URL /earth/client/sharing/index_pt.html was not found on this server. That’s all we know." =(

Well... Solved changing the language. I'm from brazil [pt]

This page isn't available in pt... Just in en
I downloaded the 32bit deb file for Linux and it says I'm going to get 6.2..... yet the details in the deb file show 6.1 and when I run Google Earth it also shows 6.1. What gives here?
This is fantastic, i just shared two shots :-) thank-you Google.

can we get a common # tag for people to share Google earth screenshot publicly? i just used #googleearthscreenshots but that seems a little too long how about #earthshot ?
+Henry James Ball Stay tuned -- we're really excited to collect and showcase images from the Google+ community -- more on this soon!
+Google Earth:

Please address +Danie van der Merwe's concern:

"I downloaded the 32bit deb file for Linux and it says I'm going to get 6.2..... yet the details in the deb file show 6.1 and when I run Google Earth it also shows 6.1. What gives here?"

I'm having the same issue with the 64bit version. The download page indicates 6.2, but it is not.
+Google Earth - Nicely done. Just shared Andy Goldsworthy's wall at Storm King. It would be nice if the picture pop ups would be included in the screen shot (at least as an option). This will be great to augment vacation shares.
Very nice, though I downloaded and installed before this announcement, got 6.1, saw the announcement, checked for updates in G.E., but had to go to the URL to get the latest.
Is the new imagery available for Google Maps satellite view as well?
It appears +Google Earth is having other problems right now. I was able to share easily yesterday, but currently I'm not able to post the screen shot. I'm on Win7pro 64x
+Google Earth The download page does now provide 6.2 .deb packages, and installation was successful, but I am unable to sign in (thus no sharing to G+). Hangs with "one moment please...," and then sometimes crashes.

Is it an https issue with the Linux client?

Ubuntu 11.10 64bit, running Gnome 3 Shell.
Anyone going to respond about the Linux download showing version 6.2 but actually downloading version 6.1?
+Danie van der Merwe I would assume that that repo hasn't updated the file on their server. But you can do it yourself, it's google-earth-
Thanks +Christopher Carr sorry I had missed your last comment and I can confirm it works and installs for me too now. Same problem with the G+ login and I'm hoping it is not related to the Google Picasa 3.9 G+ login problem because then all the latest releases are breaking authentication to G+. I had to downgrade to Picasa 3.8 so that I could upload to Picasa Webalbums still...
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