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Yesterday, the David Rumsey Historical Map Collection team shared some interesting photos of maps created for the blind published in 1837 ( The Atlas of the United States Printed for the Use of the Blind uses embossed heavy paper with letters, lines and symbols to create 24 state maps. Only five copies of the book survive today.

The map of Maine in The Atlas of the United States Printed for the Use of the Blind:
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I always wanna know what the Blind looks like
This is wonderful. Maps are the one thing hard to make ADA compliant!
There goes the last argument against letting the blind guy drive.
I'm not getting something: Why would a blind person need a map of the coast?
@Scott Williamson Probably to smell the ocean and take an ice cream sandwich while hanging their feet in the water.
الاستراتجية التجاه من صنع خبراء الغات علي حساب الاستراتجية التجاه عبر الخرائط الارض شبه دقة الاجهزة المحموله مزودة بي طاقة ضوئية قادرة نقل ملفات الكبيرة والمتوسطة نظام جديد موجود في اقي اليامين للكرة الارضية علي حساب مجموعة الفريق جوجل ارض
Fan Kim
I've never seen thr map as like this.
هذا كتاب يُقرأ باللمس، وهو مخصص للأعمى....عافاني الله وإياك...الحمد لله على نعمة البصر.
لوريس براي مخترعها
ده بارزة . هى كانت بتاعت حد اعمى؟
+Scott Williamson for fun maybe? I often look at maps of distant places for fun, imagine them... Do you use maps only for navigation and other useful things?
Education also. People should be able to learn how the world looks, no matter if they can see or not. Blind persons should too be able to leard where ie. their city is in relation to other cities etc etc.
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