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In case you missed last week's Big Bang Theory, watch this clip for inspiration on how to make your special day even more memorable :).
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That's a really cool idea, but how would a normal person know when Google's satellites (or Street View cars) are coming by?
"Not available in this country"
"Not available in this country"
+Lee Jarratt they planned their wedding to coincide with a Google satellite going overhead so that they would have a satellite picture of it.
estoy igual, porque bloquean a mi pais!!!
Why not available in this country?
not available in my country :-( we need geofance
Hi all - apologies that the video isn't available in all countries. Looks like it may be up on IMDB and the CBS website if you want to try there.
The issue here is that the owner of the content (CBS) only made it available for US.
+Josh Kayani oh I'm sure someone like them could get to the people who know, but if I or a friend with no similar contacts wanted to do the same thing, just wondering if there's a way for us to find out.
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