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Explore more than 100,000 new tours and 1 million photos in Tour Guide 

Today, we’re launching a major update to the popular tour guide [] feature in Google Earth for desktop, iOS and Android. As you navigate in Earth, tour guide acts as a local exploration expert suggesting interesting places near the location you're visiting. Today's update adds over 100,000 new tours of popular sites, cities and places across 200 countries, as well as enhancements to existing tours. 

The new, richer tours combine 3D flyovers, Wikipedia snippets and – for the first time – place highlight and more than 1 million user-generated Panoramio photos in order to create an immersive and educational exploration of your favorite places. Each tour ends with a selection of photo thumbnails which were selected from Panoramio as the best representation of a given place. Clicking on one of the thumbnails enables a full screen photo experience. 

The tour guide is now available for desktop and mobile versions of Google Earth 7.0 - no update required. Learn more about using the tour guide []. 

Happy exploration! 
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Here's an idea for you: If you allowed photographers to upload high-res photos, panoramas, and spherical images for geo locations, and then offered online photo print ordering and Commercial (stock) use licensing of these images, you could share the revenues with the photographers while opening up a new way to monetize +Google Earth and perhaps more rapidly expand your coverage of the Earth.
I could literally travel anywhere in the world without having to get shots or worry about terrorist attacks or rude waiters. In other words enjoy the world without enjoying the world
This is a great way to sample before you go.  A few times, I got fooled by ads or commercials with a destination that looks great on media, but fails in person.
Comes in very handy for travelers, no need of books anymore, and you sure can't get lost anymore!
قد تمتلك الفكره عن تلك المدينه قبل زيارتها .. التجوال قبل الوصول ... رائع لقد ادهشتنا جوجل
..رجاء اﻻهتمام باللغه العربيه ..شكرا .. thanks
wow ! wonderful sweet world ...I'd never seen it B4 ike that :)
This a great feature, which I think has to be more open to participation for the ones who want to make Google Earth more knowlegeable. Let people contribute their finds.
devo dire che quest'app non è male ti permette di visitare tutto il mondo:citta',paesi,vie,strade ecc chi l'ha ideata è un vero genio
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