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Global deforestation has been mapped in unprecedented detail thanks to a collaboration between Google Earth Engine and Prof Matthew Hansen at the University of Maryland. Read more here:
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Could we also get better maps on the vast tracts of *re*forestation that has taken place over the last hundred years? The singular focus on *de*forestation almost makes it seem like the researchers might just have an agenda.
Well if the agenda is to wake people up to the destruction we are bringing upon ourselves, then I'm all for it. A concept so simple; No tree's=No air No air=No life on this planet. Tree's are what takes our poisonous gasses (carbon monoxide) and turns it into breathable oxygen. We are destroying our basic ingredients to sustain life!
that has nothing to do with what you said, you said they have an "agenda" their agenda is "life" Now do I think they should  show reforestation as well? Sure, in a manner that says "See, this is the positive outcome that will come out of bringing new life to our planet" Maybe they should show it as a side by side comparison. However their only agenda in showing the destruction deforestation brings upon us is that we need to stop it before it's too late. So honestly who cares if they have an agenda? Every publicly displayed photo, map, graph ,statement etc.... has an agenda that's what public forums are for. In this case their agenda just might save your life.
Who is going to change what's happening? Agree with Angela above as well. Are they replanting for the future or chopping the trees down quicker than replanting? When will there be change ?
Oof!  So frustrating when you're looking at that because you can't pause.  How am I supposed to make sense of the map?
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I did a study while at Uni on this. Well, not just this, but environmental issues. I found that Western Europe was going through a period of mass reforestation, driven mainly by the expansion of paper mills, until around the mid 70's when people started to recycle paper. It then became uneconomical for the paper mills to continue with their tree planting.
Conclusion: recycling paper isn't really that environmentally friendly.
+Scottie McClue I totally agree.  The best way would be to make it economically attractive again. Maybe find more uses for paper. Mainstream papercrete in building housing might be a good start.
OMG!  in my country to much exploitation....
This explains all the economical progress at a very high price for the planet's lungs.....
+Juan Pablo Guerschman Good for you! People don't read, they just tweet and retweet. People have to do their homework. Thanks for your intervention here!@anadaloficial
+Clint Johnson I can tell you about Paraguay and Argentina: no reforestation here. Never. Just deforestation followed by soy beam crops. And public lands apropiation by a few. Not only forests are destroyed also communities.
+Juan Pablo Guerschman hola Juan Pablo ¿hay información acerca de la naturaleza de la reforestation? Porque no es equivalente una plantacion de pinos o palmas al bosque natural que puede haber habido.
El porcentaje de aforestación ¿es mayor o menor al de reforestacion?
Me imagino que las plantaciones de soja no entran como "reforestacion" en los trabajos con imagenes satelitales ¿no?
+Simon Marsh una plantacion para papel no es un bosque! .
Los bosques no son solo sumideros de carbono y productores de oxigeno.
+Julio Amoedo There are places around the world where the ruling class simply pushes everyone else aside at will, usually while saying that it is for the "collective good". This lack of individual property rights is a separate issue, and one I think is actually of more concern than the loss of natural forests that often results from it.

Some countries are hit hard by this deforestation- Haiti for one is pretty much devoid of trees now. So I certainly didn't mean to say that reforestation is taking place everywhere, and in all places balancing out deforestation.

But the map is completely missing the massive reforestation taking place in India and China... which makes me wonder about the criteria they use for "forest". There are some people who insist only naturally regenerated forests with the original biodiversity should be considered "forests". That may be a valid viewpoint, but it should be more openly presented as such.

The loss of that biodiversity is something to be concerned about. Who knows what is being lost? But if we are talking about the "lungs of the planet", the uptake of CO2 and the balance of plants to animals, we also have to understand that the actual foliage cover on the planet has increased by a large amount in the last thirty years.

In fact, the tropics are near their maximum capacity for carrying plants, with much of the increase in worldwide foliage coming from the greening of deserts.

So, this loss of forests is not an existential danger to humanity. We will not lose anything we already have, and it is allowing a lot of people to feed themselves. The loss we face is in future knowledge, information that we might have gotten from some plant, fungus, or animal that is lost to what we are doing today.

If we want to slow the loss of natural forests without causing hunger and privation, the only option is more widespread adoption of GMO crops. GMO allow us to get greater production from less space, and with less impact on the environment.
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Seriously people, we are not in existential danger from this. It is a loss, and it is a shame, but it isn't going to create a hell on earth... it won't even have a noticeable impact for 99% of the world population.
Just posted! Mapping Global Forest Change Presentation, Q&A ( with Rebecca Moore, Google; Matt Hansen, University of Maryland; Tom Loveland, USGS; Jeff Masek, NASA; Paulina Arroyo, Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation.  
the good thing is that the more people will learn using goggle for example to observe the planet´s evolution the more aware becomes...
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so sad ... poor humankind ... 
I'm glad to hear that it grows back so fast !
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