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Google Earth 7.1 now available on Android

Earth explorers rejoice! Hot on the heels of the launch of Google Earth 7.1 on desktop, we're excited to introduce Google Earth 7.1 for Android. This new mobile version of Earth includes great new features like the addition of Street View, better search and directions and a streamlined interface. 

Google Earth's 3D imagery has always been a great way to immerse yourself in the world. With the addition of Street View to Earth for Android, you can now check out the world from the street level too. Simply zoom into an area you'd like to explore and Pegman will appear in the right hand corner. Drag and drop the Pegman into the street and you'll be greeted by familiar Street View interface. 

Search and directions are better too, making it easier to find what you need and get where you're going. Improved directions allow you to visualize step-by-step transit, walk and bike directions in full 3D. New search suggestions save some typing time and easy access to search result list will allow you browse all of the search results in detail with flick of your finger.  

The new interface is also streamlined. A simple click of the Earth logo in top left lets you browse and enable Google Earth layers like Panoramio Photos, 3D buildings and Wikipedia. 

You can download Google Earth 7.1 for Android now in the Google Play Store.

Happy exploring!
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Почему нельзя установить в Украине, что за дискриминация?
i remember i was in 5 grade and me nd friends would always go on google earth wen de teacher wasnt lookin
I also want to know the technical or commercial reason for this product not to be available around the world.
Google Earth is NOT Available in India.
Is there any special reason for this. 
Why don't you merge Google Earth and Google Maps together?
The sign in to google maps at the top right hand corner doesn't work and throws up a message saying "error occurred while attempting to sign into google maps.
Ok but why not in South Africa? 
I guess it´s better to name the mobile version Google US instead of Google Earth at the momment. =)
As far I got it, earth was available on play store before 5 months for all of the world, but now it isn't?
Google earth android - загрузкa в GOOGLE PLAY - всплывает сообщение не возможна загрузка в вашей стране. А хочется загрузить на планшет.
I am unable to download into my smart phone Samsung Galaxy 3

Please help me how to download into my Samsung Galaxy 3.  I am from India.
When I did click download the following message is coming on my smart phone screen "This item is not available in your country"

Please let me know what to do to download the Google Earth to my mobile in my country India.

Earth can be downloaded from as baidu dot com 
Every body every time will need it when earth change
Every body every time will need it when earth change
India! Add India to the list please. Why are we not on the list?
My google earth stop working after location of assiliant whereabouts for children location I submitted a result to google dept of state! 
Why isn't this "available in my country"? Goddamn pricks.
Why isn't this "available in my country"? Goddamn pricks.
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