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Today we sent out the Google Earth Sightseer newsletter ( for June. As always, there is a new Where in the World challenge for the virtual explorers out there.

Check out this month's edition: Clues are below and remember, please post your guess through the form and not in the comments.

This month's clues:
- It's in the half of the world where daylight shall begin to decrease soon.
- The highest point in this country is Mount Ararat.
- This city is currently bidding to be the hosts of a big sporting event in 2020.

Good luck!
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Got it.  Can't open the URL from work, though.  :(  Never understand why they'd block Google Drive!
one part of the city is in Europe (pic) the other is in Asia
No supe responder a la pregunta; pero aprendí coas nuevas.
hahaha sir would you please comment in english
Kre Nek
please, where can i find the answers to all the "where in the world" contests?
i played a few old ones, never get any result, any reply, any comment...
It is Istanbul in Turkey the white building is the TOPKAPI PALACE
+Kre Nek  use the clues! google them if you have to, the answers are always there
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